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ABERDEEN: *%'*<, 







C N T E N T 8. 

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I Page 

Directory - - . - 5 

Supplement to Directory - - - - ' 1 74 

Alphabetical List of Streets, Squares, &c. - - i 

Carriers - - - - - - - xiii 

Principal Fairs - - - - . xix 

Mail Coaches - xxiii 

Stage Coaches - - - - - xxiv 

Shipping Companies ..... xxvi 

Steam Packets ------ xxvii 

List of the different Parishes in Aberdeen and Old Machar xxix 

Assessed Tax Tables for Scotland ... xxxii 

Weigh-house Dues - - - - - xxxvi 

Stamps and Taxes - xxxviii 

Commissioners of Police .... ib. 

Imperial Weights and Measures - - . xxxix 

Schedule of Fees ..... xl 

List of the Shore Porters .... xli 

Abstract of Population ----- xlii 

Bridewell Assessment, Rogue Money, and King's Subsidy ib. 

Corn Laws ....... ib. 

Magistrates and Incorporations - . - - xliv 

Stamp Duties ------ xlv 

Table of Duties on Grain .... xlvi 

Grain Table ....... xlviii 

Table of Appointments. 1839-40 - - - xlix 



Abel, John, blacksmith, 1, College-lane 

Peter, coal-broker, 4, Commerce-street 

Christian, poultry-shop, 76, hi Sutherland's court, 78, Shiprow 

Mrs. 50, VirginiarStreet 

Aberdeen Academy, 115, Union-street, and 1, Ragg's lane 

Apothecaries' Hall, 24, Union-street 

Banking Company, 53, Castle-street 

. Brick & Tile Co.'s Works, Clayhills— Office, 40, Union-street 

Carpet Warehouse (wholesale & retail), 1 , Lower Dee-street 

Coach Manufacturing Co. 7, Frederick-st. and 101, King-st. 

Commercial, Mathematical, and Nautical School, 10, Drum's 

lane — W. Elgen 

CommerciarCompany — Lime, Coal, Bone Manure, and Grain 

Merchants, Provost Blaikie's Quay, Inches — Alex. Milne,_ 

Constitutional Office, National Bank Court, 42, Castle-streeto 

~ Eye and Ear Institution, 'J, Littlejohn-street ; open every' 

lawful morning, between 9 and 10 o'clock — G. Rainy, sur- 
geon, 27, Queen-street 

I Fire and Life Assurance Office, 89, Union-street — John Clark, 

— Foundry, 60, Loch-street [manaeer 

Gas Light Co.'s Office, Gas-street, near Trinity-street 

1839—40 a 


Aberdeen General Dispensary, Lying-in, and Vaccine Institution, 
26, Castle-street — Medical attendants, Drs. Fraser, Camp- 
bell, Leslie, Harvey, and Templeton 
— ■ — Herald Office, 7, Queen-street 

Horse Bazaar, 25, St. Andrew-street 

and Hull Shipping Company's Office, 56, Marischal-street — 

Andrew Johnson, manager, h. Rosemount Terrace 

Humane Society — Alex. Gordon, advocate, treasurer, Record 

Office, 27, King-street. At the following stations sets of 
Apparatus are lodged, for finding bodies and restoring sus- 
pended animation — Cruives of Don ; Bridge of Don ; De- 
vanha Brewery ; Mowat's Baths, 10, Quay ; Watch-house, 
New Pier ; and the Baths on the Beach 

Hotel, 138, Union-street Bridge 

Journal Office, 25, Adelphi, Union-street 

Ladies' Working Society, 12, Marischal-street 

Leith, and Clyde Shipping Company's Office, 65, Quay 

Lime Company, 2, Inches, Provost Blaikie's. Quay 

— : — Mechanics' Library, 1, Long-acre 

Mechanics' Reading-room, 17, Queen-street 

■ Medical and Chirurgical Society's Hall, King-street 

Monthly Advertiser — office of Publication, 6, Union-lane 

Ophthalmic Institution for diseases of the Eye, 26, Castle-st. 

Open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 2 o'clock — John 
Cadenhead, surgeon 

Public Commercial and Mathematical School, 6, Correction 

wynd, and 42, Green 

Quill Manufactory, 3, Shoe-lane 

Rope and Sail Company's Office, Links, Footdee 

Salmon Company's Office, 2, Fish-street 

Salmon and Oyster Shop, 5, Netherkirkgate 

Salt Company, 38, Guestrow 

Savings Bank, 15, Guestrow — William Smith, treasurer 

Sea Insurance Company, 47, Marischal-street 

Seed Company, 10, Union-street 

Steam Navigation Company, Waterloo Quay 

Tape Company's Warehouse, 2, Exchequer-row 



Aberdeen Town and County Bank, 93, Union-street 
Aberdeenshire Canal Office — Alexander Jopp, advocate, manager, 

Jopp's-court, 31, Gallowgate 
Aberdein, Alexander, printer, h. Henderson's-court, 46, Broad-st. 
Aberdeen, William, R.N. 33, Victoria Place 
Abernethy, James, founder, h.- Ferry hill 

James and Co. founders and machine-makers, Ferryhill 

Alexander, woollen spinner, 42, George-street 

Adam, Alexander, cart and plough wright, 60, Skene-street 

Alexander, shoemaker, 14, Constitution-street 

Alexander, wright, steps of Gilcomston 

and Anderson, advocates, 11, Union Buildings 

Benjamin, clerk (A. Milne, lime merchant), h. 54, Quay 

Donald, tailor, 21, East North-street 

George, tailor and clothier, 65, Shiprow 

James (editor of the Aberdeen Herald), h. 38, Skene-street 

James, flesher, 23, George-street market, h. 157, George-st. 

James, tailor and clothier, 18, Union-street, k. 58, Castle-st. 

John, hairdresser, 87, h. 86, Queen-street 

— Thomas (teller, National Bank), h. Polmuir 

— William, jun. advocate, 64, Broad-street, h. 60, Skene-street 

— William, advocate, h. 11, Union Buildings 

— William, town-sergeant, 85, Park-street 

— William, broker, 31, Castle-street 

Mrs. William, 2, Yeats-lane 

Adams, George, teacher (Trinity parish school), h. Skene Square 

Alex, hosier, (A. H. & S.), Marywell-street 

George, 34, Frederick-street 

George, provision merchant, 55, Causewayend 

John, 6, Woolmanhill 

Mrs. lodgings, 38, Longacre 

[■ Mrs. vintner, 2, Canal-terrace 

Mrs. Tontine Tavern, 157, George-street 

Miss, grocer, 21, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Adamson, Captain (Aberdeenshire Militia), h. Ferryhill 

Alexander, tinsmith, 17, Gallowgate [[Dee-st. 

— Henry, ship and insurance broker, 34, Marischal-street, h. 56, 
1839—40 a 2 


Adamson, Robert, weaver, 81, Windmill-brae 

William, 6roker, 45, Gallowgate 

Mrs. Clarence-street, Cooperston-buildings 

Miss, dressmaker, 8, Carmelite-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 81, Windmill-brae 

Addison, George, vintner, Burnett's-close, 5, Exchequer-row 
Agnew, Peter, landscape and portrait painter, Jopp's-court, 40, 
Affleck, Andrew, 2, Affleck-place, Affleck-street [[Broad-st. 

Mrs. tavern keeper, Burnett's close, 5, Exchequer-row 

Aitken, Alexander, shoemaker, 52, Skene-street 

James, shipmaster, lodgings, Gilcomston Cottage 

William, shoemaker, 32, Marischal-street 

E. gardener, 40, East North-street 

Air, John, cart and plough wright, Whitehouse-street 
Airth, John, shoemaker, 28, Justice-street 
Aitken, Alexander, gardener, Strawberry-bank, Hardgate 
Rev. John (Original Antiburgher Church), h. 26, Skene 

William, of Auchintoul, h. Albyn Place [^Terrace 

Albiston, William, boiler maker (J. Duffus & Co.), Summer-lane 
Alexander, Alexander, shipmaster (Pursuit), 56, Queen-street 
Alexander, mason, 30, Gerrard-street 

Charles, manufacturer, Farmer's Hall, Gilcomston 

David and James, boot and shoemakers, 3, h. 4, Correction- 

John, shipmaster (Ann), 71 3 King-street [Jwynd 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 157, Gallowgate 

. John, writer (Messrs M'Hardy & Robison), h. Villafield 

Nathaniel George, shoemaker, 1, Correction- wynd 

Robert, superintendent of Police, h. 23, Castle-street 

Robert, shipmaster (Thistle), 11, Commerce-street 

Robert, teacher (of Dr. Bell's School, Old Aberdeen), h. 

- — Stephen, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Leadside, Gilcomston 

1 William, Villafield Dye-works, Gilcomston 

William, surgeon, 17, Constitution-street 

William, jun. surgeon and apothecary, 73, Gallowgate, h. 

Mrs. 237, George-street [1, Spita] 

Miss, lodgings, 16, Blackfriars-street 



Alexander, Miss, Broadford 

All, William, overseer weaving department (A. H. & S.), k. 89, 

Allan, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 2, Trinity-street ^Green 

Alexander, shipmaster (Victoria), 37, Marischal-street 

— . — Alexander, advocate, N. P. M'Combie's-court, 52, Union-st 
h. Brickfield, Old Aberdeen 

Alexander, vintner, 3, Trinity-street 

Alexander, coffee and reading-room, 62, Castle-street 

Alexander, shipmaster, 8, Sugarhouse-lane 

Alexander, blacksmith, Mannofield 

Alexander, overseer (A. H. & S.), 12, Marywell-street 

David, shipmaster (Balcombie), York-street 

Francis, late of the customs, 69, Bon-Accord-street 

George, boatman, New Pier, h. Footdee 

George, shipmaster (Pilgrim), Links-street 

George, brick-kilns, Old Aberdeen 

George, writer, Links-street 

James, wine and spirit merchant, 52, Union-street, h. 4. 


James, cabinet-maker (of Allan & Macallan), h. 42, Dee-st. 

James, 2, Hanover-street 

James (late of Madras), 35, Union-place 

James, watch and clockmaker, Holburn-street 

James, baker, 17, North-street, h. above shop 

James, cook of the City of Aberdeen, h. 18, Constitution-st. 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Maberly-street 

— — John, & Co. clothiers and haberdashers, 7> Union Buildings. 
h. 56, Marischal-street 

John, hairdresser, 240, George-street, k. Thornton-place, 29. I 


Rev. John (Union Church), h. 90, Bon-Accord-street '- 

John (of Allan & Johnston), h. 69, Bon-Accord-street e 

| John, foreman (John Blaikie & Sons), h. 2J, Young-street 

John, vintner, 3, Wales-street 

and Johnston, marble work, Crown-street 

— and Macallan, cabinet-makers and upholsterers, 121, Union- 
street — cabinet manufactory, 44, Dee-street 


10 ALL— AND 

Allan,, Nathaniel, grocer, porter and spirit dealer, 34, k. 33, Park-st. 

Robert, shipmaster (Jean of Stockton), Ferryhill Buildings 

Robert, baker, 97, h. 99, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Thomas, carpet-shoe manufacturer, M'Kay's-court, 80, Gal- 

William, bread and provision seller, 32, Spital Qowgate 

William, teacher, 62, Loch-street 

William, shoemaker, 9, James-street 

William, vintner, 86, King-street, h. 1, North-street 

Mrs. John, sen. 13, Netherkirkgate 

Mrs. sick-nurse, Chronicle-court, 32, Broad-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 14, Correction-wynd 

Miss, 263, George-street 

Miss, teacher, 39, Netherkirkgate 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 9, Littlejohn-street 

Allardyce & Jopp, wine merchants, 40, Union-street 

William, wine merchant, h. 23, Crown-street 

Misses, 21, Bon-Accord Terrace 

Allen, William, merchant and shipowner, Waterloo Quay, h. Mile- 
end, Stocket 

Miss, 6, Broad-street 

Alliance Life and Fire Assurance Office — James Black, agent, 

Crown-court, Union-street 
Altera, Caesar, sen. glass-blower and optician, 8, Skene Terrace, 
h. 1.1, Longacre 

Caesar, jun. glass-blower and optician, 16, h. 20, Skene-street 

Forbes, glass-blower and optician^ 9, Skene.street 

Alves, John, stabler, 59, Green 

1 William, butcher, 5, Crown street 

-American Vice-Consul — William White — Office, King-street 
-4nderson, Alexander, clerk (Henry Ogg & Co. distillers, Strath- 
dee, and Geo. Gordon & Co. Brewers, Hardgate), h. Cooper- 
— .— Alexander, superintendent of Fish Market, h. 104, Shiprow 

Alexander, advocate — Office, 11, Union-buildings, h. 25. Bon- 

Alexander, gardener, 9, Shuttle-lane [^Accord-terrace 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 58, Skene-street 

— — Alexander (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), 90, John-street 

AND— AND 11 

Anderson, Alexander, rope and twine manufacturer, Broadford 

Andrew (of A. & J. Anderson), h. 129, King-street 

Andrew, stabler, 11, Mealmarket-lane 

Andrew, & Co. boot and shoemakers, 21, Back-wynd, h. 

20, St. Andrew-street 
Arthur, ornamental hair manufacturer and perfumer, 18, 

Huxter-row, h. 2, Canal-st. Mounthooly 

Arthur, dealer in butter and eggs, 39, St. Andrew-street 

A. & J. painters, 33, Queen-street 

Campbell, mealseller, 1, mealmarket-lane 

Charles, boot and shoemaker, 10, George-st. h. 52, Schoolhill 

David, spirit-dealer, 39, Quay 

Donald, shoemaker, 9, Park-street 

Francis, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Holburn-street 

George, boot and shoemaker, successor to William Baxter, 

12, A. 28, Skene-street [[Aberdeen 

— — George (Smith, Irvine, & Co.), h. 19, College-bounds, Old 

George, painter and glazier, 4, Carnegie's-brae, h. 79, Gal- 

George, vintner, 29, Lodge-walk Qlowgate 

James, stabler and cattle dealer, 54, North-street 

— — James, merchant-tailor, 53, Broad-st. h. 29, Bon-Accord-st. 
James, druggist, blacking and ink manufactory, Middleton's- 

houses, Victoria-place QWellington-st. 

James, jun. block-maker (Alex. Hall & Co. shipbuilders), h. 

James, shipmaster (North Star), 67, Commerce-street 

James, shipmaster (Childe Harold), Waterloo-quay 

James, tavern and eating-house, Jopp's-ct. 40, Broad-st. and 

James, baker, 14, h. 16, Union-place £10, Queen-st. 

James, mail contractor and vintner, 15, Lodge-walk 

James, slater, 47, St. Nicholas-street 

James, grocer, porter and spirit dealer, 202, h. 196, Gallow- 

James, gardener, 60, Don-st. Old Aberdeen Cgate 

— James (of A. & J. Anderson, painters), h. 35, Queen-street 

— James, clerk (Royal Mail Coach-office), 65, Union-street 

— John, lodgings, 23, Broad-street [walk 
John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 13, Castle-st. h. 20, Lodge- 

— John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 123, h. 121, Crown-street 

Wwlt ' (wt 

12 AND— AND 

Anderson, John, shoemaker, 8, Ann-street 

■ John, bone-manure manufacturer, Mills of Leggart— Ware- 
house, 70, North-st. h. Bonnymuir 

— — John, advocate, 75, Union-street 

John, tailor, 2, Canal-street 

— — John, clothier and haberdasher, 15, h. 11, Union-buildings 

John, shipmaster, Skene-square 

■ John, cabinet-maker, 9, Rose-st. h. 32, Whitehouse-street 

Joseph, book agent (for Virtue's London Establishment), 5, h. 

6, Donald's-court, 20, Schoolhill 

Robert, gardener, RubislawDen 

Robert, shipowner, 13, Quay 

Robert, gardener, 10, Shuttle-lane 

Robert, merchant, 38, King-st. h. 44, Upperkirkgate 

Samuel, brewer, (to J. & A. Sim), vintner, 17, Loch-street 

Thomas, h. Barkmill 

William, blacksmith, Flourmill-lane, h. 19, Littlejohn-street 

William, clerk (H. G. & Co.), h. 57, Schoolhill 

William, silk mercer, 14, Union-st. h. 2, Canal-street 

William, spirit dealer, 19, James-street 

— > — William, spirit dealer, Hardgate 

William, grain merchant, h. Barkmill 

■ William, flesher, 15, George-st-market, h. 32, Virginia-street 

William, wright, 199, Gallowgate 

William, dealer in butter and eggs, 13, Canal-street 

William, builder, Rosemount-terrace 

William (late of the H. E. I. C. S.), 30, Chapel-street 

Mrs. Gordon's-court, 88, Broad-street 

• Mrs. Canal-side, King-street 

Mrs. James, 44, Queen-street 

Mrs. James, vintner, Waterloo-quay 

— — Mrs. Jane, sick.nurse, Burn-court, 44, Upperkirkgate 

Mrs. dealer in old clothes, 24, Justice-street 

Mrs. late of Lochell, 43, Union-place 

Mrs, late of Strichen, Crown-street 

Mrs. Archibald, lodgings, 7, East-North-street 

Mrs. Alexander, 37, Virginia-street 


AND— BAD 13 

Anderson, Mrs. Daniel, St. Clement-street 

Andrew, James, h. 17, Young-street 

Andrews, Thomas, wright, 20, North-st. h. J, Shoe-lane 

Angus, George, 11, Constitution-street 

Rev. Henry (United Associate Church), h. 17, Dee-street 

James, wright, 90, Chapel-street 

— — John, advocate, town-clerk-depute, h. Rosehill 

— — Robert, clothier, 153, Gallowgate, h. Kingsland-place, Broad- 

— — Mrs. George, 129, King-street Qford 

Miss (Botriphnie,) 74, Dee-street 

Annand, George (Royal Artillery), 13, Spital Cg ate 

George, tea, coffee, oil, and general merchant, 34, Upperkirk- 

George, wholesale confectioner, dealer in teas, coffee, oils, &c. 

34, Upperkirkgate 
— — James, late of Jamaica, Kildair Cottage, Old Aberdeen 
Robert, Upper Denburn 

- Thomas, tailor, Ruthrieston 

William, of Belmont, h. 89, Crown-street 

Anton, James, shoemaker, Broadford 

Arbuthnot & M'Combie, paper manufacturers, 49, MarischaLst. 

Robert, paper manufacturer, h. 51, Marischal.street and 

Culter-mills [chal-st. 

Argus Life Assurance Company — J. Brebner, advocate, 44, Maris- 
Arthur, James, blacksmith, Seaton-dykes 
— — John, printer, 19, Queen street 
— — Mrs. John, dressmaker and milliner, 21, Queen-street 

— Mrs. Scott, haberdasher, 102, George- street 
Asher, James, clerk (Robert Smith), 25, Chapel-street 
Athenaeum News-rooms, 2, Union-buildings 

Atlas Fire and Life Office-— John Blaikie, advocate, agent, 247 
Auld, William, carpet-weaver, 1, Lower Denburn QUnion-st. 

Avery, John, printer and stationer — Office, 3, Back.wynd, h. 3, 

St. Mary's-place 
Badenoch, James, town's-drummer, 94, Shiprow V^y 

- James, merchant tailor, 15, Huntly-street 

- Mrs. stabler, 132 and 136, Gallowgate 
Mrs. 26, Bon-Accord-terrace 


14 BAI— BAN 

Baillie, Benjamin, shoemaker, 15, Shoe-lane 

Mrs. dressmaker, 90, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Bain, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, Legertwood's-court, 77, 

George street 
— — Alexander, tavern keeper, Exchequer-ct. 9, Exchequer-row 

Alexander, tea and spirit dealer, Cotton ^Exchequer-row 

Alexander, millwright and machine-maker, Charles-st. h. 9, 

■ James, lodgings, occasional waiter, 16, Skene-square 

James, cabinet-maker, 34, h. 42, St. Andrew-street 

Robert, flaxdresser, 66, Gallowgate, and stoneware merchant 

163, Gallowgate, h. Roper's-court, 107, Gallowgate 

Mrs. lodgings, 53, Shiprow 

Mrs. confectioner, 14, h. 12, Marischal-street 

Miss, dressmaker, Cotton 

Baker, R. Hosier, professor of music, Mackie-place 

George, coach-guard (Peterhead Mail), 15, Huntly-street 

Balfour, Robert, Broadford Co-operative Society, 280, George-st. 
— — James, confectioner, 79, Broad-street £cheon-st. 

— — James, overseer (Richards & Co.), Broadford, h. 86, Hut- 

Stephen, surgeon, 34, Skene-street [h. 89, Hutcheon-st- 

William, teacher of dancing, 83, King-street 

— — William, traveller (Richards & Co.), 34, Skene-street 

Miss, straw-hat maker, 68, Queen-street 

Balmbro, John, overseer of heckling department (Milne, Cruden, 

& Co.), h. 52, Causewayend 
Balmanno, Miss, dealer in worsted, 27, George-street 

Miss, Jack's-brae fjperkirkgate 

Banford, Thomas, confectioner and lozenge manufacturer, 32, Up- 

Thomas, Excise-officer, (Strathdee Distillery), 4, Holburn-st. 

Bance, Mrs. 49, Commerce-street 

Bank of Scotland's Branch, Bank of Scotland Court, 35, Castle- 
street — Arthur Thomson, agent 
Bannerman, Alexander, M.P., 154, Union-street 

Sir Alexander, Bart. 249, Union-street 

Charles, of Crimonmogate, h. 202, Union-street 

David, town's drummer, Provost Milne's-ct. 65, Gallowgate I 

George, merchant, Albyn-place 


BAN— BAR 15 

Bannerman, James,, principal beadle Trinity Church, and funeral- 
waiter, 31, Long-acre 

John, silk-dyer and renovator, 6, St. Nicholas-lane 

John, dyer, 18, h. 16, Shoe-lane 

Patrick, Black-Bull Tavern, 7, Marischal-street 

Patrick, 28, Bon-Accord-terrace 

Robert, guard of the Lord Forbes Coach, 46, Woolmanhill 

Thomas, merchant, h, 263, Union-street 

— Thomas, jun. k. Albyn-place 
— i Thomas, & Co. cotton-spinners, Bannermill 

— William, hairdresser, 28, Virginia-street 

Mrs. J. 7> Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 

Miss, Albyn-place 

Barber, Mrs. lodgings, 7, Huxter-row 

Barclay, James, officer, Shipmaster Society, 97; Shiprow 

James, wright, 11, St. Andrew-street 

James, teacher, Rubislaw, h. Pitmuxton House 

- John, merchant, 5, Castle-brae 

William, vintner, 72, Queen-street 

Mrs. grocer, 1, Baltic-street 

- Miss, lodgings, 19, Huntly-street 

Barker, John, clothier and haberdasher, 57, St. Nicholas-street, 

h. 3, Caroline-place, Skene-square 
- — John, overseer (A. H. & Sons), h. 20, Fisher-row 

- Robert, grocer, tea, and spirit merchant, Cotton 

William, manager (W. Bisset), h. 1, Langstane-place 

Barnett, Alexander, cabinet-maker, 62, h. 61, Queen-street 

- Thomas, provision-seller and wright, 21, North-street 

- Mrs. stay and corset-maker, 61, Queen-street 
Barrack, George, mason, 14, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 
John, feuar, 58, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

- Wm. grocer and spirit-dealer, 108, High-st. Old Aberdeen 

- Misses, lodgings, 14, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 
Barron, Alexander, sexton (John Knox's Church), h. 1, Canal-road 

I David, late farmer, 25, Union-row 

I John, late farmer, 25, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

- John, & Son, watch and clock-makers, 11, A. 13, Netherkirkgate 

16 BAR— BEA 

Barron, Lambert, advocate, 13, Netherkirkgate 

Peter, victualling-house and register-office, 8, Shiprow 

William, boot and shoemaker, Woodside 

William, mealseller, 15, Commerce-street 

William, shipmaster, Hanover-lane 

William, flesher, 14, George-street-market, h. Dam of Gil- 


Mrs. Alex., Rising Sun Tavern, h. Concert-court, Broad-st. 

Mrs. Robert (late of Justice-mills), 20, Fisher-row 

Mrs. 24, Dee-street 

Barry, Henry, & Co. iron-founders and manufacturers of bone- 
manure, 60, Loch-street 

Bartie, William, shoemaker, 12, Princes-street 

Bate, Gerard, Mitchell's-court, 66, North-street 

James, innkeeper, Dee Tavern, and taxman of the Ferry- 
boats, New Pier, Footdee 

Baxter, Alexander, spirit- dealer, 58, Lime-quay 

■ Andrew, shipmaster (Abbotsford), 7, Garvock-street 

George, dealer in old books, 3 and 4, Porthill 

James, boot and shoemaker, 32, Marischal-street 

John, manufacturer, Upper Denburn 

Mrs. vintner, 55, York -street 

Misses, 10, Belmont-street 

Beaton, John, mason, 142, George-street 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 34, Queen-street 

Beattie, Alexander, teacher, 59, Shiprow, h. 1, Ragg's lane 

Andrew, boot and shoemaker, and leather-dealer, Cotton 

George, wood-merchant, 31, h. 33, Park-street 

John, mealseller, 101, Gallowgate, 

John, stone-cutter, Broadford-place 

P. wright and cabinet-maker, 52, Summer-street, h. 27, 


William, engineer (A. H. & S.), 13, Carmelite-street 

William, silk-mercer, 124, Union-street 

William, builder, Beattie's-court, 102, Gallowgate 

William, grocer and spirit-dealer, 78, Woolmanhill 

Mrs. midwife, 3, Gaelic lane 


BEA— BES 17 

Beattie, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Beattie'sct. 102, Gallowgate 
Begg, Alexander, baker, 43, Green [Skene-square 

— Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Rosemount-terrace , 

1 James, working-jeweller, 16, Guestrow [lege-street 

John, clerk (Forbes, Low, & Co.), Poynernook, h. 55, Col- 

— John, flour, wine, and spirit merchant, 14, Weigh-house- 
square, h. 9, Quay 

— Mrs. Alexander, vintner, 98, High-street, Old Aberdeen 
Begrie, Mrs. midwife, Smith's Houses, Chapel-lane 

(Bell, Lieut. Alex., merchant, Commerce-st. h. 39, Upperkirkgate 

John, cooper, 75, Windmill-brae 

Belgian Consul— James Milne, Provost Milne's-ct. 65, Gallowgate 
Bennet, George, wine and spirit dealer, 71 , Broad-st. h. 4, Dia- 

— Paul (of Paul Bennet & Co.), h. 13, Huxter-row [mond-st. 
Paul, & Co. hat manufacturers, 12, Union-street 

Taylor, & Co. commission merchants and corn factors, 47? 


— Thomas, steward (Duke of Wellington), 8, Summer-lane 

William, blacksmith (Duffus & Co.), 3, Catto-square 

Bennison, Wm. manufacturer, 17 1, Gallowgate 

Bentley, James, Professor of Oriental Languages, 136, King-street 
Benzie, Alexander, mason, grate and boiler setter, h. Smith's-court, 

David, shipmaster (Manly), Hanover-lane [113, Gallowgate 

John, mason, 49, Causewayend 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 204, Gallowgate 

Mrs. 55, College-street 

Berry, Alexander, gardener, Short-loanings 

Alexander, gardener and riddle-maker, Short-loanings 

Andrew, shoemaker, 79, Green 

George, shoemaker, Upper Denburn [North Broadford 

James, jeweller, watch and clock-maker, 52, Castle-st. h. 26, 

James, gardener and riddle-maker, Broadford-lane 

John, gardener, Burnside 

William, manufacturer, 84, Skene-street 

Mrs. provision-seller, 5, York-street 

Mrs. lodgings, 68, Queen-street 

Best, Thomas, wine merchant, 59, Marischal-st. h. 3, Golden-sq. 
1839—40 b 

18 BES— BLA 

Best, Mrs. 3, Golden-square 

Betty, Peter, spirit-dealer, 5, Commerce-street 

Beveridge, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 300, h. 302, George-street 

Peter, damask and diaper manufacturer — warehouse, 159. 

Union-street, h. Morningside-cottage, Dee-side 
Beverly, A. lodgings, 26, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

John, brewer (P. Still), South-bridge, Hardgate 

Beverley, Mrs. Robert, Victoria-place [street 

Bible Society Depository— Geo. King, bookseller, 28, St. Nicholas 
Bicknell, Misses, boarding and day-school, 9, North Silver-street 
Bird, James (of Gall & Bird), h. 37, Long-acre 

Mrs. George, 10, Broadford-lane 

Birnie, George, of Johnston-place, h. Johnston-place 

James, shipmaster (Arkwright), 3, Constitution-street 

■ Moses, surgeon, 27, Long-acre 

Noah, grocer and spirit-dealer, 3, Causewayend 

William, painter and glazier, 40, h. 36, King-street 

Birse, Charles, contractor, 19, Huntly-street 

William, boot and shoemaker, 2, St. Nicholas-street, h. 19, 

Huntly-street [Exchequer-row 

Bishop, William, vintner and victualling-house, Stronach's-close, 
Bisset, James, grocer, Cotton 

John, tinsmith (M. Rettie), k. Machray's-ct. 59, George-st. 

John, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 37, hi 35, Queen-street 

Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 2, h. 3, Carnegie's-brae 

William, dealer in hardware and fancy goods, 6, Castle-brae, 

k. above shop 

William, stabler, 2, Mealmarket-lane 

William, (Strathdee Spirit Warehouse), 54, Netherkirkgate 

Mrs. James, lodgings, h. 23, Schoolhill 

Mrs. John, lodgings, 36, Union-street 

Mrs. William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer,, Mill-street 

Miss, dressmaker, Cotton 

Black, Alexander, D.D., 21, Golden-square 

Alexander, clerk (Aberdeen Bank), 39, Whitehouse-street 

Alexander, wine merchant (of A. & W. Black), h.U, Union- 

BLA— BLA 19 

Black, Alexander & William, wine merchants, Con cert-ct. Broad-st. 

— — Andrew, of Foresterhill, h. Foresterhill 

David, teacher (Bon-Accord School, Marywell-street), h. 7, 

George, tea merchant, 44, Loch-street QCrown-st. 

James, excise officer, 25, Frederick-street 

James, turner, 12, Carnegie's-brae, h. 2, Flourmill-lane 

James, & Co. grocers, tea and spirit dealers, 57, Loch-street, 

h. 23, Young-street 

James, commission merchant and agent, Crown-ct. Union-st. 

James, 79, King-street [k. Willowbank 

— James, wool-comber, Park-lane 

John, cooper, Holburn-street 

John, shoemaker, 23, Justice-street 

— — John, watch and clock-maker, 12, Long-acre 

John, flesher, 7, Poultry-market, h. 14, Wales-street 

— Joseph, tailor and principal servant (Holburn Church), h. 34, 

Thomas, 2, Alford-place [[Chapel-st. 

William, provision-seller, 144, George-street 

— — William, jun. wine merchant (of A. & W. Black), h.ll, 

, William, & Co. Devanha Brewery [[Union-lane 

■ William, clerk (Aberdeen Commercial Co.), 50 Virginia-st. 

Mrs. William, 173, Union-street 

Mrs. dealer in provisions, 14, Fisher-row [[Canal-lane 

Miss, straw-hat and stay-maker, 12, Queen-street, h. 1, 

Blackhall, James, & Co. drapers, 39, Union-st. h. 4, Frederick-st. 
Blackie, Alexander, agent (Commercial Bank of Scotland), 7> 


John, watch and clock maker, Burn-court, 44, Upperkirkgate 

William & Robert, grocers and spirit dealers, Causewayend, 

corner of Charles-street 
Blackman, Mrs. grocer, 51, Woolmanhill [[mundy 

Blaikie, David (of John Blaikie & Sons), 245, Union-st. and Kin- 

John, advocate, h. 247, Union-st. and Craigiebuckler 

John (of John Blaikie & Sons), h. 29, Union-place and Ardo 

. John, & Sons, plumbers, brass-founders, gas-fitters, copper- 

smiths, and pewterers, 12, Littlejohn-street 

& Smith, advocates, 247, Union-street 


20 BLA— BOW 

Blaikie, Thomas (of John Blaikie & Sons), h. 32, Bon-Accord-ter. 

Mrs. Provost, 247> Union-street and Craigiebuckler 

Blake, Charles, overseer (Alex. Low), h. Auchmull 

James, keeper of the Athenaeum, 11, Union-buildings 

Miss, 42, Chapel-street 

Blair, William, cooper, 62, North-street 

Boaden, Richard, shipmaster (Sylph), 59, Commerce-street 

Bon-Accord Whale Fishing Co.'s Office, 44, Quay 

Bonnyman, James & John, blacksmiths and bell-hungers, 15, 

Mrs. Dr. 16, Queen-street QLoch-street 

Mrs. cook-shop, 198, Gallowgate 

Booth, D. Alexander, blacksmith and machine maker, 6, Meal- 
market-lane, h. 10, Chronicle-lane 

George, & Son, watchmakers and jewellers, 32, Union-street 

George (of George Booth & Son), watchmaker and jeweller, 

k. Springbank, Dee-street 

Captain James (Monarch), 28, Union-place 

John, mason, 66, Causewayend 

John, painter, 23, Woolmanhill 

— — John, jun. k. 4, Regent-quay 

John, watch and clock-maker, 41, Upperkirkgate, fa 5, 

John, vintner, 23, Woolmanhill ^Black's-buildings 

William, cabinet-maker, 33, h. 37, Castle-street 

William, chimney sweep, 7, Vennel, Gallowgate 

■ Mrs. Alexander, Castle-hill 

Mrs. William, midwife, 37, Castle-street 

Mrs. midwife, Upper Cotton 

Bourne, Mrs. 5, Constitution-street 

Borthwick, Captain Charles, 29, Constitution-street 

William, candlemaker, 26, East North-street 

Bothwell, Andrew, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 9, North-st. A. 

George B. candlemaker, 25, Justice-street [[above shop 

George, gardener, Greenbank, Broadford 

George, baker and confectioner, 30, Union-place, h. 1, Rose-st. 

Mrs. James, 46, Shiprow 

Bow, Hugh, dealer in provisions, 2, Fisher-row 
Bowie, James, tailor, 29, Broad-street 

BOW— BRE 23 

Bowman, Alexander, wright and cabinet-maker, 49, George-street 

Alex, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Leadside, Gilcomston 

Andrew, plasterer, 35, Windmill-brae 

James, guard (Peterhead Mail), 32, Constitution-street 

- Robert (of Bowman, Vernon, & Co.)? h. 27, York-place 

Vernon, & Co. engineers, founders, millwrights, &c. Dee 

Iron Works, York-street 

William, provision dealer, 49, Virginia-street 

— — Mrs. James, victualling-house, 73, Queen-street 

Mrs. broker, Backwynd-stairs, Green 

Mrs. register-office, 17> St. Andrew-street 

Boyd, Mrs. of Crimond, Mackie-place 

Boyle, Miss, lodgings, Holburn-street 

Braick, Peter, grain-merchant, Justicemill-lane 

William, shoemaker, 42, Loch-street 

Brand, Andrew, shipmaster (Brothers'), 1, Wellington-street 

George, vintner, 1, York-street 

John, farmer, 46, Windmill-brae 

John, mealseller, 44, Windmill-brae 

William, jeweller (G. Booth & Son),/j. Smith's houses, Chapel- 

William, late officer of excise, 31, Bon-Accord-street [lane 

■ William, shipmaster (Brilliant), 68, Waterloo-quay 

Miss, 209, Union-street 

Brander, George, mason, 13, Black's-buildings 

James (Guard of the North Defiance Coach), 84, George-st. 

Miss, 10, Peacock's-close, Castle-street 

Brantingham, George, wine merchant and grocer, 70, Broad-st. 

h. 71, Catherine-street 
Brandy, James, mealseller, Leadside, Gilcomston. 
Brebner, Charles, gardener, North Rubislaw 

George, innkeeper and post-horse-master, 15, Harriot-street 

James, undertaker, 83, Windmill-brae 

James, post-office, Cotton 

James, advocate, 44, Marischal-street 

James, merchant, h. 52, Bon-Accord-street 

John, teacher, Upper Denburn 

& Ragg, merchants, 7 and 11, St. Nicholas-street 

1839—40 b 2 

22 BRE— BRO 

Brebner, William, leather merchant (of Brebner and Ragg),^. 162, 

William, artist, Lobban's-court, 30, Castle-st. QUnion-st. 

Mrs. of Learney, h. 152, Union-street 

Brechin, Alexander, broker, 2, Park-street 

George, 13, Park-street 

James, 11, Canal-street 

Bremner, James, spirit-dealer, 44, Guestrow 
— — Mrs. Dr. 15, Union-place 

Miss, dressmaker, 32, Guestrow 

Bridgeford, Robert, baker, 67, h. 62, Green 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Holburn-street 

John, vintner, 13, Exchequer-row 

British Commercial Life Assurance Company — Alex. Allan, advo- 
cate, M'Combie's-court, 52, Union-street 

Linen Company's Bank, 21, King-street 

Broadford Bread and Flour Company, opposite Broadford Distillery 

— John Rattray, h. 12, Causeway end 
Co-operative Society, for meal, groceries, foreign and British 

spirits, &c. — Robert Balfour, salesman, 280, George-street, 

h. 89, Hutcheon-street 
Brodie, Henry, shoemaker, 63, Guestrow 
Brown, Alexander, vintner and stabler, Farrier-lane, 8, North-st. 

Alexander, bookseller, h. 56, Castle-street 

Alexander, clerk, 31, Blackfriars-street 

Alexander, baker, 286, h. 288, George-street 

Alexander (of Brown & Carr), h. 68, Dee-street 

Alexander, sailmaker, 7> Trinity-corner 

Alexander, & Co. booksellers, public library, 71, Union-st. 

and Carr, wholesale clothiers, Exchange-court, Union-st. 

and Co. Glenburn Distillery, Rubislaw 

David, shipmaster (Struggler), 11, York-street 

Donald, boot and shoemaker, 13, Dee-street £Accord-st. 

George, auctioneer, Backwynd-stairs, Union-st. h. 21, Bon- 

— — George, mealseller, 9, East North-st. h. 29, Shuttle-lane 

George, mealseller, grocer and spirit dealer, 38, George-st. 

George, surveyor of taxes, 56, St. Nicholas-st. h. Castlehill 

James, gardener, Westfield 


BRO— BRU 23 

Brown, James, stoneware merchant (A. Scott & Sons), h. Ex- 
change-court, Union-street 

James, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 39, George-street 

Rev. John (St. Paul's Chapel), 8, Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 

John, M.D. Skene-square 

John, warden, East Church, funeral undertaker, 31, Black- 

Lawrence, 3, Skene-place (^friars-street 

Marshall, 21, Bon- Accord-street 

Robert, inspector of stamps and taxes — Office, 56, St. Nicho- 

las-street, h. Carden's-haugh 
Rev. R. J., D.D. Professor of Greek, Marischal College, h. 19, 

Robert, advocate, Castlehill QGolden-square 

Robert, shipmaster, 4, James-street 

I Robert, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 16, h. 6, Woolmanhill 

Robert, shore porter, J, Weigh-house-square 

Robert, mealseller, 140, Skene-street 

Simon, saddler, 90, North-street 

— — Thomas, engineer (W. Simpson & Co.), Footdee, h. 28, Wel- 
lington-street D a g e 

William, stamp and tax office, 2, Adelphi, h. Broadford Cot- 

— - William, fishing-tackle-maker, 25, h. 24, George-street 

William, bookbinder, Nelson-street 

William, stonecutter, 7> East North-street 

I Mrs. P. sen. 137, Union-street 

Mrs. Principal, 3, Skene-place 

Mrs. (late of Glenmuick), 10, Golden-square 

Mrs. Dr. 49, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 

Mrs. stocking and worsted merchant, 1, Justice-st. h. Castle - 

Mrs. vintner, 4, Shore-lane Qiill 

Brownie, James, paper-ruler, 30, Netherkirkgate 

Browning, Rev. Wm. (St. Andrew's Chapel), h. 38, Skene-terrace 
Bruce, Alexander, shipmaster (Edward Banks), 11, Sugarhouse- 
•— — Charles, weaver, Love-lane, Spital [lane 

George, teacher of the Parochial School (St. Clement's), /O) 

Footdee, h. Constitution-street p 

James, wright, 20, North-street, h. 18, Princes-street JUl 

1839—40 y / 

24 BRU— BUR 

Bruce, James, reporter, Journal and Constitutional, h. William 
James, Maybank [Milne's-ct. 60, Gallowgate 

James, confectioner, 6, h. Copper Co.'s-court, 14, Gallowgate 

John, sen. baker, 14, h. Brebner's-court, 10, Castle-street 

- — John, jun. baker, 49, St. Nicholas-street, h. 3, Drum's-lane 

John, mason, 12, St. Andrew-street 

Sir Michael, Bart, of Scotstown and Stenbouse, h. Scotstown 

Robert, gardener, Rosehill, Skene-square 

Thomas, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 3, h. 5, Park-street 

William, millwright, 306, George-street 

William, tailor, 101, Gallowgate 

Bryce, Rev. James (of the Gilcomston Parish), Crown-street 

Mrs. John, 5, Black's Buildings 

Buchan, Alexander, shoemaker,81, Queen-st. h. 23,Constitution-st. 

■ Charles Forbes (missionary, Greyfriars Parish), h. 12,Canal-st. 

George, ironmonger, 81, Broad-street, h. 1, Wellington-street 

John, slater, 69, George-street 

«_» — Peter, 12, Canal-street 

William, slater, Exchequer-court, 9, Exchequer-row 

William, shore porter, 13, Exchequer-row 

Mrs. broker, 61, East North-street 

Mrs. grocer, tea and spirit-dealer, 52, k. 53, Shiprow 

Misses, of Auchmacoy, 16, Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 

Brunton, John, jun. shipmaster (Margarets), 43, Commerce-st. 

John, shipmaster (Lydia), 25, Wales-street 

Buckner, William, boot and shoemaker, 5, Charlotte-street 
Bunton, J. tailor, 15, Spital 

Bunting & Co. glass and china merchants, 82, Union-st. h. 32, Green 
Burgess, Alexander, & Co. umbrella and parasol makers, 50, 

Francis, shoemaker, 22 North-street [Upperkirkgate 

George, & Co. boot and shoemakers, 113, Union-street 

James, manager (James Black), h. 2 Adelphi 

Burgess, Mrs. mealseller, 22, Chapel-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Annand's-court, 27, James-st. 

Burlie, David, flesher? 8, Poultry-market, h. Holburn-place 
Burness, Alexander, wholesale grocer and provision merchant, 72, 

Netherkirkgate, h. Crown-street 


BUR— CAD 25 

Burness, David, blacksmith (Alex. Hall & Co.), h. 1, Links-street 
Burnett, Andrew, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 135, Skene-street 

H. E. surgeon, 303, George-street 

__. James, mealseller, 51, h. 53, Chapel-street 
Newell, advocate, keeper of the Register of Sasines for Aber- 
deen and Kincardine Shires — Office, 11, h. 9, Belmont-st. 

Thomas, advocate — Office, 11, h. 9, Belmont-street 

Mrs. Friendville, Mannofield 

Mrs. vintner, Jack's-bfae ^Aberdeen 

Mrs. of Kemnay, St. Machar's Cottage, 12, Chanonry, Old 

Mrs. of Elrick, 52, Chapel-street [tion, 58, Schoolhill 

Burns, Matthew Robert, teacher of the Deaf and Dumb Institu- 
Burr, George, shoemaker, College-street 

Robert, hairdresser, 28, Marischal-street, 

Burrell, George, broker, 13, Peacock's-close 

Butler, Joseph, flesher, 21, Wales-st. Market, h. 6, Burnett's-close 
Buyers, James, manager (Aberdeen Rope and Sail Company), % 
35, Wales-street 

James, & Co. builders and timber merchants, 12, Kidd-lane 

James (of James Buyers & Co.), h. 12, Kidd-lane 

John (of James Buyers & Co.), h. 12, Kidd-lane 

Peter, grocer, ship-chandler, and spirit-dealer, 32, Quay, 7i. 13* 

James-street — Receiving Post Office 

William, clerk (Aberdeen Assurance Co .), h - 12, Kidd-lane 

William (of James Buyers & Co.), h. 94, Skene-street 

Byres, John, gardener, Loanhead 

Byrne, Gerard, manufacturer (Leys, Masson, & Co.), Grandholm 

Byth, George* wright, 22, Summer-street 

Cadenhead, Alexander, advocate, 9, Huxter-row, h. Seafield 
— — Alexander and John, advocates, 9, Huxter-row 

Barron & Co. brewers, Newbridge, Hardgate 

David, boot and shoemaker, 98, John-street 

— John, surgeon, 11, Adelphi, Union-street 

26 CAD— CAM 

Cadenhead John, advocate, h. Thistle Cottage, Thistle-street 

William, Middleton of Pitfodels 

Misses, dressmakers. 5, Links-street 

Cairns, William, manufacturer of bagging, 48, Commerce-street, 

east end of Virginia-street 
— — Mrs. dressmaker and milliner, Candle-court, 51, Loch-street 
Caie, George, shoemaker, 29, St. Andrew-street 
— — William, shore porter, 10, Quay 
— — William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Causewayend 
— — Miss, poultry shop, G. Milne's house, 56, Shiprow 
Calder, Charles, porter and spirit merchant, 46 and 48, Green, 

h. 1, Carmelite-street 

John, woodsawyer, 40, Catherine-street 

Peter, boot and shoemaker, Cotton 

Mrs. George, broker, Anderson's houses, 54, East North-st. 

Mrs. milliner and straw-hat maker, 2, Carmelite-street 

— — Mrs. lodgings, Dingwall's-court, 42, Loch-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 16, Belmont-street 

Calvert, Frederick, professor of elocution, 10, King-street 
Caledonian Insurance Company — Thomas Primrose, 2, Adelphi, 
Caldwell, Andrew, shoemaker, 35, Justice-street Qagent 

Ann, broker, 35, Justice-street 

Callaghen, James, chimney-sweeper, 18, Park-street 

Mrs. broker, 18, Park-street 

Callum, Robert, clothier and tailor, Callum's-houses, 47, East 
Cameron, Donald, grocer, 47, College-street [North-stree 
James, vintner and dealer in fish, &c. 2, Little Wales-street 

James, clothier, 28, Broad-street, h. Mitchell's-court, 66, 


John, surgeon, R N. of Morefield, Stocket, and 21, Shiprow 

John, saddler, 49, h. Rettie's-court, 51, North-street 

John, cooper, 150, Gallowgate 

— - William, cooper, 16, Loch-street 

William, shoemaker, 6, North-street 

Mrs. Alexander, 38, Constitution-street 

Mrs. broker, 2, Windmill-brae 

Campbell, Alexander, baker and lodgings, 8, h. 10, Huxter-row 

CAM— CAR 27 

Campbell, Colin, flesher, Butler's Tavern, 6, Burnett's-close 

Daniel, shoemaker, 33, Young-street 

Dugald, agent, British Linen Company, 22, King-street 

Ewen, mail-guard, 24, Union-row 

Gray, late collector of excise, 5, Golden-square 

John, spirit-dealer, 38, College-street 

John, post-horse-master and livery stables, 5, Bon-Accord- 

John, boot and shoemaker, 62, Chapel-street fjstreet 

John, surgeon, 7, Bon-Accord-street 

j John M. surgeon, 250, Union-street 

John, broker, 33, Justice-street 

— — Robert, timber merchant, h. 80, Loch-street 

Roderick, vintner, New Bridge of Don 

Smith & Co. timber merchants, 103, George-street 

William, shipmaster (Duke of Richmond, steamer), Cleri- 

hew's houses, Prince Regent-street 
— — William, shoemaker, 29, Windmill-brae 

William, shipmaster (Isobella), 6, Wellington-street 

Mrs. John K. 44, Queen-street 

— — Mrs. midwife, 95, Gallowgate 

Miss, Female School of Industry, 13, Chronicle-lane 

Cantly, Miss, lodgings, Union-street — entry, 1, St. Nicholas-st. 
Cardno, Peter, glass and stoneware-merchant, 70, and 72, Gallow- 
gate, h. 32, Constitution-street 

Mrs. 32, Constitution-street 

Cargill, John, shipmaster (Queen of Scotland, steamer), 4, Wel- 

William, shipmaster (True Blue), 10, Canal-terrace 

Carmichael, A. grocer, Upper Denburn 

— — Captain Robert, late 42d regiment, 16, Union-terrace. 

Carnegie, George, shore porter, 17, James-street 

James, clerk (W. P. & Co.), h. Huntly-street 

John, clerk, 11, Princes-street 

William, merchant, 118, Gallowgate 

William, advocate and town-clerk, h. 257, Union-street 

William, wright, Bruce's-court, 40, Loch-street 

Carnie, George, gardener, Cornhill Lodge 

28 CAR— CAT 

Carnie, William, stabler, 16, Fisher-row 
Carey, Hugh, flesher, 30, George-street 

Hugh, flesher, 1, Reform-stand, George-street 

John, jun. flesher, 114, George-street 

Carrol, James, engineer, 67, Waterloo-quay 

Carr, Alexander, dyer and bleacher, Barkmill 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Watt's-court, 30, Vir- 

John, tailor, Holburn-street jjpnia-street 

John, confectioner, 217, h. 218, Gallowgate 

Robert (of Brown & Carr), h. Strawberry-bank 

Carter, David, general blacksmith, boiler and machine maker, mill- 
wright, &c. 76, North-street 

John, general blacksmith, boiler and machine maker, mill- 
wright, &c. North-st. h. Roy's Nursery 

Cassie, James, spirit merchant, 9, Justice-st. h. 30, Castle-st. 

James, jun. artist, h. 30, Castle-street 

James, merchant tailor, 7> Broad-st. h. Orchard-house, Or- 

William, tailor, 16, Long-acre [^chard-lane, Old Aberdeen 

Castle, Thomas, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 8, Garvock-street 
Cattanach, Alexander, ship carpenter, 2, Baltic-street 

Charles, tailor and clothier, 126, h. 36, Union-street 

— — Donald, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 55, George-street 

& Murray, furnishing-tailors, 2, Woolmanhill 

James, upholsterer, 99, Gallowgate 

John, shoemaker, 5, Gardener's-lane 

William, shipmaster (Nautilus), 6, Constitution-st. 

Mrs. Donald, Holburn-street 

Mrs. John, 44, Upperkirkgate 

Catto & Co. block, pump, and mast makers, York-street 

James, grocer and spirit dealer, Upper Denburn 

James, boot and shoemaker, 153, Union-st. h. 132, Crown-st 

John, flesher, 4, George-st. Market, h. 302, George-street 

John, Son & Co. merchants and insurance brokers, 88, King- 

Robert, sen. (of Robert Catto & Son) h, Belvidere (^street 

Robert, jun. (of Robert Catto & Son) h. Belvidere 

Robert, & Son, merchants, 47, Marischal-street 

Robert, & Co. grocers, wine and spirit dealers, 14, King-st 



CAT— CHA 29 

Catto, Thomson, & Co. rope and sail manufacturers, Links, Footdee 

— William , clerk, (Aberdeen Bank), 36, Constitution-street 

— William, tailor, 3, Shiprow, h. near Mannofield 

— William, merchant, 90, King-street 

— William, grocer, Charles-street 

— William, mason, Leadside, Gilcomston 

— William, clerk (William Simpson & Co.), h. 2, Wellington-st. 

— William, eating house, 81, Gallowgate 

— Mrs. James, 19, Spital J 

— Miss, dressmaker, Annand's-court, 27, James-street 
Miss, Ann, teacher, 36, Constitution-street 

Cay, Alexander, grain merchant, h. 7, Canal-terrace 

— William, Catherine-street 

Chadwick, Edmund, manufacturer, 33, Gallowgate 
Chalmers, Alexander W. governor of Bridewell, Rose-street 

— Alexander, lodgings, 44, Gordon-street 

— Alexander, shoemaker, 21, Marischal-street, /*. 28, James-st. 
Alexander, weaver, 4, Charles-street, Broadford 

— Charles, advocate, h. 155, Union-street 
— — & Co. bakers, Causewayend 

David, printer, h. 13, Adelphi, and Westburn 

— David & Co. printers, 25, Adelphi, Union-street 
— — & Farquhar, advocates, 24, Marischal-street 

James, vintner, Denhead of Auchmull 

John, builder, 3, Rose-street 

William, manager of the North of Scotland Fire and Life 

Assurance Office, 36, Union-street h. 59, Bon- Accord-street 

William, Reid's-court, 34, Gallowgate 

William, gardener, Loch-head 

■ Mrs. teacher, 36, Park-street. 

S Mrs. S. 266, George-street 

Chambers, Miss of Westfield, h. Westfield 

Mrs. dressmaker, Causewayend 

Chandler, Miss Ann, teacher (Dr. Bell's Female School), 112, 

High-street, Old Aberdeen 
Chapman, George, grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 14, h. 13, 


1839—40 c 

30 CHA— CHR 

Chapman, James, carter, 3, Jopp's-lane 
John, builder, 141, George-street 

Robert, Grey Horse Tavern, 14, Huxter-row 

Wm. (of John Walker & Co. blacksmiths) 26, St. Andrew-si 

Charles, George, tailor, funeral and occasional waiter, 90, High 

street, Old Aberdeen 
Chasser, James, painter, Yeats'-court, 30, Netherkirkgate 
James, hairdresser, 290, h. 288, George-street 

Mrs. James, milliner and dressmaker, 288, George-street 

Miss, lodging, Yeats'-court, 30, Netherkirkgate 

Cheyne, Alexander, merchant, 28, Marischal-street, h. Whitehall 
Gordon, shoemaker, 43, Chapel-street 

Rev. Patrick (St. John's Chapel), h. 44, Bon-Accord-street 

Peter, of Loch-head, h. Loch-head 

Chiene, W. surveyor of shipping, 32, St. Nicholas-street 
Chisholm, Alexander, shoemaker, 89, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

George, breadseller, 62, Guestrow 

- James, vintner, 11, York-street, Footdee 
William, keeper of the Public Rooms, Union-street 

Chivas, Alexander, advocate, and agent for the National Bank o 

Scotland, 42, Castle-street 
• Alexander, late cashier, 42, Castle-street 

Chree, William, stabler and vintner, 24, Gerrard-street 

Mrs. John, 289, George-street 

Christall, James, barber, A. Rennie's-houses, Causewayend 

John, teller, North of Scotland Bank, h. 30, Guestrow 

William (of William Christall & Co.), h. 43, Dee-street 

William, & Co. wholesale and retail London hat and haber 

dashery warehouse, 31, Broad-street, and 14, Guestrow 

William, meal and grain merchant, 123, King-street 

Christie, Donald, manufacturer, 62, h. 61, Broad-street 

Francis, plane-maker, Ross's-court, 11, Trinity-corner 

George, 42, St. Andrew-street 

James, flesher, 12, Chapel-street 

John, mealseller, Maberly-street, Broadford 

John, stone-cutter, 20, Princes-street 

■ William, turner and broker, Sim's-square 


CHR— CLA 31 

Christie, William, shipmaster (Catto), 13, Catto-square 

Mrs. George, 93, George-street 

• Mrs. 1, Littlejohn-street ' 
. Miss A. Millbank Cottage 

- Miss J. bonnet-maker, 12, Blackfriars-street 
Christopher, Mark, shipmaster (Commerce), Miller 's-court, 21, 
31apperton, William, surgeon, R.N. Old Aberdeen [Guestrow 
"lark, Alexander, clerk (Velocity), h. 11, Dee-street 

Alexander, mealseller, 44, Gallowgate 

Alexander, innkeeper, 10, Queen-street 

Alexander, sexton, 67, Spital, Old Aberdeen 

Alexander & James, coopers, 14, k. 15, Don-st. Old Aberdeen 

- Archibald, 13, Exchequer-row 

- — Arthur, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 6, Windy-wynd 

| David, steward of the Duke of Richmond, and occasional 

waiter, Gordon's-houses, Mill-street 
George, baker, 79, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

— George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Woodside 
George, late bookseller, h. 2, Guestrow 

- George, & Son, wholesale booksellers, stationers, and paper 
merchants, 15, Broad-street, h. 2, Guestrow 

James, bookseller, h. 2, Guestrow 

James, merchant, 109, Gallowgate 

James, vintner, Newton, Auchmill 

James, shipmaster, 47, Virginia-street 

- — James, writing-master, Rhind's-court, 64, Gallowgate 
i — John, B. Glentanner Tavern, York-place 

■ John, manager, Aberdeen Assurance Co. 89, Union-street 

• John, advocate, 49, Broad-street 

— John, cabinet-maker, 6, Princes-street ["hill 
■— John, mealseller, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 48, Woolman- 

— Leslie, wine and spirit merchant, and wholesale grocer, 4, h. 

Clark's-court, 2, Upperkirkgate 

— Leslie, printer, 2, Guestrow 

— John, cloth dealer, Holburn-street [tice-lane 

— Joseph, blacksmith and bell-hanger, 12, Drum's-lane, h. Jus- 

— Samuel, linen manufacturer, 5, Mounthooly 

32 CLA— COB 

Clark, Thomas & Son, clothiers and haberdashers, 18, Broad-street 
h. 33, Bon-Accord-street 

Thomas, M.D. professor of Chemistry, Marischal College 

William, manufacturer, Well-court, 14, Broad-street 

William, clerk (John Blaikie & Sons), 1, Blackfriars-street 

William, ironmonger, 16, Union-street, h. 12, Union-terrace 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 14, Trinity-quay, h. abov 

William (of Sim, Clark, & Co.), h. 5, Justice-lane Qsho; 

William, general agent, wine merchant, and grocer, 8, h. 1C 

" Mrs. dressmaker, I, Trinity-quay £King-stree 

Mrs. lodgings, 39, Chapel-street 

— — Mrs. Broadford 
— — Mrs. J. lodgings, 23, Castle-street 
— — Miss, ladies' school' 16, Gallowgate 
— — Miss, lodgings, 16, Queen-street 

Miss, silk.ingrafter and dress-maker, 21 , Hutcheon-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 83, Spring-garden 

H. 69, Hutcheon-street 

Clerihew, Francis, advocate, 2, St. Catherine'swynd, k. 7, Carme 

Francis, builder, 7, Carmelite-street Qite-stree 

George, builder, 7, Carmelite-street 

Patrick, teacher (Davidson's-school), h. 38, York-street 

— — William, grain merchant, 41, Quay, h. 7, Skene-street 
Clerk, Mrs. Lieut.-Col. Alexander, 35, Dee-street 
Clunes, Mrs. 44, Queen-street [stree 

Clyne, James, shoemaker (of Wm.Clyne & Sons), h. 162, George 

John, boot and shoemaker, 41, Castle-street, h. 42, Castle-si 

William, sen. shoemaker (of Wm. Clyne & Sons), h. 3, Little 


William, jun. shoemaker (of Wm. Clyne & Sons), 3, Little 

William, & Son, carriers, 28, Berry-lane 

William, & Sons, shoe manufacturers and leather dealers, 22 

Mrs. Alexander, 7, Littlejohn-street [and 24, Gallowgat 

Mrs. Alexander, broker, 25, Green 

Mrs. Captain, 13, Black's-buildings 

Cobban, George, stabler, 15, Back-wynd 


COB— COL 33 

Cobban, James, builder, 7, Jopp's-lane, and 100, George-street 
— — William, lodgings, 12, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 
Cochran, Francis James, advocate, and Collector of the Old 
Machar poor assessment, 137> Union-street, h. Marywell- 

Mrs. Alexander, 77. Dee-street [[place 

James, brewer, Glenburn Distillery, h. Wellington-place 

— — James, excise officer, Glenburn Distillery, h. Morningfield 

Cock, Silvester, house-carpenter, Holburn-street 

— — Mrs. (late of Cruden), 75* Union-street 

Cockburn, George, keeper of the Jail, h. Jail 

Cocker, James, wright, 3, Berry-lane 

Cockerill, Charles, hairdresser, 240, George-street, h. 50, Shiprow 

Collie, Adam, spirit-dealer [don's-court, 4, Schoolhill 

Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 1, George-street, h. Gor- 

— Alexander, slater, 26, Shiprow 

— George, clerk (Hugh Gordon & Co.), k. 68, Catherine-street 
George (of George Collie & Co.), h. 21, Union-place 

George, & Co. drapers, 4, St. Catherine's-wynd, Union-street 
Gilbert, bread and provision seller, Upper Denburn 

— James, mason, 51, Summer street 

— James, manufacturer, 28, Gordon-street 

— James, cooper and tavern keeper, 5, Huxter-row QShiprow 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 7, Exchequer-row, h. 83, 

John, hairdresser, 7, South Silver-street, h. 13, Rose-street 

— John, manager of the rope department (Catto, Thomson, 

& Co.), k. 47, York-street 

— John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 39, Castle-street, h. 53, 
John, slater, 13, Chapel-street [[Summer-street 

Robert, hairdresser, 62, h. 58, Shiprow 

— Robert, jun. hairdresser, 37, h. 55, Green [19, Schoolhill 
William, wright and cabinet-maker, 12, Blackfriars-street, h. 
William, bookseller and bookbinder, select circulating library,. 

47, Upperkirkgate, h. 76, Chapel-street 
William, Carter, 21, Wales-street 
Mrs. William, lodgings, Holburn-street 
Mrs. midwife, McDonald's houses, 1, Canal-terrace 

rMrs. tea-dealer, 1, Whitehouse-street 
1839-40 c 2 

34 COL— COO 

Collie, Mrs. lodgings, 16, Netherkirkgate 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 42, Huntly-street 

Collins, John, teller (Bank of Scotland), h. 132, Crown-street 
Colston, Alexander, teacher of music, 137, Union-street 

Mrs. dressmaker and milliner, 137, Union-street 

Colquhoun, James, Temperance Hotel, 33, Guestrow 
Commercial Bank of Scotland's Branch — Alexander Blackie, agent, 

9, King-street 
Commissary Clerk's Office, 27, King-street 
Commutation Road Trustees — James Grant, advocate, clerk and 

collector, 4, Huxter-row 
Condie, James, coachman (Earl of Fife), 31, Frederick-street 
Connon, Alexander, grocer and tea dealer, 6, h. 7, East North-st. 

George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 19, Causewayend 

James, clothier and haberdasher, h. 29, Constitution-street 

James, mealseller, 14, Park-street 

James, turner, wheel and shuttle-maker, 95, Skene-street 

John, lodgings, Hilton-house 

Robert, cart and plough-wright, 34, Causewayend 

Robert, gardener, Seaton-dykes, Old Aberdeen 

Robert, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Woodside 

William, gardener, St. Clement-street 

William, coal-broker, 12, Commerce-street 

William, 44, Broad-street, h. 22, Constitution-street 

;ii Miss, straw-bonnet maker, 32, Causewayend 

Cook, Alexander, guard of the Defiance Coach, 12, Long-acre 

Charles, coachman (Defiance Coach), 12, Long-acre 

John, guard of the Defiance Coach, h. Crown-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 31, Frederick-street 

Cooper, Alexander L. tailor, 3, Huxter-row, h. 9, Guestrow 

Alexander, gardener, 40, East North-street 

Alexander, cooper, Cooper's-court, 26, Netherkirkgate 

Alexander, saddler, 45, Queen-street, h. 27, Frederick-st. 

George, teacher, Lower Cotton 

George, boot and shoemaker, 32, Union-place, h. Rubislaw 

James, hatter, 59, Union-street, h. 2, Flourmill-brae 

John, hairdresser, 128, Gallowgate, h. 30, Young-street 


COO— COU 35 

Cooper, John, Marischal College-court, 82, Broad-street 

- Joseph, fancy bread and biscuit-baker, 16, St. Nicholas-st. 
Robert, tailor, 31, Guestrow \Ji. 42, Castle-street 

William, draper (Win. Philip, jun. & Co.), k. 120, King-st. 

William, silk dyer and renovator, 6, South Silver-street, h. 

12, Carmelite-lane 
, William, carter, 10, Mounthooly 

Miss, straw-hat maker, Rettie's-court, 26, Broad-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 59, George-street 

Copland, Alexander, slater, 9, St. Andrew-street 

David, merchant, office, 25, York-place, h. Elmfield 

James, mason, 44, Park-street 

John, Mill of Drumnahoy Warehouse, 103, Skene-street 

Thomas, shoemaker, Gordon's-court, 4, Schoolhill 

William (Devanha Brewery), h. Fonthill-place, Ferryhill 

Mrs. Dr. Fountainhall 

-u ' Mrs. grocer and spirit-dealer, 12, Shoe-lane 
Corbett, James, late shipmaster, 11, Peacock's-close, Castle-st. 
— — William, of Bieldside, h. Bieldside and 13, Carmelite-street 
Cordiner, Robert (of Troup & Cordiner), h. 259, George-street 
— — Samuel, grocer and spirit-dealer, 18, Gordon-street 

Mrs. James, 259, George-street 

Corkin, James, Cotton 

Cormack, Alexander, mason and grate-setter, 5, College-street 

George, portrait and miniature-painter, 6, Marischal-street 

. William, furniture dealer, Lobban's-court, 30, Castle-street 

William, & Co. grocers, tea and spirit dealers, 31, York-street, 

h. 21, Shiprow 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 33, Shiprow 

William, shoemaker, 2, Kidd-lane 

Cornwall, George, printer of Constitutional, h. Nellfield House 

Mrs. 39, Whitehouse-street 

[Cossens, James, wright, 14, St. Andrew-street 

Coubrough, W. and J., tea dealers, 3, St. Nicholas-street 

Doulson, Thomas, clerk, Donald's-court, 20, Schoolhill 
ounty Fire Office and Provident Life Office — agent, Wm. Thom- 
son, jun. 109, Union-street 


36 COU— CRA 

County Rates, H. and C. Lumsden, collectors, Union-terrace 
Courage, Archibald, bookseller, 3, George-st. h. 14, Belmont-st. 

James, cooper, 177> Gallowgate 

Miss, stay-maker, 14, Belmont-street 

Miss, Kingsland-place, George-street 

Courduff, Patrick, candlemaker, 17, Lower Denburn 
Coutts, Adam, advocate, 61, Netherkirkgate 

Alexander, cutler, 14, Catherine-street 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Rubislaw 

Alexander, wright, 45, Frederick-street, h. Forbes-street 

George, furnishing tailor, 16, Huxter-row 

— — James, dealer in vegetables, 78, Green [68, Broad-street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 45, Upperkirkgate, h. 

John (of Bowman, Vernon, & Co.), h. Connigarhill, Links 

— — John, Ferryhill Inn, Ferryhill 

— — J. provision-seller, 36, Windmill-brae 

— — William, shoemaker, 123, Skene-street 

William, cutler, 214, h. 213, Gallowgate 

William, shuttle-maker, 58, Windmill-brae 

— — Mrs. lodgings, 44, Queen -street 
Cowie, Alexander, late merchant, Tanfield 

Alexander, brewer, 5, Virginia-street, h. 68, Chapel-street 

John, teacher, Parochial School, 5, New-street, Old Aberdeen 

John, mason, 29, Hutcheon-street 

— — William, grocer, wine, tea, and spirit merchant, Printfield 
— — William, lodgings, 92, George-street 

Mrs. William, 4, Thistle-street 

Cowieson, George, vintner, 10, Carnegie's-brae 

Crabb, David, mealseller, 16, Causewayend 

Craib, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 4, College-street 

William, shoemaker, Causewayend 

— — William (of Knight and Craibj, 50, Causewayend 

Mrs. Alexander, midwife, 6, College-street 

Craig, Adam, mason, Nelson-street 

Alexander, manager (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. Gordon's Mills 

Alexander, traveller (Thomas Craig), h. Skene-street 

and Anderson, hat manufacturers, 85, Union-street 


CRA— CRO 37 

Craig, Arthur, merchant, Commercial-court, 58, Castle-street 
— — David, shipmaster (Annandale), 7, Garvock-street 
- — George, steward, h. JoppVcourt, 40, Broad-street 

James, grocer, 35, Littlejohn-street, and 43, North-street) h. 

Red Lion-court, 77, Broad-street 
— — James, & Co. saddlers and harness-makers, 34, Schoolhill, h. 
Charles-court, 40, Upperkirkgate 

John (of Craig and Anderson), h. 10, Queen-street 

Robert, stabler, 81, North-street 

Thomas, tobacco manufacturer, 10, Schoolhill, h. Skene-street 

William, clerk (Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company), h. 6, 

Mrs. John, h. 53, Woolmanhill ^Garvock-street 

Misses, dressmakers, Hutcheon-street 

Craigie, Mrs. Alexander, f J, Canal-terrace 

Craigen and Reid, boot and shoemakers, 3, Dee-street 

James (of Craigen and Reid), 19, Huntly-street 

Craighead, William, stabler and vintner, 10, Meal-market-lane 

Misses, dressmakers, 18, Princes-street 

Craigmile, Alexander, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 45, Com- 
merce-street, h. above shop \h. 132, Crown-street 

Francis, teacher of writing and drawing, 6, Correction-wynd, 

James, cabinet-maker, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 81, h; 79, 

Green [^street, h. 49, Commerce-street 
William, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 60, St. Nicholas- 
Crane, Andrew, shipmaster (Velocity), 30, Wales-street 

Peter, piano-forte-maker, 2, Trinity-street, h. St. Catherine's- 

court, 14, Shiprow 
Crichton, William, Littlejohn-street Tavern, 6, Littlejohn-street 
Crighton, John, shipmaster, 43, Commerce-street 
Cromar, Alexander, manufacturer, 48, Skene-street 

Alexander, teacher — school, 15, Gordon-street, h. Hardgate 

Alexander, house-surgeon, Infirmary 

Charles, Skene-square 

David, sub-janitor of King's College, Old Aberdeen 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 48, Skene-street 

Crombie, Alexander, fruit merchant, 21, Broad-st. h. 33, Park-st. 

Charles, dentist, 22, Kidd-lane, Chapel-street 


38 CRO— CRU 

Crombie Lewis, solicitor — Office, 17, King-street, h. Kirkhill, Nigg 
— — Peter, working-jeweller, 60, h. Gordon's-ct. 88, Broad-st. 
— — William, & Co. house carpenters and cabinet-makers, Gordon's- 

court, 88, Broad-street 
Cron, William, watch and clock-maker, Jack's-brae 
Crosbie, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Jopp's-court, 40, Broad-st. 
Cross, George, veterinary surgeon, 2, St. Nicholas-lane 

Joseph, cork-cutter, 77» Red Lion-court, Broad-street 

— — William, day-patrole (Harbour), Middlethird, Quay 

Crow, Alexander, ironmonger, 31, St. Nicholas-st. h. 1, George-st. 

James, of the Customs, 1, George-street 

Cruden, Rev. George (Logie), h. 5, Correction-wynd 

Miss, Westburn, Albyn-place \Ji. Skene-square 

Cruickshank, Alexander, & Co. hosiers and glovers, 55, Union-st. 

Alexander (book-keeper at A. H. & S.), h. 180, Gallowgate 

Alexander, auctioneer, Cheyne's-court, 69, Broad-street 

Anthony, hosier, Crown-court, 41, Union-street £25, Quay 

— — George, vintner, coffee and victualling-house, Scott's-court, 
— — George, manager (Aberdeen and North Shipping Co.) — office, 

56, Marischal-street, h. 3, Affleck-street 

George, 20, Bon-Accord-street 

— ~ George, clerk (Alexander NicollJ, h. 2, Yeats-lane 

George, boot and shoemaker, Causewayend 

— — Henry, hosier (W. P. & Co.), 6, Trinity-street 

James, tailor, 15, Windmill-brae 

James, clerk, 69, Broad-street 

James (late druggist), teacher of and dealer in Accordions, also 

Accordions tuned and repaired, 46, George-street 
— — James, 2, Loch-street 

■ James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Cotton 

John, LL.D., professor of mathematics, Marischal-College, h. 

John, tinsmith, 2, George-street |~12, Rose-street 

John, manufacturer, 23, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Leslie, Carnation Cottage, Cotton 

Leslie, merchant, 92, head of Broad-street, h. Cruickshank's- 

court, 91, Broad-street, and Deemount 


CRU— CUM 39 

Cruickshank, Richard, wholesale and retail tea, porter, and spirit 
merchant, 41, h. 39, North-street [Gallowgate 

Robert, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 193, h. 180, 

Thomas, innkeeper and post-horse-master (coaches, hearses, 

gigs, and saddle horses), 8, Schoolhill 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 30, Justice-street 

William, overseer (A. H. & Sons), Lobban's-ct. 30, Castle-st. 

— — Mrs. James, clothier and haberdasher and register office, 46, 

Mrs. Jane, Broadford [^George-street 

Mrs. stabler, 180, Gallowgate 

Mrs. Robert, sick-nurse, 28, Summer.street 

Mrs. teacher (Gordon's-mills School), h. Gordon's-mills 

Miss, 47, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 

Miss Christian, 29, Dee-street 

Miss, confectioner, 111, Skene.street 

Misses, dressmakers, J, Huntly-street 

Cuddie, A., M.D. 31, Quay 

Nicholas, cooper, 24, Loch-street 

Cullen, Alexander B., smith, Maberly-street 

■ John, tinsmith, 58, Gerrard-street 

Cumine, Adam, of Rattray, h. Albyn-place 

Misses, Union-place 

Cumming, Alexander, Gildawie's-houses, Causewayend 

Alexander, carter, Ann-street 

Forbes, vintner and eating house, 6, Ragg's-lane 

George, advocate, Concert-court, Broad-street 

George, vintner, 9, James-street 

James, 12, Prince Regent-street 

• James, overseer (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. 22, Frederick-st. 

. John, teacher of music and dancing, Broadford 

Jonathan, permit- writer, 1, east end of Nelson-street 

Robert, manager (Forbes, Low, & Co.), h. 59, College-street 

and Ross, sail-makers, Weigh-house 

William, sail-maker, h. Albion-street 

William, flesher, 6, George-street market, h. John-street 

William, tailor, 58, Guestrow 

Mrs. William, 15, Union-row 


40 CUM— DAU 

dimming, Miss, Newseat, Cotton 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 15, Union-row 

Cunliffe, John, wool-buyer (A. H. & S.), 6, Carmelite-street 
Currie, Mrs. midwife, 7> Black's-buildings 
Cushnie, Alexander, distiller (P. Still & Co.), h. Holburn-street 
Customhouse, 16, Quay — Watch-house, New Pier, Footdee 
Cutmuir, John, broker, 69, Netherkirkgate 


Dalgarno, Alexander, 88, High-street, Old Aberdeen 
— — James, mealseller, 15, East North-street 

William, merchant-tailor and stockmaker, 3, Netherkirkgate, 

— — Mrs. Alexander, 7, Union-terrace [h. 4, Diamond-street 

Dalgaty, Alexander, dealer in eggs, 169, Gallowgate 

Dallas, Robert, tailor, principal servant of St. Paul's Chapel, and 

funeral waiter, Chapel-court, 61, Gallowgate 

Robert, jun. tailor, 61, Gallowgate 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 15, h. 16, Netherkirk- 

William, plasterer, 16, Summer-street Qgate 

Dalrymple, William, late farmer, Tullos, h. Glenburnie 

Mrs. James, 3, Alford-place 

Dalziel, John, teacher of English reading, writing, arithmetic. 

grammar, geography, and Latin, Leadside, Gilcomston 

Miss, lodgings, 34, Queen-street 

Dan, Job, blacking manufacturer, 26, George-street 
Daniel, Alexander, advocate, 1 1 , Drum's-lane 

Alexander, turner, 51, Shiprow 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 4, Mealmarket-lane 

h. 13, Chronicle-lane 

George, merchant, 11, Drum's-lane 

George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 11, St. Andrew-st. 

George, baker, 13, Trinity-street 

James, custom-house agent, letterpress, copperplate printer, 

and paper merchant, 48, Castle-street 

Thomas, stabler, 9, Mealmarket-lane 

Dauney, Miss, Lower Middlefield 


DAV— DAV 41 

Davidson, Alexander, tailor, 11, George street 

Alexander, vintner, Heathriefold, Auchmull 

Alexander, flesher, 5, Poultry-market, k. Bridge of Dee 

Alexander, wright, Justice-mills, h. Holburn-street 

Rev. Alexander D. of the West Parish Church, k. 5, Belmont 

Alexander, vintner and fly-boat-keeper, Cotton [street 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 37, Quay 

Alexander, shipmaster (Forth), Mill-street 

Alexander (Edinburgh Ale Establishment), 17, h. 18, Castle- 

Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 2, Crown-street [street 

Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 24, Castle-street 

Andrew, teacher, 68, Waterloo-quay 

Andrew, steward of the Aberdeenshire brig, h. 13, Shiprow 

Charles (of P. Williamson & Co.), L Gordon's-court, 22, 


Charles, cooper, 31, h. 26, Skene-street 

David, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 167, Union-street, h. 

14, Crown-street 

— Duncan, tailor, Academy-street 

— Duncan, of Tillychetly, /*. 237, Union-street 

— Duncan & Patrick, advocates— office, 1, Bon-Accord-street 
Donald, worsted-spinner, Sim's-square 

— George, bookseller and stationer, 1, Castle-street, h. Gordon's- 
court, 22, Gordon-street 

~ George and William, merchants, 17, Quay 

— George, Ruthrieston New Inn, Bridge of Dee 

— George, merchant, 17, Quay 

George, & Co. spirit-dealers, 9, Trinity-quay 

George and William, rope and twine manufacturers, Footdee 

— office, 17, Quay 

— George, shipmaster (Hercules), 15, Prince Regent-street 
_ George, blacksmith, Cotton 

George, grocer, wine, tea and spirit dealer, and commission 

agent, 48, St. Nicholas-street, h. Lamond's-court, 49, Upper- 

— Dr. James, professor of natural history, Marischal College, h. 
■ James, vintner, 49, York street [150, King-street 

1839—40 d 

42 DAV— DAV 

Davidson James, grocer, tea, spirit, and cheese merchant, 13, North- 

James, flesher, 141, George-street [st. h. 42, Long-acre 

James, painter and glazier, 63, Loch-street 

James, plasterer, 15, Union-row 

James, flesher, 12, Poultry-market, h. Caie's-dykes 

James, shore porter and sedan-chair carrier, Commercial-court, 

58, Castle-street 

James Waddell, (Wm. Clyne & Sons), 28, Berry-lane 

John, tavern keeper, 60, Lime-quay 

John, painter and glazier, 223, George-street 

John, merchant, Cotton 

John, writer, 18, Huntly-street [road 

Patrick, advocate, 1, Bon-Accord-street, h. Ashley, Dee-side- 

John, mason, 30, Summer-street [end 

Robert, yeast-brewer and manufacturing chemist, Causeway- 

Robert, & Co. tailors, 37, Causewayend 

William, foreman (Aberdeen Sail Co.), Footdee, h. Links-st. 

William, mason, John-street 

William, merchant, 44, Broad-street, h. Canal-road 

William, surgeon, 1, Correction-wynd 

William, of Kebbaty, h. Belmont 

Mrs. Andrew, midwife, 13, Chapel-street 

Mrs. George, vintner, 3, Long-acre 

Mrs. of Kebbaty, Constitution-street 

Mrs. Lieut. Alexander, 8, Drum's-lane 

Mrs. William, Canal-road 

Mrs. vintner, Middlethird-quay 

Miss, Springbank-terrace 

Miss, dressmaker, Nelson-street 

Miss, housekeeper (Poor's Hospitable for Boys), 19, Upper- 

Miss, lodgings, 19, Schoolhill [kirkgate 

Miss, 128, Crown-street 

Davie, Alexander, principal servant of the North Church, and 

funeral waiter, Wm. Milne's-ct. 60, Gallowgate [Broad-st. 

James, music-seller and music-master, Concert-court, 10, 

Miss, teacher of singing and piano-forte, Concert-court, 10, 

— Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 22, Shuttle-lane QBroad-st. 


DAV— DIC 43 

Davies, Richard, tailor, 19, Marischal-street 

Dawson, Charles, town-serjeant, Rosemary Cottage, opposite 
Summerfield-gardens, Park-street 

I Mrs. haberdasher, 9, George-street 

Mrs. vintner, 140, George-street 

Mrs. lodgings, 126, King-street 

Deaf and Dumb Institution, 58, Schoolhill — Matthew Robert 
Dean, John, tea-dealer, Hardgate [TBurns, teacher 

Deans, Andrew, excise officer, 55, Loch-street 

. Matthew, chimney-sweep and fireman, 46, Gallowgate 

William, cattle dealer, 1J, Littlejohn-street 

William, shipmaster, 12, Marischal-street 

William, manufacturer, 10, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Dearie, George, gardener, 5, Fisher-row 

Mrs. Andrew, 7> Constitution-street 

Dempster, George, shoemaker, Gordon's-court, 4, Schoolhill 

John, 4, East Craibstone-street 

Denham, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 138, Union-street, h. 

Walker's-court, College-street 
Denman, Wm. excise officer, Gilcomston Distillery, h. steps of 
Desson, George, shoemaker, 88, Causewayend ^Gilcomston 

Devanha Brewery, Devanha 

Distillery Company, Devanha 

Counting-house, 1, Castle-street 
Devine, Hector, hatter, 125, Gallowgate 

Rev. James, 95, Gallowgate [Thill, Albyn-place 

Dewar, Rev. Daniel, D.D., principal of Marischal College, Garnet- 
Dey, Mrs. eating-house, 56, Guestrow ^Trinity-corner 

George, boot and shoemaker, 49, Netherkirkgate, h. 2. 
Diack, Charles, & Co., tea and spirit merchants, 23, Green 
George, grocer and spirit dealer, 25, Windmill-brae 

James, sacrist, Marischal College, College-court, 82, Broad-st. 

John, mason, 62, Catherine-street 

Dick, James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 28, Park-st. h. 29, Con- 

John, grocer, 21, College-street [Jstitution-street 

Dickie, George, surgeon, Cherryvale 

Robert, excise officer, Holburn-street 


44 DIC— DON 

Dickie, John, flesher, 12, Wales-street-market, h. 2, Little Wales- 

Margaret, grocer, Holburn-street Qstreet 

Mrs. flesher, 17, Wales-street-market, h. 2, Little Wales-st. 

Dingwall, Alexander, merchant, Spring-garden 

Fordyce, Alexander, R.N. South Crown-street 

Fordyce, Arthur, of Culsh, Arthurseat, near Aberdeen 

Fordyce, Miss J. Crown-street 

Kenneth, shoemaker, 3, Gardener's-lane 

Mrs. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Woodside 

Dinnie, James, gardener, Calsayseat 

Dinnson, John, shipmaster (Union Grove), 1, Marischal-street 

Dobbie, James (Richards & Co.), 72, Catherine-street 

William, 6, Putachieside 

Dobson, Edmund, basketmaker, 16, Marischal-street 

Docherty, Mrs. midwife, 22, Frederick- street 

Don, Lawrance, manufacturer, 14, North-street 

William, precentor, Union Church, h. 68, Catherine-street 

Donald, Alexander, vintner, Cuparston-toll 

Andrew, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 74, Woolmanhill 

Andrew, gardener, Leadside, Gilcomston 

Andrew, baker, 25, Upperkirkgate 

David, gardener, Loanhead, Gilcomston 

David, tailor, Holburn-place 

George, tailor, 9, Guestrow 

George, flesher, 13, George-street-market, h. 5, Charlotte- st; 

James, & Co., tavern-keepers, Red Lion-court, 77, Broad-st. 

James, Gardener, Rubislaw 

James, boot and shoemaker, and secretary to the Aberdeen 

Mutual Assurance and Friendly Society, 36, St. Nicholas- 
street, h. 48, Skene-street 

James, tailor, Dyer's-court, Upper Denburn 

James, shipmaster (Jean), 32, Virginia-street 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 10, Commerce-street 

John, tailor (William Robertson), 18, St. Andrew-street 

Peter, flesher — sale shop, 138, Union-street 

Robert, brushmaker, 14, h. 12. St. Nicholas-street 

Robert, shipmaster (Wemyss), h. 6, Links-street 


DON— DOW 45 

Donald, William, jun. ship-agent, 12, Commerce-st. h. 1, Constitu- 

William, sen. merchant, h. 27, Constitution-street Qion-st. 

William, jun. 28, Constitution-street 

William, glazier, 17> h. 21, Netherkirkgate 

Mrs. lodgings, 1, Marischal-street 

Mrs. William, 3, Little Belmont-street 

Mrs. W. 251, Union-street 

Mrs. 52, Gerard-street 

Mrs. dealer in old clothes, 15, Peacock's-close 

Miss Ann, teacher of the Trinity Parish School, h. Lamond's- 

court, 49, Upperkirkgate [court, 49, Upperkirkgate 

Miss, teacher, Dr. Bell's School, Frederick-street, h. LamondV 

Donaldson, Adam, shoemaker, 176, Gallowgate 
— — Alexander, flesher, 11, Black's-buildings 

Arthur, flesher, 9, George-street-market, h. 162, George-st. 

George, builder, 10, Black's-buildings 

James, tailor and clothier, 132, h. 130, Union-street 

John, post-horse-master and vintner, 164, George-street 

Richard Walker, clothier and haberdasher, 17, Union-build- 
ings, h. Smith's-court, 49, Gallowgate 

Robert, & Co., coach manufacturers, 166, George-street 

Robert (of Donaldson & Co.), h. 164, George-street 

's School, 17, Back-wynd — Rev. James Grant, teacher 

— Mrs. flesher, 29, Wales-street-market, h. 10, Wales-street 

— Mrs. Captain, 143, Skene-street 

Douglas, Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 82, Shiprow 

David, mender of china and glass, 87, Shiprow 

Rev. George (Wesleyan Chapel), Skene-terrace 

Mrs. James, vintner, Ewen's-court, 42, Gallowgate 

Dow, Alexander, blacksmith, Causewayend 

John, shoemaker, 14, Castle-brae 

Mrs. broker, 54, East North-street 

Dower, James, vintner, 28, Shiprow 

Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 25, Causewayend 

Downie, Alexander, teacher of dancing, calisthenic and gymnastic 

exercises. Crown-court, Union-st. h. 1, Martin's-lane, Green 
Charles, of Ashfield, Morayshire, h. Cuparston 

1839—40 d 2 

46 DOW— DUG 

Downie, Charles, carter and Old Aberdeen carrier, h. 42, Don-st. 

James, boot and shoemaker, 16, Guestrow 

James, farmer, Skene-square 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, Spital 

Doverty, George, broker, *J1, Queen-street 

Drimmie, Alexander, manufacturer, Rubislaw Works 

Drummond, James, bootmaker and leather-cutter, 1, Queen-street, 
ladies' boot and shoe wareroom, 10, Guestrow 

John, shoemaker, 1, Queen-street, and 19, Guestrow 

Drysdale, Miss M. 39, Union-place 

Duff, Alexander, tailor, 27, St. Nicholas-street 

Alexander, advocate, 27, St. Nicholas-street 

Charles, wright and cabinet-maker, h. Holburn-street 

James, shoemaker, 74, George-street 

James, 13, Park-lane 

James, vintner, 31, Blackfriars-street 

David, wright, 4, Kidd-lane 

William, saw-trimmer, 16, Castle-brae, h. 3, Fish-street 

Mrs. A. teacher, 5, Huntly-street 

Duffus, James, manufacturer, 19, Long-acre 

James, confectioner, 86, Union-street, h. 8, Correction-wynd 

John, & Co.'s ironmongery and hardware-house, 18, King- 
street, and manufactory, Footdee Iron Works 

John, & Co. iron merchants and manufacturers of steam en- 
gines, forged and rolled iron, chain cables, anchors, locks, 
and hinges ; millwrights, mechanics, and shipbuilders, St. 

William, of Skene-place, h. 5, Skene-place £Clement-st. 

Mrs. confectioner, 16, Upperkirkgate, h. Thomson's-court, 6L 

Mrs. provision dealer, 23, Loch-street [[Broad-st. 

Misses, silk-dyers and milliners, 83, Queen-street 

Duguid, James, clothier, 10 Broad-street, h. West Craibstone-st. 

James, woodsawyer, 96, North-street 

James & Co. clothiers, 10, Broad-street 

John, clerk, 96, North-street 

Capt. John, 39, Dee-street 

William, Cruden's-court, 22, Broad-street 

Mrs. brewer, Hardgate, h. Bellevue Cottage 


DUG— DUN 47 

Duguid, Mrs. Baillie, Dee-place, Dee-street 

Mrs. W. Newlands, Ruthrieston 

— • — Miss Jane, 5, Canal-street 

— — Miss, dealer in cotton, woollen, &c. 3, h. 4, St. Andrew-st. 
Dunbar, Duncan, sexton, Church-gate, Old Aberdeen 
— — John, officer to the Weaver Trade, 14, Shuttle-lane 
— — William, mealseller, 41, Skene-street 

Miss, spirit-dealer, 52, Shiprow 

Duncan, Adam, shoemaker, 11, Spa-street 

— — Alexander, shoemaker, 13, James-street 

Alexander, vintner, 21, Wales-street 

Alexander, quill manufacturer, h. 36, Union-place 

Alexander, woollen manufacturer, 25, Loch-street 

Alexander, hairdresser, 6, Water-lane, h. 43, Quay 

Alexander, vintner, 3, Long-acre 

Alexander & Sons, quill manufacturers, Crown-court, Union- 

— — Andrew, tailor, 46, Netherkirkgate fjstreet 

1 Andrew, clothier and haberdasher (late of A. Duncan & Son), 

131, Union-street, h. 5, Union-place 
— — & Begg, wood-merchants, Poynernook 

David, tide-waiter, 12, Quay 

David, boot and shoemaker, 5, St. Nicholas-street, h. 40, 

George, mason, 43, Bon-Accord-street [[Huntly-st. 

■ George, late dyer, Fowler's-wynd 

Geeorge, flesher, Windmill-brae, h. Charleston of Nigg 

George, traveller (W. Black & Co.), h. 4, Bon-Accord-lane 

James, tide-waiter, 10, Summer-lane 

James, secretary, Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company, h. 

James, vintner, 10, Wales-street £12, Quay 

- James, Spirit-dealer, 50, Quay 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Cotton 

1 John, goldsmith and jeweller, 4, St. Nicholas-street, h. 9, 


— John, tobacconist, 9, Union-buildings, h. 21, Constitution-st. 

— John, shoemaker, 27, Whitehouse-street 
I John, shoemaker, Cotton 

— John, flesher, 6, Spital, Old Aberdeen 

48 DUN— DUN 

Duncan, John, manufacturer, ft. 30, Schoolhill 

- John, advocate, 25, Marischal-street, h. 39, Union-place 

John, 20, Spital 

John, boot and shoemaker, 13, ft. 38, St. Nicholas-street 

John, boot and shoemaker, 78, Skene-street 

John, provision-seller, 19, Loch-street 

John, shoemaker, 26, Loch-street [Loch-street 

John, & Co. grocers, tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 25, 

John, & Co. grocers, tea and spirit dealers, 24, Hutcheon-st. 

h. 95! Causewayend 

Joseph, bleacher (Leys, Masson, & Co.), h. Cotton 

Peter, shoemaker, 16, Huxter-row, /^. 35, Windmill-brae 

Robert, toll-keeper, Kittybrevvster 

Robert, shipmaster (Courier), 54, Shiprow 

Thomas, marble and stone work, 46, Dee-street 

Thomas, & Son, cork manufacturers, 60, h. 65, Guestrow 

William (of the Aberdeen Constitutional Office), 4, Shore- 

William, north end of Park-street [brae 

— — William, mason, Forbes-street 

William, vintner, 2, Water-lane 

William, shoemaker, 26, Gordon-street 

William, provision merchant, and dealer in tea and coffee, 1, 

William, gardener, Berryhill [Long-acre, h. 83, Union-st. 

William, wright, 45, St. Andrew-st. h. 18, Skene-square 

William, sen. flesher, 13, Wales-street-market, h. Thomas 

Webster's houses, 9, Hanover-street 

William, jun. flesher, 8, Wales-street-market, h. Thomas 

Webster's houses, 9, Hanover-street 

William, gardener, 46, Dee-street 

William, flesher, 4, Causewayend, L 19, Spital, Old Aber- 

Mrs. Francis, 74, Windmill-brae [deen 

Mrs. Samuel, Duncan's-court, 74, Gallowgate 

Mrs. Thomas, lodgings, 34, Long-acre 

Mrs. William, grocer and spirit dealer, 7, Little Belmont-st. 

Mrs. midwife, Upper Denburn 

- Mrs. Braehead, Gilcomston 
-— Mrs. 6, Broad-street 


DUN— DUT 49 

Duncan, Mrs. broker, 10, Castle-brae 
Dun, John, teacher, Grammar-school, h. 301, George-street 
Dundas, John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 305, George-street 
Dundee Insurance Company — Alexander Cheyne, merchant, agent; 
28, Marischal-street \_h. 30, King-street 

Dunn, David, & Co. wholesale druggists, drysalters, and grocers, 32, 

George, steward (Brilliant), 8, Church-street [Jdrkgate 

James, teacher, Grammar-school, 1, Ross's-court, Upper- 

John, merchant, 4, St. Mary's-place, Crown-terrace 

— — John, grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 20, Union-place 

John, merchant-tailor, 5, h. 4, St. Nicholas-lane 

John, shipmaster (St. Clement's), 11, Commerce-street 

John, shoemaker, 30, Loch-street 

John, Sheriff-clerk-depute of Aberdeenshire— office, 27, 

King-street, h. 4, St. Nicholas-lane 

William, boot and shoemaker, 25, Virginia-street 

■ William, 10, Virginia-street 

William, tailor, 24, h. 26, Shiprow 

Mrs. George, 82, Skene-street 

Mrs. grocer, 64, Loch-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 4, Trinity-quay 

Durham, William, 2, Little Belmont-street 
Durie, David, stabler and innkeeper, 6, Back-wynd 

Walter, clerk (Leys, Masson, & Co.), h. Cotton 

Durward, James, heckler, 1, Spring-garden 

Mrs. midwife, 42, Frederick-street 

Duthie, Alexander, shipbuilder, Waterloo-quay 

Alexander, jun. merchant and shipowner, h. Broadford-place 

Alexander, writer (Adam & Anderson), k. Broadford-place 

Andrew, baker, 14, Catto-square 

Barclay, furnishing tailor, 5, Church-street 

- John, hairdresser, Lime-quay, h. 5, Church-street 

John, shipbuilder, 7, Wellington-street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 66, Chapel-street 

Robert, clerk (Aberdeen Commercial Co.), h. Affleck-street 

William, brewer, Hardgate 

- — William, writer (Jas. Brebner, advocate), h. Broadford-place 

50 DUT— EDM 

Duthie, William, shipowner and timber merchant, Footdee, h. 15, 

Mrs. late of Stonehaven, Waterloo-quay [St. Clement's-st. 

— — Mrs. Alexander, 9, Union-terrace 

Mrs. lodgings, 14, Commerce-street 

Mrs. Burnside 

Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 64, Shiprow 

Dyce, James, druggist, 80, h. 76, Broad-street. 

John, blacksmith, Holburn-street 

Robert, advocate, Milne's-court, 27, Gallowgate 

Robert, M.D., 48, Marischal-street 

Mrs. General, 14, Union-terrace 

- — Miss, of Rosebank, h. Rosebank [market, h. Victoria-place 
Dyer, Alexander R. flesher (of Dyer & Sangster), 36, Wales-street- 
- — & Sangster, fleshers, 1 and 36, Wales-street-market 
Dyker, Mrs. Cuparston-buildings 
Dysart, George, spirit-dealer, 62, Castle-street, h. Stronach's-close 


Eagle Fire and Life Insurance — Arthur Thomson, agent, Bank of l_ 

Scotland-court, Castle-street 
Easton, James, general blacksmith, Pork-lane, h. 16, Carmelite-st. 
Eckford, Miss, dressmaker, 142, George-street 
Economic Life Assurance Society of London — Alexander Johnston, 

W.S. correspondent, 233, Union-street 
Eddie, Alexander, baker, 3, Commerce-street 

Charles, miller, Nether Justice-mills, Holburn-street 

John, wright, 46, Loch-street [burn 

Eddison, William, smith (Watt & Co.), Footdee, h. 21, Lower Den- 
Eddiston, Robert, flesher, 16, Wales-street-market, and 17, Poultry- 
market, h. 3, Shuttle-lane 
Edgar, David, porter and spirit dealer, 2, Windy-wynd 

David, shipmaster (Milo), 12, Commerce-street [Schoolhill 

Edinburgh Life Insurance — James Murray, advocate, agent, 42,, 

Friendly Insurance Society — James Brebner, advocate, agent, 

44, Marishal-street 
Edmond, Francis, advocate, h. 15, North Silver-street 

EDM— ELL 51 

Edmond, James, advocate, h. 48, Skene-terrace 

James and Francis, advocates, 64, Union-street 

— — John, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 179, Union-street — Ca- 
binet manufactory, Bon-Accord-lane, h. 137., George-st. 

Mrs. Charles, 69, North-street 

Mrs. Francis, 7\, North-street 

Mrs. John, haberdasher, 22, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Edward, Alexander, late solicitor, Tullos of Nigg 
David, principal servant (Bon-Accord Church), and funeral- 
waiter, h. 20, Skene-street 

David, provision-merchant, 27, Green 

James, baker, grocer, porter and spirit dealer, 17, Skene-street 

. James, cotton manufacturer, 51, George-street 

James, wool-comber and grocer, 59, h. 41, Chapel-street 

James, mealseller, 139, George-street 

J[ohn, & Co. booksellers and tea dealers, 30, Blackfriars-street 

John, baker, 16, Schoolhill, h. 5, Charles-court, Upperkirkgate 

Richard, dealer in china, glass, and stoneware, &c, wholesale 

and retail, 28, Gerard-street 
William, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, and provision mer- 
chant, 13, h. 11, King-street [Skene-place 
Edwards, Douglas, general merchant, 115, Union-street, h. 4, 

James, flaxdresser (Richards & Co.), 5, Black's-buildings 

R. & Co. printers (Shaver office), 5, Flourmill-brae 

— Robert (of Edwards & Co.), h. near Mackie-place 

William (of Edwards & Co.), h. near Mackie-place 

Mrs. midwife, 20, St. Andrew-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 20, St. Andrew-street 

Elder, Peter, 22, St. Andrew-street 10, h. 5, Drum's-lane 

Elgen, William, teacher of mathematics, geography, and navigation, 

— William, accountant — office, 10, h. 5, Drum's-lane 
Ellis. Captain Joshua, late 80th regiment, 61 , Dee-street 

i Rev. Ferdinand (late of Culsamond) 23, Skene-street 

— Gordon (Gilcomston Brewery), h. Farmer's Hall, Gilcomston 

— William, coppersmith, 11, Harriot-street 

— Mrs. midwife, 51, Causeway end 

52 ELL— ETT 

Ellethorn, William, provision-seller, 56, Netherkirkgate 
Elliot, James, shipmaster (Brilliant), 12, Prince Regent-street 
Elmslie, William, sen. treasurer and collector of Police — office, 50, 

St. Nicholas-street, h. 3, Kidd-lane 

William, druggist, h. Commercial-court, 58, Castle-street 

Elrick, John, pipe manufacturer, 4, Jopp's-lane, h. 20, John-street 

John, mason, 69, North-street 

John, grocer and wright, 105, Skene-street 

Joseph, tailor, Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen 

William, mealseller, 48, Shiprow 

Elsmie, George, manager (Gilcomston Brewery), h. at Brewery 
— — George, jun. manager (J. Dutfus & Co.), h. at Works 
Emslie, Alexander, merchant, Emslie's-court, 26, Gallowgate 

James, steward (Duchess of Sutherland), h. Craigwell-place 

James, goldsmith, 12, St. Nicholas-st. h. Ferryhill-bmldings 

John, coppersmith and brass-founder, 19, Huxter-row, h. 86, 

Queen-street [brae 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 36, Castle-st. h. 5, Castle- 

John, tape manufacturer, h. 64, Chapel-street 

William, stabler, 7, Harriot-street 

William, baker, 215, Gallowgate, h. 14, Catherine-street 

William, merchant, 191, Gallowgate, h. Honey-bank, Canal- 

Mrs. 13, Young-street [side 

Mrs. Peter, teacher, 13, Young-street 

Miss Ann, dressmaker and milliner, 54, Gerard-street 

— — Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 64, Chapel-street 
Emsly, George, coachmaker, 101, h. 103, King-street 

Mrs. of Pitmedden, 3, East Craibstone-street 

Erskine, Robert Marr, druggist, 106, George-street 

Mrs. 32, Summer-street 

Esson, Charles, shipmaster (Mary), 121, Crown-street 
— — James, jobbing gardener, 58, Summer-street 

Mrs. William, lodgings, 87, Gallowgate 

Ettershank, James, cooper, Causewayend 

Joseph, steward (Sovereign steamer), 14, Summer-lane 

Peter, sheriff-officer and manufacturer, Upper Denburn 


ETT— FAR 53 

Ettershank, Mrs. midwife, Charles-court, 40, Upperkirkgate [[gate 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Charles-court, 40, Upperkirk- 

European Life Insurance and Annuity Company — D. Davidson, 

advocate, agent, 1, Bon- Accord-street 
Evans, William, Pilot's tavern, York-street 
Ewen, George, turner, 34, Dee-street, h. Strawberry-bank 

John, Ewen-place, Hill of Pitfodels 

John, & Co. grocers, 34, St. Andrew-street ^Pitfodels 

Thomas, advocate, 79> King-street, h. Ewen-place, Hill of 

Mrs. William, provision-seller, 21, Young-street 

Ewing, Alexander, M.D. 13, North Silver-street 

William, clerk (Alex. Milne, grocer), h. 20, Blackfriars-street 

Excise Office, 116, King-street 



Pairbukn, Thomas, shipmaster, 4, Wellington-street 
Fairweather, David, jun. cabinet-maker, h. Maryville, Stocket 

- David, cabinet-maker, 156, h. 158, George-street 

- John, guard (Ballater Mail), 76, Windmill-brae 

- Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 158, George-street 
Family Endowment Society of London — A. Stevenson & Co. 

agents, 6, Union-lane 
Falconer, Alexander, shipmaster (Brilliant), 58, Quay 

David, vintner, 21, Gordon-street 

James, vintner, 50, Woolmanhill 

James, builder, 45, Bon- Accord- street 

- John, & Co. clothiers, 23, Union-street 

- John, cooper, 19, Union-row 

- John, shipmaster (Ruby, sloop), h. St. Clement's-street 

Mrs. Donald, provision-seller, 77, Shiprow 

Mrs. John, lodgings, Concert-court, Broad-street 

Farquhar, Arthur, boot and shoemaker, 18, h. Farquhar's-court, 

- George, mason, Leadside, Gilcomston 17, Upperkirkgate 

- George, Herald Office, h. Clayhills Cottage 

- & Gill, painters and glaziers, 2, Drum's-lane 

James, jobbing gardener, 3, Loch-street 

1839—40 e 

54 FAR— FET 

Farquhar, James, clerk (John Blaikie & Sons), 11, Littlejohn-st. 

John, painter and glazier, h. Painter's-ct. 22, Upperkirkgate 

. Nathaniel, advocate, 24, Marischal-street 

Robert, tailor, Skene-square 

William, manager (Glenburn Distillery"), h. Villa Franca 

■ William, confectioner, Broadford 

Mrs. Alexander, 58, Dee-street 

Mrs. Alexander, Waterloo-quay 

Mrs. dealer in provisions, 65, Queen-street 

Farquharson & Co. merchants, 56, St. Nicholas-st. QGallowgate 

John, grocer and spirit merchant, 101, George-street, h>. 139 

John, traveller (Cadenhead, Barron, & Co.), h. Newbridge, 

■ Peter, of Whitehouse, advocate, 15, Union-ter. ^Hardgate 

Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 129, King-street 

Miss, 94, Union-street 

Feggetter, John, vintner, Devanha Inn, Clayhills 
Female School of Industry, 13, Chronicle-lane, North-street 
Fenton, Alexander, shore porter, 13, Exchequer-row 
James, Charles-court, 40, Upperkirkgate 

Robert, bookbinder (John Philip), h. 48, Gordon-street 

Ferguson, Andrew, M.D. 38, Green, h. 158, Union-street 
Edward J., M.D. 158, Union-street 

James, advocate — office, M'Combie's-court, 52, Union-street, 

John, shoemaker, 2, Trinity-corner [h. Cuparston-place 

Robert, silk-dyer and renovator, 42, h Charles-ct. 40, Upper- 

Rev. William, 108, Gallowgate Qdrkgate 

Mrs. John, J. Ferguson's-court, 108, Gallowgate 

Mrs. 34, Queen-street 

Miss, 40, Bon-Accord-street 

Ferrier, Andrew, tailor, 36, Netherkirkgate 

David, mill overseer (M. C. & Co.), h. Donald's-bridge, Cottor 

James, gardener, 11, Spa-street 

Mrs. 19, Kidd-lane 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 11, Spa-street 

' Ferryhill-mill Warehouse, 12, Trinity-corner 
Fettes, D. shoemaker, Woodside 

Mrs. 8, Guestrow 


FET— FIN 55 

Fettes, Janet, poultry-shop, 69, Windmill-brae [loo-quay 

Feuillet, Henry A., & Co. ship-chandlers and grocers, 80, Water- 
Fiddes, Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 11, h. 9, Exche- 

Alexander, collector of Customs, 20, Quay [quer-row 

Alexander, painter and glazier, 46, Guestrow 

David, surgeon, 14, King-street 

George currier, 41, /*. 42, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

John, baker and confectioner, 11, Fisher-row 

Peter, vintner, Old Bridge of Don 

— Robert, mason, Forbes-street 

— William, manufacturer, 76, Skene-street 

Mrs. David, confectioner, 11, North-street, h. 7, Shoe-lane 

Miss, dressmaker, 34, Blackfriars-street 

Fidler, Alexander, spirit-dealer, 53, h. 54, Quay 

George, boot and shoemaker, 76, Gallowgate 

— — Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Lobban's-court, 30, Castle-st. 
Findlay^ Alexander, jun. boot and shoemaker, 60, Queen-street 

David, overseer, Seaton, h. Auchmull 

James, lodgings, 19, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

James, boot and shoemaker, Holburn-street 

John, watchmaker and manufacturer of German silver-plate, 

30, Broad-street, h. Nelson-street 

Matthew, manufacturer, 21, Princes-street 

Robert, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 10, h. 12, Skene-square 

Robert, teacher, 47. Virginia-street, h. 53, Commerce-street 

Robert, turner, 16, Crown-street, h. 20, Marywell-street 

William, boot and shoemaker, 84, Windmill-brae 

Mrs. midwife, 12, Skene-square 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Shoe-lane 

■ Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 57, Queen-street 

Finlason, Eric, tailor and clothier (late of Nicol and Finlason), 26, 
Marischal-street, h. 38, Chapel-street 

John, Bellevue Cottage, Hardgate 

John, jun. tailor and draper, 2, h. 4, Queen-street 

John, tinsmith, 40, Causewayend. 

— — Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 38, Chapel-street 
Finlayson, Finlay, of the 78th regiment (retired), Ruthrieston 

56 FIN— FOR 

Finlayson, John, Herald Office, 3, Jopp's-court, 40, Broad-street 
Finlater, James, plasterer, 47, Causewayend 
Finnie, James, carrier of the Infirmary chair, 105, John-street 
Fire Insurance Company of Scotland — William Skinner, advocate, 
Fiscan, Andrew, weaver, 117, Skene-st. [agent, 161, Union-st. 
Fisher, Basil, Devanha 

James, C. Devanha 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer and mealseller, Cotton 

Major, Devanha 

William, Ferryhill 

Flann, Joseph, shipmaster (Lisbon Packet), Mill-street 
Fleming, John, advocate, 12, King-street 

John, merchant, Crown-street 

Rev. Dr. John, professor of natural philosophy, King's-Col- 

lege, h. 31, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

John, brewer, Gilcomston Brewery, h. Gilcomston 

Robert, victualling house, 32, Gallowgate 

Fletcher, William, shipmaster (Jean sloop), 67, Commerce-st. 
Flett, David, tailor, 100, h. Shipmaster's-court, 97, Shiprow 

James, vintner, 93, Shiprow 

William, baker, 154, h. 152, George-street 

Fogarty, Mrs. 40, Upperkirkgate 
Footdee Dispensary, 31, Quay 

Iron Works (John Duffus & Co.), St. Clement's-street 

Foote, Rev. James, (East Parish Church), h. 14, Golden-square 

Mrs. sen. 102, Union-st. [general agent, 38, Castle-st. 

Forbes, Alexander, wine merchant, ship and insurance broker, and 

Alexander Scott, 42, Marischal-street 

Alexander, & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, 3, Gordon-street 

Alexander, Kingsland-place, 285, George-street 

Alexander, 33, Summer-street 

Alexander, of Rothmaise, h. 18, Golden-square 

Alexander, of the customs, 5, Wellington-street 

& Arbuthnott, merchants — office, 1, James-street 

Colonel Arthur, 10, Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 

Colonel David, Silver-street 

George, of Springhill — office, 40, Union-street h, Springhill 


FOR— FOR 57 

Forbes, Henry David, of Balgownie, h. 253, Union-street 

James, miller and grain merchant, Upper Justice-mills 

James, clerk (Leys, Masson, & Co.), h. Cotton 

— — James, wood merchant, 13, Canal-street 

James, merchant, h. Kingsland-place, 285, George-street 

James, of Echt, h. 28, Quay 

James, & Co. rope manufacturers, St. Clement's-street 

James, & Sons, wholesale clothiers, haberdashers, and wollen 

James Staats, 92, George-street [[drapers, 70, Union-st. 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer? 41, Commerce-street 

■ John, of Blackford, h. 254, Union-street 

. John, late wool merchant, h. 15, Skene-terrace 

John, tailor, 37, Castle-street [[Shuttle-lane 

John, beadle (Trinity Church), and funeral waiter, h. 12, 

— — John, shipmaster (William Simpson), h. Thomas Webster's 

Houses, Hanover-street , 

Jolin, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 9, Upperkirkgate, h. 

— Low, & Co., cotton spinners, Poynernook [[above shop 

Mansfield, 15, Dee-street 

— _ Rev. Dr. Patrick, professor of humanity, &c. King's College, 

h. 11, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen LP ai "k, Tanfield, 

- Rev. Robert (of the Woodside Parish Church), h. Mary. 
Rev. Robert, teacher (late of the Grammar School), h. J4. 

Robert, wright (Alex. Hall & Co.), h. 3. Chapel-street 

- Robert, shore porter, St. Catherine's-court, 14, Shiprow 

William, writer (Blaikie & Smith), h. 38, Castle-street 

I William & James, merchants, 1, James-street 

- William, snow-boot and carpet shoemaker, and dealer in old 

- William, wright, Well of Spa [[clothes, 14, Lodge-walk 
— — William, superintendent of meters, Meter 's-court, Chapel-lane 

— Mrs. George, midwife, 43, Woolmanhill 
Mrs. of Castleton, 15, Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 

- Mrs. midwife, 21, Shiprow 

Mrs. sen. late of Schivas, 15, Belmont-street 

- Mrs. midwife, 20, Fisher-row 

- Mrs. William, North Lodge 
1839—40 e 2 

58 FOR— FRA 

Forbes, Miss E. of Ladysford, 26, Silver-street 

Misses, of Echt, 23, Bon-Accord-terrace 

Fordyce, William, merchant, 22, Hutcheon-street 
Mrs. W. 47, Schoolhill 

Forrest, Robert, blacksmith, Flourmill-lane, h. Jopp's-court, 40, 
Mrs. midwife, 43, Frederick-street QBroad-street 

Mrs. 4, Little Chapel-street 

Mrs. midwife, 85, Chapel-street 

Forrester, William T. guard of South Mail, 7> Crown-street 
Forsyth, Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 16, h. 12, Park-st. 

& Emslie, chemists and druggists, 57, Castle-street 

■ George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 47.> h. 49, Commerce-st. 

George, silk-dyer, 18, h. 20, George-street 

■ James, baker, 11, Skene-square 

James, M.D. 13, Guestrow QBroad-street 

John, leather merchant, 84, Broad-st. h. Ramage-court, 83, 

Robert, overseer (Stewart, Rowell, & Co.), h. 72, Catherine- 

William, upholsterer, 127, Union-st. h. 64, Green [[street 

■ William, dentist and druggist, 57, Castle-st. h. 13, Guestrow 

Mrs. David, 27, Bon-Accord-terrace 

Miss, dealer in provisions, &c. 69, Park-street 

Miss, 4, Little Belmont-street 

Fotheringham, Richard, vintner, 14, Well-court, Broad-street 
Fowler, Alexander, dentist (of Charles Fowler & Son), h. 5, School- 

Andrew, Welspit-house, near Bridge of Dee Qiill 

Charles, & Son, dentists and cuppers, 5, Schoolhill 

— — David, boot and shoemaker, 53, Broad-street 

George, teacher of Thain's School, 53, Shiprow, h. 34, School- 

James, Springbank Qhill 

John, vintner, Ruthrieston 

William Chalmers, surgeon, 34, Schoolhill 

Mrs. lodgings, 1, Church-street [h. 19, Upperkirkgate 

Fowlie, James, treasurer. Poor's Hospital — office, 56, Gallowgate, 
Foulerton, Captain Alexander, 24, Bon-Accord-terrace 

France, Rev. William (Methodist Chapel), 44, Constitution-street 
Fraser, Alexander, advocate and joint-city-chamberlain, Town- 
house, h. 194, King-st. 

FRA— FRA 59 

Fraser, Alexander, architect, landscape painter and teacher of 

drawing, 1, Adelphi, Union-street 
— — Alexander, merchant, h. 58, Marischal-street 

Alexander, surgeon, 38, Schoolhill 

Alexander, wright, Summer-lane 

Alexander, tea and spirit merchant, and agent for the 

Brackla Royal Distillery, 15, Marischal-street 

Alexander, tailor, 50, Shiprow 

Alexander, road contractor, 60, Skene-street 

Alexander, night patrole, 22, Windmill-brae 

Alexander, harbour day patrole, h. 20, St. Clement's-street 

Angus, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 38, Union-st. h. Crown- 

Arthur, hairdresser, 31, Green, h. 22, Windmill-brae [street 

Charles, clerk, Victoria-place 

Charles, tailor, 32, Virginia-street 

David, wright and cabinet-maker, 18, North-st. h. Woodside 

Donald, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Short-loanings 

Francis of Findrack, h. 90, Union-street 

— — George, tavern-keeper, 6, Netherkirkgate 

George, town-serjeant and sheriff-officer, Back-road, Old 

George, wright, Footdee [Aberdeen 

George, ship-joiner, Pottery-close, Footdee 

— — & Co. nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, 24, St. Nicholas- 
street — nursery,' Ferryhill 
George, founder (Wm. Simpson & Co.), 13, Catto-square 

Hugh, blacksmith & bellhanger, Steps of Gilcomston 

Hugh, clerk (W. Duthie), h. 15, Commerce-street 

Hugh, dyer, 4, Flourmill-brae 

, H. & C. clothiers, 227, h. 231, George-street 

Hugh & Co. china merchants, 35, Castle-street, h. Commer- 

cial-court, 58, Castle-street 
James, keeper of Regent-quay Bridge, h. 12, Catto-square 

James, tailor, 2, Charlotte-street 

James (of James Fraser & Son), h. 8, Drum's-lane 

James & Son, boot and shoemakers, Exchange-ct. Union-st. 

' James, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 197> Union-st. corner 

of Dee-street, h. 73, Bon-Accord-street 

60 FRA— FRA 

Fraser, James, shoemaker, Hardgate 

— — James, candlemaker, 37, Loch-street, h. Galleries 

James, 37, Castle-street 

John (of James Fraser & Son), h. 8, Drum's-lane 

— — John, builder, Broadford-lane, Broadford 

— — John, watch and clock maker, 1, h. 6, Crown-street 

John, tailor, 41, Gallowgate 

John, tailor, 1, Huxter-row, h. 2, Gaelic-lane 

— — John, late stabler, 183, Gallowgate 

John, hairdresser, Waterloo-quay, h. 1, Gaelic-lane 

John, shoemaker, 14, Windmill-brae [melite-lane 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 9, Fisher-row, h. 1, Car- 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 6, Wales-street 

John A. tailor, Henderson's-court, 46, Broad-street 

— — John, barrack-serjeant, h. Barracks 

John & George, grocers, tea and spirit dealers, 36, Shiprow, 

Robert, mealseller, 78, Loch-street [h. above shop 

Simon, tailor, Milner's-court, 21, Guestrow 

Thomas, & Co. boot and shoemakers, 73, Broad-street, K 7, 

— — Thomas, shoemaker, 1, Gardener's-lane £Justice-st. 
Thomas, blacksmith (H. Gordon & Co.), 88, Broad-street 

Thomas, blacksmith (Catto, Thomson, & Co.) 11, Catto-sq. 

William, foreman (Barry, Henry, & Co.) 60, Loch-st. 

William, surgeon, 8, Drum's-lane £22, Crown-st. 

— — William, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 57, Union-street, h. 
— — William, blacksmith (H. Gordon & Co.), h. Ferguson's-court, 

30, Gallowgate 

William, seedsman, h. at Ferryhill Nursery 

Mrs. Alexander, lodgings, 25, Queen-street 

Mrs. Donald's-court, 20, Schoolhill 

Mrs. vintner, 4, Exchequer-row 

Mrs. lodgings, 19, Marischal-street 

Mrs. 11, Rose -street 

Miss, of Fraserneld, 9, Union-row 

Miss, 24, Silver-street 

Miss, lodgings, Farquhar's-court, 17, Upperkirkgate 

Misses, 10, Castle-street 


FRA— GAL 61 

Frater, James, clerk (City Tax-office), h. Chapel-ct. 1, Justice-st, 
Freeman, Benjamin, Albion Coffee-house, Bursar's-court, 61, 
Castle-street [street 

Fresson, Captain Francis, of the 60th regiment of foot, Holburn- 
French, Edward, beadle (Relief Church), and funeral waiter, 27, 

William, baker, 5, h. 6, Shiprow [Woolmanhill 

Friends' Meeting-house, 132, Gallowgate 
Frost, Andrew, shoemaker, 29, Shiprow 

Forbes, bookseller (A. Brown & Co.), k. 41, Dee-street 

John, weaver, 155, Gallowgate [street, h. 5, Schoolhill 

Fullerton, Alexander (of Urquhart & Fullerton) 61, St. Nicholas- 

Geo. baker, 45, h. 46, St. Nicholas-street 

Fyfe, Alexander, blacksmith, Auchmull 

Charles & Co. importers and dealers in Foreign and British 

snuffs, Havannah cigars, fine tobaccos, &c, 76, Union-st. 
Charles, agent for the. East India Tea Company of London, 

also for Grim stone's celebrated eye snuff, 76, Union-street, 

k. 54, Dee-street 

James, road-contractor, Main's Houses, Bridge of Don 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Newton of Auchmull 

j John, stoneware merchant, 10, h. 14, Shiprow 

John, blacksmith, 9, Maltmill-bridge 

John, brushmaker, 22, h. 38, St. Nicholas-street 

William, wright, College-street. 

— — William, merchant-tailor, 4, Union-street, h. 13, Huxter-row 

Miss J. boarding and day school, 54, Dee-street 

Fyvie, John, flesher, 8, George-street-market, h. 306, George-st. 


Galen, John, M.D. 10, Union Terrace 

Mrs. Alexander, Galen's-court, 18, Guestrow 

Gall, John, shoemaker, 82, Green 

William, tailor, and lodgings, 37> Long-acre 

& Bird, tailors, Concert-court, Broad-st. h. 37, Long-acre . 

Miss, Springbank, 85, end of Bon-Accord-st. 

Gallow, Mrs. lodgings, 55, Green 

Galloway, John, weaver, 291, George-street 

62 GAL— GAU 

Galloway, Mrs. midwife, 19, Princes-street [^street 

Gammie, John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 35, h. 37, Bon-Accord- 
Ganson, Herman, shipmaster (Richebucto), 12, Commerce-street 
Garden, Francis, advocate, 20, Golden-square 

George vintner, 37, East North-street 

i George, baker, 29, h. 27, Schoolhill 

James, writer, 204, Gallowgate 

,-_ John, grocer, 4, Blackfriars-street 

John (Richards & Co. Broadford), h. 4, George-street 

i John, watch and clock-maker, 72, Broad-street, h. 17, Skene- 

John, feuar, Cotton Qterrace 

Peter, tailor, 68, Green 

William, foreman (Wm. Routledge & Son), 14, John-street 

Mrs. George, Bon-Accord-street 

Mrs. Braehead, Gilcomston 

Mrs. 1, Affleck-street 

Mrs. 15, Skene-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 33, Blackfriars-street 

Miss, poultry shop, 2, Frederick-street 

Gardiner, Samuel, watchmaker, 13, Constitution-street 

William, chimney-sweep, Brebner's-court, 10, Castle-st. 

Garioch, Alexander, feuar, Broadford-lane 

John, teacher, 15, Causewayend, h. 83, Spring-garden 

John, of Heathcot, h. 198, Union-street 

John, hairdresser, 3, Schoolhill, h. 9, North Broadford 

Mrs. broker, 9, Peacock's-close 

Mrs. John, gardener, 52, North-street 

Miss, 8, Chapel street 

Garrow, Mrs. midwife, 112, George-street 
Garvie, James, tea-dealer, 7> Skene -row 
Garvock, Robert, tailor, 11, Harriot-street 
Gavin, William, mealseller, 12, Black's-buildings 

William, teacher, 4, College-street 

Gauld, Alexander, shoemaker, 3, Lower Denburn 

- George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 318, George-street 
— — Hugh, sen. flesher, Green, h. 16, John-street 

Hugh, jun. flesher, 38, Broad-street, h. 1, Jopp's-lane 


GAU— GIB 63 

Gauld, John, flesher, 24, George-street-market, h. 151, George-st. 

Peter, flesher, 16, George-street-market, h. 6, Drum's-lane 

— — Mrs. vintner, h. 33, Loch-street 

Misses, dressmakers, 33, Loch-street 

Geddes, James, boot and shoemaker, 14, Causewayend 

James, M.D. 193, Union-street 

Robert, warehouseman (John Anderson), 'JO, North-street, 

Miss, lodgings, 76, Broad-street [Vj. 7, Carmelite-lane 

Gee, Mrs. dressmaker, 37, Marischal-street 

Gellan, George (of Police), Union-place, h. 22, Marywell-street 

William, clerk (John Campbell), 5, Bon-Accord-street 

Gellat, Nathaniel, 92, Green 

Gellatly, John, surgeon, 57, Lime-quay, h. 1, Church-street 
General Reversionary and Investment Co. — Lewis Crombie, soli- 
citor, agent, 1J, King-street 
Gerrard, Alexander, teacher, Gordon's Hospital, Schoolhill 
— — Francis, general blacksmith, 68, North-street 

William, brewer, Devanha Brewery, h. Dee-place, Ferryhill . 

Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 97. Union-street 

Misses, 6, Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 

Gerrie, Alexander, spirit-dealer, 87, Skene-street 
— — Mrs. vintner, 7> Regent-quay 

Gibb, George, gardener, 9, Carnegie's-brae 
— — John, civil engineer, h. 8, Canal-terrace 

— John, & Son, civil engineers, Waterloo-quay 

— William, millwright, Candle-court, 51, Loch-street 

William, shoemaker, 5, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

— Mrs. midwife, 6, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Mrs. 3, Mounthooly 

Gibbon, Mrs. Alexander, jun. 11, Quay 

Mrs. William, 78, Dee-street 

Miss E. 11, Quay 

Misses, 11, Virginia-street 

Gibson, Brown, broker, 52, Queen-street 

David, 5, College-street 

George, builder, 116, Skene-street 

— John, tailor, 21, St. Andrew-street 

64 GIB— GIL 

Gibson, John, shoemaker, Milne's-court, 143, Gallowgate 

Lieut. 70th foot (Recruiting Officer), head of Bon-Accord-st. 

Thomas, shuttlemaker, Union-terrace 

William, Museum Tavern-keeper, and bird-stuffer, Ruth- 

rieston [drew-street 

William, flesher, 5, Reform Stand, George-street, h. St. An- 

William, plasterer (of Bowman & Co.) 65, Chapel-street 

Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 20, Belmont-street 

Gifford & Mair, carvers and gilders, 163, Union-street 

James (of Gifford & Mair), h. 22, Mary well-street 

Gilbert, James, flesher, 208, George-street 

William, criminal officer of police, 19, Virginia-street 

Mrs. John, 4. Back-wynd 

Miss, broker, 75, Green 

Gilbertson, George, shipmaster (Thetis), Clerihew's houses, Prince 
Gilchrist & Co. bakers, 89, King-street ^Regent-street 

Gordon, tailor, 36, Union-street 

James, spirit-dealer, 40, George -street 

— i — Robert, baker, 2, Gordon-street, h. 76, Langstane-place 

Robertson, plumber, brass-founder, and gas-fitter, Oliver's- 

court, 12, Upperkirkgate 
Gilcomston Brewery Company, Gilcomston 
— — Distillery Company, Gilcomston 

Giles, James, S. A. portrait and landscape painter, 64, Bon-Accord 
Gill, Alexander, shoemaker, 11, East North-street £streel 

David, painter and glazier, h. Oliver's-ct. 12, Upperkirkgate 

David (of Gill & Son), 3, St. Nicholas-lane 

John, hairdresser, 25, Skene-street 

John, late lime merchant, h. 216, Gallowgate 

Peter (of Gill & Son), h. Union-terrace 

& Son, watch and clock-makers, 80, Union-street 

Gillan, William, manufacturer (Richards & Co.) h. 262, George-st 
Gillanders, James, principal servant (Shiprow Chapel) and funera 

waiter, 15, Gordon-street 

William, watch and clock-maker, Hosefield 

Gillinders, Archibald, clerk (Geo. Thomson), h. 8, Burnett's-close 
Gillies, Miss, dressmaker, 6, Little Belmont-st. £Exchequer-rov 


GIL— GOR 65 

Gillen, William, shoemaker, 3, Catto-square 
Gillespie, George, painter, h. 2, St. Mary's-place 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 21, Upperkirkgate, h. 3, 

John, Gilcomston Tavern, Gilcomston [Drum's-lane 

Mrs. lodgings, 11, Carmelite-street 

Girls' Hospital, 56, Gallowgate 

Givan, Robert, dealer in linen, slop dresses, sacks, canvas, mat- 
Glass, Alexander, hairdresser, Cotton [[tresses, &c. 74, Shiprow 
Charles, teacher, Holburn-street 

James, guard (Tallyho Coach), 29, Broad-street 

James, late shoemaker, h. 29, Frederick-street 

James, millwright, Woodside 

John, grocer, Cotton 

— — John, teacher of English, mathematics, &c. Holburn-street 
Glegg, Alexander (of Glegg & Sons), h. 31. Shiprow 

George (of Glegg & Sons), h. 3, Langstane-place 

George, & Sons, confectioners, 191, Union-st. and 27, Shiprow 

Robert (of Glegg & Sons), h. 25, Shiprow 

Glen burn Distillery, Rubislaw 

Glennie, George, baker, 35, Park-street, h. AA, Frederick-street 

Rev. Dr. George, professor of moral philosophy, Marischal 

College, h. 159, King-street 
— — William, stabler and vintner, 60, North-street 

Mrs. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 27, Skene-street 

Mrs. Alexander, of Maybank, Hutcheon-street 

Mrs. midwife, 32, Guestrow 

Glenny, Alexander, late leather merchant, 14, Commerce-street 

1 Elizabeth, broadford [[advocate, agent, 48, King-street 

Globe Fire, Life, and Annuity Insurance Office — George Yeats, 
Goldie, James, shipowner, h. 4, Wellington-street 

John, shipmaster (Jane), 54, York-street, Footdee 

Good, Thomas, shoemaker, 14, Commerce-street 
MlJGoodall, John, ink manufacturer, 86, North-street 
Goodbrand, Janes, wright (M. C. & Co.), h. Cotton 

— John, millwright (M. C. & Co.), h. Gordon's-mills 
Goodridge, Mrs. 8, Carmelite-street [King-street 

Gordon, Rev. Abercromby Lockhart (Greyfriars Church), h. 158 
1839—40 f 

66 GOR— GOR 

Gordon, Alexander, advocate and commissary-clerk, h. National 
Bank-court, 42, Castle-street — Commissary-clerk's office 
and chambers, New Record Office, 27, King-street 

Alexander, Gordon's Tavern, Pirie's-court, 50, Castle-street 

Alexander, cabinet-maker, 2, Shore-brae 

Alexander, Cairnfield, h. 289, George-street 

Alexander (of Urquhart & Gordon), h. 12, Long-acre 

Alexander, mason, 48, Summer-street 

Barron, & Co. cotton-spinners and manufacturers, Wood- 
side — office, 20, Belmont-street 

Charles, cooper and provision-curer, 3, Maltmill-bridge, h. 

Charles, gardener, Hardgate [Ferryhill-buildings 

Charles G. (North of Scotland Bank), h. 4, Rosemount-ter. 

Rev. Charles (Roman Catholic Chapel), /*. Chapel-court, 1, 

Eneas, shoemaker, Tanfield [^Justice-street 

Donald, haberdasher, 8, Broad-street 

Francis, advocate, 27, King-street, h. Granton -lodge, Cupar- 

ston-buildings (lection, h. Tanfield 

Francis, supervisor of Excise, 3d district of Aberdeen Col- 

George, of Sheddocksley, h. Sheddocksley 

George, merchant, h. 28, Chapel-street 

George, & Co. brewers, Hardgate 

George, plasterer, 21, Union-row 

George, painter, Northfield, Gilcomston 

George, clerk, Coach-office, Cross, h. 20, Silver-st. 

Hugh, & Co. manufacturers of copper and brass, dealers in 

foreign and British iron, 89, Broad-street 

James, Aberdeen Marine Insurance Co. 59, Marischal-street, 

h. 10, John-street 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 304, George-street 

James, late letter-carrier, 34, St. Andrew-street 

James, painter, gilder, and lithographer — office, 1, h. 12, Long- 

James, physician, 110, High-street, Old Aberdeen [acre 

— — James, jun. 110, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

James, & Co. coopers, 5, North-street [41, Schoolhill 

James, silk-mercer and shawl-merchant, 77* 79* Union-st. k. 

— — James, provision-seller, 105, Gallowgate 


GOR— GOR 67 

Gordon, John, vintner, Cuparston 

John Stewart, of Mosstown, h. 91, Crown-street 

John, beadle cUnion Chapel) and funeral waiter, 11, Vir- 

John, shoemaker, 72, George-street Qginia-street 

John, turner, 66, Gerrard-street 

John, traveller (T. M'Combie & Co.), h. 1, Affleck-place 

Peter, porter and spirit dealer, 100, h. 102, Gallowgate 

& Reid, felt manufacturers, 9, Pork-lane 

Robert, boot and shoemaker, 33, Upperkirkgate, k. 43, 

Robert, wright, Summer-lane QSkene-street 

Robert, gardener, Cornhill-cottage 

— — Samuel, spirit-merchant, 36, Guestrow [^Gordon-street 

Thomas, jun. (of Hunter & Gordon), h. Gordon's-court, 22, 

— — Thomas, shipmaster (Wellington), Middleton's-houses, Vic- 

Thomas, builder, 22, Gordon-street [toria-place 

— — William, advocate, 14, Adelphi, agent for Scottish Equitable 

Life, and York and London Fire, Life, and Annuity-offices 
William, broker and wright, 48, North-street 

William, grocer, Ferryhill-buildings QCuparston-buildings 

William (of Johnston & Gordon), 34, Marischal-street, k. 

Mrs. General, 9, Golden-square 

Mrs. Alexander, of Newton, h. 151, Union-street 

Mrs. Dr. Broomhill 

Mrs. George, vintner, 73, Queen-street 

Mrs. James, 1, Long-acre, and Gowan-brae, Causewayend 

Mrs. James, 84, Union-street 

Mrs. Lewis, 64, Hutcheon-street 

Mrs. Robert, 41, Union-place 

Mrs. Ralph, Crown-street 

Mrs. 42, Bon- Accord-street 

Mrs. lodgings, 64, Union-street 

Mrs. grocer and lodgings, Tanfield 

Mrs. midwife, 8, Water-lane 

— — Mrs. midwife, 2, Trinity-corner 

Mrs. dressmaker, 98, Gallowgate 

Miss, of Leitcheston, 148, Union-street 

— — Miss, wool, hose, and worsted merchant, 39, Queen-street 

68 GOR— GRA 

Gordon, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 50, Gordon-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Union-terrace 

Misses, 1, Gallowgate 

Misses, Well of Spa 

Gordon's Hospital, Schoolhill 

Gorman, William, feuar, Gordon's-mills 

Gossip, James, blacksmith, Dancingcairns 

Robert, 2, Hanover-street 

Gove, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 73, Netherkirkgate 

Gowan, Alexander, shipmaster, Hanover-lane 

Gowie, Mrs. milliner, 21, Union-row 

Grahame, Alexander, bass-maker, 56, East North-street 

Joseph, ropemaker (J. Forbes & Co.), 5, Links-street 

Mrs. 10, King-street 

Grange, Mrs. 65, John-street 

Granger, Robert, shipmaster (Catherine), St. Clement-street 

Grainger, Charles, advocate (of Stronach & Grainger), h. 11, 

Mrs. 11, North Silver-street [North Silver-st. 

Grant, Alexander, farmer, 76, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Alexander, goldsmith, h. 13, Long-acre 

David, teacher of reading, English grammar, writing, arith- j & 

metic, and geography, &c — School, 68, Broad-street, h. 
Eastfield-cottage Tmanhill 

David, boot and shoemaker, 3, South Silver-st. k. 44, Wool- 

Donald, wright, Jack's-brae 

Duncan, lodgings, 97, Spital 

George, advocate, 13, Marischal-street 

— — George, clerk (A. Hadden & Sons), Berry-lane 

Rev. James, teacher, Donaldson's School, Back-wynd, k. East- 

James, shipmaster (Red Rover), 83, Shiprow [field-cottage 

James, advocate, and Clerk to the Commutation Road Trus- 

tees of the 9th or town of Aberdeen District — office, 4, 
Huxter-row, h. 2, Langstane-place [k. 45, Castle-st. 

James, wholesale grocer, wine, tea, and spirit merchant, 44, 

John & William, clothiers and haberdashers, 16, Broad-st. 

John, 102, Skene-street [h. Crown-street 

John, shipmaster, Skene-square 


GRA— GRA 69 

Grant, Joseph, vintner, 57, Commerce-street 

Lachlan, tailor, 13, Chronicle-lane 

Maxwell, traveller (Gilcomston Brewery), h. Skene-square 

Peter, wright, 7, Thornton-place, 29, Guestrow, h. M'Lean's- 

court, 50, Gallowgate 

Robert, dial-maker, 24, Frederick-street 

Robert, of Druminner, h. 13, Carmelite— street 

William, farmer, 67, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

William, of Whitemyres, h. Whitemyres 

William, farmer, near Bridge of Don 

& Anderson, bakers, 250, George-street 

— — Mrs. midwife, 116, Gallowgate 

< Mrs. straw-hat-maker, 64, Shiprow 

Mrs. and Jane Thorn, sick-nurses, 7, Gaelic-lane 

Mrs. lodgings, Broadford 

Mrs. Wm. 35, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Miss, housekeeper, Lunatic Asylum 

— — Miss, Bourtie's-court, 19, Upperkirkgate 

Miss, Springbank, Pitfodels 

Misses, of Monymusk, 3, Belmont-street 

Grassie, Alexander, mealseller, 4, Trinity-corner 

Harry, feuar, Ashville-cottage, near Holburn-street 

Samuel, gardener, Westfield-lodge 

Gray, A. Farquhar of Glentigg, comptroller of customs, h. 11, 

A. W. surgeon, Tanfield [Union-terrace 

Alexander (of Knight & Gray), h. near Broadford Distillery 

Alexander, rope and twine manufacturer, J9, North-street 

Alexander, vintner, 3, Water-lane 

Alexander, clerk, 88, Chapel-street 

Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 33, St. Nicholas-st. A. 11, 

Rev. Charles, 297, George-street [St. Andrew-st. 

Francis, spirit-dealer, 48, Guestrow 

George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 52, Quay 

George, late coast-waiter, Webster's houses, 9, Hanover-st. 

George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 58, h. 69, Shiprow 

James, flesher, 32, Wales-street-market, h. 36, Park-street 

■ James, saddler, and spirit-dealer, 36, West North-street 

1839—40 f 2 

70 GRA— GRE 

Gray, James, shoemaker, Printfield 

James, spirit-dealer, 16, Shiprow 

James, clerk (Alex. Forbes), h. 39, Bon-Accord-street 

James, clerk (John Blaikie & Sons), 37, St. Andrew-street 

John, flesher, 5, Wales-street-market, h. 36, Park-street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 62, Union-street, k. Mary- 
well-cottage, head of College-street £Accord-st. 

Peter, bookseller and stationer, 78, Broad-street, h. 67, Bon- 

Robert, second clerk, Post-office, h. Crown-court, Union-st. 

Robert, lodgings, Crown-court, Union-street 

Watt, & Co. rope and twine manufacturers, 80, North-st. 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Cotton 

William, tea-dealer and grocer, 39, Green, h. 2, Carmelite. 

William, advocate, 136, King-street ["street 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 14, West North-st. 

William, stocking manufacturer, Blackfriars-street, h. 67, 


Mrs. straw-hat maker and milliner, Simpson's houses, 7, St. 

Mrs. Hugh, 79, Gallowgate [Andrew-street 

Mrs. James, dealer in worsted, 8, Crown-street 

Mrs. James, vintner, Nelson's houses, St. Clement-street 

Mrs. lodgings, Thorn son's-court, 61, Broad-street 

Mrs. sick-nurse, 162, George-street 

Mrs. provision-dealer, 24, Lodge-walk . 

Mrs. lodgings, 4, Bon-Accord-lane 

Margaret, broker, 10, h. 7, Justice-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 18, Causewayend 

Miss, straw-hat maker, 68, Spital 

Grayson, William, weaver, 8, Windy-wynd 

Greach, Mrs. lodgings, 30, Dee-street 

Green, John, mason, 90, Union-street 

John, accountant and teller, Commercial Bank of Scotland's 

Branch, h. 90, Union-street 

John, blacksmith, Rubislaw Quarries QLodge-walk 

Peter, horse-shoer and farrier, 6, Chronicle-lane, ft. 23, 

Mrs. Ralph, 68, Broad-street 

Greig, Alexander, weaver, 28, Wales-street 


GRE— GUN 71 

Greig, Andrew, 11, Long-acre 

! George, cart and plough wright, 92, h. 94, North-street 

James, sworn timber measurer, wood merchant, agent for 

Mountblairy Distillery — office, timber-yard, Poynernook, h. 
30, Constitution-street 

James, shoemaker, 84, Queen-st. h. Craig's houses, Nelson-st. 

James, boot and shoemaker, 63, Windmill-brae 

James, shoemaker, 7> Carnegie's-brae ^Netherkirkgate 

John, clothier and haberdasher, 12, Broad-street, h. 21, 

John, cabinet-maker, 132, King-street 

« John, surgeon, R.N. 130, Union-street 

William, writer, 61, Netherkirkgate 

William, vintner, 19, Lodge-walk Dl ua y 

William, Upper Mill of Maryculter — warehouse, 59, Regent- 

Mrs. James, 22, Adelphi, Union-street 

Miss, straw-hat-maker, 9, Virginia-street QWindmill-brae 

Misses, dressmakers, milliners, and straw-hat-makers, 63 

Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 122, Union-street 

Grieve, Alexander, carrier, Machray's-court, 59, George-street 

John, japanner, 25, Chapel-street 

Griffith, William, Bexleyhill Cottage, Holburn-place [Aberdeen 
Grub, Francis, shoemaker, and lodgings, 14, College-bounds, Old 
George, boot and shoemaker, 13, h. Rose Cottage, Orchard- 
lane, Old Aberdeen ^Orchard-lane, Old Aberdeen 

George, advocate — office, 12,Marischal-street, h. Rose Cottage, 

Gruer, James, shore-porter, 8, Chapel-lane 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 8, Chapel-lane 

Guardian Fire, Life, and Annuity Insurance Office — A. Chivas, 
advocate, agent, National Bank-court, 42, Castle-street >jjL 
Guild, George, blacksmith, Ruthrieston E^P a 

Gunn, James, destroyer of bugs, and stoneware merchant, Well of-'- 

John, merchant, Holburn-street 

John, spirit-dealer, 5, Exchequer-row 

John, dealer in old clothes, 68, Netherkirkgate 

John, foreman (A. Hall & Co.), Links-street 

John, tailor, and lodgings, 12, Long-acre 

William, wright and furniture-dealer, 8, Justice-street 


72 GUN— HAL 

Gunn, Mrs. Alexander, 25, Bon-Accord-street 
— — Mrs. 28, Skene-terrace 

Miss, dressmaker, 7, Blackfriars-street Qane 

Guthrie, Andrew, shipmaster (Duke of Wellington), h. 1, Yeats- 


Hadden, Alexander, manufacturer (Leys, Masson, & Co.), h. 150, 
Union-street [ners, Green and Garlogie 

Alexander, & Sons, woollen manufacturers and worsted spin- 

Gavin, manufacturer, h. Union Grove 

Gavin, jun. manufacturer, h. 252, Union-street 

James, manufacturer, h. 150, Union-street 

James Farquhar, manufacturer, h. Union-grove 

James, jnn. manufacturer, h. Countesswells 

. John Innes, manufacturer, h. 150, Union-street 

Thomas Leys, manufacturer, h. 150, Union-street 

William, tailor, Ann-street 

Miss, bread-seller, 102, Shiprow 

Miss, dressmaker, Ann-street fJHanover- street 

Hague, Joseph, steward of the Duke of Wellington steamer, 7? 
Haigh, James O., mill manager (A. H. & S.), k. 5, Affleck-street 
Hall, Alexander, shipbuilder, h. 117, York-street, Footdee 

Alexander, & Sons, shipbuilders, York-street, Footdee 

George, turner, 12, Chronicle-court, 40, Broad-street, h. 139, 


Harvey, merchant, 29, Union-street, h. Albyn-place 

• Harvey & John, wholesale and retail warehousemen, 29, Union- 
street, up stairs 

James, shipbuilder (of Alex. Hall & Sons), 109, York-street 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 67, Shiprow 

John, merchant, 29, Union-street, h. 151, South Crown-street 

William- Cof Alex. Hall & Sons), 117, York-street, Footdee 

Mrs. I., Register Office for servants, 86, George-street 

Mrs. Peter, 10, Wales-street -market 

— — Mrs. lodgings, 38, Long-acre 

Mrs. lodgings, 14, Belmont-street 

Miss, 37, Park-street 


HAL— HAT 73 

Hall, Mrs. lodgings, 68, Broad-street 

Mrs. Black-Bull Tavern, 14, Wales-street 

Hamilton, John, cutler, 9, George-street 

— - Miss, Eastfield 

Hardie, Adam, boot and shoemaker, 153, George-street 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 38, Gallowgate 

— — James, advocate and city chamberlain, h, 15, King-street 

Peter, vintner and musician, 7, Shore-brae 

Hardy, Alexander, shore-porter, 6, Marischal-street 

Mrs. John, watch and clock maker, successor to John Gartley, 

Harper, George, meal-seller, 15, Woolmanhill Q17> Huxter-row 

William, boot and shoemaker, 60, Loch-street 

Mrs. Alexander, 47, Green 

■ Mrs. James, 24, Chapel-street 

Mrs. teacher, 1, Jopp's-lane 

Mrs. lodgings, 19, Union-buildings 

Harris, Rev. Isaac (of St Paul's Chapel), h. 13, Union-place 
— — John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 63, h. 62, Woolmanhill 

Samuel, excise -officer (Strathdee Distillery), h. Holburn 

Harrison, George, livery stables, 59, George-street 
Harrow, David, flesher, 19, Commerce-street 

George, flesher, 20, Wales-street-market, k. 19, Wales-street 

William, flesher, 24 and 25, Wales-street-market, h.13, Wales- 

Mrs. vintner, 18, Wales-street [street 

— — Mrs. midwife, 13, Huxter-row [Dee-street 

Hart, J. & E. surgeons and apothecaries, 22, Castle-street, h. 70, 

Rev. Hugh rShiprow Chapel), h. 70, Dee-street 

Harvey, Alexander, M.D. 6, Belmont-street 

— — & Co. painters and glaziers, 27, Green, A. 12, North-street 

Andrew, boot and shoemaker, 121, Skene-street 

— — Robert, tailor, 85, Spring-garden 

William, writer (Blaikie & Smith), h. 69, Dee-street 

Mrs. of Kinettles, 69, Dee-street 

Hatt, Benjamin, mason, 71* Hutcheon-street 

Duncan, tide-waiter, 4, Catto-square 

John L. 11, Peacock's-close, Castle-street 

John, clerk (J. Ronalds & Co.), h. 24, Castle-street 


7* HAT— HEN 

Hatt, William, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 252, George-street 
Hay, Alexander, 6, Wellington-street 

Alexander, japanner and clock-dial-maker, 8, h. 10, Thorn- 
ton-place, Guestrow 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 92, Shiprow 

Alexander, provision seller, 90, Loch-street 

Lord James, of Seaton, h. Seaton 

James, mason, 17, Hutcheon-street 

James, merchant, h. 1, Blackfriars-street 

James, jun. grocer, wine, tea, and spirit-dealer, 212, Gallow- 

John, blacksmith, 6, Porthill [gate 

John, carver and gilder, 73, h. 75, Union-street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 24, h. 23, East North-st. 

■ Thomas, vintner, 10, Catto-square 

William, tailor, 13, Blackfriars-street 

William, shoemaker, 14, St. Andrew-street 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 52, East North-street 

Mrs. glove ingrafter, 10, St. Andrew-street 

Mrs. Lamond's-court, 49, Upperkirkgate 

Mrs. William, 15, St. Andrew-street 

Miss S. sick-nurse, 1, Blackfriars-street 

Miss, dress-maker, 5, Littlejohn-street 

Hector, James, tea and spirit dealer, Holburn-street 

James, salmon-boiler, 61, Commerce-street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 66, h. 69, George-street 

Thomas, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Cotton 

William, skinner and tanner, 26, Loch-street 

Mrs. Dr. 6, Broad-street 

Mrs. lodgings, 79, Spital 

Henderson, Alex, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 11, Windy- wynd 

— — Admiral, 17, Union-place 

— — Alexander, advocate — office, 56, Bon-accord-st. h. Raeden- 

Charles, tailor, 26, Frederick-street [house 

Charles, shipmaster (Prospect), 13, Prince Regent-street 

Charles, clerk (J. Duffus & Co.), 13, Prince Regent-street 

George, grain merchant, 2, Flourmill-brae, h. Leadside, Gil- 

George, bird-stuffer, 16, Mealmarket-lane [comston 



HEN— HEN 75 

Henderson, George, vintner, 11, Church-lane 

Gilbert, tailor, 16, Guestrow 

Gilbert, boot and shoemaker, Upper Denburn 

& Gillespie, painters, 5, Dee-street 

James, builder and wood-merchant, 90, Loch-street 

James, shipmaster (Rotterdam Packet), Mill-st. [[Aberdeen 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 8, h. 9, High-street, Old 

James, lithographer, 44, Queen-street 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Webster's-court, 72, 

James, manufacturer, 2, Chapel-street £Shipro\v 

— *- John, tailor, 10, Windy-wind 

John, captain (William), 13, Commerce-street 

John, overseer (C. Manuelle), Waterloo-quay, k. 5, Catto-sq. 

Robert, shoemaker, 80, Skene-street, h. 38, Whitehouse-st. 

Robert, plasterer (of Bowman & Co.), 11, Windy-wind 

William, of Kepplestone, h. Kepplestone 

Rev. William, Crown-street Academy, 14, Crown-street 

- William ( John Moir & Son, 38, Virginia-street), 7i. 13, Maris- 

William, late soap-maker, h. Raeden House [[chal-street 

William, builder, 43, Loch-street, and 91, Gallowgate 

William, painter, h. 3, St. Mary's-place 

William, gunmaker, 85, h. 83, King-street 

William, M.D., 43, Schoolhill 

William, jun. (Barry, Henry, & Co.), h. Raeden House 

Mrs. William, lodgings, 13, Marischal-street 

— Mrs. William, Hardgate 
Mrs. vintner, Ruthrieston 

Mrs. vintner, Smith's-buildings, Chapel-lane 
Miss, 11, Constitution-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 14, Crown-street 

Miss, 125, George-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 39, Chapel-street 
Hendry, James, wright, 20, North-street, h. 82, Queen-street 

Joseph, shore-porter, 69, Shiprow 
Robert, vintner, Park-lane 

Miss, milliner, 62, Queen-street 

Miss C. teacher of Piano-forte, Crown- court, Union-street 

76 HEN— HOL 

Henry, Alexander, furnishing tailor, 8, Long-acre 

David, slater, 158, George-street 

— — George, merchant (Hugh Gordon & Co.), h. 1, Gallowgate 
— — Robert, chemist and druggist, Apothecaries' Hall, 24, Union- 
street, h. 2, Broad-street 

. . Mrs. flesher, 35, Wales-street-market, h. 19, Wales-street 

■ Mrs. midwife, 91, Shiprow 

Mrs. dealer in old clothes, 100, Skene-street 

Hepburn, Garden, tailor, Cotton 
Herald, David, vintner, 8, Lodge-walk 

. Office, 7> Queen-street 

Hercules Insurance Co. — Agents, James Nicol, advocate, 17, Adel- 

phi, Union-st. and John Duncan, advocate, 25, Marischal-st 

Hervey, James, manufacturer (Leys, Masson, & Co.), Grandholm 

Miss, 30, Loch-street 

Hewitt, Robert, guard of the Union Coach, 15, Woolmanhill 

Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 12, Thistle-street 

Hill, Alexander, & Co. plasterers, 36, Causewayend 
Charles, provision merchant, ginger and spruce beer manu- 
facturer, and dealer in ales, porter, &c. 4, Weigh-house- 
square, h. 12, Quay 

George, vintner, 3, Ragg's-lane, Guestrow 

Isaac, teacher — Seminary and house, 19, Queen-street 

Hird, Robert, sheriff-officer, h. 14, Chronicle-lane 
Hocknell, William, vintner, 7 3 Windmill-brae 
Hodge, Alexander, plasterer, 72, Queen-street [mount-terrace 
Thomas, superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum, h. Rose- 
Hogarth & Co. merchants, Crown-street 
— — Dickson, & Co. provision merchants, 60,College-street — office 

George, merchant, Crown-street £at works 

William, merchant, h. 261, Union-street 

Misses, 63, Bon-Accord-street QFisher-row 

Hogg, Alexander, umbrella manufacturer, 37> Upperkirkgate, h. 14, 1 
— ■ Alexander, dealer in stationery, &c. 21, Berry-lane 

Peter, tinplate- worker, 14, St. Nicholas-lane 

. Samuel, hosier (A. H. & Sons), 54, Summer-street 

Holme, John, Town-house attendant, h. If, Huxter-row 

HOL— HUN 77 

Holme, William, cooper (Hogarth & Co.), College-street 
Holmes, Joseph, overseer of the harbour works, Clerihew's houses. 

Prince Regent-street 
| Holland, Frederick (of Richards & Co.), h. 193, Union-street [st. 
Hood, Captain James, late 91st regt. Maybank-cottage, Hutcheon- 

Betty, sick-nurse, 16, St. Andrew-st. Q? ate J Old Aberdeen 

Hopkirk, Alexander, fruit, flower, and vegetable gardener, Seaton- 
Horne, James, town-serjeant and sheriff-officer, 15, St. Nicholas-st. 
Horn, James, timber-merchant, 25, York-street, Footdee 

James, shipmaster (Duke of Richmond), 2, Wellington-street 

— — ' William, cabinet-maker, 92, Green 
Hossack, James, confectioner, 126, Union-street 

Mrs. James, 262, George-street 

■ Miss, 262, George-street 

Hosking, John, merchant, Woodside 

House of Refuge, Duthie's-court, 35, Guestrow 

Howling, Edward, shipmaster (Joseph), 115, York-street 

Thomas, shipmaster (Cock of the North), York-place 

Howie, Gilbert, tailor, 78, Gallowgate 

Hughes, James, Gordon's Hospital Lodge, Schoolhill 
Humphrey, John, advocate, 109, h. 114, King-street 

John, shipmaster (Triumph), 13, Sugarhouse-lane 

William, of Cuttlehill, 108, King-street 

Miss, 46, Whitehouse-street, entry from Skene-street 

Hunt, Mrs, 6, Broad-street 

Hunter, Alexander, shoemaker, 109, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Alexander, vintner, Ruthrieston, Bridge of Dee 

Alexander, overseer and mason, h. 23, Windy-wynd 

George, *oal-broker, Quay, A. Brebner's-court (1st door, right 

hand), 83, Shiprow 

& Gordon, grocers, tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 17"', 

James, mason, 22, Windy-wynd [Union-street 

John Mackenzie, clerk of excise, 1 14, King-street 

John, late farmer, Glenkindy, 13, Black's-buildings 

John (of Hunter & Gordon), h. 4, Bon-Accord-terrace 

John, provision-seller, Holburn-street 

Robert, late supervisor of Excise, 28, Spital 

1839—40 g 

78 HUN— INF 

Hunter, William, tailor, 1, Huxter-row 

William, druggist, Cotton 

William, overseer (Grandholm works), h. Cotton 

William, clerk (North of Scotland Insurance Co.), h. 36 

William, excise officer, 36, Loch-street \_ Union-streei 

Mrs. William, haberdasher, Cotton 

Mrs. straw-hat-maker and midwife, 50, Queen-street 

Hurry, William, & Sons, nail and tack manufacturers, 9, Park- 
street, h. 7, Wales-street [GallowgaU 

William, jun. nail and tack maker, 6, Windy-wynd, h. 191 

Husband, David, manager (Aberdeen Salmon Co.), 2, Fish-street 
Hutcheon, George, gardener, Rosemount 

James, 80, Loch-street 

John, late farmer, 9, St. Nicholas-street 

Mrs. H. Broadford 

Mrs. James, 51, Bon-Accord-street 

Mrs. 3, Shore-brae 

Hutcheson, James, vintner, 2, Don-street 

Hutchieson, A. hairdresser and perfumer, 94, George-street 

Hutchison, James, shipmaster (Sportsman), 10, Canal-terrace 

Hutton, Charles, gardener, 5, Spital 

— — Edward, hair-cutter, 136, Skene-street 

William, dealer in stoneware, 129, Skene-street 

William, slater, 45, Chapel-street 

Illinois Investment Company— Adam & Anderson, cashiers anc 

agents in Britain— Chambers, 11, Union-buildings 
Imlay, Alexander, late printer, h. 22, Long-acre 

Mrs. midwife, 53, Schoolhill 

Mrs. lodgings, 98, North-street 

Imperial Fire Insurance Office— John Smith, architect, agent, 1 42 
Imray, Robert, 44, Skene-street [King-st 

Robert, hairdresser and perfumer, 18, Gallowgate 

Mrs. midwife and sick nurse, 9, Loch-street 

Independent Fire, Life, and Annuity Assurance Co.— A, Steven- 
Infirmary, 61, Woolmanhill [son, agent, 6, Union-lane 





ING— IRO 79 

Inglis, George, merchant (Inglis, Littlejohn, & Co.), h. 60, Dee-st. 
— — James, baker, 67, Broad-street, h. above shop 
John, shoemaker, 15, Hutcheon-street 
Littlejohn, & Co., wholesale grocers, Crown-ct. Union-st. 

et Mrs. and Miss Ramage, boarding and day school, Union-st. 

entry from No. 2, St. Catherine's-wynd 
Ingram, Alexander, spirit dealer, 41, Gallowgate 

I James, furnishing tailor, 9, Union-lane, h. 26, Chapel-street 

tonnes, Alexander, dyer, 10, h. 9, Innes-street 

George, F.R.A.S., watchmaker, 5, h. 7, Skene-street 
George, cotton manufacturer, 171, George-street h. Loanheait 
— — John, 14, John-street 

John, land-surveyor, 22, Union-place 

John, merchant-tailor, 26, Union-place 

John, teacher of Latin, French, English, &c. 14, John-st. 

James, traveller (Richards & Co.), k. 7, Catherine-street 

John, inspector of police and superintendent of water-works,. 
Thomas, wright, 57, High-st. Old Aberdeen [18, Huntly-st. 

Mrs. lodgings, Cruden's- court, 22, Broad-street 

Mrs. James (Meiklefolla), 55, Chapel-street 

Mrs. John, midwife, 8, Hanover-street 

- — Mrs. midwife, 23, Long-acre 

Mrs. James, lodgings, 9, Littlejohn-street 

Miss (Mrs. Donald), 251, Union-street 
nspector of weights for the town and county, John Blaikie — 
nston, Henry, tailor, 37, Quay [office, 13, Littlejohn-st. 

nsurance Company of Scotland (Fire) — Francis James Cochran, 
advocate, 137, Union-street, and William Skinner, advocate, 
161, Union-street, agents 
reland, Alexander, baker and confectioner, 81, h. 79, Bon-Accord- 
ronside, Ge'orge, mason (Wm. Leslie), 28, Summer-st. [street 

John, clerk, 17, Long-acre 

John, mealseller, Jl, Green, h. 29, Windmill-brae 

John, provision-seller, 84, Chapel-street 

William, builder, 4, Well of Spa 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 24, Upperkirkgale, h. 

Webster's-court, 23, Guestrow 

1839—40 ■ 

80 IRO— JAF 

Ironside, Miss, staymaker, 29, Windmill-brae 
Irvine, Alexander, shoemaker, 21, Long-acre 

Alexander, late paper manufacturer, Pirie's-ct. 50, Castle-st. 

Francis, surgeon — Dispensary, 69, h. 68, High-street, Old 


Ensign James, Aberdeenshire Militia, 15, High-street, Old 

James, of Springbank, Kitty brewster 

James, Broadford 

Patrick, 22, James-street 

William, advocate, 26, Queen-street 

Mrs. (late of Towie), Belmont-street 

Jack, John, dealer in linen tablecloths, harden, &c. 2, Union-lane 

Robert, druggist, 51, Castle-street, h. 23, Frederick-street 

Robert, 23, Frederick-street [bounds, Old Aberdeen 

— — William, D.D., principal of King's-College, k. 37, College- 

William, boot and shoemaker, 54, Loch-street 

William, shipmaster (Swift), 23, Frederick-street 

Mrs. William, midwife, Upper Denburn 

Mrs. midwife, 17, Justice-street 

Mrs. broker, 35, Woolmanhill 

Jackson, James, boot-closer, 32, Long-acre {jet. 46, Broad-st. 

William, boot and shoemaker, 15, Huxter-row,A.Henderson's- 

Jaffray, Alexander, wright, Plasterer's-court, 70, Gallowgate 

■ Andrew, stabler, 18, North-street 

George, porter (Aberdeen Bank), k. 1, Forbes-street 

James, leather-seller, 11, Upperkirkgate, h. Oliver's-court, 12, 

James, vintner, Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen [Upperkirkgate 

John, vintner, Bridge of Don 

Robert, cartwright, Seaton-dykes, Old Aberdeen 

Thomas, paper-maker — warehouse, 74, King-st. h. Water- 
ton — mills, Stoneywood 

William, shipmaster (Ann), 43, Frederick-street 

Mrs. C. washer and dresser, 35, Long-acre 

Miss, 48, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 


JAM— JES 8.1 

James, Robert, broker, 12, Fisher-row 

Mrs. Union-terrace 

Jameson, John, coal merchant, 26, Chapel-street 
Jamieson, Alexander, drill-master, Gordon's Hospital, and teacher 
of broad-sword and calisthenic exercises, h. 10, Chapel-st. 

Alexander, cutler, 12, Lodge-walk, h. 42, Park-street 

Alexander, vintner, 39, Park-street 

George, quill-dresser, Burn -court, 44, Upperkirkgate 

George, shore-porter, 54, Shiprow QCastle-st. 

George (of Jamieson & Smith), h. National Bank-court, 42, 

James, shore-porter, 14, Shiprow 

— — James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 16, h. Brebner's-ct. 10, 

James, surgeon, 4, Castle-brae £Castle-st. 

John, wright, 6, Fowler's-wynd Cg rate 

John, druggist, 90, Broad-st. h. Farquhar's.ct. 17, Upperkirk- 

— — Joseph, shore-porter, 44, Shiprow 

& Smith, grocers, tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 2 and 3. 

Thomas, turner, 28, Upperkirkgate £King-st. 

William, jeweller, 87, Broad-street, h. 31, Union-place 

William, confectioner, 37, George-street 

William, shoemaker, 23, h. 5, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

William, house-carpenter, Holburn-street 

William, criminal officer of police, Ann-street 

William, late farmer, 11, Chapel-street 

— Mrs. William, ship chandler, 29, Quay, h. 1, Canal-street,. 

Mrs. Jamieson's-court, 40, Shiprow j^Mounthooly 

Jamson, Mrs. Captain, lodgings, 31, Marischal-street 

— Misses, dressmakers and milliners, and lodgings, 64, Union-st. 
Jarvis, James, hosier (A. H. & S.), College-street 

— Wm. C. traveller (W. P. & Co.), h 6, Affleck-street 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, College-street 

Jenkins, John, shoemaker, 31, Netherkirkgate 

— Robert, hairdresser and perfumer, Steps of Gilcomston 
Jessiman, John, mason, 23, Frederick-street 

— & Middleton, house-carpenters, 13, Bon-Accord-lane 

— William (of Jessiman & Middleton), h. 43, Bon-Accord-st. 

1839—40 g 2 

82 JOH— JOH 

Johns, James, tailor and clothier, 17, Union-buildings, h. 68 

Johnston, Alexander, bookseller and stationer, Charlotte-street 

Alexander, tailor, 86, Chapel-street 

Alexander, wholesale tea dealer, 156, Gallowgate 

Alexander, of Viewfield, h. Viewfield QUnion-st. 

— Alexander, W.S., and David Robert Morice, advocate, 233, 

Andrew, clerk (North of Scotland Bank), Causewayend 

Andrew, manager (Aberdeen and Hull Shipping Co.), 56, 

Marischal-street, h. Rosemount-terrace 

Andrew, broker, 140, Gallowgate 

Charles, tide-waiter, 4, Regent-quay 

& Co. tailors, 29, Broad-street 

David (of Allan and Johnston), h. 14, Carmelite-street 

and Fullerton, cart and plough wrights, Cotton 

George, veterinary surgeon, 40, Queen-street 

George, advocate, 40, Netherkirkgate 

and Gordon, share and stock brokers, 34, Marischal-street 

James (Town and County Bank), h. Rosemount-terrace 

James, mealseller, 48, Virginia-street 

James, accountant, Aberdeen Bank, h. 44, Skene-terrace 

James, sen. wholesale clothier and haberdasher, 19, Union- 

buildings, h. 62, Dee-street 
James, messenger-at-arms, 21, Shiprow 

James, slater, 25, Windmill-brae 

John, late shipmaster, Holburn-street [JBridge of Don 

John, grocer, Old Bridge of Don, and also at Don-view, New 

John, merchant, 55, Gallowgate 

John, blacksmith, 75, Gallowgate 

John, Mill of Hern — warehouse, 5, Skene-terrace 

Joseph, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 85, George-street 

Joseph, umbrella manufacturer, 2, Blackfriars-street, h. 27' 

Robert, merchant (of Johnston and Gordon), 34, Marischal- 
street, k. 32, Bon-Accord-terrace 

William, mealseller, 43, Virginia- street 

William (of Johnston & Co.), K 29, Broad-street 


JOH— KAY 83 

Johnston, William, late overseer of salmon-fishings, Don-view, New 

William, jun. 2, Long-acre [Bridge of Don 

William, tailor, 51, John-street 

Mrs. Andrew, 7, Garvock-street 

Mrs. Andrew, broker, Park-lane 

Mrs. James, lodgings, 89, Spital 

■ Mrs. Jean, waiter at the bath-rooms, Sea-beach, 27, Wool- 

Mrs. Joseph, midwife, Skene-square [manhill 

Mrs. Samuel, Rosemount-terrace 

Mrs. midwife, Mutton-brae 

M/s. lodgings, and forms let out for funerals, &c. 8, Little- 

Mrs. sen. of Viewfield, 211, Union -street [john.street 

I Miss Jean, provision -seller, 15, Summer-lane 

Miss, teacher, College-street 

Misses, Calsay-seat 

Jolly, Gavin, overseer (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. 191, Gallowgate 

. Mrs. George, mealseller, 46, Frederick-street 

Jones, Edward, shoemaker, 16, Peacock's-close 

— Mrs. lodgings, 26, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 
Jopp, Alexander, advocate, Jopp's-court, 31, Gallowgate 

William (of Allardyce and Jopp), h. Elmhill 

Mrs. Andrew, Elmhill 

Joss, Charles, tailor, 26, Skene-row 

James, overseer (Wm. Allen's stone-yard), 3, Summer-lane 

John, wright, Upper Denburn 

John, provision agent, 47, Loch-street 

Peter, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 40, North-street, h. above 

Robert, vintner and mealseller, John-street [shop 

William, wright, 216, George-street 

Jourden, Mrs. 7, Crown-street [office, Waterloo-quay 

Just, William, manager (Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co.), h. above 
Justice-mills, Holburn-street 


Katon, Mrs. 1, Church-street 
Kay, James, engineer, Bridge of Dee 

84 KAY— KEM 

Kay, James, dyer, Steps of Gilcomston 

John, teacher, Bridewell and Jail, h. Strawberry-bank 

Miss, cook and poultry shop, 56, Shiprow 

Kean, Bannerman, North-street 

— — James, tailor, 41, Causewayend 

Keard, Alexander, teacher of music, 5, Littlejohn-street 

Keay, James, excise officer, Holburn-street \ 

Keir, Mrs. provision-seller, 2, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Keith, Adam, gardener, Fourth Lot, Pitmuxton [^Upperkirkgate 

Alexander, and Son, house and sign painters, Ross's-court, 6, 

Alexander, keeper of the Mechanics' Library, 48, Gordon-st. 

Alexander (of Alex. Keith and Son), h. Downie's-court, 65, 


David, advocate, Town-house, h. Kenfield, Hill of Pitfodels 

— — James, druggist, 8, h. 10, Union-place 

James, surgeon, R.N. 29, Frederick-street 

John, merchant-tailor, 8, Netherkirkgate, h. 5, East North-st. 

■ ■ John, flesher, 28, Wales-street, h. 14, East North-street 

John, teller (Aberdeen Town and County Bank), h. Ross's- 

court, 6, Upperkirkgate 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 57, Spital 

William, surgeon, 2, Union-place 

William, slater, 7L Chapel-street 

William, hotel, tavern, and lodgings, 24, Quay 

William, tailor, M'Lean's-court, 50, Gallowgate 

Mrs. John, flesher, 35, Wales-street-market, h. A. Webster's 

houses, Hanover-street 

Mrs. John, lodgings, Farquhar's-court, 17, Upperkirkgate 

— — Miss, dressmaker, 12, College-street 
Miss, dressmaker, 10, Justice-lane 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Ross's-court, 6, Upperkirkgate 

Kelly, John, merchant, h. Lamond's-court, 49, Upperkirkgate 
Kelman, Alexander, shoemaker, 36, Netherkirkgate 

— — James, merchant, 27, Broad-street, h. 82, Skene-street 

William, tailor, 6, Union-lane 

Kemlo, Gideon, miller, Don-mills [^street 

Kemp, Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit-dealer, 106, h. 91, King- 

KEM— KIL 85. 

Kemp, Irvine, manager, Printfield blacksmith-works, h. Woodside 

I J. provision-seller, 75, George-street 

Robert, grain merchant, and tacksman of the Ferryhill meal 

and flour mills — office, 12, Trinity corner, h. 30, Dee-street 
— — Mrs. William, lodgings, 27, Frederick-street Qtution-st. 

Kempt, Alexander (Alex. Matthew, surgeon), h. head of Consti- 
Kenn, William, renovator of clothes, 8, Flourmill-brae, h. 7, 

Kennedy, Rev. John (Black friars-street chapel), h. 4, Denburn- 

Mr?, broker, 3, Castle-brae Qterrace 

Miss, 46, Marischal-street 

Kerr, David, surgeon, 97, Union-street 

David, ropemaker, Canal-road, Causewayend 

James, sexton, 47, St. Nicholas-street 

James, shipmaster (Liverpool packet), 53, Shiprow 

James, painter, 17, h. 14, Schoolhill 

James, hairdresser and perfumer, 76, Queen-street 

Stephen, vintner, 6, Shuttle-lane 

William, boot and shoemaker, 13, Skene-terrace , 

— — William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 88, h. 137, Union-st. 

Walter, flax-dresser, Canal-road, Causewayend 

— — & Barclay, curriers, boot and shoemakers, 17, Broad-street 

— — Mrs. Dr. Steps of Gilcomston 

— — Miss, teacher, 3, Whitehouse-street 

'- Misses, dressmakers and milliners, Gilcomston 

Kidd, B. F. R., A.M. &c. 20, Castle-street 

James, road-surveyor, Holburn-street 

John S. boot and shoemaker, 241, George-street 

William, currier and precentor (St. Clement's church), h. 20, 

William, baker, 46, h. 48, George-street [JSkene-st. 

Mrs. broker, 9, Justice-street 

Kilgour, Alexander, M.D. 21, Gallowgate 

- — James, merchant, h. 29, Bon-Accord-terrace 
— — Patrick, of Woodside, h. Woodside 

Misses, 38, Chapel-street 

Kiloh, James, tailor, 20, Fisher-row \_h. Ruthrieston-cottage 

John, bookseller, stationer, and engraver, 107, Union-street, 


86 KIL— KNO 

Kiloh, Joseph, spirit-dealer, 2, College-street 

Mrs. John, boarding and day school, Ruthrieston-cottage 

Miss, straw-hat maker, 20, Fisher-row 

King, Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 57, h. Machray's- 
court, 59, George-street 

Charles, furnishing tailor, 23, Broad-street 

David, dealer in provisions, 15, Shiprow 

George, bookseller and stationer, and depositary of the Tract 

and Aberdeen Auxiliary Bible Societies, 28, St. Nicholas- 

Walter, cutler, 140, Gallowgate [street, h. 57, Chapel-st. 

William, wright and cabinet-maker, 19, Gordon-street, h. 11, 

Mrs. grocer and broker, 1, Albion-street [Huntly-st. 

Kinloch, Miss, 15, Golden-square 

Kinneard, William, gardener, Pitmuxton 

Mrs. Margaret, vintner, Holburn-street 

Kirby, Thomas, basket-maker, 8, k. 6, Marischal-street 

Mrs. milliner and dressmaker, 4, Marischal-street 

Kirkland, Mrs. 65, Dee-street 

Kirkton, George, merchant, 30, King-street 

Miss, Female School, 52, Windmill-brae 

Kitson, Henry, teacher of music, Farquhar's-court, 17, Upperkirk- 
Knight & Craib, saddlers, 43, Queen-street [gate 
& Gray, coachmakers, 5 Chronicle-lane 

George, & Co. confectioners and grocers, 49, Union-street 

James (of Knight & Craib), k. 20, George-street 

James, gardener, CornhilL 

• Robert, saddler, h. 91, King-street 

William, LL.D. professor of natural philosophy, Marischal 

College, h. 8, Golden-square 
— — William, architect and surveyor — office, 5, Canal-terrace 

Miss, dressmaker, 91, King-street 

Knowles, Alexander, broker, 88, Gallowgate 

— — George, flesher, 4, Wales-street-market, h. 23, Wales-street 

James, jun. flesher, 11, Wales-street-market, k 15, Wales-st. 

Thomas, flesher, 7, Wales-street-market, h. 43, Frederick-st. 

v'villiam, timber-merchant, Footdee, h. 27, York-place 

William, flesher, 38, Wales-street-market, h. 23, Wales .st. 


KNO— LAM 87 

Knowles, William, jun. flesher, 23, Wales-street-market, h, 22, 

Mrs. 70, Dee-street [Wales-street 

Misses, dressmakers, 71 > King-street 

Knox, Mrs. meal and provision-seller, 187, Gallovvgate 

Mrs. William, lodgings, 122, Union-street 

Kynoch, John, hairdresser, Cotton 

Ninian, merchant, /'. 69, Gordon-street 

Ninian, grocer and spirit-dealer, 64, Spital 

Laing, Alexander, weaver, 20, Union-row 
Alexander, artist, 9, Princes-street 

Alexander, vintner, Burnett's- close, 5, Exchequer-row 

David, tailor, 54, Shiprow 

Geofge (of Laing & Smith), h. Causevvayend 

• Herod, 11, Drum's-lane [32, Summer-street 

James, overseer .(John Gibb & Son's quarry, Rubislaw), //. 

James, ironmonger, 98, Union-st. h. Crown-court, 36, Upper- 

James, hairdresser, 24, h. 22, Park-street [kirkgate 

James, skinner, 26, George-street 

John, cotton manufacturer, Porthill, h. 37, Castle-street 

John, quarrier, Holburn-street 

Serjeant Robert, 77> George-street 

& Smith, hairdressers, 9, Netherkirkgate, and 49, St. Nicho- 

William, M.D., 7, Golden-square [las-street 

Mrs. lodgings, Hanover-street 

Mrs. John, midwife, 7, Carnegie's-brae 

Mrs. G. Ashville-cottage, near Holburn-street 

Mrs. lodgings, 52, Quay 

Misses, Keppleston-cottage, Rubislaw 

Laird, Daniel (of Johnston & Co.), h. 29, Broad-street 

Misses, dressmakers and nulliners, 99, George-street 

Lamb, David, sen. 13, Wales-street-market, h. 22, Princes-street 

i David, jun. flesher, 34, Wales-st.-market, h. 22, Princes-st. 

James, cart and plough wright, Ruthrieston 

— William, shoemaker, steps of Gilcomston 

88 LAM— LAW 

Lamb, William, provision merchant, Gordon's-court, 73, Queen-st. 
Lambert, Miss, boarding school, Union-terrace Ls a ^ e 

Lamond, James, of Stranduff, h. Lamond's-court, 49, Upperkirk- 
Lamont, Mrs. George, teacher of English and sewing, 4, Gaelic- 
Lang, James, bookseller, Skene-square Qane 
Lansdown, Mrs. Angusfield 
Lancasterian School (Girls), Charlotte-st. — Miss Morren, teacher. 

29, Dee-street £21, Loch-street 

Lauder, Mrs. stamper of patterns for embroidering and braiding. 
Laurie, David, comb and spoon manufacturer, 110, George-street 

James, cart and plough wrigbt, Holburn-street 

Thomas, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 32, Virginia-street 

h. 31, Constitution-street 

■ Thomas, founder (of J. Abernethy & Co.), /?. Ferryhill 

William, tea and spirit merchant, and agent, 11, Marischal 

street, h. 31. Constitution-street 
William, bookbinder and stationer, circulating library, 169 

Union-street, h. 2, St. Mary's-place 
Law, George, shipmaster (Helen), 54, Virginia-street 

John, baker, 60, h. 58, Shiprow 

John, mealseller, foot of Jack's-brae 

Samuel, leather cutter, 33, Schoolhill, h. 2, Affleck-street 

William, boot and shoemaker, 160, Union-street, h. Eas 

William, bookseller, h. 96, Gallowgate £Ruthriestoi 

William, vintner, 17, Fisher-row 

Misses, dressmakers, 35, Shiprow 

Lawrance, Andrew, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 7, h- 13, Shiprou 

James, manufacturer and brewer, &c. Skene-square 

James, jun. Skene-square 

John, slater, Ewen's-court, 42, Gallowgate 

John, tailor and billiard- room keeper, 25, h. 31, Long-acre 

Mrs. Thomas, midwife, 11, Innes-street 

Lawrence, Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 97, Shiprow 
Laws, William, cart and plough wright, King-street-road 
Lawson, Francis, blacksmith, 2, h. 4, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 

John, farmer, 24, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Joseph, grocer, Woodside 


LAW— LES 89 

Lawson, Leslie, chief mate (City of Aberdeen steamer), h, 101. 
Leask, Alexander, late farmer, 82, Spital, Old Aberdeen QShiprow 

George, advocate, 21, h. 22j Adelphi 

George, vintner, King-street-road, Old Aberdeen 

James, ship-joiner, h. 10, Virginia-street 

Thomas, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 16, h. 17, High-st. 

— — William, late shipmaster, 6, Justice-lane QOld Aberdeen 

William, shipmaster (Supply), 101, Shiprow 

William, tailor, Jopp's-court, 40, Broad-street 

Leisk Mrs. 3, Shore-brae 

Ledingham, James & John, teachers of English, elocution, writing, 
geography, latin, and arithmetic, 7, Correction-wynd 

James, mealseller, 27, Upperkirkgate 

Peter, tea dealer and grocer, 66, Union-street, h. 75, King-st. 

Robert, advocate, 75> King-street 

Mrs. 2, Hutcheon-street 

Lefevre, John, renovator of ladies' and gentlemen's apparel, 19, 

Joseph, hairdresser, 207, Gallowgate ^George-st. 

Legg, James, tinsmith, 45, h. 46, Netherkirkgate 
Leighton, David, of the Customs, 48, Castle-street 

— James, letter-carrier, Charles-street, Broadford 
John, builder and lodgings, Orchard-cottage, Old Aberdeen 

— John, mealselier, 20, St. Clement-street Qtion-wynd 

— Robert, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 22, Green, h. 10, Correc- 
Leith, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 9, Peacock's-close 

Alexander, dyer and renovator, Skene-square 

— George, shoemaker, 4, Wales-street 

George, weaver, east side of Higb-street, Old Aberdeen 

George, printer, h. 4, Wales-street 

John, late coppersmith, Cuparston-buildings 

, Mrs. grocer, and spirit dealer, 30, Woolmanhill 

Misses, of Freefield, 22, Silver-street 

Leith, Mrs. lodgings, 9, Huntly-street 

— Leonard, Miss, teacher, 26, East North-st. 
Lesley, Mrs. Lieut. Mitchell-place, 151, King-street 
Leslie, Alexander, 12, Union-row 

— Alexander, shipmaster (Albion), 40, Constitution-street 
1839-40 h 

90 LES— LEV 

Leslie, Alexander, Bon-Accord-terrace 

Alexander, teacher, 50, Upp er ki r kgate 

Andrew, grocer, 112, h. Ill, Gallowgate 

Charles, h. Rubislaw Villa 

George, writer, Sheriff-Clerk-Depute and Justice of Peace- 
Clerk-Depute, Record-office, 26, King-street, h. 18, Bon- 

George, shipowner, 29, Marischal-street, h. South Crown-st. 

Grant John, Commissary-Clerk-Depute, h. National Bank-ct. 

John, shoemaker, Skene-square Q42, Castle-st. 

John, cotton manufacturer, 34 ; , h. 32, Woolmanhill 

John, of Powis, Powis House, near Old Aberdeen 

John, shipmaster (AmityJ, 54, Quay 

— — James, assistant inspector of police, 16, Union-row 

Captain John (late of 42d foot), 33, Constitution-street 

Peter, mason, 77, Chapel-street 

Robert, h. Rubislaw Villa 

William, surgeon, 54, St. Nicholas-street 

William, shoemaker, Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen 

William, jun. grocer, tea, spirit, and wine dealer, 31, h. 30, 

William, flesher, 46, Castle-st. h. 54, Shiprow [North-st. 

William, yost. grocer, 4, Meal market-lane 

William, stonecutter (of M'Donald & Leslie), 42, Constitu- 

Mrs. sen. (Powis), Berrybank tion-street 

Mrs. vintner, 7, Weigh-house-square 

Miss, teacher, 65, Chapel-street 

— — Miss, dressmaker, 5, Skene-row k 

— — Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 9, Virginia-street 

Misses, lodgings, 104, George-street 

Misses, straw-hat -makers, 46, Dee-street 

Misses, 64, Broad-street 

Misses, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 

Levie, Alexander, shipmaster (Ardent), 33, Virginia-street 

David, spirit-dealer, 16, James-street 

George, shipmaster (Antelope), 54, Quay 

Henry, shipmaster, 29, Constitution-street 

John, shipmaster, 20, East North-street 

1839— 40 

LEV— LOG 91 

Levie, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 9, Marischal-st. h. 2, Castle- 

William, shoemaker, 56, h. 58, Quay [brae 

William, shipmaster (William Maitland), 6, Garvock-street 

Leys, Alexander, flesher, Hardgate 

Alexander, vintner, 11, Chronicle-lane 

George, vintner, 65, North-street 

Masson, & Co. manufacturers, 89 and 90, Shiprovv 

Peter, & Co. spirit-dealers, 32, North-street 

Lickly, Henry, & Co. tailors* 12, Shiprow 

Liddle, Alexander, excise-officer (South-bridge Distillery), h. Hard- 

Ligertwood, James, wright, 5, Princes-street [gate 

James, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 122, King-street, h. 5, 

Mrs. Peter, vintner, Pootdee Princes-st. 

Miss, 21, Summer-street 

Lindsay, Alexander, mealseller, 63, Shiprow 

— — Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Newton of Auchmull 

— - — Lieut. James, R.N. 18, Prince Regent-street 

Roger, mealseller, 50, h. 83, George-street 

William, boot and shoemaker, 11, Bon- Accord-lane 

Lindsay, Mrs. 11, Union-place 

Mrs. lodgings, 17, Huntly-street 

Linton, Alexander, M.D. 12, Canal-street 

Linklater, James, shipmaster (Florence), h. 43, Commerce-street 
— — John, shipmaster (Myrtle), 11, Sugarhouse-lane 
Livingston, Mrs. Dr. 11, Virginia-street 
Lister, Mrs. teacher of English and sewing, 56, Queen-street 
Littlejohn, Alexander, gardener, 89, Spital 

— i — James, clothier and furnisher of gentlemen's apparel, 134 and 
136, Union-street, h. 10, Castle-street 

Mrs. 36, King-street 

Peter, teller (Aberdeen T. & C. Bank), h. 36, King-st. 

William, cashier (Aberdeen T. & C. Bank), 91, Union-st. 

Lloyd's Agent at Aberdeen, Alexander Matthew, 47, Marischal-st. 
Lochead, Alexander, overseer (A. H. & S.)» h. 19, Fisher-row 
Lochall, Mrs. lodgings, 13, George-street 

Logan, Charles, provision-seller, 8, St. Andrew-street 


92 LOG— LUN 

Logan, Mrs. James, Mathieson's-court, 15, Castle-street 
Lobban, James, teacher, Milne's-court, 27, Gallowgate 
London Hat Warehouse, 31, Broad-street, and 14, Guestrow 

Union Assurance Fire Office and Annuities — William Gray, 

advocate, agent, 136, King-street 
Longmuir, John, shipmaster (Georgina), 14, Marywell-street 

Rev. John, Sabbath-evening Lecturer, Trinity Parish, h. 41, 

— — Nathaniel, constable, Tytler's-court, Green [[Schoolhill 
Miss, ladies' school, 54, Union-street 

Low, Alexander (Milne, Low, & Co.), h. Mackie-place 

Alexander, merchant, h. 51, Schoolhill 

• Alexander, A.M. teacher of Dr. Anderson's School, Flour- 
mill-lane, h. 24, George-street 

George (of Matthews & Low), h. 5, Donald's-ct. 20, Schoolhill 

James, dyer, 50, k. 49, Loch-street 

John, shoemaker, 56, Woolmanhill 

William, blacksmith, 18, h. 8, Catherine-street 

Mrs. 2, Carmelite-street 

— — Mrs. Craigwell-place 

Mrs. dressmaker, 22, Woolmanhill, h. 13, Blackfriars-street 

Mrs. James, 3, Queen-street 

Lumsden, Alexander, constable, Cotton 

Clements, advocate, h. Union-terrace 

Henry, of Tilwhilly, 255, Union-street 

Henry & Clements, advocates, Union-terrace 

Harry, merchant, 2, Shiprow, h. 63, Dee-st. £Union-st. 

James, agent (for Gosport), rope and twine manufactory, 95, 

James, woollen draper, 117, Union-street, h. 63, Dee-street 

John, merchant, 95, Union-street, h. Dee-mouth, Clayhills 

William, J. of Balmedie, h. 9, Golden-square 

William, merchant, 58, Union-street, h. Millburn-cottage, 

Mrs. of Belhelvie, h. Union-street, West QDee-village 

Miss, dressmaker, 4, Little Belmont-street 

Lunan, John, porter (Steam Navigation Co.), h. 49, Loch-street 

William, clock and watchmaker, 12, Thistle-street 

William, wright, and officer to the Wright and Cooper trade, 

Miss, dressmaker, 43, Huntly-street \J, St. Andrew-st 


LUN— MAC 93 

Lunatic Asylum, Clerkseat — Thomas Hodge, superintendent 
Lyall, Alexander, late comptroller of customs, 2, East Craibston-st. 

George & Co. silk-mercers, 99, h. 97* Union-st. 

Robert, blacksmith, 11, Princes-street 

Lyell, Alexander, customs, 162, Union-street 

George, town-serjeant, 9, Huxter-row 

— — John, register grate, stove, and gunmaker, 123, Union-street, 
h. 6, Donald's-ct. Schoolhill — manufacturing-house* Back- 

Mrs. William, 162, Union-street Qwynd 

Mrs. lodgings, 12, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen Qstreet 

Misses, dressmakers* milliners, and corset-makers* 162, Union- 
Lyon, William, mealseller and vintner, 117, h. 115, Gallowgate 

William, shoemaker, Ruthrieston 

William, pawnbroker, 35, Netherkirkgate 

Misses, dressmakers, 30, Summer-street 


Macaldowib, Peter, plasterer, W. Milne's-court, 60, Gallowgate 
Macallan, David, upholsterer (of Allan & Macallan), h. Strawberry- 

Mrs. 3, Canal-street [[bank 

Macallum, Mrs. midwife, 11, Justice-lane 

Macbean, Alexander, Skene-square 

Macdonald, Alexander, sen. shipmaster, 20, James-street 

John, bookseller, 12, Crown-street, h. 25, Bon-Accord-street 

John, porter-dealer, 218, Gallowgate 

John, teacher, Union Parish Sessional School, Sugarhouse- 

Mrs. 42, Marischal-street Qane, h. 87* Gallowgate 

Maconachie, William, jun. clerk (Gordon, Barron, & Co.) h. Skene- 
Macfarlane, Mrs. Peter, 1, Alford-place [[square 

Machray, Alexander, dyer, 79, h. 77* Woolmanhill 

Alexander, teacher of John Knox's Parish School, Gallow- 

gate-head, h. Kingsland-place, George-street 
I — Alexander, vintner, Cqppei Company's-court, 14, Gallowgate 
— 1 — George, shoemaker, 45, College-street 

Isaac, Royal Hotel, 63, Union-street 

. Isaac, mail-contractor, 65, Union-street 

1839—40 h 2 

94 MAC— M<C 

Machray, Robert, druggist, 54, Broad-street, h. 77> Woolmanhill 

William, shoemaker, 30, Spital 

Mrs. Leadside, Gilcomston 

■ Mrs. teacher, 51, Bon- Accord-street 

Mackay, George, spirit merchant, 22, h. 21, Guestrow 

George, printer, Milner's-court, 21, Guestrow 

James T., jeweller, silversmith, and optician, 104, Union-st. 

John, grocer, 53, West North-street \_h. Mackie-place 

John, bricklayer (Gas Light Co.), h. at works 

Misses, boarding school, Union-terrace 

Mackenzie, R. Shelton, L.L.D. (editor of the Aberdeen Constitu- 
tional), h. 124, Union-street 
Maclean, Samuel, bookseller, 8 Union-street, h. 8, John-street 
Macnab, Mrs. Middleton of Pitfodels 
Macrobie, Mrs. 38, Bon-Accord-street 
M'Arthur, Alexander, shoemaker, 59, East North-street 

John, rope and twine manufacturer, Clarence-street, near 

M'Bay, Alexander, flesher, h. John-street QCuparston-buildings 
M'Bean, Alexander, cooper, 1, North-street, h. 17, Shoe-lane 

Colquhoun (Richard Cruickshank), h. 41, North-street 

Daniel, & Co. fleshers, 98, Chapel-street 

Donald, grocer, Upper Denburn 

Mrs. late of Alves, 36, Skene-terrace 

Mrs. 30, Upperkirkgate 

M'Beath, James, innkeeper, 40, Quay 

M'Callum, James, tide surveyor of customs, 10, Canal-terrace 

Bl'Can, James, china, glass, and stoneware repairer, 18, Justice-st. 

M'Carran, Felix, broker, 5, Park-lane 

M'Carter, John, broker, 22, Lodge-walk 

M'Caskell, Donald, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 7, Exchequer-row 

M'Cloy, William, broker, 130, h. Rhind's-court, 64, Gallowgate 

M'Combie, Dunn, & Co. tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 15, Green 

George, stabler, 4, Harriot-street 

James Boyn, advocate, 103, Union-street, h. 33, Union-place 

Rev. Robert, Rosehill, Skene-square 

Thomas (of Arbuthnot & M f Combie), h. 51, Marischal-street, 

and Richmond-hill 

M'C— M'D 95 

M'Combie, Thomas (M'Combie, Dunn, & Co.), h. 5, Denburn-ter. 
— — Thomas, & Co. tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 51, Nether- 

William, broker, 56, Schoolhill fjkirkgate 

— — William, of Easter Skene, h. Easter Skene 

Mrs. Peter, 2, Charlotte-street 

Mrs. broker, 14, Woolmanhill 

Miss, dressmaker, milliner, and lodgings, 69, Union-street 

M'Conochie, Alexander, English and mercantile academy, 13, 

Crown-street, h. 25, Whitehouse-street 

G. C. teacher of writing, 115, Union-st. k. 25, Whitehouse-st. 

J. R. (A. F. & L. As. Co.) 89, Union-st. h. 25, Whitehouse-st. 

William, pawnbroker, Ross's-court, 6, Upperkirkgate 

Mrs. lodgings, 14, Littlejohn-street 

M'Condach, Harry, maltster, Holburn-street 

Henry, clerk, South-bridge Brewery, Holburn-street 

John, vintner, 9, Chapel-street 

M'Corry, Rev. John S. (Catholic Chapel), Chapel-ct. 1, Justice-st. 
M'Crae, James, clerk (Robert Russel), h. 1, Shuttle-lane 
M'Culloch, Hugh, brewer, Maltmill-bridge, h. 2, Trinity-corner 

Mrs. lodgings, 5, George-street 

M'Diarmid, John, vintner, 52, York-street 
McDonald, Alexander, grocer, Upper Denburn 

Alexander, tailor and broker, 11, Lodge- walk 

■ Alexander, sailmaker, 53, York-street 

: Alexander, furnishing tailor, 41, Queen-street 

Alexander; letter-carrier, 11, Bon- Accord-lane 

— — Alexander, shipmaster (Evander), 60, East North-street 

Alexander, professor of music, 22, Broad-street 

Alexander, chimney-sweeper, 120, Gallowgate 

Alexander, stonecutter (of M'Donald & Leslie), 71j King-st. 

— — Charles, Crown-tavern, Back-wynd-stairs, Green 

David, manager (Bannermill), h. 46, Constitution-street 

David, spirit-dealer, 43, Causewayend 

David, shoemaker, Cotton 

— >- George, gardener, National Bank-court, 42, Castle-st. 

George, gardener and vintner, 29, Virginia-street 

- George, furnishing-tailor, 36, Broad-st. h. 152/George-st. 


96 M'D— M'G 

M 'Donald, Hugh, brass-founder and vintner, Henderson's-ct. 46, 
James, grocer, Hardgate [[Broad-street. 

James, cabinet-maker, 3, North-street, h. 32, Long-acre 

James, dealer in watches and jewellery, 22, Broad-street, 

— — John, tailor, 3, Park-lane \_h. 39, Bon -Accord-street 

John, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 23, Gallowgate, h. 108, 

John, road-overseer, 64, Gerard-street [[George-street 

John, grocer, 13, North Broadford, h. 12, Constitution-st. 

John, broker, 3, Castle-brae 

> John, teacher, 88, Gallowgate 

— — Neil, teacher of dancing, Skene-square 
— — Peter, Dee Inn, New Pier, Footdee 

Robert, tailor, 4, Back-wynd 

Robert, apothecary and druggist, Cotton 

Stewart, teacher, 20, Green 

William Skene, writer and accountant, 89, West North-st. 

& Leslie, stonecutters, builders, and granite-polishers, east 

end of Constitution-street 
— — Mrs. James, gardener, 17, Shuttle-lane 

Mrs. flesher, 7, George-street-market, h. 11, St. Andrew-st. 

Mrs. vintner, 20, Lower Denburn 

Miss, dressmaker, 9, St. Andrew-street 

Miss, stay and corset maker, 51, Queen-street 

— — Miss, washer and dresser, 22, Marywell-street 
M'Dougal, Alexander, shoemaker, Stronach's-close 
M'Dove, John, London newspaper agent, 13, Correction- wynd 
M'Farlane, Duncan, shoemaker, 32, East North-st. h. above shop 
M'Gie, Edward, Fish-street [[street 

M'Gilvray, George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 44, East North- 
M'Glashan, William (Ferryhill Brewery), Hardgate 
M'Gowan, Thomas, & Co. leather dealers, 6, Schoolhill, h. 2, Kidd- 

Mrs. John, late of Newbridge, 27, Dee-street [[lane 

M'Gregor, Charles, wright, 6, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

. Alexander, tailor and spirit-dealer, 13, Trinity-quay 

Alexander, hairdresser, 42, Windmill-brae 

— — Donald, blacksmith, 20, North-street 

George, mealseller, Skene-square 


M'G— M'K 97 

M'Gregor, John, shipmaster (Wave), 49, Commerce-street 
— — - Neil, broker, 16, Lodge-walk 

Robert, hairdresser, 59, Castle-street, h. 125, Skene-st. 

William, shipmaster (Jack Tar), 13, Prince Regent-street 

— — Mrs. grocer, 127, Skene-street 

Mrs. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 28, North-street 

M f Grigor, Charles, hosier and girth manufacturer, 5, Justice-street, 

h. 1, Chapel-court, Justice-street 
— — Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 91, Skene-street 
M'Gruer, Alexander, late merchant, Loch-street 
M'Guire, James, grocer and spirit-dealer, 26, Loch -street 

Philip, clothier. 36. Galloweate, h. above shop 

M'Hardy, David, general blacksmith and bell-hanger, 66, Nether- 

James, advocate, h. Albyn-place Qkirkgate 

James, house-carpenter, Maybank, Hutcheon-street 

John, blacksmith, 2, Flourmill-lane 

John, hotel and lodgings, 10, Adelphi, Union-street 

— — and Robison, advocates, Commercial-court, 58, Castle-street 

• Mrs. milliner, 8, St. Nicholas-street 

M'Innes, Mrs. lodgings, 16, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 
M'Intosh, Andrew, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 54, h. 59, Queen- 

Charles, wright, 35, Blackfriars-street Qstreet 

— — Daniel, blacksmith and machine-maker, Fish-street, h. Ro- 

Farquhar, vintner, Printfield Q)ertson's-houses, Mill-street 

Hugh, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 24, Green 

— — James, blacksmith and bell-hanger, 47, George-street, h. 15, 
St. Andrew-street 

James, tinsmith, 28, h. Yeats-court, 30, Netherkirkgate 

— — John, tailor, 31, East North-street 

John, wright, 65, Netherkirkgate 

William, boot and shoemaker, 5, Blackfriars-street 

William, jobbing gardener, 1, Hutcheon-street 

Miss, teacher, Robertson's-houses, Mill-street 

M'Intyre, Alexander, tailor and broker, Farquhar's-house, Upper- 
— > — Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 11, Drum's-lane Qdrkgate 
M'Kay, Alexander, grocer, Tanfield 

Alexander, bootmaker, 43, St. Andrew-street 


98 M'K— M'K 

M'Kay, A. furnishing tailor and register office, 57, East North-st. 
— — Donald, shoemaker, 2, Gardener's-lane 

Donald, wool-comber, 44, St. Andrew-st. h. 90, Gallowgate 

Hugh, tailor, 12, Jopp's-lane 

- George, slater, 93, Green 

George, clerk, 11, Constitution-street 

— — James, furniture-dealer, 10, h. 107, Gallowgate 

James, bootmaker, Milne's-court, 21, Guestrow 

John, wright, Brebner's-court, 10, Castle-street 

John, tailor, Cotton 

— — John, manufacturer, 1, Braehead, Gilcomston 

John, tailor, 10, Spa-street 

— — John, vintner, 1, Wales-street 

— — Lachlan, spirit-dealer, 16, North-street Q7, Upperkirkgate 
— — Neil, cabinet-maker, 8, Blackfriars-street, h. Farquhar's-court, 

Neil, grocer, 34, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 

Robert, vintner, 7, Union-lane 

— — William G. basket, cane and rush-bottom manufacturer, Shoe- 

Mrs. lodgings, 141, Long-acre Qane 

M'Kechnie, Allan, shipmaster (John & Robert), 11, Commerce-st- 

Rev. Neil, Woodside 

M'Kenzie, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, and principal servant 
Greyfriars Church, and funeral waiter, 58, St. Nicholas- 
street, h. Charles-court, 40, Upperkirkgate 

Alexander (Munro and Grant), 1, Rose-street 

— — Alexander, manufacturer, Skene-square 

Alexander, spirit-dealer, 33, Green 

Alexander, driver (of North Defiance), h. 71, George-street 

— — Alexander, vintner, Pirie's-court, 30, Shiprow 

— — Charles, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 14, Poynernook 

and Currie, skinners, 26, George-street, h. 7, Denburn-terrace 

George, boot and shoemaker, Canal-terrace, h. 2, Garvock-st. 

James, tailor, 9, Gallowgate 

— — Rev. Hugh (Gaelic Church), h. Maybank 

■ James, baker, 63, h. 64, Queen-street 

John, teacher of music, 185, Gallowgate 

» John, shoemaker, 6, Putachieside 


M'K— MAC 99 

M'Kenzie, John, shipmaster (Poles), foot of Wales-street 

John, manufacturer, 109, Skene-street 

John & Co. blacksmiths, 12, Long-acre, h. 59, Guestrow 

Capt. Malcolm (H. E. I. C. S.), 34, Union-place 

Robert (criminal officer of Police), Harper's-court, 63, North- 

Simon, tailor, 8, Shiprow [[street 

William, teacher, Town-house, h. 92, High-st. Old Aberdeen 

William, looking-glass and bellows manufacturer, and wire 

worker, 71, George-street 

William, weaver, 5, Flourmill-lane 

William, clothier and haberdasher, 13, Broad-street, h. 11, 

Mrs. A. North-lodge [[Union-lane 

Mrs. Colin, Bon-Accord-terrace 

MrsT George, Ruthrieston-lodge 

— Mrs. 33, Summer-street 

Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 1, Blackfriars-street 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 8, Shiprow 

M'Kidday, James, tailor, 21, East North-street 
Mack, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Skene-street 
Mackie, Alexander, h. 37, Whitehouse-street 

— Alexander, china, glass, and stoneware merchant, 1 00, Union- 

street, h. 18, St. Nicholas-lane 

— Alexander, flesher and spirit-dealer, 110, Gallowgate 

— & Co. dealers in sacks, green-linens, dowlas, sporting and 

quarry powder, &c. 24. Queen-street 

— Charles, cattle-dealer, 37, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 

— George, boot and shoemaker, 77, George-street 

— John, builder, Newton of Auchmull 

— John, carter, Gordon's-court, 24, Gordon-street 
John, baker, 3, Frederick-street 

Robert, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, St. Clement-street 

- William, watch and clock maker, 51, Upperkirkgate 

- William (of Mackie & Co.), billet-master, 24, Queen-street' 
h. 69, Bon-Accord-street 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 36, George-street 

William, blacksmith (Bowman, Vernon, & Co.), 4, Welling- 

— Mrs. James, Thornton-place, 29, Guestrow [[ton-street 

100 MAC— M'L 

Mackie, Mrs. Thomas, lodgings, 2, Niven's-court, 29, Guestrow 
— — Mrs. feuar, Causewayend 

Miss, dressmaker, 1, Trinity-quay 

M'Killiam, B. and W. confectioners, 52, Broad-street 

Basil (of B. & W. M'Killiam), h. 49, Guestrow 

William (of B. & W. M'Killiam), h. 3, Blairton-lane 

M'Kinnan, Lachlan, shipmaster, Reid's-court, 34, Gallowgate 

Lachlan, advocate, 13, Marischal-street, h. View-place 

— — William, M.D. resident surgeon, Lunatic Asylum 
William, ironmonger, h. View-place 

William, & Co. ironmongers, cast-iron founders, and bone 

manure manufacturers, Windy-wynd 

William, & Co. ironmongers, 25, Gallowgate 

M'Lachlan, John, shoemaker, 23, h. 30, Upperkirkgate 

William, broker, 66, Green [h. 150, South Crown-street 

M'Laren, Geo. manager of the carpet department (A. H. & Sons), 
George, grocer and spirit-dealer, 41, Commerce-street 

George, shoemaker, 15, Princes-street Qhill 

James, collector of excise — office, 116, King-st. h. 45, School- 

John, commission-merchant, 38, Netherkirkgate, A. 45, School 

William, M.D. 45, Schoolhill [hill 

M'Laurin, Duncan, supervisor of excise — office, 112, King-st. h. 

38, Bon-Accord-street 
M'Lay, William, officer of excise, 92, George-street 
M'Lean, Alexander, tailor, 40, Queen-street 

Alexander, plasterer, M'Lean's-courtj 50> Gallowgate 

Alexander, confectioner, 21, Schoolhill, 7i. 33, Blackfriars-st 

Allan, vintner, 15, Justice-street 

John, plasterer, M'Lean's-court, 50, Gallowgate 

John, button manufacturer, 59, Loch-street 

John, tea and spirit merchant, 73, h. 79, King-street 

— - John, shoemaker, 33, Blackfriars-stieet 

Robert, plasterer, 8, John-street 

Roderick, mealseller, 7> Bon-Accord-lane 

- — Roderick, tea and spirit dealer, 42, Gordon-street 
— — Thomas* plasterer, 6, Innes-street 

Mrs. 43, Commerce-street 


M'L— M'P 101 

M'Lean, Mrs. 68, Gerrard-street 

Mrs. Captain, Kingsland-place, George-street 

M'Leod, Alexander, flesher, 22, George-st.-market, h. 53, George- 

Alexander, tailor, Peacock's-close [street 

Alexander, distiller (South-bridge Distillery), h. Holburn-st. 

Arthur, confectioner, 30, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Colin & Robert, tinplate workers and furnishing ironmongers, 

14, Union-street 

Colin (of Colin & Robert M'Leod), h. 21, East North-street 

David, boot and shoemaker, Cotton 

Donald, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Cotton 

James, tinsmith, 39, h. 21, East North-street 

John, bleacher (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. Gordon's-mills 

John, road-contractor, Ruthrieston [lane 

Murdoch, clerk (Royal Mail Coach office), h. 9, Bon-Accord- 

Robert (of Colin & Robert M'Leod), h. 44, Frederick-street 

Stewart, accountant and book-keeper, 30, College-bounds, 

Miss, 71, High-street [Old Aberdeen 

Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 9, Littlejohn-street 

M'Linnan, Robert, spirit-dealer and vintner, 14, Frederick-street 
McMillan, Alexander, tailor, Lobban's-court, 30, Castle-street 
— — Allan, feuar, Gordon's-mills 

John, tailor, 30, Woolmanhill 

— — N. tea-dealer, 49, Castle-street \_h. 19, Princes-street 

— Peter, watch, clock, compass, and quadrant maker, 49, Quay, 

— Rev. Samuel (of the Relief Church), h. Braehead, Gilcomston 
Thomas, tanner, Jack's-brae 

— William, currier, Jack's-brae 

& Hogg, tailors, Rettie's-court, 26, Broad-street 

— Mrs. vintner and lodgings, 12, Guestrow 
M'Naughton, George, manufacturer (G. B. & Co.), h. Woodside 
M'Neil, Mrs. teacher, 68, Green 

M'Petrie, Alexander, furniture-dealer, 7, Park-street 

M'Phail, Mrs. Honeybrae, Rubislaw [makers, 260, George-st. 

M'Pherson, Duncan (of M'Pherson & Rannie), boot and shoe- 

— Capt. Duncan, of the 52d foot, 8, Gallowgate 
! Hugh, excise officer, Devanha Distillery, h. Ferryhill 

1839—40 i 

102 M'P— MAI 

M'Pherson, Dr. H. sub-principal and professor of Greek, King's 

College, h. 30, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 
— — James, h. Orchard-cottage, Old Aberdeen [[street 

John, notary-public and messenger-at-arms, 12, Blackfriars- 

John & James, comb manufacturers, Steps of Gilcomston 

John (of John & James), h. Kingsland-place 

John, shipmaster (Brigand), 52, Quay 

& Rannie, boot and shoemakers, 258, George-street 

William, bookseller, 63, Gallowgate 

Mrs. C. vintner, 83, Green 

i Mrs. lodgings, 18, Marischal-street 

Misses, 24, Union-place 

Misses, dressmakers, 1, Justice-lane 

■ Miss, dressmaker, 52, Schoolhill 

Miss, dressmaker, 18, Marischal-street 

Miss, corn-extractor, Honeybank, Woodside 

M'Phie, Mrs. Neil, broker, 21, Lodge-walk 
McQueen, Alexander, shoemaker, 33, Netherkirkgate 

Bliss, dressmaker, 8, Skene-street P n g s 

M'Rae, James, distiller (Strathdee Distillery), Cuparston-build- 

John, brewer (Cadenhead, Barron, & Co.), h. Holburn-st. 

M'Rerie, Mrs. lodgings, and midwife, Red Lion-ct. 77» Broad-st. 
M'Robb, John, grocer, Cotton 

M'Robbie, John, dyer, 139, Gallowgate 

Peter, gardener, 9, Porthill [[street 

Macrobin, Dr. Lunatic Asylum, Clarkseat, k. 1, East Craibstone- 
Macswein, Hugh, Manager of the North of Scotland Equitable 

Loan Company, 52, h. 130, Union-street 
M'Taggart, Donald, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 81, h. 83, Spring- 
M'Tavish, Peter, provision-seller, 23, Spital [[garden 

Mail and General Coach-offices, 65, Union-street, and Cross, 
Main, Robert, painter, 9, Drum's-lane [[Castle-street 

Thomas, vintner, Ruthrieston 

. — - Mrs. midwife, 76, Skene-street 
Mair, James, advocate, 25, Queen-street 

William (of Gifford & Mair), 3, St. Mary's-place 

Maitland, Andrew, book-deliverer, 13, Canal-street 


MAI— MAR 103 

Maitland, Alexander, merchant (Alex. Burness), h. Lamond's- 
court, 49, Upperkirkgate 

Francis, Aberdeen Barrack Canteen, h. Barracks 

George, agent for Blackie & Son, publishers, Glasgow ; also 

for the Scottish Guardian newspaper, 40, Broad-street 

James, & Co. candlemakers, 42, Netherkirkgate 

John, merchant, 115, Union-street, h. 23, Union-place 

Peter, late merchant, Causewayend 

Richard, spirit-dealer, 23, Quay, h. 15, James-street 

Robert, candlemaker, h. Links 

William, merchant, h. 9, St. Clement-street 

Mrs. William, lodgings, Thomson's-court, 61, Broad-st. 

Malcolm, James, writer (Blaikie & Smith), h. 49, Summer-st. 

Mrs. James, teacher (Infant School), Princes-street 

Mrs. of Leochel, 50, Upperkirkgate 

Mann, Rev. Alexander, academy, and Session-clerk for Bon- 
Accord Parish, 36, Broad-street — entry, 1, Ragg's-lane 

Andrew, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 42, h. Jopp's-ct. 

John, dealer in furniture, 3, Peacock's-close Q40, Broad-st. 

John, boot and shoemaker, 15, Long-acre 

William, wright, 63, Chapel-street, h. 32, Summer-street 

William, tailor, 3, Causewayend 

Mansey, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, Woodside 
Manson, James, manufacturer, 104, Skene-street 
Manuelle, Charles, stone-merchant, Waterloo-quay, h. 7, Garvock- 
Manzie, John, tailor, 6, Fowler's-wynd ^street 

March, Joseph, & Co. German clock-makers, 49, Queen-street 
IMarks, William, excise- officer, 2, Little Belmont- street 
Marnoch, Alexander, messenger of Customs, Custom-house 
Marquis, George, accountant, 30, Adelphi, Union-street 
Marr, Alexander, spirit-dealer, 35, Quay, h. 5, Garvock-street 

Archibald, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Newlands 

David, cattle-dealer and flesher, h. 37, North-street 

i — - George, flesher, 27, Adelphi, and 23, Shiprow, h. North-st. 

George (of Marr & Milne)., h. 30, Wales-street 

- & Milne, fleshers (successors to James Williamson), 30 and 
31, Wales-street-market 

104 MAR— MAS 

Marr, John, piano-forte maker and tuner, 115, Union-street 

Mrs. John, teacher of music, 115, Union-street 

Marsh, James, shipmaster (Nimrod), 29, Constitution-street 
Marshall, Allan A. (of Marshall & Stephen), h. 20, Littlejohn-st. 

Alexander, plumber, Oliver's court, 22, Upperkirkgate 

David, painter and glazier, 13, Diamond-street 

James, spirit-dealer, 9, James-street 

& Stephen, brass-bounders, coppersmiths, and gas-fitters, 42, 

North-street, and 18, Littlejohn-street 
— _ Mrs. (late of Tullynessle), 102, Union-street 

Mrs. grocer, 89, Green 

Mrs. midwife and sick-nurse, 237, George-street 

Mrs. flesher, Windmill-brae, h. 18, Lower Denburn 

Miss, poultry-shop, 15, Schoolhill 

Martin, Alexander, shipmaster (Majestic), 26, James-street 

Alexander, shipmaster (Patriot, Montrose), 26, James-street 

Alexander, 3, Little Chapel-street 

Charles, shipmaster (Edward), 6, Yeats-lane 

George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Broadford 

■ James, plasterer and spirit-dealer, 30, Park-street 

John, of the customs, 44, Gordon-street Q230, Union-street 

John, jun. flesher, 11, Poultry-market, h. Union Cottage, 

John, sen. flesher, 8, Poultry-market, h. Holburn-street 

John, flesher, 16, Wales-street-market, h. Banchory 

Robert, flesher, 15, Poultry-market, h. Tollohill, Banchory 

Samuel, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, and mealseller, 1, Cause- 

wayend, h. 1, Catherine-street 
— — Samuel, hat-manufacturer, 34,Union-street, h. Cruden's-court, 

William, slater, h. 29, Loch-street [22, Broad-street 

Mrs. Alexander, 37, Summer-street 

Mrs. dressmaker, 16, Guestrow 

Massie, Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 10, Chapel-street 

James Ignatius, manager, Gas Light Co. h. 56, Union-street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 86, King-street 

Joseph, shoemaker, 54, Spital 

Marianus, advocate, 2, Long-acre, Broad-street 

William, feuar, Holburn-street 


MAS— MAT 105 

Massie, Mrs. lodgings, 27, St. Andrew-street 
— — Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 56, Union-street 
Masson, Charles (of John Walker & Co. blacksmiths, &c), 43, St. 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 53, Gallowgate 

John, wood-merchant, 140, George-street, h. 12, Jopp's-lane, 

John, baker, 52, k. 45, Virginia-street 

John, brewer — brewery, 82, h. 84, Loch-street 

Robert, cabinet-maker and furniture-dealer, 11, Justice-st. 

William, cooper, Holburn-street 

Mrs. Alexander, cook-shop, 38, North-street 

Mrs. George, dealer in old clothes, 16, East North-street 

Mrs. Samuel, 19, Union-row 

Mrs. grocer and spirit-dealer, 133, Skene-street 

Mrs^ sick-nurse, 20, James-street 

Miss, dressmaker, Holburn-street 

Masonic Coffee-room, by Geo. Mackay, Milner's-ct. 21, Guestrow 
Mather, Andrew, overseer (Patrick Kilgour), Lower Middlefield 

John, traveller (A. & W. Black), h. 1, St. Mary's-place 

— — John, grocer, porter and spirit dealer, 11, h. 14, Summer-lane 

John, gardener, Kittybrewster 

Mrs. grocer and spirit-dealer, 13, Mutton-brae 

— ; — Miss, teacher, 42, St. Andrew-street 

Matthew, Alexander C. surgeon, 61, Virginia-street, and 10, Park- 
street, h. ,3, Canal-terrace ^chal-street, k. 104, King-st. 
Alexander, insurance broker and agent to Lloyd's, 47, Maris- 

John, wright, 10, Loch-street 

John, late baker, h. 20, Castle-street 

William, boot and shoemaker, 55, Green 

Matthews and Low, tanners and leather merchants, 56, George-st. 

William, jun. leather merchant, h. 271, George-street 

— William, leather merchant, h. 41, Huntly-street 

Matheson, Alexander, baker, 54, h. 52, Schoolhill 
— - Charles, late ropemaker, 46, Virginia-street 
— Isaac, mealseller, 2, East North-street, h. 95, King-street 

Isaac, silk mercer and haberdasher, 33, Union-street, h. 2, St. 

Catherine's- wynd 

1839—40 1 2 

106 MAT— MEL 

Matheson, James, wright and dealer in furniture, 23, Peacock's- 

James, mealseller, 60, Causewayend Qclose, East North-st. 

John, builder, 62, Causewayend 

John, stabler and vintner, 37, North-street 

& Co. merchant tailors, 3, Broad-street, h. 2, Union-lane 

Mrs. Skene-square 

- Mrs. Robert, 27, Dee-street 

Mrs. midwife, 15, Huntly-street ^street, h. Raeden 

Mathewson, Alexander, jun. nurseryman and seedsman, 10, Union- 

Mrs. Alexander — nursery, Connigarhill-links 

Mathieson, William, shoemaker, 51, Woolmanhill 

Mathison, John, bookseller, stationer, and paper agent, 50, h. 16, 
Maver, Alexander, blacksmith, Holburn-street [^Broad-street 
Miss, matron, House of Refuge, Duthie's-court, 35, Guestrow 

Miss, teacher, Girls' Hospital, 56, Gallowgate 

Mavers, Charles, flesher, 4, Wales-street-market, h. 6, Shuttle-lane 
Mearns, Daniel, shipmaster, 2, Yeats-lane 

Rev. Dr. D. professor of Divinity, King's College, h. I, Chap- 

George, surgeon, Cotton Qainry, Old Aberdeen 

George, china-merchant, 47, Union-street, h. 28, Adelphi 

James, berthmaster, 3, Baltic-street 

John, watch and clock maker, 11, h. 13, Schoolhill 

Robert, builder, 53, Bon- Accord-street 

Mrs. lodgings, 53, Bon- Accord-street 

Mrs. lodgings, 37, St. Andrew-street 

Mrs. midwife, 5, Guestrow 

Miss, Chapel-court, 61, Gallowgate 

Miss, Holburn-street 

Meek, Andrew, vintner, 61, Shiprow 

MefFet, Mrs. George, haberdasher, 204, Gallowgate 

Meikleham, David S. engineer (Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co.) ; 

h. 14, St. Clement's-street 
Mein, James, surgeon-dentist, 8, Belmont-street 
Meldrum, James, shoemaker, 19, Lower Denburn 

William, gardener, 13, Rose-street 

Melikin, Mrs. staymaker, 9, St. Nicholas-lane 
Mellis, Alexander, town-serjeant, h. 83, Gallowgate 


MEL— MER 107 

Mellis, Peter, coal-broker — office, 45, Quay, h. 13, Prince Regent- 

Mrs. 10, Peacock's-close, 24, Castle-street [street 

Mellin, James, wright, 32, Hutcheon-street 

S. gardener, 7 5 Gardener's-lane 

Melville, Eliezer, ironmonger, h. Smith's-court, 49, Gallowgate 

John, manufacturer, 38, Spital 

Thomas, jun. ironmonger, h. 87, Gallowgate 

Thomas, & Sons, plane, lock, and hinge manufacturers, and 

wholesale ironmongers, 106, Gallowgate QBroadford 

William, ironmonger, 106, Gallowgate, h. Kingsland-place, 

— — Miss, straw-bonnet-maker, 21, Constitution-street 
Melvin, George, master, Gordon's Hospital, Schoolhill 

George, boot and shoemaker, 18, Woolmanhill, h. 2, Spa-st. 

James, LL.D. rector of Grammar School, h, 19, Belmont-st. 

James, wright, 30, Ferguson's-court, Gallowgate 

James, wright, 10, h. 32, Hutcheon-street 

James, grocery, drug, dye-stuff, and paint warehouse (whole- 

sale and retail), 58, Broad-street, h. 13, Queen-street 
— — John, musician, 51, Shiprow 
John, mason, Upper Cotton 

John, druggist, 35, Loch-street 

William, blacksmith, Candlemaker's-court, 46, Gallowgate 

— — Mrs. lodgings, 60, Spital 

Miss, straw-hat-maker, 70, Shiprow 

Mennie, Alexander, merchant, 46, Upperkirkgate, h. 87, Hutcheon- 
— — Alexander, gardener, Hardgate Qstreet 

Alexander, stabler, 168, Gallowgate 

— — James, land-surveyor, Hardgate 

William, tea and spirit merchant, Holburn-street 

— — Mrs. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 57> Netherkirkgate 
Menzies, Charles, 38, Loch-street 

John, leather-cutter, 8, h. 6, Woolmanhill 

John, vintner, 184, Union-street 

Mercer, Hay, watch and clock maker, 22, North-street 

i John, wright, 22, Catherine-street 

— — William, artist, 22, Catherine-street ^ton-street 

William, & Co. grocers and spirit-dealers, 32, h. 28, Welling- 


108 MER— MIL 

Merchant, Alexander, house-carpenter and cabinet-maker, Char- 
lotte-street, h. 16, St. Andrew-street 
Seamen's Office, 47, Marischal-street 

Mrs. Richard, 11, Chronicle-lane 

Messon, Alexander, hairdresser, 55, North-street 
Meston, Alexander, farmer, Denhead of Rubislaw 

Alexander, late dyer, 80, Woolmanhill 

— — John, silk- dyer, 32, Green [square 
Thomas, teacher of English, &c. 56, Union-st. h. 17, Golden- 

Rev. William, teacher of languages, 12, Belmont-street 

Meyers, Lazarus, 1, Flourmill-lane 

Michael, Andrew, overseer (Wm. Pirie & Co.), h. 139, Union-st. 

Michie, Alexander, teacher, Cotton 

— — George, cooper, 10, Quay, h. 7, Burnett's-close 

John, merchant, 19, Union-row 

John, feuar, 63, Chapel-street 

— — John, tinsmith and beadle of the Woodside Church, Cotton 

— — Mrs. lodgings, 4, Diamond-street 

Middleton, James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 46, h. 48, Sum- 

James, candlemaker, 6, Victoria-place [mer-street 

John (of Middleton & Thomson), h, 18, Blackfriars-street 

John (Shooting Gallery), Castle-brae 

Peter, tailor, Holburn-street 

—— Robert (of Jessiman & Middleton), 8, Huntly-street 

Robert, dealer in butter and eggs (wholesale and retail), h. 

67j George-street 

Samuel, teller (Aberdeen Bank), h. Ash-cottage, Skene-st. 

& Thomson, cabinet-makers, 6, Innes-street 

Mrs. James, Braehead, Gilcomston 

Mrs. George, 1, Loch-street 

, Mrs. George, 30, Shuttle-lane 

— — Mrs, wool and worsted merchant, Davidson's-ct. Ill, Gallow- 

Miss, dressmaker, 8, Huntly-street [gate 

— — Miss, dressmaker, 111, Gallowgate 

Military Hospital, Castlehill [Old Aberdeen 

Millar, Alexander, road-overseer (Buchan District), King-street, 

Alexander, provision-seller, 6, Trinity-street 


MIL— MIL 109 

Millar, George, rope and twine manufacturer, 34, Park-street 

James, flesher, 15, Wales-street-market 

James, tobacco-pipe maker, 48, Loch-st. h. 35, George-st. 

Stewart, shoemaker, 2, Windmill-brae 

William, tailor, 67, Queen-street 

Mrs. lodging, 235, George-street 

Mrs. teacher, 28, Lodge-walk 

Miller, John, provision-dealer, 27, Guestrow 

Mrs. 30, Bon-Accord-terrace QHuxter-row 

Milne, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 30, St. Nicholas-st. k. 16, 

Alexander, vintner, 93, Green 

— — Alexander, stabler, 56, Green Qabove shop 

— Alexander, watch and clock maker, 13, Mealmarket-lane, h. 

— Alexander, gardener, Carnation-field, near Rosemount-terrace 
Alexander, gardener, 28, St. Andrew-street 

Alexander, lime, coal, bone-manure, and grain merchant — 
office, Provost Blaikie's-quay, Inches, h. 22, Quay 

Alexander, baker, 83, h. 82, Gallowgate 

Alexander, tailor, 11, Dee-street 
Alexander, shore porter, 13, Exchequer-row 

Alexander, grocer, snuff and tobacco manufacturer, 14, Young- 
Andrew, tailor, 306, George-st. Qst. h. 22, Gerrard-st. 
Andrew, manufacturer (Milne, Cruden, & Co), h. Chapel-st. 

Cruden, & Co. manufacturers, Spring-garden, Windmill-brae, 

David, merchant, h. 22, St. Andrew-st. j^and Gordon's-mills 

— David, lodgings, 14, Commerce-street 

— David, wright, 2, Martin's-lane 

— George, victualling-house and vintner, 32, Castle-street 
George, vintner, 78, Windmill-brae 

George, gardener, 46, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

George, manager (W. P. & Co.), h. Gordon's-mills 

George, warehouseman, Newbridge Brewery, Hardgate 

— George, shore-porter, 13, Exchequer-row 
George, mason, 8, Huntly-street 

-\ George, quarrier, Kingsland-place, George-street 
i George, road-contractor, Ferryhill-cottage 

— James Hay, writer (Fiscal's chambers), k. 11, Huxter-row 

110 MIL— MIL 

Milne, James, Milne's inn and lodgings, Commercial-court, 58, 

James, manufacturer, h. Provost Milne's-ct. 65, Gallowgate 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, and Clothier, Cotton 

James, shipmaster (Waterloo), Annand's-court, 27, James-st. 

John, agent for Mill of Inverury, 14, Canal-terrace 

■ John, baker, Jack's-brae 

— — John B. 3, Queen-street 

— — John, gardener, Willowbank 

John, cattle-dealer, 36, Frederick-street 

Rev. John, 297> George-street 

John, letter-carrier, 20, Blackfriars-street 

John, timber-merchant, 210, King-street [Nelson-st. 

- — John, cabinet-maker, Chronicle-court, 32, Broad-street, h. 

John, porter (Aberdeen Town and County Bank), h. 93, 

John, tailor, 76, Spital £Union-st. 

John, cart and plough wright, Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen 

John Duguid, advocate — office, 54, Union-street, h. 5, East 

John, hairdresser, 28, Gallowgate QCraibstone-st. 

John, provision-seller, 61, George-street 

John, tailor, Bridge of Dee 

■ John S. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 35, Virginia-street 

Joseph, blacksmith, 98, John-street 

Joseph, horse-shoer and farrier, 3, Farrier-lane and Lang- 

stane-place, h. 95, King-street 
Low, & Co., manufacturers and woollen drapers, 1, Union- 

Matthew, boot and shoemaker, 13, Chapel-st. ^buildings 

Peter, shipmaster (Henry Michie), 35, Virginia-street 

Robert, teacher, 19, Marischal-street 

— — Robert, timber-measurer, Hardgate 

Robert, tide-waiter, Clerihew's-houses, Prince Regent-st. 

Robert, millwright (Bowman, Vernon, & Co.), 12, St. 

— — Robert, manufacturer, 9, Black's-buildings []Clement-st. 
Thomas, nurseryman and florist, Sunnyside 

William (of Marr & Milne), h. 9, Wales-street 

William, shoemaker, 71 , Woolmanhill 

William, nailer, h. 108, John-street 


MIL— MIT 111 

Milne, William, boot and shoemaker, 17, St. Nicholas-street, h. 
13, Schoolhill [Broad-st. h. 3, Queen-st. 

William, & Son, grocers, tea and spirit merchants, 39, 

William, late painter and glazier, h. W. Milne's-court, 60, 

William, feuar, 34, High-st. Old Aberdeen [Gallowgate 

— — Mrs. David, midwife, 22, St. Andrew-street 

Mrs. D. teacher, 21, Whitehouse-street 

— — Mrs. James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 181, h. 183, Gal- 

- Mrs. James, 26, St. Nicholas-street [lowgate 

Mrs. John, vintner, 6, Bon- Accord-street 

- Mrs. Robert, Millbank-cottage, Woodside 

- Mrs. Robert, straw-hat and stay-maker, 15, h. 17, Queen-st. 

- Mrs. Robert, teacher of English and sewing, Webster's- 

- Mrs. midwife, 14, Harriot-street [houses, Hanover-st. 

- Mrs. lodgings, 2, High-street, Old Aberdeen 
_ Mrs. flesher, 2, Wales-street-market, h. 11, Wales-street 

Miss, teacher of piano- forte and singing, 19, Marischal-st. 

— Miss Jane, confectioner, 19, Netherkirkgate 

— Miss Jean, lodgings, 64, George-street 

— Miss, 75, Union-street 

— Miss, dressmaker, Wm. Milne's-court, 60, Gallowgate 

— Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 191, Gallowgate 

— Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 14, Thistle-street 
Miss, dressmaker, Flourmill-lane 

Misses, lodgings, 19, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Mills, John, mate, St. Clement-street 

Milton, Alexander, police mason, 6, Little Belmont-street 
Minto, William, superintendent of patent slip, h. 28, Welling- 

j William, & Co. boatbuilders, York-place [ton-st. 

I William, shipbuilder (of Wm. Minto & Co.), h. 28, Welling- 

Mirrielees, James, general agent, 26, Adelphi, Union-street 

William, merchant, 26, Adelphi, h. Twin-cottage, Holburn-st. 

Mitchell, Rev. Adam, principal session- clerk, and head-master 

of the Grammar-school, h. Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen 
— - Alexander, advocate, 36, King-street, h. 29, Union-street 

i Alexander, heckle-maker, Grandholm-works 

Alexander, assistant pilot-master, Nnw Pier 


112 MIT— MOI 

Mitchell, Alexander, gardener, 90, Chapel-street 

Alexander, bookseller, stationer, and binder, 20, Upperkirk- 

Charles, spirit-dealer, 32, Guestrow [gate, h. 20, Spital 

David, advocate, 1, Marischal-street 

■ Rev. David, teacher (East Parish Sessional School), 50, Ne- 

therkirkgate, h. 108, Gallowgate 

David, tailor, Harvey's-court, 90, Gallowgate 

George, painter and glazier, 8, Black's-buildings 

George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Jack's-brae 

George, & Co. spirit merchants, Waterloo-quay 

— — George, grocer, 3, Chapel-street 

. James, cutler, optician, and dealer in toys, trinkets, &c. 70, 

James, tea and spirit dealer, 55, York-st. (^Queen-st. 

James, mason, Little Chapel-street 

James, clothier and haberdasher, 5, Union-buildings, h. 41, 

James, grocer, Cotton [Huntly-st. 

John, bookseller, 23, Queen-street h. 35, East North-street 

John, builder, 4, Little Chapel-street 

John, vintner, and spirit dealer, 9, Chapel-street 

Robert, manager (Leith and Clyde Shipping Co.), h. Geddes'- 

court, 12, Prince Regent-street 

Robert, hinge-maker, 6, Windy-wynd 

Thomas, engineer (J. Duffus & Co.), 19, 

William, bookseller, fancy stationer, and jeweller, 81, Union- 

reet, L 20, Spital 

William, silk-mercer, 27, h. 29, Union-street 

Mrs. Mitchells-court, 60, North- street 

Mrs. midwife, 47, Chapel-street 

Mrs. 42, Chapel-street 

Mrs. muslin and lace pattern-printing establishment, 10, St 

Mrs. lodgings, 20, St. Nicholas-street fJNicholas-st 

Miss, 1, Chapel-street 

— — Miss, dressmaker, 45, Chapel-street 
Mitchell's Hospital, 9, Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 
Moffat, John, gardener, Outseat, Pitmuxton 

Mrs. Captain William, lodgings, 21, Shiprow 

Moir, Alexander, late hosier, h. Moir's-court, 103, Gallo gate 

MOI— MOL 113 

Moir, Alexander, vintner, Wellington-st. [lane, h. 49, Guestrow 
Andrew, lecturer on anatomy — lecture-rooms, 6, Flourmill- 

— B. (of J. Moir & Son), h. 36, Marischal- street 
Charles, grocer and druggist, 5, Skene-row 

David, furnishing tailor, 8, St. Nicholas-st. h. 126, King-st. 

— Francis, vintner, funeral and occasional waiter, 60, North-st. 
George, of Denmore, h. Denmore 

George, tailor, 8, Shiprow 

James* gardener, Leadside, Gilcomston 

James, M.D. 9, Carmelite-street 

James, shoemaker, 60, East North-street 

James, shoemaker, 18, Causewayend 

— James, hairdresser, 4, Skene-street 

— John, (sheriff-officer), 23, George-street 

| John, & Son, preservers of all kinds of animal and vegetable 

food in a fresh state, 38, Virginia-street 

— John, wright, Stronach's-close, h. 1 1 , St. Andrew-street 

Robert, wine-merchant, 23, Adelphi, Union-street 

Mrs. Robert, 75, Dee-street 

— Mrs. lodgings, 6, Union-lane 

— Mrs. lodgings, 40, Netherkirkgate 

— Mrs. wool-merchant, 59, h. Chapel-court, 61, Gallowgate 

— Mrs. register-office, 23, George-street 

— Mrs. George, 57, Chapel-street 

Miss, dressmaker, Charles-court, 40, Upperkirkgate 

— Miss, dressmaker, 18, Marywell-street 
Misses, 8, Guestrow 

Mollison, Alexander, goldsmith, 13, Carmelite-street 

David, porter and spirit dealer, 26, h. 37, Quay 

— James, Union Hotel, and post-horse-master, 25, Union-street 

— James, grocer, 11, St. Clement-slreet 

John, vintner, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 15, Virginia-street 

— William, teacher, Rubislaw 
Mrs. midwife, 3, Flourmill-brae 

— Mrs. 6, Denburn 

\ Miss, dressmaker, 13, College-street 

Mollyson, Mrs. Captain William, 40, Chapel-street 
1839—40 k 

114 MON— MOR 

Moncur, Mrs. lodgings, 4, Schoolhill 

Montgomery, Alexander, plasterer, 11, Sugarhouse-lane 

T. pawnbroker, 6, Harriot-street, A. 11, Sugarhouse-lane 

More, George, 3, Hutcheon-street 

Mrs. George (Raeden), 30, Silver-street 

Miss, 57, Schoolhill 

Misses (of the late Collector's family of the Customs), 7! 

Morgan, Alexander, hairdresser, Upper Denburn [Dee-stret 

John, cabinet-maker, 22, Virginia-street, h. 8, Putachieside 

John, shipmaster (St. Nicholas), 2, Yeats-lane 

John, teacher (Gilcomston Parish School), Gilcomston 

John, overseer (A. H. & S.), h. Lower Denburn 

Morice, David Robert, advocate, and Alexander Johnston, W.S 
— - Mrs. Alex. h. West Craibstone-street [233, Union-stret — 

Mrs. John, broker, 8, Justice-lane 

Mrs. Robert, 233, Union-etreet 

Miss, 165, Union-street 

Moris, John, shoemaker, 8, Justice-lane [Prince Regent-stree 
Morison, Alexander, shipmaster (City of Aberdeen, steamer), Vc 

Alexander, pilot-master, New Pier 

Alexander, shoemaker, 5, Denburn 

— — David, woollen draper, 2, Castle-st. k. 29, Constitution-st. 

George, guard (Earl of Fife), h. 26, Lodge-walk 

George, Temperance Hotel, 41, Queen-street 

George, M.D. 15, Constitution-street 

James, shipmaster, 2, Baltic-street 

James, gardener, Drywell-park 

James, printer at Constitutional Office, h. 22, Green 

James, late of Berbice, 59, Dee-street 

John, shipmaster (Medora), 1, St. Mary's-place 

John, shipmaster fPacific), 15, Constitution-street 

John, tea-dealer, 85, Causewayend 

Joseph, tailor, 7i. Cluber's-close, Park-street 

Peter, vintner and victualling-house, 2, Barnett's-close 

Leslie, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 121, h. 119, Gallowgati 

Theodore, stone-cutter, Charles-street 

William, umbrella-maker, 12, Gallowgate, h. 21, Windy-wyn< 


MOR— MUI 115 

Morison, William, tailor, 37, Guestrow 
William, wright, 8, Gordon-street 
p— William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Don-terrace, New 

William, 57, Gerard-street [Bridge of Don 

1— Mrs. lodgings, 6, Carmelite-street 

Mrs. broker, 12, Justice-street 

"l\\ Mrs. William, lodgings, 104, George-street 

res | Mrs. 42, Chapel-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 20, Littlejohn-street 
fcforren, Miss, teacher of the Female Lancasterian School, Char- 
lotte-street, h. 29, Dee-street 
Morrice, Alexander, shipmaster (Arica), 20, Union-row 

Alexander, ironmonger (Wm. M'Kinnan & Co.), k, 9, Princes- 
— - James, innkeeper and lodgings, 40, Quay [street 

- Mrs. 9, Princes-street 
Mortimer, Adam, wright, 42, Loch-street 

j Alexander (of Alex. Mortimer & Co.), h. Waterloo-quay 

p" — Alexander, & Co. ship-bread bakers, Waterloo-quay 
S — — Alexander, & Co. bakers, general commission agents and ship- 
brokers, Waterloo-quay 
— — Peter, wood-merchant, Poynernook, h. 27, St. Nicholas-street 
— — Robert (John DufFus & Co.), King-street, h. 8, Union-terrace 

William, hosier and girth manufacturer, 76, George-street 

Mrs. 8, Union-terrace 

Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 8, Union-terrace 

Miss, Regent Inn, 61, Regent-quay 
Vlowat, Alexander, hatter, 37, Marischal-street, h. 32, Guestrow 

— Alexander, broker, 103, Shiprow 

— Alexander, grocer and stoneware merchant, proprietor of hot 
and cold sea-water baths at Sea-beach, and 10, Quay, 3, 

George, silk-hat-maker and furrier, 7> Netherkirkgate 

James, tailor, 7, Flourmill-brae 

John, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 29, Castle-street, h. 9, 

Mrs. James, Crown-street [Guestrow 

Muil, Rev. Francis, 8, Belmont-street 

116 MUI— MUR 

Muil, Francis, baker, 135, George-street, and 38, John-street, h. 

John, baker, 35, Schoolhill [137, George-street 

Miss, straw-hat-maker and dressmaker, 39, Queen-street 

Muir, Alexander, advocate, 34, Castle-street, h. Loirston-house 

Mundie, William, gardener, Mill-bank 

Monro, Daniel, provision-seller, 40, Netherkirkgate 

David, advocate, 64, Broad-street, h: 5, Carmelite-street 

George (of Nicol and Monro), h. 5, Carmelite-street 

John, shoemaker, 40, Netherkirkgate 

Joseph, stone-cutter, 71, North-street 

Mrs. late of Huntly, 5, Carmelite-street 

Munro, Alexander, turner, fishing-rod and tackle maker, 118, h. 

Alexander, shoemaker, Cotton [120, King-street 

& Grant, woollen-drapers, 48, Union-street 

James, shipmaster (City), Mill-street [A. Jack's-brae 

James and David, boot and shoemakers, 48, Upperkirkgate, 

John, surveyor of taxes — office, 48, h. 84, Union-street 

John, straw-hat manufacturer, 55, Queen-street 

Kenneth, boot and shoemaker and leather-cutter, 56, h, 58, 

Peter, shoemaker, 58, Spital [George-street 

Roderick, shoemaker, 7, Church-street 

William, bookseller, 50, h. 51, Spital 

William (of Taylor & Munro), Ji. 89, Hutcheon-street 

William, boot and shoemaker, bill and card deliverer, 14, 

Mrs. lodgings, 9, Guestrow [Shoe-lane 

Mrs. stay-maker, 120, King^street 

Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 61, Chapel-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 112, George-street 

Ann, sick-nurse, 6, Little Belmont-street 

Murdoch, Alexander, overseer, 1, Mutton-brae 

Alexander, bookseller, 46, Dee-street 

Murray, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 4, North-street 

Alexander, tailor, 7, Lower Denburn 

Alexander, flesher, 182, Union-street, cattle-dealer and far- 

mer, h. Hillside, Raeden, Stocket 

Andrew, advocate, 103, Union-street 

& M'Combie, advocates, 103, Union-street 


MUR— MUR 117 

Murray, George, vintner, 20, Blackfriars-street £72, Dee-street 

George, merchant (Wm. Smith, jun.), 106, Union-street, h. 

George, last-maker, Ross's-court, 6, Upperkirkgate, h. 1, 


George, clerk (Cadenhead, Barron, & Co.), h. 13, Bon-Accord- 

George, tinplate-worker, 23, k. 25, Chapel-street [^street 

1 George, builder, 85, Park-street 

James, clerk, 20, Blackfriars-street 

James, advocate — office, 42, Schoolhill 

James, boot and shoemaker, 52, h. 50, Upperkirkgate 

James, clerk (Farquhar & Gill), h. 51, Summer-street 

James, turner (M. C. & Co.), h. Gordon's-mills 

James, wright (M. C. & Co.), h. Gordon's-mills 

James, painter, Loch-street 

— — John, overseer, Park-street 

Rev. John (North Parish Church), h. 50, St. Nicholas-street 

John, watch, clock, compass, and quadrant maker, 30, h. 34, 

Quay QBroadford 

John, tobacconist (M'Combie, Dunn, & Co.), h. Park Cottage, 

— — John, grocer, 45, Frederick-street 

Peter, tailor, 3, Fowler's- wynd 

Peter, victualling-house, Causewayend 

Robert, shoemaker, Greig's-court, 3, Windmill-brae 

Robert, confectioner, 12, h. Brebner's-court, 10, Castle-st. 

Williams manager (Aberdeen Lime Co.) — office, 2, Lime- 
sheds, Inches, h. Springbank-terrace 

William, flesher, 17, George-street-market, h. John-street 

William, builder, 46, John-street 

William, brushmaker, 25, Chapel-street 

William, tobacconist (Wm. Taylor), 46, Netherkirkgate 

William, flesher, 2, St. Nicholas-street, k. Henderson's houses, 

Short-loanings, Gilcomston 

William, & Co. vintners, Old Bridge of Don 

William, boot and shoemaker, 57, Windmill-brae 

William, tailor, 16, St. Andrew-street 

Mrs. Alexander, 66, Dee-street 

j— Mrs. James, chimney-sweeper, 43, Gallowgate -,4 

1839—40 k 2 

118 MUR— NIC 

Murray, Mrs. Peter, umbrella-maker, 70, Green 

Mrs. vintner, 71, h. 73, Windmill-brae 

Murrell, Edward, auctioneer, 47, Broad-street 
Mutch, John, gardener, Loch-head 
Robert, blacksmith, 22, Dee-street 


Nairne, John, tailor, Holburn-street 

Mrs. 40, Schoolhill 

Nan son, J. H. landing surveyor, Customs, 60, Marischal-street 
Napier, Alexander, wright, 6, Denburn-terrace 

George, dung-contractor, 70, North-street 

National Bank of Scotland's Branch, 42, Castle-street 
Naughton, John, turner and musical-instrument maker, 90, George- 
Neil, Joseph, cartwright, 71, North-street [sfreet 

Mrs. vintner, 42, Quay 

Neilson, Alexander, 11, Gerrard-street 

Charles, builder and stonecutter, Union-place, h. 25, Union- 

Daniel, spirit-dealer, 61, Green ([row 

George, block-maker and boat-builder, York-st. 

William, & Co. boat-builders, block and pump-makers, York- 

William (of Wm. Neilson & Co.), h. 3, Summer-lane [st. 

— — Mrs. housekeeper, Trinity-hall, 1, Trinity-corner 
Neish, Peter, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 49, Windmill-brae 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 11, Dee-street 

Neive, Robert, broker, 98, Shiprow 

Netherlands' Vice-Consul, Arthur Thomson— office, Bank of Scot- 
Newbridge Brewery, Hardgate [land-court, Castle-street 
Nicol, Alexander, stone merchant (of Nicol & Monro), h. Seaton 

Alexander, cooper, 25, Green [Farm, Old Aberdeen 

Charles, stabler, Tanfield 

Francis H. 2, Upperkirkgate 

George, merchant and Wellington-tavern, Copland's houses, 

George, tea and spirit dealer, Cotton [Wellington-st. 

James, advocate, 1 7, Adelphi 

— — James, bulker (Harbour Office), York-place 

NIC— NOR 119 

Nicol, John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Cotton 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 18, h. 20, Shiprow 

John, gardener, Fountainhall 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Lower Cotton 

John, tailor, 18, Huxter-row 

Joseph, baker, 10, h. 8, Exchequer-row 

Lewis, mason, 1, Canal-lane, Old Aberdeen 

& Monro, merchants and shipowners, 22, Marischal-street 

Reid, & Co. shipbuilders, York-street 

William, vintner, 31, Causewayend 

William, house-carpenter. Cotton 

William, boot and shoemaker, 284, George-street 

— — Mrs. Andrew, 4, Dee-street 

Mrs. John, lodgings, head of Bon- Accord-street 

Mrs. Peter, Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen 

Mrs. Ferguson's-court, 5, Putachie-side 

Mrs. broker, 93, Gallowgate 

Nicoll, John, turner, 8, George-street, h. Upper Denburn 

Lewis, advocate, 17, Guestrow 

Nicolson, Daniel, collecting clerk (Gas Light Co.), h. 6, Bon-Ac- 
James, lodgings, 23, James-street [^cord-terrace 

James, book-keeper (A. Hall & Co.), h. 54, Virginia-street 

Thomas Balford, of the Customs, 14, Silver-street 

. Mrs. Wilson, 26, Bon- Accord-terrace 

Niddry, John, writer, 64, Hutcheon-street 

Mrs. John, 64, Hutcheon-street 

Nisbet, Alexander, mason, Stonyton 

! Andrew, soap-maker, 59, Loch-street, h. 199, King-street 

Niven, Alexander, vintner, 10, Netherkirkgate 

Alexander, 4, Frederick-street 

Noble, Miss, dressmaker, 39, Queen-street 

Norrie, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 65, Shiprow, It. Charles-st. 

— — Mrs. Joseph, 3, Kidd-lane 

North British Insurance Office — Thomas & Newell Burnett, advo- 
cates, 11, Belmont-street, and Andrew Murray, advocate, 
103, Union-street, agents [[son, manager 

of Scotland Banking Company, 43, Broad-st. — Henry Pater- 


120 NOR— OGI 

North of Scotland Fire and Life Asssurance Company — William 
Chalmers, manager — office, 36, Union-street [Works 

of Scotland Steam Navigation Co.'s Office, J. Duffus & Co.'s 

of Scotland Equitable Loan Company, Aberdeen — H. Mac 

sAvein, manager — entries, M'Combie's-court, 52, Union- 
street, and 51, Netherkirkgate 

Norwich Fire, Life, and Annuity Office — Charles Chalmers, advo- 
cate, agent, 24, Marischal-street 

Nutall, Mrs. Dr. 13, Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 


Ogg, David, basket-maker, 66, Queen-street 

David, brassfounder and finisher, 10, Chronicle-Court, 40, 

Broad-street, h, 88, George-street 

Henry (Henry, Ogg, & CoJ, h. Holburn-street 

Henry, & Co. Strathdee Distillery, Cuparston 

James, stabler, 5, Harriot-street 

— — John, spirit-dealer, Upper Denburn 

Mrs. provision seller, 88, George-street 

Ogilvie, Alexander, baker, 45, Guestrow, h. 1, Barnett's-close 
George, hairdresser, 15, Woolmanhill 

George, fancy snuff-box-maker, 74, King-street 

James, shoemaker, 1, Park-street 

James, stoneware merchant, 299, George-street 

James, teacher, Grammar-school, 55, North-street 

- John, mason, Ann-street 

John, teacher, Gordon's Hospital, Schoolhill 

John C. artist, 4, St. Andrew-street 

William, flaxdresser, 59, Netherkirkgate, h. Mile-end 

William, porter and spirit dealer, 17, Causewayend 

Mrs. lodgings, 6, Marischal.street 

Mrs. 156, Union-street 

Mrs. Alex. Ogston's-court, 84, Broad-street 

— — Miss, dressmaker and lodgings, 89, Spital 
— — Miss, of Auchiries, 37, Union-place 

—— Miss, 44, Queen-street 

OGI— PAT 121 

Ogilvie, Misses, Ruthrieston 

Misses, I, St. Nicholas-street 

Ogilvy, John, baker, 70, King-street, k. 1, East North-street 
Ogston, Alexander, tallow-chandler, 55, h. 56, Loch-street 

Francis, M.D. Ogston's-court, 84, Broad-street 

James, brewer (Geo. Gordon & Co.), Hardgate 

John, wright, Denburn-terrace 

Oldmachar Poor Assessment Collector's Office, 137, Union-st. 
Oldman, Alexander, wright and funeral-waiter, 2, Wales-street 

Andrew, wholesale merchant, 24, h. 26, St. Nicholas-street 

George, hairdresser, 61, East North-street 

Oliver, James, land-waiter, 59, Virginia-street 

Oswald, H. C. ship, insurance, and stock-broker— -office, 45, Ma- 
rischal-street, h. 20, Constitution-street 

Mrs. James, 20, Constitution-street 

Mrs. midwife, 4, Skene-terrace 

■ Miss, dressmaker, 4, Skene-terrace 

Palmek, James, shipmaster (Regent), foot of Wales-street 

John, vintner, 65, Loch-street 

Panton, Mrs. Charles, lodgings, 40, Upperkirkgate 

Park, Alexander, manufacturer, 11, Gallowgate, h. McDonald's 

Andrew, mason, 9, Hutcheon-st. [Buildings, Broadford 

| Ernest, forester, wood of Pitfodels, h. 37, Long-acre 

Parker, Rev. Gavin (of Bon-Accord Parish), h. 52, Skene-terrace 

John, shipmaster (Bon-Accord), 32, Wales-street 

Paterson, Alexander, blacksmith, 6, Porthill 

Donald, shoemaker, 5, Blairton-lane, h. 12, Quay 

George, shoemaker, 10, Black's-buildings 

— — Henry, cashier (North of Scotland Banking Co.) h. Tullos 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Rubislaw 

James, tanner, 3, Denburn-terrace 

James, clerk, 8, Wellington-street [gate 

John, candlemaker (James Maitland & Co.) 40, Netherkirk- 

John, surgeon, 12, Quay, h. 34, St. Nicholas-street 


122 PAT— PEG 

Paterson, John, shoemaker, 10, Black' s-buildings 

John, advocate, 2, Guestrow 

— — John, shipmaster (Dunnottar Castle), 11, Commerce-street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 133, h. 131, George-st. 

John & George, boot and shoemakers, 122, Union-street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 44, corner of Mealmarket- 

Peter, shipmaster, 18, James-street Qane 

Robert, carrier (William Stephen), h. 9, George-street 

- William, leather-merchant, 2, Denburn-terrace 

— — William, advocate, 4, Thornton-place, 29, Guestrow 

William, mason, 25, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

William, & Co. tanners and curriers, Jack's-brae 

— — William, boot and shoemaker, 23, St. Nicholas-st. h. 12, Quay 

William, tavern-keeper, Oliver's-court, 12, Upperkirkgate 

William, millwright (J. Duffus & Co.), 107, Gallowgate 

Mrs. dealer in old clothes, 34, East North-strest 

Mrs. A. 48, Dee-street 

— — Mrs. John, vintner, Rubislaw 

Mrs. 115, Union-street 

Miss, late of Logic 49, Skene-terrace 

Paton, Misses, of Grandhome, Sunnybank 

Paul, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 36, High-street, Old Aber- 
George, gardener, 18, Windmill-brae Qdeen 

James, overseer (L. M. & Co.), h. Lower Cotton 

John, & Co. grocers, tea and spirit dealers, 2, John-street 

— — John, plasterer, 76, Windmill-brae 

— — Rev. William, assistant and successor at Banchory-devenick 

William, mealseller, Skene-square [^Parish, h. Ruthrieston 

— — Mrs. Professor, h. Ruthrieston 

Paulin, Thomas, overseer (Salmon Fishings), Affleck-street 
Paxton, Alexander, carver and gilder, 30, East North-street 
Pearson, Alexander, manager (G. & W. Davidson) h. 12, Virginia- 

David, 24, Dee-street [^street 

John, Shipmaster (Duchess of Sutherland), k. 11, Canal-ter. 

Peebles, George, tinsmith (Hugh Gordon & Co.), A. 54, Loch-street 
Peggie, Thomas, power-looms, Broadford, h. Broadford 
Peggett, William, overseer (L. M. & Co.), h. Tanfield 


PEL— PHI 123 

Pelican Life and Insurance Company of London — agent for Aber- 
deen, Lewis Nicoll, advocate, 17, Guestrow 
Penman, Rev. Richard (Frederick-street Chapel), h. 26, Consti- 
Permit Office, 112, King-street [tution-street 

Peter, Alexander, clerk (Blaikie & Smith), h. 8, Belmont-street 
Peterkin, John, wright, 18, Whitehouse-street 

Miss, dress and straw-hat maker, Ewen's-court, 40, Gallowgate 

Petrie, George, engraver and copperplate printer, 6, Huxter-row, 

h. Stronach's-close 

James (of Wright & Petrie), h. 43, Bon- Accord-street 

John, mealseller and stabler, 61, North-street 

Peter, mason, 35, Long-acre 

Robert, boot and shoemaker, 120, Skene-street 

Mrs. broker, 69, Queen-street 

Pettigrew, Alexander, vintner, Stronach's-close Castle-street 
Phoenix Fire Office — Henry & Clements Lumsden, advocates, 
Union-terrace ; Alexander Allan, advocate, M'Combie's- 
court, 52, Union-street ; and John Humphrey, advocate, 109, 
King-street, agents 
Philip, Andrew, cabinet-maker, h. 13, Union-row 
Andrew & William, cabinet-makers and upholsterers, Com- 
mercial-buildings, 111, Union-street 

Charles, shipmaster (Sovereign, steamer), 83, Bon-Accord-st. 

Colin Allan, advocate, /*. 78, Queen-street— office, 17> King- 

Forbes, builder, 6, Park-street [street 

James, shipmaster (Bon-Accord, brig), 8, Justice-lane 

- James, accountant, and patentee for preserving all kinds of 

animal and vegetable food for years in the fresh state, 10, 
Trinity corner, and 3, Farrier-lane 

James, of Morningfield, h. Morningfield 

John, bookbinder, 48, Queen-street [friars-street 

John, working upholsterer, 23, Woolmanhill, and 11, Black- 

John shipmaster, 7> Hanover-street 

& Taylor, wholesale and retail clothiersand drapers, 40, Union- 
street, up stairs, and 42, Union-street 
William, shipmaster (Mansfield, schooner), Hanover-lane 

William, shipmaster, Walker's-court, 17, Virginia-street 


124 PHI— PIR 

Philip, William, clothier and draper (Philip & Taylor), h. 35, Ne- 
therkirkgate [^street 

1 William, jun. (of Wm. Philip, jun. & Co.), h. 4, Affleck- 

William, jun. & Co. clothiers and haberdashers, 26, Union-st. 

William, millwright and machine-maker, 43, Loch-st. h. 91, 

Mrs. 6, St. Mary's-place ^Gallowgate 

Mrs. James, 78, Queen-street 

Mrs. William, poultry-shop, 12, George-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 96, George-street 

Phillips, Thomas, shipmaster (Rapid), Middleton's houses, Vic- 
Phrenological Society, 4, Queen-street [toria-place 
Pickering, Capt. W. H. Royal Artillery, h. 148, Crown-street 
Pickthorn, Lieut. John, R.N. Froghall Cottage 
Pirie, Alexander (of Alex. Pirie & Sons), h. 19, Adelphi, Union-st. 

Alexander, jun. (of Alex. Pirie & Sons), h. 19, Adelphi 

Alexander, & Sons, paper manufacturers and wholesale sta- 

Alexander, wright, 48, Skene-street Ttioners, 18, Adelphi 

Alexander, shore-porter, Exchequer-ct. 9, Exchequer-row 

■ Benjamin, & Co. grocers, tea and spirit dealers, 97, Gallow 

gate [streel 

David, wholesale grocer, 55 and 57, Broad-st. h. 75, Union- 

Francis (of Alex. Pirie & Sons), h. Praserfield House 

George, clerk (L. M. & Co.), h. Brebner's-ct. 83, Shiprow 

George, vintner, Maberly-street, Broadford 

George, shore-porter, Exchequer-court, 9, Exchequer-row 

John, gardener, and successor to J. Cadenhead, Strawberry 

Patrick, manufacturer, Gordon's-mills [bank 

Patrick, jun. manufacturer (of Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. Dor 

William, 67, Bon- Accord-street [^Cottage, Gordon's-mills 

William, shore-porter, St. Catherine's-court, 14, Shiprow 

William, & Co. worsted-spinners, hosiers, and carpet manu 

facturers, 8 and 9, Adelphi, Union-street 

William, writer, 19, Schoolhill 

Mrs. George, broker, 29, East North-street 

Mrs. haberdasher, 13, Shiprow 

Mrs. John, sick-nurse, Copper Co.'s-court, 14, Gallowgate 

Mrs. William, 3, Adelphi, Union-street 




PIR— PRI 125 

Pirie, Mrs. lodgings, 3, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Miss, dressmaker, 158, George-street 

Miss, Ligertwood's-court, 77, George-street 

Pirrie, Wm. M.D. lecturer on anatomy to the Universities of King's 
and Marischal Colleges, 238, Union-street 

Pittendrich, Alexander, beadle (St. Clement's Church), and fune- 
ral-waiter, h. east end of St. Clement-street 

- Alexander, advocate, Exchange-court, Union-street 
Playfair, Alexander, cabinet-maker, 16, King-street, h. Webster's- 

court, 23, Guestrow 

Charles, gunmaker, 94, Union-street, h. 9, Schoolhill 

Police Tax Office, 50, St. Nicholas-street [street, Old Aberdeen 
Poison, John, farmer, innkeeper, and post-horse-master, 3, New- 
Popplewell, John, & Co. wool manufacturers, 73, North-street, and 

Canal-road [street 

- John (of J. Popplewell & Co.), h. Mitchell-place, 151, King- 
Porter, David, cabinet-maker, head of Jack's-brae 

- Francis, bootmaker, 15, Castle-street 

- Hugh, broker, 6, Justice-street 

i*orteous, Miss, glove-maker and ingrafter, 20, Blackfriars-street 
D ost Office, 15, Adelphi, Union-street 

(Penny), 59, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

(Penny), James Brebner, Cotton 

— (Receiving), James Fraser, grocer, 199, Union-street 

- (Receiving), Peter Buyers, 32, Quay 

— (Receiving),, John Davidson, 215, George-street 
'otter, James, & Co. brewers and maltsters, Maberly-street 

■ James (of James Potter & Co.), h. Maberly-street 
'oulter, Absalom and Thomas, manufacturers, 9, Broad-street, h. 

65, Dee-street 
'ratt, John, customhouse agent and broker — attendance in the long-- 

room, customhouse, from 9, a.m. to 3, p.m. h. 22, James-st. 

— Robert, miller, Flourmill, h. Donald's-court, 20, Schoolhill 
resley, Alexander, shoemaker, 30, Gerard-street 

— George, coach-guard (South Defiance), h. 30, Gerard-street 

— George, clerk (Aberdeen Commercial Co.), 11, Commerce-si. 
imerose, George, 61, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 

1839—40 l 

128 PRI— RAE 

Primrose, George, druggist, 18, Union-place, h. 19, North Silver-st. 

Thomas, advocate, 2, Adelphi, Union-st. h. 19, North Silver-st. 

Rev. William, 19, North Silver-street 

Proctor, John, manager (Broadford works), h. 3, Mary-place, 

Miss, 139, Skene-street [Skene-square 

Procurators-Fiscal for the Burgh — Alexander and John Cadenhead, 

advocates, 9, Huxter-row [fice, 56, Bon-Accord-street 

Procurator-Fiscal for the County— William Simpson, advocate — of- 
Procurator-Fiscal of the Peace for Aberdeenshire — John D. Milne, 

advocate, 54, Union-street 
Prof at, George D. advocate, 12, St. Nicholas-street 

Mrs. 12, St. Nicholas-street 

Promoter Life Assurance and Annuity Company of London — Tho- 
mas John Bremner, advocate, % Belmont-street 
Protector Fire Insurance Company — Alexander Allan, advocate, 

M'Combie's-court, 52, Union-street 
Proven, Mrs. lodgings, 18, Marischal-street 
Provident Life Office and County Fire Office— agent, William 

Thomson, jun. 109, Union-street 
Prussian Vice-Consul — Arthur Thomson, Bank of Scotland, Castle- 
Public Mathematical and Commercial School, 42, Green [street 

, Rooms, Union-street — William Chisholm, keeper 

English School, 1, Drum's-lane 

Purvis, John, tavern-keeper and eating-house, 26, Guestrow 
Pyper, James, post-horse-master and livery stables, 7, Shoe-lane 


Rae, Alexander, late schoolmaster, 40, Huntly-street 

Alexander, grocer, Woodside 

Alexander, farmer, New Bridge of Don 

— — George, messenger-at-arms, Advocates'-hall, Union-street 

John, gardener, Burnside 

— — William, collector of coal-money, 13, St. Andrew-street 

William, gardener, 16, Hutcheon-street 

William, vintner, Cotton 

William, worsted-dealer, 13, Skene-street 


RAE— RAT 127 

Rae, Mrs. 10, Carmelite-street 

— — Mrs. Northfield, Gilcomston 

Raeburn, George, shipmaster (Ariel), 21, James-street 

John, teller, Aberdeen Bank, h. 11, Union-row 

John, plasterer, 2, Denburn 

Raffan, Mrs. William, Skene-square 

Ratfarty, Peter, travelling merchant, 4, Regent-quay 

Ragg, David R. merchant (of Brebner & Ragg), h. 162, Union-st. 

John, stabler and livery-stable-keeper, 5, Little Belmont-st. 

Robert, vintner, Causewayend 

Rait, Miss, lodgings, 10, Canal-terrace 

Ramage, Andrew, leather-merchant, 31, Long-acre 

— — George, stocking manufacturer, 47, Castle-street, h. 7, East 

Mrs. John, 2, St. Catherine's-wynd [[North-street 

Ramsay, John, boot and shoemaker, 2, Correction-wynd, h. 49, 
Walter, tailor, 2, Denburn [JWoolmanhill 

- Mrs. D. basket-manufacturer, 2, Princes-st. h. 9, Long-acre 

Mrs. lodgings, 19, Union-buildings 

Mrs. teacher, Gordon's-court, 4, Schoolhill 

Mrs. 5, Black's-buildings 

Miss, of Barra, h. 22, Bon- Accord-terrace 

Rainie, Alexander, haberdasher, 235, George-street 

George, shipmaster (Ruby, sloop), Mill-street 

John, shipmaster, Smith's-houses, Chapel-lane 

William, shoemaker, M ; Cook's-court, 116, Gallowgate 

William, mason, 11, St. Andrew-street 

Rainy, George, surgeon, 27, Queen-street 

Randall, Mrs. dealer in furniture, 19, East North-street 
Rankin, Arthur, jobbing gardener, 32, Hutcheon-street 
Rannie, Adam, nurseryman, Causewayend 

Alexander, builder and timber-merchant, 50, Commerce-st. 

Thomas, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Printfield 

William, shoemaker (of Macpherson and Rannie), h. 260, 

M. porter and spirit dealer, 49, North-street QGeorge-st. 

Mrs. Thomas, 7, Thistle-street 

— — Miss, 37, Bon-Accord-street 
Rattray, John, 12, Causewayend 


128 RAT— REI 

Rattray, Robert, surgeon, 24, Woolmanhill 

— — William, manufacturing-chemist, Broadford, h. 10, Constitu- 

Ray, John, tinsmith, 5, h. 4, Gallowgate £tion-street 

Captain William, 24, Constitution-street 

Read, William, merchant, 17, Belmont-street 

Reed, Mrs. William, Clerihew's-houses, Prince Regent-street 
Rees, William, excise officer (Union Glen Distillery), h. Holburn- 
Reid, Alexander, gardener, 29, Virginia-street [[street 

Alexander, fancy-dyer, 32, Loch-street, h. 73, George-street 

Alexander, stabler, 9, Harriot-street 

Alexander, cart and plough wright, 22, h. 26, Skene-street 

Lieut. Andrew, R.N. Bridge of Dee [35, Chapel-street 

Benjamin, nurseryman and seedsman (James Reid & Co.), h. 

Charles, house-carpenter, 31, Skene-street, h. 4, Skene-terrace 

Donald, teacher of sacred music, and precentor, East Church, 

Gordon's-court, 24, Gordon-street 
Duncan, late shipmaster, 22, Wales-street 

Duncan, surgeon, Crown-court, Union-street [[35, Guestrow 

Edward, superintendent, House of Refuge, Duthie's-court, 

George, blacksmith and bellhanger, 29, h. 31, Queen-street 

George, & Son, chemists and druggists, 45, Union-street 

George, sen. (of G. Reid & Son), h. 28, Silver-street 

George, jun. (of G. Reid & Son), h. Crown-court, Union-st. 

George, blacksmith and iron-turner (R. & Co.), h. 14, 

George, sen. turner, 4, Gaelic-lane FJGerard-st. 

George, broker, 25, North-street 

James, of Meadowbank, h. 39, Loch-street 

James, mason, 6, St. Catherine's-wynd 

James, nursery and seedsman, h. Belville, Gilcomston 

James, gardener, Springbank, 85, end of Bon-Accord-street 

James, clerk (A. Hadden & Sons), 53, College-street 

James, shipmaster, Middleton's-houses, Victoria-place 

James, foreman (Gas Light Co.), h. at Works 

James, tailor, Cotton 

James, & Co. nursery and seedsmen, 60, Union-street 

John, shoemaker, Farquhar's-court, 17, Upperkirkgate 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Cotton 


REI—REI 129 

Reid, John, wright, turner, and vintner, 4, Jopp's-lane 

John, vintner, 20, Lodge-walk 

■ John, boot and shoemaker, h. 12, St. Andrew-street 

John, vintner, 8, Back-wynd 

— — John, shipbuilder, 111, York-street 

John, wood-sawyer, 28, Gordon-street 

John, shipmaster, 3, Links-street 

Joseph, shoemaker, 9, Virginia-street 

Peter, felt manufacturer, 9, Pork-lane 

Peter, porter and spirit dealer, 25, Park-street 

Peter, stabler, 3, Harriot-street 

Robert, cabinet-maker, 6, St. Catherine's-wynd 

— — Robert, wright, 199, Gallowgate 

Smith, & Co. distillers, Union-glen Distillery, Holburn 

Thomas, advocate, 4, Diamond-street 

— — Thomas, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Hardgate 
Walter, vintner, 161, George-street 

William, teacher, Old Bridge of Don 

William, boot and shoemaker, Henderson's-ct. 46, Broad-st. 

William (John Duffus & Co.), 6, Canal-terrace 

William, treasurer of Gordon's-Hospital, h. 70, High-street, 

William, teacher, 3, Denburn [[Old Aberdeen 

William, late bookseller, 5, Littlejohn-street 

William, shoemaker, Upper Denburn 

William, shipbuilder (of Nicol, Reid, & Co.), h. 109, York-st. 

William, vintner, 18, Carmelite-street 

William (of Craigen & Reid), 19, Huntly- street 

William, stoneware merchant, 158, Gallowgate 

William, distiller (Union-glen Distillery), h. Holburn-street 

William, slater, 29, Skene-street 

William, vintner, Springbank, North-road 

William, turner, 4, Jopp's-lane 

Mrs. 4, Skene-terrace 

Mrs. George, 43, Frederick-street 

Mrs. James, lodgings, 6, St. Catherine's-wynd 

Mrs. James, 11, Constitution-street 

i Mrs. James, lodgings, 8, Belmont-street 

130 REI—RIA 

Reid, Mrs. Peter, dressmaker and milliner, and lodgings, 159, Gal- 

Mrs. William, 35, Wales-street Qlowgate 

Mrs. William, jun. flesher, 10, Poultry-market, h. 1, Consti- 

Mrs. grocer, 42, East North-street £tution-st. 

Mrs. lodgings, 12, College-bounds 

Miss, teacher, 5, Littlejohn-street 

Misses, ladies' school, 8, Belmont-street 

Reith, Alexander, gardener, Pitmuxton 

Archibald, teacher — school, Bridge of Dee, h. Cuparston 

David, advocate, 12, Adelphi, Union-street 

— — George, precentor, Holburn Church, 4, Little Chapel-street 

James, toll-keeper, Bridge of Dee 

James, jobbing-gardener, 107? John-street 

John (6th regiment of foot, retired), Ruthrieston 

John, mealseller, 19, Skene-street 

John, tollkeeper, Rubislaw 

James, clerk (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. 66, Gerard-street 

Mrs. tollkeeper, Cuparston 

Rennie, Alexander, nurseryman, 64, Causewayend 

C. M. distiller, Gilcomston, h. at Gilcomston Distillery 

George, shipmaster (Migvie), 29, Hutcheon-street 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, corner of Charlotte-st. 

Mrs. lodgings, 45, Castle-street 

Rettie, M. & Son, lamp and fancy ornament saloon, 101, Union-st. 

h. Rettie's-court, 26, Broad-street 
M. & Son, lamp-manufacturers, tinsmiths, japanners, and oil 

merchants, Rettie's-court, 26, Broad-street 

William (M. Rettie & Son), h. 9, Bon-Accord-street 

Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Rettie's-court, 51, North-st. 

Reynolds, Gordon, basket-maker, 74, Queen-street 

Rhind, Alexander, merchant, 60, Green Qst. h. 121, Crown-st. 

John, commission agent and mahogany merchant, 27, Castle- 

William, tailor, Henderson's-court, 6, Broad-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 20, Back-wynd 

Rhynas, Mrs. 50, Upperkirkgate 

Riach, James, stoneware-merchant, 8, Justice-street 

Mrs. John, lodgings, 30, Young-street 



RIA— ROB 131 

Kiach, Mrs. provision-dealer, 54, High-street, Old Aberdeen 
Richards & Co. linen manufacturers, Broadford 

& Co. bleaching and vitriol works, Rubislaw 

Richardson, John, manufacturer, 22, East North-street 

— — Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 4, Diamond-street 
Richmond, Thomas, inspecting commander, Coast Guard, 63, Don- 
street, Old Aberdeen 
Riddel, Alexander, furnishing tailor, 27, George-street 
Alexander, overseer (John Gibb & Son), 8, Church-street 

- Alexander, provision-seller, Skene-square 
Donaldson, officer to the Hammerman Trade, and Convener's 

officer to the Seven Incorporated Trades, Riddel's-court, 

6, Windmill-brae 
David, boot and shoemaker, 50, East North-street 
D. & J. jewellers and watchmakers, 92, Union-street, h. 6, 

Riddel's-court, Windmill-brae j^Gallowgate 

James, treasurer to the Harbour Trustees, h. Harvey's-ct. 90, 
I James, vintner, Cotton 

James, cabinet-maker, 93, King-street, h. 9, Princes-street 

— — James, writer (Blaikie & Smith), h. Harvey's-ct. 90, Gallow- 
— — John, late leather-merchant, h. Broadford Cs a ^ e 
Peter, bulker (Harbour Office), h. Harvey's-ct. 90, Gallow- 

William, coal-broker, Clerihew's houses, Prince Regent-st. 

— — Mrs. James, Riddel's-court, 6, Windmill-brae 

Miss, Burn-court, 44, Upperkirkgate 

Riddler, John, gardener, 108, Skene-street 

Riddoch, William (Tnglis, Littlejohn, & Co.), h. 24, Schoolhill 

Mrs. dressmaker, 3, Littlejohn-street 

• Misses, girls' school, 6, Garvock-street 

Ritchie, Alexander, secretary (Gas Light Co.), h. 49, Bon-Accord- 
— — A. & W. boot and shoemakers, 26, Schoolhill Qstreet 

James, 50, Upperkirkgate 

James, shoemaker, M'Kay's-court, 80, Gallowgate 

James, tailor, New Bridge of Don 

Ritchie, John, late farmer, Charles-court, 40, Upperkirkgate 

. Thomas, shipmaster (Circassian), 3, Church-street 

Robb, Alexander, tailor, Crown-court, Union-street 

132 ROB— ROB 

Robb, Alexander, 26, Spital 

Alexander, grocer, Ann-street 

George, overseer (L. M. & Co.), 17, James-street 

George, shore-porter, 13, Exchequer-row 

James, tailor, 41, Virginia-street 

James, shoemaker, Woodside 

James, clerk (Scott & Son), 69, Shiprow 

John, tea and spirit dealer, 63, h. 65, Green 

John, tailor, 14, East North-street 

Mrs. James, 22, Gerard-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 14, East North-street 

Robbie, Donald, lodgings, 98, Spital 

John, boot and shoemaker, 178, Gallowgate, h. 28, Spital 

William, slater, steps of Gilcomston 

Roberts, Alexander, dealer in groceries, tea, porter, and spirits, 42 

David, saddler, 94, King-st. h. 24, Frederick-st. CQ uav II 

John, wright, R. Duthie's houses, Castle-brae 

— — Mrs. lodgings, 24, Frederick-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, R. Duthie's house, Castle-brae 

Misses, dressmakers, 12, Frederick-street 

Robertson, Alexander, traveller (Smith, Irvine, & Co.), h. 104, 
Alexander, gardener, 24, Spital QHigh-st. Old Aberdeen 

Alexander, builder, 79, Windmill-brae, h. 4, Gordon's-street! 

— — Benjamin, shipmaster (Sophia), 67, Commerce-street 

Charles, ironmonger, 17, Park-st. h. South Constitution-st. 

Charles, blacksmith, Castle-brae, h. 3, Mill-street 

— — Daniel, boot and shoemaker, 85, Green 

David, Aberdeen Hotel, 138, Union-street, (Bridge) 

— David, blacksmith, Castle-brae, h. 3, Mill-street 

George, wright, 76, h. 64, Gerard-street 

George, mason, 101, Chapel-street 

George, saddler, Braehead, Gilcomston 

Hector, shoemaker, 11, Trinity-corner 

James, tavern-keeper, Don-terrace, New Bridge of Don 

James, hair-cutter and perfumer, 5, Queen-st. h. 26, Broad-st. 

James, clerk (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. 263, George-street 

James, cooper, 72, Hutcheon-street 


ROB— ROB 133 

Robertson, James, late cooper, Hardgate 

— — James, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 157, Union-street, h. 

— — James, coal-meter, 21, Shuttle-lane £Strawberrybank 

James, gardener, Walker's-court, 17, Virginia-street 

James B. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 147? h. 145, George-st. 

John, shipmaster (Preceptor), 3, Wellington-street 

— — Joseph, shipmaster (Pomona), 22, East North-street 
Patrick, Mackie-place 

Peter, teacher (of Dr. Bell's School, Frederick-st.), h. 129, 

Robert, surgeon, 84, George-street QUnion-st. 

Robert, druggist, manufacturer of black and japan inks, fur- 
niture paste, and liquid blue, 82, h. 84, George-street 

— Roger, shoemaker, Walker's-court, 23, College-street £st. 

— Thomas, coppersmith (H. Gordon & Co.). fa 27, St. Andrew- 
_ Thomas, jun. clerk (D. Smith & Co.), h. 27, St. Andrew-st. 

— Thomas, cabinet-maker, Gordon's-court, 88, Broad-street 
I Thomas, gardener, Hardgate 

— William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 145, h. Milne's-ct. 143, 

— William, tea-dealer, Woodside QGallowgate 

— William, chimney-sweeper, Rhind's-court, 64, Gallowgate 

— William Forbes, of Hazelhead, h. Hazelhead 

— — William, marble and stone-cutter, 3, Huntly-street 

William, clothier and merchant-tailor, 20, St. Nicholas-street, 

h. 77, Bon-Accord-street 

— William, boot and shoemaker, 7, h. 5, Upperkirkgate 

— William, mealseller, 80, Chapel-street 

— William, J. (of James Duguid & Co.), h. 279, George-street 
— — William, founder (J. Duffus & Co.), 14, St. Clement-street 

— Mrs. Capt. Alexander, lodgings, 17, Whitehouse-street 

— Mrs. Charles, 10, Queen-street 

Mrs. Duncan (Excise), 93, Spital 

_ Mrs. Dr. William, Albyn-place 

— Mrs. George (Excise), 53, Shiprow 

Mrs. James, 83, Union-street 

— Mrs. John, 34, Skene-terrace 

— Mrs. John, midwife, Broadford-place 

— Mrs. dealer in butter and eggs, 209, Gallowgate 

134 ROB— ROS 

Robertson, Mrs. teacher of the Female Roman Catholic School 
—— Mrs. dressmaker, Broadford-place £Constitution-st 

Mrs. lodgings, 13, Lodge-walk 

Mrs. vintner and lodgings, Cheyne's-court, 69, Broad-street 

Mrs. midwife, 262, George-street 

Mrs. midwife, 31, Virginia-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 9, Blackfriars-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 18, St. Nicholas-lane 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Crown-court, Union-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 5, Princes-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 44, Union-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 20, Fisher-row 

Miss, dressmaker, 17, Long-acre 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 30, Upperkirkgate 

— — Miss, dressmaker, 73, Woolmanhill 

Robison, William, advocate, Commercial-court, 58, Castle-street 

Mrs. William, 15, Carmelite-street 

Robson, John, wright, 8, Porthill 

James, feuar, Gordon's-mills 

William, clerk (Leys, Masson, & Co.), h. Cotton 

Miss, straw-hat maker, Upper Denburn 

Rodney, George, general gardener, 53, Windmill-brae 
Rodger, James, sen. 1, Mary-place 

James, jun. tanner, currier, and wholesale and retail leathei 

dealer, Gilcomston Tannery, h. 1 , Mary-place 
Roger, John, clerk (Aberdeen Bank), h. Broadford 

Thomas, teacher (Trades' School), h. 39, Long-acre 

— — William, clerk (A. Pirie & Sons), h, Kingsland-place 

William, miniature painter, 7> Bon-Accord-street 

Mrs. Broadford 

Ronald, Alexander, dealer in provisions, 2, Trinity-quay 

Mrs. Lemon-tree Tavern, *], Huxter-row 

Mrs. John, broker, 25, Lodge-walk 

Ronalds John, shipbuilder, h. 113, York-street 

John, & Co. ship and steam-boat builders, Footdee 

Rose, Donaldson, shipowner and timber-merchant, 11, Golden-S( 

Donaldson, & Co. timber-merchants, 27, York-street 



ROS— ROS 135 

Rose, James, grocer and shoemaker, Short-loanings 

— James, late cooper, h. 20, Bon-Accord-street 

— John, stabler and vintner, 166, Gallowgate 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer and mealseller, Cotton 

Mrs. straw-hat maker and milliner, 18, Skene-street 

— Miss, housekeeper, Gordon's Hospital, Schoolhill 
Miss, grocer, 93, Green 

Ross, Adam, tack and nail manufacturer, Tytler's-court, Green, h. 

Alexander, vintner, Gordon's-mills \_\, Chronicle-lane 

Alexander, tailor, 7, East North-street [Wellington-st. 

Alexander, clerk (William Simpson & Co.), Footdee, h. 28, 

— Andrew, flesher, 10, George-street-market, h. 152, George-st. 

— Andrew, house-carpenter, 42, h. 32, Chapel-street 
Angus, cooper, 14, Sugarhouse-lane 

Charles, grocer, Gordon's-mills 

Daniel, meter inspector (Gas Light Co.), h. 7, Shore-brae 

— Donald, boot and shoemaker, Woodside 
Donald, surgeon, 2, North-street 

— Donald, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Woodside [^corner 
George, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 10, h. 11, Trinity- 

— George, tailor, 6, St. Catherine's-wynd 

Hugh, sen. overseer (Alexander Nicol), h. 5, Skene-place 

— Hugh, jun. small-ware merchant (successor to Robert Melvin), 
4, Broad-street, h. 3, Skene-place 

— Hugh, late officer of excise, 14, Harriot-street 

— James, upholsterer, 15, Upperkirkgate, h. 2, Gallowgate 
James, shoemaker, Upper Denburn 

— James, builder, 28, Summer-street 

— James, sheriff-officer, 19, Fisher-row 

— James, portrait painter and teacher of dancing, 13, Long-acre 

James, road contractor, Jack's-brae 

James, carrier of the Infirmary-chair, h. 1, St. Andrew-street 

James, vintner, 43, Quay 

James, clothier and haberdasher, 206, George-street 

John, assistant-commissary of ordnance, 91, King-street 

— John, teacher of music, 8, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 
Peter, boot and shoemaker, Upper Denburn 


136 ROS— ROY 

Ross, Robert, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 34, Green 

— — Robert, surgeon and apothecary, 43, High-st., Old Aberdeen 

Roderick, shoemaker, 3, College-street 

Thomas, shoemaker, 21, St. Clement-street 

Thomas, clerk (Stewart, Rowell, & Co.), h. Hutcheon-street 

1 Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 6, Jopp's-lane 

William, mealseller, 21, Park-street 

William, sailmaker, 13, Lodge-walk 

William, advocate, 4, Carmelite-street 

— — William, draper, 177, Gallowgate 

William, dealer in poultry, Philip's-court, 147, Gallowgate 

■ William, ironmonger, 34, Broad-street, h. 6, Crown-street 

William, auctioneer, 15, Upperkirkgate.A. 2, Gallowgate 

William, blacksmith, Church-street, h. St. Clement-street 

William, grocer, skene-square 

Miss, 9, St. Nicholas-street 

Mrs. Charles, 42, Skene-terrace 

Mrs. Hugh, broker, Mathieson's-court, 15, Castle-street 

Mrs. John, of Craigiepark, 39, Upperkirkgate 

Mrs. John, Stephen's Cottage, Summer-street 

Mrs. John, of Grenada, 31, Bon-Accord-terrace 

Mrs. Robert, 90, Crown-street Qowgatei, 

— — Mrs. William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 107> h. 139, Gal- 
Rosay, William, shipmaster (Queen Victoria), 3, Baltic-street 
Rothnie, John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 78, George-street 
Rough, John, corn extractor, funeral undertaker, and principal. 

beadle (St. Andrew's Chapel), h. Brebner's-ct. 10, Castle-st. 
Routledge, Isaac (of W. Routledge & Son), h. 220, Gallowgate 
William (of W. Routledge & Son), h. 270, George-street 

Whinton & Son, rope and twine manufacturers, 219, Gallow- 

Rowell, Joseph, comb manufacturer, 1, Rosemount-terrace []gate 
— — John, chain manufacturer, 7, John-street 

William, chain manufacturer, 68, North-street 

Roy, James, jun. seedsman, nurseryman, florist, and fruiterer, 50, L 

Union-street. — Nurseries, North-street, and South Ferry- !__ 

hill, &c. h. at Nursery, South Ferryhill 

John, seedsman, 50, Union-street, h. South Ferryhill 


ROY— RUS 137 

Roy, Lieut. James (Aberdeenshire Militia), and agent for gun- 
powder, 17, Marischal-street, h. 4, Bon- Accord-lane 
John, gardener, 53, Guestrow 

John, flesher, 15, Wales-street-market, h. 4, Cowgate 

— — William, vintner, Mannofield 

- Mrs. John, lodgings, 165, Union-street 

Miss Margaret, milliner and dressmaker, 129, Union-street 

- Miss, dressmaker, 5, Princes-street 

- Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 165, Union-street 
Royal Exchange Assurance — Alex. Jopp, advocate, agent, Jopp's- 

court, 31, Gallowgate 
Royal Mail and General Coach Office, 65, Union-street 
Ruddiman, Alexander, foreman (M'Combie, Dunn, & Co.), 13, 
John, cabinetmaker, 12, Shiprow fJGreen 

William, & Co. pawnbrokers, 6, Green 

— William, wright and dealer in furniture, 2, Barnett's-close 

Runcie, George, surgeon and apothecary, 45, Green 

— — John & William, tinsmiths, 9, George-street 

Runcy, Charles, Millbank — office, 32, Quay 

— — Charles, shipmaster, 58, Quay 

itussel, Alexander, merchant-tailor, 58, Netherkirkgate 

- Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 13, St. Clement-street 

- James, farmer, Newlands 

- Robert, wholesale tea, spirit, and provision merchant, &c. 1, 

R. C. surgeon, 1, h. 2, Mounthooly [_Shuttle-lane, Park-st. 

William, bookseller and circulating library, 19, Broad-street, 

h. 4, Dee-street [^Union-street, 7?. 4, Dee-street 

- William, confectioner and baker, 38, Upperkirkgate, and 28, 

William, merchant-tailor, Concert-court, Broad-street 

Mrs. dressmaker, Chapel-court, 1, Justice-street 

- Mrs. midwife, Cotton 

Mrs. (Skelmuir), 266, George-street 

Mrs. late of Aden, 4, Dee-street 

Mrs. teacher, Forbes-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Cotton 

■ — Miss, of Rathen, Broadford ^Castle-street 

Russian Vice-Consul, Arthur Thomson— office, Bank of Scotland, 
1839—40 m 

138 RUS— SCO 

Rust, George, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 14, George* 
street, h. Loch-head, by Lunatic Asylum 

James & Son, grocers, tea, wine, and spirit dealers, and ge- 

Williamson, h. Cotton [Jneral merchants, Cotton 

Rutherford, George, & Co. blacksmiths, 27, Frederick-street, h. 1, 

Thomas, spirit-dealer, 90, North-street QGardener's-lane 

Rylie, Thomas, manager (A. Mortimer & Co.), Waterloo-quay 


Saint, James, shore-porter, St. Catherine' s-court, 14, Shiprow 
Salmon, Thomas, dealer in and purchaser of old clothes, 39, Guestrow 
Saloon, Lamp and Fancy Ornament — M. Rettie & Son, 101 

Salter, William, flesher, 16, Poultry-market, h. Nelson-street 
Samuel, Edward, cashier (North of Scotland Equitable Loan Co.) 

52, Union-street, h. Crown-street 
Sandilands, James Andrew, of Cruives, 13, Belmont-street 
Sang, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 50, Summer-st. h. Hardgate 

William, builder, 74, Skene-street [jver-streei 

Sangster, Alexander, flesher, 19, Wales-street-market, h. 3, Hano 

Charles, flesher (of Dyer & Sangster), Victoria-place 

George, tailor, Cotton ^houses, 22, Wales-street 

James, flesher, 33 and 34, Wales-street-market, h. Sangster's- 

Robert, flesher, 17, Wales-street-market, h. Victoria-place 

Robert, shipmaster (Favourite), 15, James-street 

Thomas, advocate, 54, Union-street, k. Albyn-place 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 7, East North-street 

— — Miss, 12, Princes-street 

Saunders, James, clerk (James Forbes of Echt)> h. 57, College-st 

James, shoemaker, 3, Theatre-lane 

— — Misses, sick-nurses, 5, Mount! ooly 
Scandrett, James, painter and glazier, 5, Jopp's-lane 

Scarth, James, general agent, 53, St. Nicholas-st. h. Skene-place 
Scorgie, George, shipmaster (Triton), Mill-street Qite-stree 

George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 40, Green, h. 8, Carme 


SCO— SCO 139 

Scorgie, John, mealseller and spirit-dealer, 7> Gallowgate, h. Ewen's- 
court, 42, Gallowgate 

Robert, vintner and stoneware merchant, 53, Green 

Thomas, gardener, Balgownie 

William, provision-seller, 26, St. Clement's-street 

William, mealseller, 7> Commerce-street 

Scott, Adam, provision-seller, 90, Green 

- — Alexander, Firhillwell-lane, Spital 

- Alexander, vintner, 77? Shiprow QQueen-street 

Alexander, boot and shoemaker, Ruthrieston, and 18, h. 1J, 

- Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 51, St. Nicholas-street, h. 
Charles-court, 40, Upperkirkgate 

- Alexander, vintner, 19, Commerce-street 

Anthony, & Sons, pottery-warehouse, Exchange-ct. Union-st. 

- Captain David, R.N. Berryden 

Hercules, professor of moral philosophy, King's College, h. at 

- James, tailor, 33, St. Andrew-st. [^College, Old Aberdeen 

- James, boot and shoemaker, 19, St. Nicholas-street, h. 20, 
John, candlemaker, 69, ^. 70, Gallowgate ^Shiprow 

| John, M.D. 15, St. Andrew-street 

- John, feuar, Gordon's-mills Qcord-street 

- Robert, manager (Bowman, Vernon, & Co.), h. 71 3 Bon-Ac- 

- William, stone-cutter, Scott's-ct. 25, Quay, h. 30, Marischal-st. 
| Mrs. & Co. milliners, dress and straw-hat makers, 8, North-st. 

- Mrs. provision-seller, 34, George-street 
■ Mrs. John,-15, St. Andrew-street 

- Miss, lodgings, 94, Spital 

- Miss, mantuamaker, 5, Huntly-street 

- Miss, dressmaker, 30, Marischal-street 
Miss, straw-hat-maker and milliner, 9, St. Andrew-street 

Misses, milliners and dressmakers, Craigwell-place 

Scottish Equitable Assurance Company (whole profits belong to 

assured) — William Gordon, advocate, agent, 14, Adelphi 
— Provident Institution of Edinburgh — Agent at Aberdeen, 
is William Skinner, advocate, 161, Union-street 

- Union Fire and Life Insurance Company, James M'Hardy, 
advocate, agent, Commercial-court, 58, Castle-street 

140 SCO— SHA 

Scottish Widows' Fund — Agent at Aberdeen, Alexander Nicol, 22, 
Scottmuir, Mrs. broker, 22, Lodge-walk [[Marischal-street 

Sector, James, boot and shoemaker, 27, Causewayend 

William, boot and shoemaker, 29, Causewayend 

Sedgewick, Rev. R. Mile-end [[registrar 

Seisins Office (Register of), 11, Belmont-street — Newell Burnett, 
Selby, Alexander, vintner and stabler, 22, Schoolhill 

Mrs. Dr. 21, Golden-square 

Sellar, Alexander, shoemaker, 6, College-lane 

James, book-deliverer, 8, Blackfriars-street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 15? College-street 

Joseph, woollen merchants 8, Upperkirkgate, h. Smith's-court, 

49, Gallowgate 
Senter, John, boot and shoemaker, 4, h. 6, Crown-street 
Session-Clerk — William Smith, Footdee 
Seton, Alexander, manufacturer (Gordon, Barron, & Co.), Woodside 

Lady, of Pitmedden, 27, Union-place 

Shackleton, William (of Popplewell & Co.), h. Canal-road 
Shaftoe, John, precentor (St. Paul's Chapel), and teacher of vocal 

music, Links-gardens 
Shand, Alexander, wright, Cameron's-court, 30, North-street 

Alexander, shoemaker, Canal-road, Causewayend 

Arthur, feuar, 37, Causewayend 

David, saw-trimmer, 31, Park-street, h. 1, Shuttle-lane 

George, maltmill — warehouse, 40, Castle-street 

Joseph, grain-merchant and miller, 2, Maltmill-bridge, h. 10, 

Fisher-row — entry, Fowler's-wynd 

Robert, of Hillside, h. 40, Queen-street 

— — • Robert, advocate — office, 31, Gallowgate, h. 103, Union-streel, _ 

William, 12, Golden-square 

Mrs. sick-nurse, Skene-square 

1 Misses, 4, Union-place 

Shanks, Colin, baker, 96, h. 94, Chapel-street 

• James, slater, 44, Loch-street 

Mrs. housekeeper, Infirmary 

Sharp, George, confectioner, 10, h. 5, Upperkirkgate 

Henry, boot and shoemaker, 26, Gallowgate I j ( 



SH A—SHE 141 

Sharp, James, stoneware merchant, 9, h. 8, Shiprow 

— — James, musical-instrument-maker, 7, George-street 

Mrs. mealseller, 5, Mealmarket-lane 

Shaw, Alexander, spirit dealer, 27, East North-street 

Donald, turner, 10, Long-acre, h. 4, East North-street 

Peter, heel and toe-plate manufacturers 4, Causewayend, h. 

Samuel, late painter, 22, Back-wynd [16, Catherine-st. 

Mrs. 23, Adelphi, Union-street 

] Mrs. D. Twin-cottage, Nellfield 

Miss, dressmaker, 12, Carmelite-street 

3heals, Constantine, shoemaker, Park-street 

Peter, shoemaker, 26, Justice-street 
Shearer, Ebenezer, tailor, Burn-court, 44, Upperkirkgate 

James, jobbing gardener, Ann-street £George-st. 

Sherar, John, manufacturer of tinplate and japan goods, 31, h. 32, 

Robert, candlemaker, 31, h. 32, George-street 

Sherer, Andrew, ship-chandler (successor to Mrs. Wm. Jamieson, 

jun.), 29, Quay, h. 13, Prince Regent-street 
hed, Alexander, slater. Upper Denburn 

John, slater, 4, Upper Denburn 

Jheed, John, manufacturer (Leys, Masson, & Co.), h. 31, Dee-st. 
Jhepherd, Alexander, gardener, 64, Gerard-street 

Andrew (late of E. I. Co.), h. Skene-square £Skene-square 

I Charles, of the Field Train Department, Rosemount-terrace, 

— Francis (late of the Ordnance Department), 32, Summer-st. 

George, bookseller and stationer, 1, h. 40, Broad-street 

James, clerk (Gray, Watt, & Co.), North-street 

I John, manufacturer (Milne, Cruden, & Co.), h. 77, North-st. 

John, keeper of the Water Reservoir, Union-place 

Simpson, spirit-dealer, grocer, and wine merchant, 29, h. 27, 

William, late confectioner, 40, Broad-street QNorth-st. 

William, clerk (Heckling Department, Milne, Cruden, & 

Mrs. Robert, Crown-street [Co.), h. 182, Gallowgate 

Mrs. D. 37, Bon- Accord-street 

Misses, Skene-square 

heppard, Walter, slater, Charles-street 
heriff-Clerk's Office, 27^ King-street 

1839—40 m 2 

142 SHE— SIM 

Shewan, Mrs. John, h. Shewan's-court, 119, Gallowgate Qrow 

Shipping Gazette — A. Stevenson & Co. Correspondents, 6, Union- 
Shipmasters' Society-hall, Shipmasters'-court, 97, Shiprow 
Shipping (Surveyor of) at Aberdeen — William Chiene, R.N. 32, 
Shields, John, confectioner, 62, Windmill-brae fJSt. Nicholas-st. 

Miss H. confectioner, 40, Queen-street 

Shier, John, lecturer on Natural History, &c. h. 23, Broadford 

Mrs. lodgings, 36, Long-acre 

Shirra, George, & Co. clothiers and haberdashers, 35, Union-street 
Shirreffs, Alexander, jeweller, 63, Guestrow \Ji. 43, Dee-street 
ShirefFs, George, shore-porter, 10, Stronach's-close 

James, Union Inn, and coach-contractor, 42, St. Nicholas-st. 

James, keeper of the Court-House, and Librarian, Advocates' 

. John, basketmaker, 75, Gallowgate [[Society 

, . Robert, clothier and draper, 1, Union-lane, Union-street, h. 

William, mason, 39, Windmill-brae £44, Upperkirkgate 

_ William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 178, George-street, h\ 

William, boot and shoemaker, 42, Shiprow £Skene-square 

Shirres, David L. clothier, 30, Union-street, h. Crown-court, 36^ 

Upperkirkgate £Broad-st.i 

J. & Co. clothiers, 25, Union-street, h. Rettie's-court, 26 

William, clothier and haberdasher, 67, King-street, and 1, 

North-street, h. Bon- Accord-lane 
Shore Dues and Harbour Office, Quay, foot of Marischal-street 
Shooting Gallery, Castle-brae — John Middleton, manager 
Sievewright, Alexander, wright, 55, York-street 

John, stabler, 9, Princes-street £son's-ct. 46, Broad-st. 

Robert, shoemaker, and keeper of the Dead House, Hender- 

William, grocer and porter-dealer, Murray's-houses, Park-st 

Silver, George, of Netherley, k. 39, Schoolhill 

> George, jun. Netherley, 39, Schoolhill 

.fitf George, smoke-doctor and grate-setter, Jopp's-court, 40 

John, gardener, Hardgate QBroad-st 

Sim, Alexander, accountant (Bank of Scotland), h. 34, Castle-st. 
Alexander, 1, Sim-square 

— — Alexander, brewer, Holburn-street 
— — Alexander, factor, 6, Catto-square 

SIM— SIM 143 

Sim, Alexander, shipmaster (Abeona), 13, Sugar-house-lane 

Charles, cart and plough wright, North end of Blackfriars-st. 

— — Charles, tailor, 29, Broad-street 

Clark, & Co. manufacturing chemists, 76, King-street 

George, shipmaster (Hawk), 60, Quay 

George, of the Customs, 6, East North-street 

James, shipmaster (Evander), h. 10, Canal-terrace 

— — James, Holburn-street 

! James, gardener, Polmuir 

James (of Sim, Clark, & Co.), h. 80, King-street 

, James & Alexander, brewers, 31, Loch-street 

John, book-keeper (North of Scotland Bank), h. 262, George- 

John, wright, Skene-square |[st. 

John, shoemaker, 3> Princes-street 

John, teacher, 138, Union-street — entry from Belmont-street 

Robert, gardener, Westfield, Gilcomston 

Mrs. broker, 9, Loch-street 

Simmie, Robert, reedmaker, 10, h. 12, Harriot-st. [^cord-square 
Simpson, Alexander, clothier (of Simpson & Whyte), h. Bon-Ac- 

Capt. Alex. (5th West India regiment), h. Wellington-place 

Andrew, grocer and wright, 26, College-bounds, Old Aber- 

■ Archibald, architect, Bon-Accord-square £deen 

- Archibald, merchant, Woodside 

Rev. David (Trinity Church), h. 1, West Craibston-street 

— — George, cork-cutter, 24 and 25, h. Thornton-place, 29, Guest- 

■ George, (Alex. Cowie), 10, Virginia-street \jow 

— - — James, builder, John-street, h. Donald's-court, 20, Schoolhill 

James, advocate, 102, Union-street 

James, gardener, Ann-street 

— — John, jun. builder, 54, Bon-Accord-street 

; John, yost. builder, 74, Windmill-brae £Accord-st. 

■ John, clothier and haberdasher, 11, Broad-street, h. 14, Bon- 
— — Joseph, 14, Rose-street [^street, h. 49, Broad-street 

— — Patrick, rope and twine manufacturer, 8, Union-row, Union- 

Robert, wright, and lodgings, 32, St. Andrew-street 

" & Whyte, woollen drapers and furnishers of gentlemen's 

clothing, 21, Union -buildings 

144 SIM— SKE 

Simpson, William, piano-forte-tuner (Taylor's Music Saloon, 142, 

Union-street), h. 10, Skene-square 
William, & Co. engineers and boiler makers, chain cable, 

anchor and ship-smiths, York-place Iron Works, Footdee 

William, advocate, procurator fiscal for the county — office, 

56, h. 58, Bon-Accord-street 

William, beadle (Chapel of Ease), and funeral- waiter, 111, 

William, cabinet-maker, 86, Hutcheon-st. [Skene-st. 

William, wright, 26, Skene-street, h. 8, Spa-street 

— — Mrs. James, gardener, 4, Shuttle-lane 

Mrs. James, broker, 68, Netherkirkgate 

Mrs. lodgings, Red Lion-court, 77, Broad-street 

Mrs. William, 2, Yeats-lane 

Mrs. straw-hat-maker, 52, Summer-street 

Miss, Lower Middlefield 

Miss Ann, Broadford 

■ Miss, Moir's-court, 103, Gallowgate 

Sinclair, Alexander, clother and haberdasher, 37, Union-street, 

h. 8, Constitution-street 
George, tailor, Cruden's-court, 22, Broad-street 

- James, manufacturer, 10, Thistle-street 

William, wholesale druggist, 36, Union-street, h. above shop 

— — Mrs. J. porter and spirit dealer, Jack's-brae 

Singer, Adam, agent— house and office Ogston's-ct. 84, Broad-st. 
- — James, vintner, John-street [h. 1, Charlotte-street 
Skea, Thomas, horse-shoer and farrier, Machray's-ct. 59, Georo-e-st. 
Skene, Captain, Alexander, R. V. Louisville [214, Union-st. 
Charles, M.D. professor of medicine, Marischal College, 7i. 

George, woollen manufacturer, Sutherland's-court, 126, Gal- 

lowgate, h. Shewan's-court, 119, Gallowgate 

Laurence, clerk (A. H. & S.), 25, Marischal-street 

Robert, baker, 4, Justice-street 

Thomas, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 93, h. 95, Causewayend 

William, shipmaster (Scotsman), 1, Justice-lane 

Miss A. 50, Skene-terrace 

Miss, wool merchant, 14, Queen-street, h. 126, Gallowgate 

Miss, Mary Ann, 179, Union-st.— entry, South Silver-st. 


SKI— SMI 145 

Skinner, Alexander, shore-porter, Exchequer-row 

— — P. A. candlemaker, St. Catherine's-court, 14, Shiprow 

the Right Rev. Bishop William (St. Andrew's Chapel), h. 1, 

William, advocate, 161, Union-street QGolden-square 

Skues, Lieut. George, R.M. dentist, Crown-terrace 

Mrs. grocer and vintner, 19, Virginia-street 

Slater, James, tailor, Clubber's-close, Park-street 

Simon, merchant-tailor and lodgings, 12, North-street 

Misses, straw-hat and dressmakers, girls' school, 12, North-st. 

Slight, Alexander, clothier and haberdasher, 133, h. 122, Union-st. 

Mrs. milliner, dressmaker, and pattern-printer, 133, h. 122, 

Small, Alexander, tinsmith, 7, Canal-street QUnion-street 

• — — Miss> dressmaker, 149, George-street 
Smart, John, shipmaster (Glasgow Packet), 9, Summer-lane 
William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 16, Castle-street 

William, clerk (Farquhar & Co.), 4, Diamond-street 

Mrs. lodgings, Annand's-court, 27, James-street 

Smith, Alexander, merchant, 3, Castle-street, h. 95, Gallowgate 
Alexander, late merchant, 7, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

— — - Alexander, advocate, 96, Union-street, and Glenmillan 

Alexander, pawnbroker, 2, Ragg's-lane 

Alexander, wright, Skene-square 

— — Alexander, late merchant, J, JBlack's-buildings 
— • — Alexander, druggist, 3, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Alexander, tailor, 6, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

— — Alexander., penny-post-master, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 

59, High-street, Old Aberdeen 
— — Alexander, boot and shoemaker, Holburn-street 

! Alexander, spirit-dealer, 69, Commerce-street 

— — Andrew, clothier, 5, Broad-street, h. 31, Frederick-street 

Andrew, clerk (L. M. & Co.), h. Grandholm-works, Donside 

I ' Arthur, painter and glazier, 44, Shiprow 

~ — Charles, confectioner, 40, Woolmanhill 

— — Charles, tailor, 9, Skene-terrace, h. 75, Woolmanhill 

Charles, overseer, Rosemount Cottage 

David, & Co. hat manufacturers, 194, h. 196, George-street 

- — David, carter, 3, Jopp's-lane 


Smith, Dr. Rev. Craigie-park 

Francis, accountant (North of Scotland Bank), h. Spring- 

George, upholsterer, 150, George-street [bank, Dee-street 

George, night patrole, Jack's-brae 

George, wool-comber, 33, Spital 

George, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Gordon's-mills 

George, vintner, 6, Commerce-street 

George, E. nail and chain manufacturer, 34, North-street 

George, quarrier, 52, Summer-street 

George, blacksmith, King-street-road, Old Aberdeen 

George, mason, Causewayend-road 

Henry, 91, Shiprow 

Hugh, timber-merchant, 103, George-street 

Irvine, & Co. brewers, 18, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

James, working jeweller, 2, Shoe-lane 

James, accountant (Aberdeen Assurance Co. 89, Union-st.), 

James, tavern-keeper, 7, Trinity-st. \_h. 32, Dee-st. 

James, boot and shoemaker, Holburn-street 

James, gardener, 46, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

James, grocer and spirit dealer, Short Leanings 

James, & Son, cabinet-makers, Flourmill-lane, h. 49, Bon- 

James, late slater, 9, Trinity-street [Accord-street 

James, silk-mercer and haberdasher, 105, Union-street, k. 

Ferguson's-court, 108, Gallowgate 

James, grocer, 1 1, College-street 

James, shoemaker and leather dealer, 94, Gallowgate 

James, carver and gilder, 21, Blackfriars-street 

James, superintendent of the canal works, 56, Gerard-street 

James, grocer, 35, St. Andrew-street 

James, boot and shoemaker, 2, Commerce-street 

James, entry-keeper, Permit Office, 112, King-street, h. 24, 

Frederick-street [15, Mealmarket-lane 

Jeremiah, nail and chain manufacturer, 34, North-street, k. 

John, spirit-dealer, 104, Shiprow 

John, first clerk (Post Office), k. 2, St. Nicholas-lane 

John, third clerk (Post Office), h. 2, St. Nicholas-lane 

John, boot and shoemaker, Holburn-street 


SMI— SMI 147 

Smith, John, architect and superintendent of town's works, 142, 

John, brewer and distiller, h, Newbridge {[King-street 

— — John, shipmaster (Orient), 28, James-street 

John, baker, J, h. 9, Dee- street 

John, shipmaster (Star), Waterloo-quay 

John, advocate, 28, Queen-street 

John, jun. advocate and accountant (of Blaikie & Smith), h. 

— — John, fishing-tackle-maker, 63, Guestrow [25, Union-place 

John, vintner and shore-porter, h. 10, Quay 

John, merchant-tailor, 9, Lodge-walk 

John, cabinet-maker, 32, Chapel-street 

John, clothier, 9, Back-wynd 

John, gardener, Ann-street 

John, boot and shoemaker, 27, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

John, & Co. iron and nail merchants, 5, Shoe-lane 

John, insurance broker and general agent, 47, Marischal-st. 

John, sen. shore-porter, 10, Quay \_h. % Skene-place 

John, jun. shore-porter, 13, Exchequer-row 

John, shoemaker and lodgings, 92, Spital 

John, gardener, Tanfield 

John, carver and gilder, 21, Blackfriars-street 

John, clerk, 1, St. Mary'splace 

— John, yost. auctioneer, and agent for T. Van Egmont & Sons, 
Rotterdam, 2, St. Catherine's- wynd, h. 32, Dee-street 

— John, sen. shoemaker, Holburn-street 

— John, shoemaker, 7, Chapel-street, h. 3, Whitehouse-street 
— \John, merchant-tailor, 6, Union-street, h. 8, Exchequer-row 

— John, shipmaster (Margarets), 3, Links-street 

— Joseph, vintner, 86, Causewayend 

Lewis, bookseller, 66, Broad-street, h. 49, Guestrow 

Neil, jun. merchant, 40, Loch-street, k. 65, Bon-Accord-st. 

Paul, late officer of excise, 13, Huxter-row 

Peter, & Sons, boot and shoemakers, 5, Trinity-street 

Peter, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Skene-square 

Robert, gardener, Sunnybank [h. 16, Adelphi 

Robert, commission merchant and agent, 1 15, Union-street, 

Robert, M.D. 9, Union-terrace 


148 SMI— SMI 

Smith, Rev. Robert (St. Machar's Church), 14, Chanonry, Old 
Aberdeen Qrow 

Robert (of Jamieson & Smith;, h. Milner's-court, 21, Guest- 

Robert, excise-officer, 32, St. Andrew-street 

& Son, cabinet-makers and upholsterers, 171, Union-street 

Thomas, painter and glazier, 6, Long-acre, h. 5, Jopp's-lane 

Thomas, broker, 38, East North-street 

Walter, wright and cabinet-maker, h. 16, Blackfriars-street 

William P. teacher, 14, Marywell-street Qkirkgate 

William, clerk (Police Office), h. Jamieson's-court, 5, Upper- 

William (of Smith & Son), h. 108, George-street 

William, clerk (Duke of Richmond steamer), 59, Virginia-st. 

William, tailor, Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen 

William, painter and glazier, 2, Marischal-st. h. 62, Gordon-st. 

William, session-clerk, and keeper of the register of marriages 

for the City of Aberdeen, Footdee 
— — William, blacksmith, 20, Frederick-st. h. 18, Commerce-st. 

William, blacksmith, 113, Skene-street 

William (of Laing & Smith), h. 9, John-street 

William, bulker (Harbour Office), h. 6, Windy-wynd 

William, shoemaker, Holburn-street 

William, overseer (Aberdeen Brick and Tile Company), h. 

Works, Clayhills \Ji. Springbank, Dee-street 

William, jun. tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 106, Union-st. 

William, shipmaster, Holburn-street 

William, mason, 64, Loch-street 

Mrs. A. 57, Bon-Accord-street 

Mrs. Dr. Springbank, Dee-street 

Mrs. George, Wellington-place 

Mrs. James, late stabler, 26, Mutton-brae 

— — Mrs. James, midwife, 51, North-street 

Mrs. Captain John, 3, Constitution-street 

Mrs. John, Exchequer-place, Chapel-lane 

Mrs. Robert, 16, Adelphi 

Mrs. William, lodgings, Summer-lane 

Mrs. William, stabler, 24, North-street 

Mrs. William, midwife, 8, Denburn-terrace 




SMI— SOU 149 

Smith, Mrs. 2, South Silver-street 

— Mrs. 21, Blackfriars-street 

— Mrs. 31, Shiprow 

— Mrs. eating-house, 64, Guestrow 

— Mrs. 37, Chapel-street 

Mrs. lodgings, 68, Queen-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 9, Lodge-walk 

— Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 49, Bon-Accord-street 

— Miss, dressmaker, 16, Long-acre 

— Miss, 84, George-street 

— Miss, dressmaker, 58, Gerard-street 

Miss, 66, Dee-street 

Miss, 50, Shiprow 

— Miss, milliner, tuscan and straw-bonnet warehouse, 20, 

— Miss, 19, Union-terrace [[Broad-street 

Miss; dressmaker, 1, St. Mary's-place 

Miss, teacher of music, and ladies' school, 32, Dee-street 

— Miss, Crown-street 

Miss, dressmaker, King-street, Old Aberdeen 

— Misses, milliners, dressmakers, and straw-hat-makers, 15, 

Snaith, Robert, excise-officer, 32, St. Andrew-street 

3nell, Alexander, stone-merchant, 14, St. Clement-street 

3ney, John, principal servant (South Parish Church), funeral and 

occasional waiter, 45, Summer-street 
snowey, Mrs. Lieut. 126, King-street 
snowie, Alexander, tailor, 53, East North-street 
James, shoemaker, 125, Gallowgate 

William, flesher, 3, Wales-street-market, h. Belmont Cottage 

5odan, Benjamin, excise-officer, Ashville, Holburn-street 
Sorley, John, reed-maker, 47, George-street, h. Denburn-terrace 
Sorrie, Alexander, mealseller, Hector's-houses, 55, Virginia-street 
5ouper, George, ship-rigger, 19, Wales-street 

Souter, David, wholesale druggist, Cruden's-court, 22, Broad-st. A. 

— William, shoemaker, 15, h. 12, Park-st. [[Strawberrybank 
iouth-bridge Brewery and Distillery, Holburn-street 
Jouthgate, Mrs. vintner, 6, Church-street 

1839—40 n 

150 SPA— STE 

Spalding, George, jobbing-gardener, Holburn-street 

Spark, Andrew, flesher, 8, Wales-street-market, /*. Webster's 

houses, Hanover-street 
George, grocer, ship-chandler and spirit-dealer, 55, Quay 

Robert, painter and glazier, 32, Shi prow 

Thomas, treasurer (Infirmary), k. 32, Shiprow 

Thomas, bookseller, 38, Broad-street, h. 8, Gallowgate 

William, flesher, 6, Wales-street-market, h. Webster's-house; 


William, watch and clock-maker, 29, h. 32, St. Nicholas-stre< 

William, & Co. fleshers, 11, 12, 26, and 27, Wales-stree 

market, h, Middleton's-houses, Victoria-place 

& Ross, Mrs. teachers, Gordon's-court, 4, Schoolhill 

Mrs. 17, Littlejohn-street 

Miss, Strawberrybank 

Spence, Rev. Alexander (St. Clement's Church), h. 2, Castle-hil 
Robert, sexton (St. Clement's Churchyard), 6, Catto-squar- 

Mrs. 2, Castle-hill 

■ Mrs. dressmaker, 26, George-street 

Spring, Robert, baker, h. Springbank 

Sproat, Mrs. lodgings, 37, Marischal-street [Old Aberdet 

Stables, Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 112, High-stree 

Alexander, jun. (A. F. & L. As. Co.) 89, Union-street, h. 11 

— — William, vintner, Cotton [High-street, Old Aberdee 

Mrs. Adam, vintner, 102, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Stamp Office, 2, Adelphi, and 71, Union-street 

Standard Life Insurance Company of Scotland — agents, F. J. Cocl 

ran, advocate, 137, Union-street, and G. Marquis, accoun 

ant, 30, Adelphi, Union-street 
Stalker, James, manufacturer, 9, Spa-street 
Star Loan Company, 7, Littlejohn-street 
Steel, James, surgeon, 1, Marischal-street 

John, guard (South Mail), 13, Bon-Accprd-street 

William, coal-broker, 30, Summer-street 

Steele, William, clerk (M 'Hardy & Robison), h. 9, Schoolhill 
Stephen, Alexander, shipmaster (Theophilus), R. Duthie's-house 
— — Alexander, late merchant, 39, Summer-street [Castle-brc 

STE— STE 151 

Stephen, Alexander, shipmaster, 20, James-street 

— Alexander (of Stephen and Sutherland), h. 188, Gallowgate 

— Alexander, shipowner, 44, Quay, h. 26, East North-street 
Alexander, watch and clock-maker, Cotton 

- Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 22, Shiprow 
Charles, 14, Commerce-street 

- George, hairdresser, Holburn-street 

P James, late farmer, Leadside, Gilcomston 

James, ironmonger (William Ross), h. 14, Marywell-street 

!£ Rev. John (John Knox's Church), h. 7, Virginia-street 

John (of Stephen & Marshall), h. 188, Gallowgate 

John, mealseller, 48, Windmill-brae, h. 4, Diamond-street 

John H. engraver and copperplate printer, 18, Netherkirk- 

gate, h. 18, Huntly-street 

Robert, & Son, merchants, 41, Green, h. 1, Martin's-lane 

— & Sutherland, painters and glaziers, 189, Gallowgate 

— William, baker, 35, Broad-street, h. 1, Ragg's-lane 

William, Aberdeen and Elgin carrier — office, 16, George-st. 

h. 7, East North-street. 
_ William, shipmaster (Quebec Packet), h. 53, Commerce-st. 

- William, builder and wood merchant, 13 5 Summer-st. h. 

- Mrs. midwife, 83, Shiprow £Union-wynd 

- Mrs. midwife, 13, Canal-street 
— — Miss, 173, Union-street 

Stephens, Miss, lodgings, 9, St. Nicholas-street 

Stevenson, Alexander, cooper and vintner, 61, Windmill-brae 

— Alexander, & Co. booksellers, newspaper agents, and pro- 
prietors of the Aberdeen Monthly Advertiser, 8, Union-lane 

— David, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 1, h. 3, Carmelite-st. 

— George, toll-keeper, New Bridge of Don 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Cotton 

James, jun. merchant tailor, 4, Black's-buildings 

- James, tailor, 43, Gallowgate 

James, engraver and printer, 6, Queen-street 

_ Robert, engineer (Bowman, Vernon, & Co.), 3, York-street 
I Mrs. lodgings, 72, Dee-street 

- Mrs. grocer, 91, North-street 

152 STE— STE 

Stevens, Robert, grocer, tea and spirit dealer. 212, h. 210, George 
Stewart, Alexander, merchant, h. 19, Union-place ^stree 

— — Alexander, gardener, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 

Alexander, & Co. clothiers and haberdashers, 119, Union-st 

Alexander, flesher, 6, Wales-street-market, h. Park-street 

Alexander, gardener, 4, Chanonry-place, Old Aberdeen 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 17, Justice-street 

■ Charles, late farmer, Maybank, Hutcheon-street 

Charles, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Causewayend 

Charles, grocer, tea-dealer, wine and spirit merchant, 20 

Gallowgate, h. Milne's-court, 27, Gallowgate 
Donald, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 33, Quay, h. Annand's- 

court, 27, James-street 

Gordon, boot and shoemaker, 42, George-street 

James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 43, Park-street 

/ — — James, flesher, 2, Wales-street, h. 9, Wales-street 

/ James, surgeon-apothecary, 190, Gallowgate 

— - John, tailor, Ann-street [[streel 
John, flesher, 47> Wales-st.-market, h. Knox's-court, Wales^ 

John, assistant teacher of Thain's School, 53, k. 69, Shiprow 

John C. surgeon, Woodside 

John, guard (North Mail Coach), 36, Loch-street 

John, comb manufacturer, h. Rosemount-terrace 

John Roy, cotton dyer, Leadside, Gilcomston 

John, flesher, 18, Wales-street-market, h. 16, Wales-street 

John, shipmaster (Triumph), 20, Commerce-street 

Lewis, agent, 28, Castle-street 

Peter, vintner, Waterloo-quay [[Wales-street 

Roderick, flesher, 16, Wales-street-market? and vintner, 13, 

Rowell, & Co. comb manufacturers, 40, Hutcheon-street 

Major Thomas, 50, Dee-street 

Walter (of A. Stewart & Co.), h. 115, Union-street 

Ann, flesher, 10, Wales-street-market, h. *J, Wales-street 

M. grocer, 55, East North-street 

Mrs. Kenneth, 83, Union-street 

Mrs. lodgfngs, Milne's-court, 27, Gallowgate 

Mrs. Ruthven Cottage, Bridge of Dee 


STE— STR 153 

Stewart, Misses, straw-hat-makers and milliners, 25, Broad-street 
Misses, female school, % Fourmill-brae 

Still, David, overseer (L. M. & Co.), h. Tanfield 

George, of Millden, h. 45, Gallowgate 

James, vintner, 87, Green 

John, boot and shoemaker, 9, Park-street 

Patrick, & Co. distillers (Sou thbridge Distillery), Holburn-st, 

Robert, blockmaker, 12, Prince Regent-street 

Mrs. Andrew, grocer and spirit-dealer, 51, York-street 

— — Mrs. Patrick, Derncleuch 

Mrs. William, Holburn-street 

Miss, bread-seller, 98, George-street 

Miss, 81, Shiprow [h. Brebner's-court, .10, Castle-st. 

Stirling, George, jun. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 11, Castle-st. 

George, sen. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 167, Gallowgate, h. 

above shop 

Rev. James (United Associate Church), h. 4, Caroline-place 

— John^ clerk (John Gibb & Son), h. 34, Queen-street 
Stiven, Mrs. John, baker and confectioner, Cotton 

Stopanie, John, optician and German-clock-maker, 42, h. 40, 
Jtorm, John, wright, Skene-square £Queen-st- 

— Miss, dressmaker, Skene-square 

Stormont, James, baker, corner of Wellington-place, h. above shop 
Stott, James, & Co. general blacksmiths, 11, Causewayend 

James, late tide-waiter, Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen 

S John, tailor, Commercial-court, 58, Castle-street 

Miss, 14, Shuttle-lane 

Straehan, George, shoemaker, 97, North-street 

George, wright, Upper Denburn 

James, shoemaker, 27, Virginia-street 

_ James, tailor, and keeper of the Medical Hall, 37, King-st. 

— James, late bookseller, h. 19, Back-wynd 
_ James, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, and ruler, 60, 

Castle-street, h. 40, Huntly-street 

— James, shoemaker, 52, Gallowgate 

— John, of Moreseat, Stocket, h. Moreseat 

— John, weaver, 7, Porthill, Gallowgate 
1839—40 n 2 

154 STR— STU 

Strachan, John, vintner, 65, North-street 

John, shipmaster (New Frederick), 11, Sugarhouse-lane 

Peter, stabler, 13, Harriot-street [Accord-st. 

William, portrait, landscape, and animal painter, 43, Bon- 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 87, High-street, Old 

William, wright, 2, Fish-street Q Aberdeen 

Miss, teacher of dressing, 8, Black's-buildings 

Strachen, William, spirit dealer, 50, h. 52, George-street 
Mrs. lodgings, 11, Constitution-street 

Straith, Rev. Alexander, teacher of English, keeper of baptism 
register, &c. 1, Drum's-lane, h. Donald's-court, 20, School- 
Stranack, Mrs. 10, Queen-street [hill 

Strath, Mrs. midwife, Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen 
Strathdee Distillery, Cooperston 
Straton, James, fishing-tackle-maker, 5, St. Catherine's-wynd 

Peter, leather-dealer, 63, Broad-street, h. 9, Drum's-lane 

Stratton, Peter, ineal-seller, 235, George-street 

William, Wellington-place 

Stronach, Alexander, advocate, 20, King-street 
■ Alexander, wright, Cooperston-buildings 

& Grainger, advocates, 20, King-street 

Stuart, Alexander, of Laithers, 7, Union-place 

Alexander, writing-master, Gordon's-Hospital ; and writing, 

stenography, &c. 115, Union-street, h. 42, Huntly-st. [st. 

Charles, shipmaster (Margaret Littlejohn), h. 29, Hutcheon- 

David, postmaster, 15, Adelphi, h. Janeville, Albyn-place 

Donald G. fish-curer, Canal-terrace 

James, builder, 21, North Silver-street 

John, travelling merchant, Red Lion-court, 77; Broad-street 

John, advocate, 3, Queen-street 

— — Richard, shoemaker, 10, Putachie-side 

William, boot and shoemaker, 32, Schoolhill, k. *], Skene-st. 

— — William, surgeon-apothecary, 4, Black's-buildings 

— — William, clerk (Bowman, Vernon, & Co.), h. 22, Marywell- 

Margaret, dealer in butter and eggs, &c. 66, Guestrow [st. 

Mrs. P. lodgings, 64, Broad-street 

Mrs. Broker, 8, East North-street 


STU— SUT 155 

Stuart, Mrs. lodgings, 60, Spital 

- Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 51, Bon- Accord-street 

- Misses, 4, Black's-buildings 

Misses, dressmakers, milliners, and straw-hat makers, 22, 


Summers, Mrs. Mitchell-place, 151, King-street fUnion.street 
Sun Fire and Life Office — Alexander Johnston, W.S. agent, 233, 
Sutherland, Alexander, wool-manufacturer, Green, h. 7, John-st. 

- Alexander, baker, 129, h. 131, George-street 

- Alexander, clerk, 3, Blackfriars-street 
_ Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 47, East North-st. 

Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 82, h. 83, King-street 

Alexander, Inmore-cottage, near Rosemount-terrace 

- Andrew, manufacturer, 1, h. 2, Black's-buildings 

- Donald (formerly tailor and clothier), 119, Skene-street 

George, h. 75, Bon- Accord-street 

- George, silk mercer, 31, Union-st. h. 91, Bon-Accord-street 
— — George, guard (Earl of Fife) 9, Blackfriars-street 

- Hector, shoemaker, 4, Canal-lane 

Hugh (of Stephen & Sutherland), h. 14, Skene-street 

James, coachman (Union), 9, Blackfriars-street 

— James, tailor, 36, Netherkirkgate 

— James, shipmaster, Canal-lane 

— J. & A. druggists, 124, h. 126, Gallowgate 

— John, late merchant, Viewton-place, Spital 

John, watchmaker, 27, Marischal-street, h. 13, Carmelite-st. 

- John, bookseller, 51, Broad-street, h. Sunnyside 

I Dr. Neil (Aberdeenshire Militia), 4, Belmont-street 

Robert, glazier and painter, shop and house, 29, Union-street 

- Wellington, perfumer, 54, Union-street 

William, Holburn-street 

William, & Co. straw-hat manufacturers, and stay warehouse, 

13, Queen-street, h. 48, Netherkirkgate 

1 Mrs. John, Sutherland's-court, 126, Gallowgate 

- Mrs. John, teacher, Well of Spa 

- Miss, housekeeper (Mitchell's Hospital), 9, Chanonry, Old 

hMiss, dressmaker, 2, Martin's-lane, Green £ Aberdeen 


156 SUT—TAY 

Sutherland, Misses, lodgings, 2, Castle-brae 
Suttill, William, mill-manager (M. C. & Co.) Maybank 
— — Miss, ladies' seminary, 165, George-street 
Swanson, William, shoemaker, 1J, College-street 

Miss, 57, Don-street 

Swanston, D. T. (Patrick Simpson), Little Chapel-street 
Swedish and Norwegian V"ice-Consul, Arthur Thomson, Office. 

Bank of Scotland, Castle-street 
Sword, Mrs. Vintner, St. Clement-street 
Symmers, George, of Cults, h. 11, Bon- Accord-street 

James, mason, 43, Bon-Accord-street 

John, shipmaster (Concord), Dee-place, Ferryhill 

— '— William, shipmaster (Vesta), 27, St. Clement-street 

Misses, 31, Whitehouse-street [h. 7L Netherkirkgate 

Symon, George, wig-maker and haircutter, 8, St. Nicholas-street, 

Taggart, John, stabler, 68, George-street 

John, clerk (Bank of Scotland's Branch), h. 68, George-street 

Tait, Alexander, carter, 28, Gerard-street 

James, shoemaker, D. Duncan's-court, 120, Gallowgate 

John, haberdasher, 143, George-street 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 21, Windy-wynd 

Talbert, David, shipmaster (Blossom), 60, Quay 

Tastard, Colin, flesher, 1, Poultry-market, h. 21, Princes-street 

John, flesher, 19, Poultry-market, h. 16, Constitution-street 

Joseph, flesher, 18, Poultry-market, h. 21, Princes-street 

Tawse, William, tailor, 19, Lower Denburn 

Mrs. Andrew, late of Coldstone, 1, Belmont-street 

Taylor, Alexander, draper (of Philip & Taylor), 15, Adelphi, Union- 

Alexander, Summerfield-gardens, Park-street [street 

Alexander, gardener, Barkmill 

Alexander, vintner, 64, North-street 

Alexander, shipmaster (Helen), 14, Water-lane 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 58, h. 54, Virginia-st 

Alexander, merchant tailor, 20, h. 18, Marischal-street 

— — Alexander, spirit-dealer, 69j Commerce-street 

TAY— TAY 157 

Taylor, Benjamin, baker, 24, Justice-street 

Charles, late grocer, 103, Skene-street 

& Co. music-sellers, 142, Union-street 

David, cabinet-maker, h. 16, George-street 

— — George, tea and spirit dealer, 5, James-street 

George N. teacher, Porthill-close, 98, Gallowgate 

George, clerk, 24, Chapel-street 

George, 45, Loch-street 

| James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Woodside 

James, tailor, Old Bridge of Don 

— James, feuar and farmer, Woodside 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Woodside 

— John, Teacher of the Roman Catholic School, Constitution- 

— John (of B. T. & Co.) h. Elmhill [street. 

— John (John Begg), 4, Water-lane 

— John, principal servant, West Church, funeral-waiter, and 

porter of Grammar School, 11, Harriot-street 

— John, 'boot and shoemaker, 28, Gerard-street 

— & Munro, boot and shoemakers, and blacking manufacturers, 

52, St. Nicholas-street [George-street 

— Peter, (of Taylor and Munro),52, St. Nicholas-street, 7*.251, 

— Peter, clerk (A. & W. T.), h. Charlotte-street 

Robert (Edinburgh Ale Establishment), 72, Gallowgate 

— Robert, rope and twine manufacturer, middle of Hutcheon- 

— Thomas, gardener, 31, Shuttle-lane [street 

— William, shoemaker, 129, Gallowgate 

William, gardener, 58, Summer-street [h. 28, Summer-st. 

William, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 44, Netherkirkgate, 

- Margaret, sick nurse, Lawrence's houses, Skene-square 
Mrs. grocer, 186, Gallowgate 

Mrs. James, 74, Dee-street 

- Mrs. M'Lean's-court, 50, Gallowgate 

- Mrs. D. broker, 2, Park-street 

- Mrs. teacher, 10, St. Clement-street 

Miss, boarding school, West Craibston-street 

- Miss, lodgings, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

- Misses, dressmakers, 12, Harriot-street 

158 TAY— THO 

Tayler, Major, of Rothiemay, h. Castle-lodge, Castle-street 
Telfer, John, hat-manufacturer, 20, Union-street 
Templeton, Rev. James (United Associate Church), 41, School-hill 
— — William, surgeon, 41, Schoolhill 

Thain, Andrew, tailor, 35, George- street, h. 40, Gallowgate 
Theatre — Pit, 50, Boxes, 52, Gallery, 54, Marischal-street 
Third, James, cooper, 28, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 
Thistle, Robert, wright, 14, Chronicle-lane 
Thom, Alexander & William, commission-merchants and general- 

Alex, merchant, h. Albyn-place [agents, 21, Quay 

Rev. Alexander, Manse of Nigg 

B. book-keeper (W. Pirie & Co.), k. Kingsland-place 

• George, boot and shoemaker, 12, Quay 

■ John, advocate, 55, Gallowgate, h. Justice-mills 

John, mason, 1, Gordon-street 

Robert, brewer, 211, King-street Qine-place, Skene-sq 

■ William, late of E. I. Co. Blackwall Department, h. 1, Caro- 

William, mason, Q6, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

William, grocer, 52, Spital 

William, merchant, h. *J6 } Dee-street 

. Mrs. lodgings, 12, Quay 

Mrs. Kingsland-place, George-street 

Mrs. James, J6, Dee-street 

— — Miss, teacher, 90, Chapel-street 

— — Miss, sick-nurse, 7, Gaelic-lane 

Thompson, George, jun. insurance-broker and shipowner, 13, Quay, 
h. Marine-terrace, Ferryhill 

James, house-carpenter (Wm. Murray), h. 40, Catherine-st. 

Thomson, Adam, flesher, 12, George-st.-market, h. 146, George-st. 

Alexander, gardener, 71. Green 

Alexander, 29, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Rev. Alexander (George-street Chapel), h. 231, George-st. 

Alexander, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 12, h. 14, John-st. 

Arthur, agent of the Bank of Scotland, vice-consul for Rus- 
sia, Prussia, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway, Bank 
of Scotland-court, Castle-street 

Andrew, builder, 16, Union-row 


THO— THO 159 

Thomson, Andrew, traveller (Devanha Brewery), h. Devanha-place 

Charles, 15, Bon-Accord-street 

Daniel, shoemaker, h. 27, Justice-street 

Elsmie, & Co. distillers, Gilcomston 

George, jun. merchant (Wm. Simpson & Co.), h. 22, Quay 

George, mealseller, 96, Shiprow 

George, engineer (Duke of Wellington), 11, St. Clement-st. 

George, grocer, Woodside 

George, merchant, Thomson 's-court, 21, h. 22, Quay 

George, tailor, 8, Chronicle-lane 

r- George (of Middleton & Thomson), h. 20, St. Andrew-street 

Henry, clerk (Steam Navigation Co.), li. Murray's-houses : , 

Hugh, furnishing tailor, 37, Quay [[Park-street 

James, boot and shoemaker, Woodside 

James, painter, 49, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

James, spirit-dealer, Upper Denburn 

James, teacher of music, 154, Gallowgate 

James, ironmonger (John Duffus & Co.), h. 24, Schoolhill 

John, spirit-dealer, 61, Green 

John, sacrist, King's College, Old Aberdeen 

John, tailor, 5, Blairton-lane, Broad-street 

John, spirit-dealer, 122, Gallowgate 

John, builder, 4, Princes-street, h. 20, East North-street 

John, cooper, Cotton 

Robert, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 28, h. 22, East North-st. 

Robert, merchant-tailor, 23, Broad-street 

Thomas, gunmaker, 74, Union-street, h. 5, Correction-wynd 

William, guard (North Defiance Coach), h. 83, King-street 

William, jun. ironmonger, 109, Union-street, h. 28, Dee-street 

■ — — William, sen. accountant and clerk (W. Pirie & Co.), h. 5, 

William, shoemaker, 9, Maltmill-bridge £St. Mary's-place 

William, shoemaker, 7, College-lane 

William, watch and clock-maker, 16, King-st. h. 13, Canal-st. 

William, teacher (Gordon's Hospital), Schoolhill 

jj William, vintner, Maberly-street 

Mrs. lodgings, Denburn-terrace 

Mrs. 55, North-street 

160 THO—TOU 

Thomson, Mrs. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 26, Wellington-street 
. Mrs. teacher of dressing, 8, Black's-buildings 

Mrs. John, 32, Skene-terrace 

. ■ Mrs. 1, Chapel-street 

Mrs. muff-maker, 13, Virginia-street 

Mrs. midwife, 14, Thistle-street 

— — Mrs. lodgings, 49, Bon-Accord-street 

Mrs. midwife, 118, Skene-street 

Mrs. provision-seller, 154, Gallowgate 

Mrs. Alexander, Loch-head Cottage 

Mrs. vintner, 91, York-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 7> Denburn-terrace 

Miss, teacher, 21, James-street 

Miss, dealer in cotton goods, 43, Chapel-street 

Miss, fur-dresser, 13, Virginia-street 

Thorn, William, dyer, 8, Carmelite-streetj 

Tindal, Mrs. vintner, 5, Berry-lane £61, Broad-street 

Tochetti, Charles, optician and looking-glass-maker, Thomson's-ct. 

Mrs. midwife, Thomson's-court, 61, Broad-street 

Tocher, John, tailor, 115, Union-street, h. 9, St. Nicholas-lane 

Tolmie, James, boot and shoemaker, 107, Gallowgate 

Tomkins, William, flesher, 14, Poultry-market, h. 61, Queen-street 

Mrs. flesher, 2, Poultry-market, h. 12, North-street 

Tonner, James, furniture-dealer, 29, h. Milne's-ct. 27, Gallowgate 
Topp, George, 25, Constitution-street 

Topp, James, late baker, North Silver-street 

Torrie, Alexander, advocate, 77* King-street, h. 14, Chapel-street 

James, 14, Chapel-street 

James, teacher of French, 100, Spital 

Robert, late merchant, h. Pitfodels 

Torry, James, silk-dyer, 4, George-street 

James, surgeon, 42, Marischal-street 

Tosh, Thomas, painter and glazier, 10, Pork-lane 
Tough, Alexander, feuar, Cotton 

. ■ Alexander, flesher, 7? Wales-street-market, h. head of Consti- 

Alexander, shoemaker, 9, Shoe-lane Qution-st. 

— — Arthur, provision-seller, 4, Wales-street 





TOU— TUR 161 

Tough, James, shoemaker, 10, Gardener's-lane Qion-st. 

James, flesher, 14, Wales-street-market, h. head of Constitu- 

James, occasional waiter, 9, Back-wynd 

John, tailor, 138, King-street 

— Joseph, vintner, 3, Garvock-street QJames-st. 
— — Thomas, W. boot and shoemaker, 33, Marischal-street, h. 25, 
Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 15, Sugarhouse-lane 

- Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 13, Carmelite-street 
Tower, William, of Kinaldie, h. 3, Union-place 

Town's Drummers — David Bannerman, Provost Milne's-court, 65, 
Gallowgate, and James Badenoch, 94, Shiprow 
raill, Miss, straw-hat-maker, 46, Virginia-street [[Sclattie 

roup, Alexander, Aberdeen Lime Co. grain merchant and miller, 
■ — Alexander, merchant, tailor, 1, Adelphi 

& Cordiner, dispensing chemists, 21, George-street 

David, grocer, and spirit-dealer, principal servant, St. John's 

Chapel, and funeral waiter, Spa-street 

— George", late tailor, Prospect Cottage, Loanhead 

George, of Troup & Cordiner, h. 85, Spring-garden 

George, provision-seller, 127, Gallowgate [[Back-wynd 

- James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 37, Schoolhill, h. 23, 
James, teacher of drawing and painting, Aberdeen Academy, 

115, Union-street 

John, blacksmith, 14, Shiprow, h. Ruthrieston 

- William, commercial agent, 21, North Silver-st. 

- William, tailor, 41, College-street 

- William, gardener, Nelson-street 

Mrs. George, 24, George-street 

- Miss, lodgings, 79, George-street 

Misses, 24, George-street [[office, North Pier 

Tug Steam-boat Office — Harbour-office, Quay, and Captain Pilot- 
Tulloch, Rev. George — school, Academy-street (from Dee-street 

to Crown-street), h. Bellevue, Hardgate 

James, shipmaster (Sisters), St. Clement-street 

- John, professor of mathematics, King's-College, h. 32, Col- 
lege-bounds, Old Aberdeen 

Turner, Robert, shipmaster, 29, Frederick-street 
1839—40 o 

162 TUR— VAC 

Turner, Miss, of Menie, Ruby Cottage, South Silver-street 
Turreff, Alexander, draper, 39, Union-street, h. 4, Frederick-st. 

Mrs. 30, Murray 's-houses, Park-street 

— — Mrs. 4, Frederick-street 

Miss, lL Long-acre 

Tweedie, Rev. W. K. (South Parish Church), 73, Dee-street 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 87 5 Shiprow 

Tyson, John, merchant (Geo. Lyall & Co.), h. Strawberrybank 
Tytler, James, porter, House of Refuge, Duthie's-ct. 35, Guestrow 

James of (M'Combie & Dunn), h. 2, Charlotte-street 

John, late farmer, Ferryhill-buildings 

William, cabinet-maker, 6, Shoe-lane 

Mrs. William, straw-hat-maker, 6, Shoe-lane 


Union-glen Distillery, Holburn 

Whale Fishing Co.'s Office, 12, Commerce-street 

Universal Life Assurance Company — Agent for Aberdeen and ad 

jacent counties, John Humphry, advocate, 109, King-st. 
Urquhart, Alexander, road-contractor, 9, Skene-row 

■ Alexander, boot and shoemaker, Holburn-street 

& Fullerton, druggists, 61, St. Nicholas-street 

& Gordon, druggists, 162, Union-street 

James, shipmaster (Tug steamer), h; Footdee 

John, druggist, h. 55, St. Nicholas-street 

John, boot and shoemaker, 112, George-street 

— — John, boot and shoe sale-shop, 33, Broad-street 

John & Robert, wholesale tea and coffee dealers, 7, Schoolhil 

Robert (of John & Robert), h. 19, Schoolhill 

Mrs. Dr. 4, Frederick-street 

Mrs. grocer, Broadford 

Mrs. sen. of Craigston, h. 240, Union-street 



Vaccine Institution, 26, Castle-st. — Dr. Galen, physician 

VAL— WAL 163 

Valentine, James, flesher, 1, h. 8, Don-st. [Jet. 5, Upperkirkgate 
Vass, James, cotton-manufacturer, 75, Broad-street, h. Jamieson's- 
Vernon & Co. general and furnishing ironmongers, iron merchants, 
and manufacturers, 44, Union-street 

John (of Bowman, Vernon, & Co.), 27, York-place 

Vickers, Mrs. 4, Huntly-street 


Waddel, Mrs. David, Crown-court, Union-street 
Walker, Alexander, working jeweller, 20, Netherkirkgate, h. Rose- 
burn Cottage, West Hutcheon-street 

■ Alexander, clerk (John Smith & Co.), h. 91, Shiprow 

Alexander, gardener, Rosemount 

Alexander, merchant and commercial agent, 37, Shiprow 

Alexander, ironmonger, 58, Gallowgate, h. above shop 

Alexander, jun. gardener, Broadford 

David, land-surveyor, 129, Union-street 

David, shoemaker, 10, Gardener's-lane £Huntly-st. 

David, hairdresser and perfumer, 135, Union-street, h. 8, 

Duncan, shipmaster (Heroine), 18, St. Clement-street 

George, rope-maker (R. W. & S.), Rennie's-houses, Cause- 

George, tailor, 22, Frederick-street fjyayend 

George, gardener, Westfield 

George, boot and shoemaker, 85, Skene-st. h. 61, Summer-lane 

George, plasterer, 10, Constitution-street 

George, clerk (James Forbes & Co.), h. 67, Commerce-street 

Gordon, hairdresser, 42, Guestrow 

ill James, lodgings, 5, Correction-wynd 

James, stabler, and retailer of hay, Red Lion Tavern, 8, 

James, coal-broker, Lobban's-ct. 30, Castle-st. [JNorth-st. 

John, shipmaster (Diadem), 11, St. Clement-street 

John, shipmaster, 7, Wellington-street 

John, late merchant, Roseburn Cottage, Hutcheon-street 

John, umbrella-manufacturer, 10, North-st. h. 20, Castle-st. 

•— — John, wright, 10, Mounthooly 

John, manufacturer, 18, Kidd-lane, h. Skene-square 


164 WAL— WAL 

Walker, John, clerk, 39, Gallowgate 

— — John, rope-maker, 16, Hutcheon-street Q58, Loch-st. 

John, & Co. blacksmiths, millwrights? and machine-makers, 

John, shoemaker (Geo. Watson), 14, Netherkirkgate 

John, " Aberdeen Fancy Warehouse," wholesale and retail 

jeweller, perfumer, and hardware merchant. Importer of 
foreign toys, &c. 67 and 69, Union-st. h. 22, Broad-st. 

Robert, hairdresser, 210, Gallowgate 

Robert, vintner, 58, Schoolhill 

Walter, late plasterer, 64, George-street QMounthooly 

William, late of H. E. I. Co.'s tea department, Friendly-bank, 

William, treasurer, Infirmary, h. 2, Caroline-place Qstreet 

William, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 43, h. 41, George- 

William, town-serjeant and Dean of Guild's officer, 11, Con- 

stitution-st. — office, Lodge-walk, under Court-house 

William, flesher, 37, h. 16, Wales-street-market 

William, police-officer, h. 16, Constitution-street 

William, 13, Fisher-row 

Mrs. stay maker, Ferguson's-court, 108, Gallowgate 

Mrs. David, South Crown-street 

Mrs. midwife, 12, Frederick-street 

__ — Mrs. register office, 9, Guestrow 

Mrs. broker, 85, Green 

Mrs. lodgings, 30, Adelphi 

Mrs. lodgings, 2, Broad-street 

Mrs. Adam, 8, Guestrow 

— — Miss, dressmaker, 54, Shiprow 

Miss, washer and dresser, Barkmill 

Miss, teacher of the Seaman's School, Sugarhouse-lane, k. 20, 

Wallace, Andrew, merchant and brewer, Auchmull [Xastle-st. 

Archibald, porter (North of Scotland Bank), 31, Guestrow 

— David, Crown-street 

— — George, Crown-street 

James, 20, George-street 

John, overseer (Salmon Fishings), Old Bridge of Don 

William, traveller (James Johnston, sen.), h. 68, Broad-st. 

William, shipmaster (Briton), 12, Sugarhouse-lane 


WAL— WAT 165 

Wallace, William, boot and shoemaker, 26, Long-acre 
— — Mrs. late of Fraserburgh, Crown-street 
Wales, Alexander, sail-maker, 12, St. Clement-street 
— — George, shipmaster (Zebina), 12, St. Clement-street 
l| Ward, Mrs. Hugh, broker, 16, Peacock's-close 
Wardrope, James, engineer (Bowman, Vernon, & Co.), Footdee 
Waren, Mrs. lodgings, 16, College-bounds, Old Aberdeen 
Waring, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 6, Gordon-street 
Warrack, Charles, baker, Woodside 
— — James, surgeon, Private Asylum, Upper Middlefield, Aberdeen 

James, commission-merchant, 52, Netherkirkgate, h. 26, Dee- 

Mrs. 7. Skene-terrace [[street 

Wastewater, Robert, vintner, 43, East North-street 

Waters, Benjamin, clerk (Devanha Brewery), 1, St. Mary's-place 

Watkins, Alex, manufacturer (Broadford Works), h. Broadford 

Watch-houses, Huxter-row and Union-place 

Watson, Archibald, cashier (Broadford Works), h. Rosemount-ter. 

L. David, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 9, Commerce-street 

George, shoemaker, h. 25, Bon-Accord-street 

James, blacksmith, Duncan's-court, 74, Gallowgate 

James, confectioner, 6, Park-street 

James, wright and saw-trimmer, 180, Union-st. h. 25, Chapel- 

John, tailor, Yeats-court, 30, Netherkirkgate [[street 

John, Britannia Tavern, and shipmaster, Exchequer-court, 

9, Exchequer-row 

Robert, builder, Nelson-street, h. 6, Mounthooly 

William, W.S. sheriff-substitute, 7, East Craibstone-street 

William, merchant, Ruthrieston 

& Walker, shoemakers and leather-cutters, 14, Netherkirk- 

Mrs. provision-seller, 13, Gallowgate Cs ate 

Mrs. George, 9, Onion-place 

Mrs. Wm. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Newbridge, Hardgate 

Mrs. mealseller, 25, St. Andrew-street 

Mrs. vintner, 12, Canal-terrace 

Mrs. 66, Bon-Accord-street 

Mrs. midwife, 14, Belmont-street 

Miss, teacher, Whitehouse-street 

1839—40 o 2 

166 WAT— WAT 

Watt, Abraham, blacksmith, 47> High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Alexander, blacksmith, 7, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 

Alexander, shipmaster, and treasurer to the Shipmaster So- 
ciety, Ruthrieston 

Alexander, land-surveyor, 15, Bon-Accord-street 

Alexander, shoemaker, Skene-square 

Arthur, grocer, 14, Quay, h. 1, Regent-quay 

Charles, shoemaker, Canal-road, Causewayend 

David, grocer and spirit-dealer, 15, Chapel-street 

George, shoemaker, 18, Justice-street 

George, shipmaster, 4, Summer-lane 

— — George, & Co. blacksmiths, York-street 
George, 67, Causewayend 

George, slater (successor to James Smith), 9, Trinity-street 

— — George, fishing-tackle maker, 25, East North-street 

James, shoemaker, 13, Park-street 

James, late of Grammar School, Berryden Cottage 

James, tailor, Cotton QCastle-street 

James, boot and shoemaker, 23, Castle-st. h. Lobban's-ct. 30, 

John, tailor, 24, Loch-street fj;ourt, Broad-st. 

John, merchant (formerly traveller, G. B. & Co.), Concert- 

John, leather-dealer and shoe-manufacturer, 35, k, 31, Upper- 

John, grocer, 6, Skene-street [Tdrkgate 

Joseph, blacksmith, Leadside, Gilcomston 

Patrick, grocer, 77> h. 79, Queen-street 

Robert, grocer, wine, tea, and spirit merchant, 179, h. 182, 

Samuel, carter, 20, Dee-street QGallowgate 

William, mealseller, 66, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

William, feuar and farmer, 23, Causewayend 

Mrs. George, 57, Dee-street 

Mrs. 10, Chapel-street 

Mrs. Alexander, 2, Mary-place 

Mrs. George, vintner, 1, Regent-quay 

Miss, stewardess (Sovereign), h. 58, High-st. Old Aberdeen 

Miss, spirit-dealer, 37, York-street 

Misses dressmakers, 4, Jopp's-lane 

Wattie, James, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, steps of Gilcomston 

WAT— WHI 167 

Wattie, John, shipmaster (Charlotte), 101, York-street 

Joseph, gardener, Clerkseat 

Watts, Miss, ladies' academy, and teacher of piano-forte, 6, St. 
Webster, Alexander, writer, 28, Catherine-street QNicholas-st. 
Alexander, advocate — office, 24, h. 25, King-street 

Alexander, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, and ginger-beer 

manufacturer, Webster's-court, 23, Guestrow 
— — John, advocate, office, 24, King-street 
John, retired merchant, Scott's-court, 25, Quay 

John, grocer and spirit-dealer, Holburn-street 

John, fish-curer, Victoria-place 

Simpson, shoemaker, 26, North-street 

Thomas, factor, Stronach's-close, Castle-street 

Thomas, grocer, porter and spirit dealer, 10, Hanover-st. h. 


William, baker and confectioner, 4, h. 6, Skene-terrace 

Mrs. Lieutenant William, 36, Chapel-street 

Miss, dressmaker, 16, Virginia-street 

Misses, 20, East North-street 

Weigh-house, Quay 

Weir, George, tailor, Farquhar's-court, 17, Upperkirkgate 

Robert, spirit-merchant, Waterloo-quay, h. R. Mackie's 

houses, Links-street 

William, shipmaster (Venilla), 11, Drum's-lane 

— — Mrs. Mountpleasant, 1, Canal-street 

Mrs. midwife, 11, Drum's-lane 

Welsh, James, stone-cutter and smoke-curer, 15, Commerce-street 
Westland, James, secretary (Aberdeen Town and County Bank), 
— — James, tailor, foot of Skene-street [k. 64, Dee-street 

John, shoemaker, 2, Correction-wynd 

Mrs. William, 64, Dee-street 

West of England Fire and Life Office — A. & J. Cadenhead, advo- 
cates, agents, 9, Huxter-row 
West, William, provision warehouse, 43, Castle-street 
Whitecross, George, spirit-dealer, 77> Gallowgate 

William & Co. jewellers, 43, Union-street, h. 67, Dee-street 

Mrs. sick-nurse, 16, Shoe-lane 


168 WHI— WIL 

White, George, shoemaker, Upper Denburn 

— — James, flesher, 28, Windmill-brae 

— — James, builder, 61, Bon-Accord-street Rubislaw 

Thomas, excise officer, Glenburn Distillery, h. Westburn, 

William, merchant and general agent, and American Vice- 

Consul, 6, Frederick-street, h. 127, King-street 
Whyte, David, tanner, Newbridge, Hardgate, h. 4, Bon-Accord- 

James, shipmaster (Banchory), h. 27, James-street ^terrace 

■ John, clothier, h. 52, Dee-street 

Patrick, tobacco and snuff-manufacturer, 68, h. 64, Union-st 

William, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 6, Union-place 

h. 10, Chapel-street 
— — Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, 11, Crown-street 

Mrs. Thomas, Mastrick 

Wicks, George, excise officer, Buxburn 
Wigham, Anthony, 5, Caroline-place, Maybank 
Wight, George, toll-keeper, Wellington-bridge 

John, baker, Woodside 

Wildgoose, Miss, teacher (John Knox's School), 63, Causewayend 
Wilkie, Mrs. Matthew, dressmaker, 57, Green 

William, mealseller, 47, Windmill-brae 

Wilkinson, Mrs. William, 29, Upperkirkgate 
Will, James, surgeon, 72, King-street 

John, late guard, Crown-street 

John, shipmaster (Cygnet), James-street 

Thomas, steward (City of Aberdeen), 2, St. Mary's-place 

Thomas, cashier and traveller (A. H. & S.), h. Crown-street 

Mrs. lodgings, 31, Frederick-street 

Williams, James, cooper, 7, Virginia-street 

Robert, cooper and fish-curer, 7> Virginia-street 

William, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 6, Huntly-street 

William, smith and dealer in old iron and metals, 7> Wool- 

manhill, k. 25, Schoolhill 
Williamson, Alexander, flesher, 44, Wales-street-market, h. Skene 

Alexander, shoemaker, 56, Woolmanhill 

Alexander, & Co. boot and shoemakers, 40, Castle-st. 

Benjamin, surgeon, 239, Union-street 


WIL— WIL 169 

Williamson, Benjamin, gunmaker, 25, St. Nicholas-street 

— — David, gardener, 24, Justice-street 

— — George, flesher, 41, Wales-street-market, h. Skene-street 

George, shipmaster, Victoria-place 

George, shipmaster (Majestic)? Victoria-place 

George, teacher, Poor's Hospital, 19, Upperkirkgate 

James, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 123, George-street 

James, potter, Pitmuxton 

James, flesher, 47, Wales-street-market, h. Skene 

— — James, flesher, 9, Wales-street-market 

James (of R. Catto & Co.), h. 27, Constitution-street 

Joseph, M.D. 20, Victoria -place 

& Middleton, candlemakers, Victoria-place 

I Peter, & Co. druggists, 1, Exchequer-row, and 139, Union-st. 

h. 3. Exchequer-row 

William, furnishing tailor, 8, Commerce-street 

Mrs. 12, Harriot-street [jHutcheon-street 

. Mrs. John, flesher, 20 and 21, George-street-market, h. 72, 

Miss, dressmaker and milliner, Kingsland-place, George-st. 

Miss, 61, Gallowgate 

Willox, William, saddler, 22, h. 20, Queen-street 

Mrs. Mains of Seaton 

— — Mrs. William, 46, Woolmanhill 

Wilson, Alexander, hosier, 49, h. 47, Green 

— — Alexander, ship agent, Marischal-street [[Rosemount-house 

— — Alexander,' writer (John Duncan), 34, Marischal-street, h. 

Alexander, tailor, Cotton 

Andrew, bookbinder and dealer in books, 155, Gallowgate 

— — > George, tailor, 188, Gallowgate 

George, vintner, 83, Spital, Old Aberdeen 

— — George, shore porter, h. 13, Exchequer-row 

Hugh, confectioner, 2, James-street, h. 40, Woolmanhill 

Captain James, 115, York-street 

*~ — James H. Herald Office, h. 12, Constitution-street 

James, wright, 54, East North-street, h. 13, Gardener's-lane 

James, heckle-maker, 54, Causewayend 

James, musican, Chapel-court, 1, Justice-street 


170 WIL— WOO 

Wilson, John, late of Waterside, 16, Dee-street 

John, cabinet-maker, 2, h. 5, Trinity-street 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 18, Back-wynd 

John, session-clerk, and teacher, Grammar School — academy, 

45, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

John, overseer (Duncan & Begg), h. 64, Shiprovv 

John, grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 48, Gallowgate, k. above 

■ Joseph, grocer, Dee-village [[shop 

Lieutenant Orlando, R. N. Rosemount-house 

Robert, bookseller, 34, Schoolhill, h. 15, Woolmanhill 

— — William, vintner, Holburn-street 

Mrs. 50, Bon-Accord-street 

Mrs. dressmaker and milliner, 6, Spa-street 

Mrs. William, 90, Union-street 

Mrs. & Miss Robertson, teachers of dancing and deportment, 

Public Rooms, h. 50, Bon-Accord-street 

Misses, teachers, 16, North Silver-street 

■ Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 4, Spa-street 

Miss, lodgings, 28, South Silver-street 

■ Miss, dressmaker, 81, Shiprow 

Miss, teacher, Skene-square 

Miss (Auchinclech), 1, Justice-street 

Winchester, Charles, advocate, 21, St. Nicholas-street 

Winks, Bonald, weaver, Thistle-street D? ate 

Winlaw, James, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 104, Gallow- 

James, jun. clerk (Leith and Clyde Shipping Co.), h. 104, 

Wisely, George, & Co. worsted-manufacturers, 9, Castle-street, h. 

7, Huxter-row QBroadford 

Wishart, Alexander, mason (precentor, John Knox's Church, h. 

Andrew, slater, 21, Guestrow 

Charles, shore-porter, Henderson's-court, 46, Broad-street 

Joseph, organ -builder, 30, h. 9, Young-street 

Robert, lodgings, 99, Spital Qnover-street 

William flesher, 37 and 38, Wales-street-market, k. 3, Ha- 

Witherspoon, Samuel, shoemaker, 78, Gallowgate 

Wood, David, shoemaker, Albion-street 


WOO— WYN 171 

Wood, David, dealer in worsted stockings, &c. 55, Commerce-street 

George, commission-agent, 33, Dee-street 

— — James S. shoemaker, Holburn-street 

John, gardener, Damside, Gilcomston 

John, surgeon, 33, Dee-street 

Robert, boot and shoemaker, 3, Crown-st. h. 13, College-st. 

Thomas, grocer, tea and spirit merchant, 28, h. 26, Cause- 


William, proprietor of Nellfield Cemetery, h. Cooperston- 

— — Mrs. 5, Yeats-lane [^buildings 

Mrs. Joseph, 8, Bon-Accord-terrace 

Miss, lodgings, 19, High-street, Old Aberdeen 

Misses, sewing-school, Holburn-street 

Wright, Andrew, vintner, 1, Pcrk-lane 

James, gardener, Westfield 

James (of Wright & Petrie), h. 16, Shoe-lane 

J. &. R. dealers in hardware, 72, Union-street, h. 44, Upper- 


John, quarrier, 47, Summer-street 

Patrick, traveller (John Begg), Mathieson's-ct. 15, Castle-st. 

Peter, turner, and musical-instrument-maker, 44, Upperkirk- 

- — & Petrie, stone-cutters, 212, Union-street C§ a * e 
■ Mrs. grocer and spirit-dealer, 34, College-street 

Mrs. dealer in butter, eggs, &c. Charles-street 

— — Miss, 44, Upperkirkgate 

Wyllie, David, cashier Aberdeen Bank, 53, Castle-street, h. 2, 

— : — David, & Son, booksellers, stationers, and circulating library, 

51, Union-street, h. 17, Bon- Accord-street 

James, bookseller, h. 17, Bon- Accord-street 

John, tailor, 37, Guestrow 

Wylie, James, grocer, 62, Gallowgate 

Wyness, Andrew, flesher, 1, George-st. -market, h. 93, George-st. 

John, rope and twine manufacturer, Millbank 

*— — John, flesher, 2, George-street-market, h. John-street 

William, grocer, Holburn-street 

Wynne, Edward, excise-officer, Don-street, Old Aberdeen 

172 YEA— YOU 

Yeast Brewery, Causewayend, by R. Davidson •*- 

Yeats, Alexander, book-keeper, North of Scotland Assurance Corny 
pany — office, 36, Union-street, h. 90, Chapel-street | 

George, silk-mercer, 87, Union-st. h. 149, South Crown-st. |' e 

George & William, advocates — office, 48, h. 46, King-street t" 

John, advocate, 84, King-street 

John, flesher, 6, Poultry-market, h. Holburn-place 

- — Thomas, flesher, 9 and 32, Wales-street-market, h. 32, Fre 

Mrs. William, Broadford Qderick-stree 

Yeoman, George, shoemaker, 2, College-street 

York, John, chimney-sweeper, 64, Gallowgate 

— — and North of England Fire, Life, and Annuity Office — Wm 
Gordon, advocate, agent, 14, Adelphi 

Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Company — George Leask, ad- 
vocate, agent, 21, Adelphi 

Young, Alexander, spirit-dealer, 32, Park-street 

David, excise-officer, 29, Frederick-street 

— — James, supervisor of excise, Holburn-street 

James & David, teachers of music, 46, Netherkirkgate 

John, baker, 43, Windmill-brae 

John, slater and fireman, 85, Queen-street 

Robert, shipmaster (Sylvanus), 13, Commerce-street 

Serjeant Robert (R.A.), Hardgate 

William, shipmaster (Commodore), k. 71, Netherkirkgate 

— — Mrs. grocer, Upper Denburn 

— — Mrs. midwife, 59, Commerce-street 

Mrs. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, 10, Fisher-row 

Mrs. vintner, 107, York-street 

— Mrs. grocer, tea and spirit dealer, Summer-lane 

Miss, tea-dealer, Upper Denburn 

Misses, 2, Golden-square 

Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 59, Commerce-street 

Younghusband, Mrs. John, 10, Canal-terrace 
Youngson, Andrew, of Cairncry, h. Cairncry 

YOU— YUL 173 

jungson, Major (of the H.E.I. Co.'s Service), Granite-place, 

— Peter, feuar, Gordon 's-mills QRubislaw 
Robert, shipmaster (Sampson), 44, Frederick-street 

— William, cabinet-maker, 20, Marywell-street 
I — Miss, dressmaker, 7, Flourmill-brae 

mil, Mrs. 47, Green 

lie, Alexander, manager (Vernon & Co.), 44, Union-street 
Norman, Crown-court, Union-street 

— Mrs. lodgings, 1, St. Nicholas-street 

-- - Miss, net and lace worker, 21, Lower Denburn 


Aberdeen Fancy Warehouse — John Walker, wholesale and re 
jeweller, perfumer, hardware merchant, &c. 67 and 
Union-street, h. 22, Broad-street 


Foggyloan, Forgue, Cornhill — J. Annand, Mennie's, Gallowgatc 
Tuesday — Tuesday 






Academy-street, from Dee-street to Crown-street 
Adelphi, between 49 and 51, Union-street 
Affleck-place, from Marywell-street to Affleck-street 
Affleck-street, from Crown-street to Harbour 
Albion-street, from Park-street to Links 
Albion-court, 18, Castle-street 
Albyn-place, west from Alford-place 
Alford-place, west from Union-place 
Anderson's-court, 22, Upperkirkgate 
Anderson's-court, 73, Netherkirkgate 
Ann-street, from Maberly-street to Hutcheon-street 
Annand's-court, 27, James-street 

Back-wynd, from Union-street to Schoolhill 
Baltic-street, from Prince Regent-street to Links 
Bank of Scotland-court, 35, Castle-street 
Barnett's-close, from Guestrow to Flourmill-brae 
Beattie's-court, 102, Gallowgate 
Belmont-street, from Union-street to Schoolhill 
Belmont-street (Little), from Belmont-street to Back-wynd 
Berry-lane, from Gallowgate to Loch-street 
Black's-buildings, from Woolmanhill to Spa-street 
Blackbull-close, 4, Huxter-row 

Blackfriars-street, from Woolmanhill to St. Andrew-street 
Blaikie's (Provost) Quay, south side of Harbour 
Blairton-lane, from Broad-street to Guestrow 
Bon-Accord-square, from Bon-Accord-st. to Bon-Accord-terrace 
Bon-Accord-street, from Union-street 
Bon-Accord-terrace, from Union-street 
1839—40 a 

ii BOO— CHA 

Booth's-court, 66, Netherkirkgate 

Bothwell's-court, 25, Justice-street 

Bourtie's-court, 19, Upperkirkgate 

Brebner's-court, 10, Castle-street 

Brebner's-court, 83, Shiprow 

Brewery-lane, Old Aberdeen, from College-bounds to the line ol 

road from King-street 
Bridewell-lane, from Chapel-street to Rose-street 
Broad-street, from Union-street to Gallowgate and Upperkirkgate 
Broadford, north-west of George-street 
8roadford-lane, from Broadford to Causewayend-road 
Bruce's-court, 20, Loch-street 
Burn-court, 14, Upperkirkgate 
Burnett's-close, 5, Exchequer-row 
Burr's-court, 152, Gallowgate 
Bursar's-court, 61, Castle-street 

Canal-terrace, from Virginia-street to Garvock-street 
Canal-street, from Mounthooly-bridge to Froghall-bridge 
Canal-lane, from Canal-terrace to Summer-lane 
Canal-lane, Old Aberdeen, from High-street to Flyboat-house 
Candle-court, 51, Loch-street 
CandlemaKer's-court, 46, Gallowgate 
Cameron's-court, 30, North-street 
Carmelite-street, from Green to Trinity-street 
Carmelite-lane, from Fisher-row to Trinity-street 
Carnegie's-brae, from Netherkirkgate to Putachieside 
Caroline-place, Skene-square 

Castle-street, from Union-street to Justice-street and Castle-brae 
Castle-hill, from Castle-brae to Hanover-street 
Castle-brae, from Castle-street to Virginia-street 
Catherine-street, from Causeway end to George-street 
Catto-square, Garvock's-wynd 
Causewayend, from Gallowgate to Gowanbrae 
Chanonry, Old Aberdeen, from High-street to Cathedral 
Chapel-street, from Union-place to Skene-street 
Chapel-street (Little), from Chapel-street to Summer-street 

CHA— CRA iii 

Chapel-lane, from Weigh-house-square to Shore-brae 

Chapel-court, 61, Gallowgate 

Chapel-court, 1, Justice-street 

Chaplainry, Old Aberdeen, from Don-street to Cathedral 

Charles-court, 40, Upperkirkgate 

Charles-street, from Broadford to Causewayend 

Charlotte-street, from St. Andrew- street to John-street 

Cheyne's-court, 69, Broad-street 

Chronicle-lane, from North-street to Mealmarket-lane 

Chronicle-court, 32, Broad-street, and 10, Queen-street 

Church-street, from Lime-quay to St. Clement-street 

Clarence-street, from Cooperston Buildings to Friendship Farm 

Clark's-court, 2, Upperkirkgate 

Clark's-lane, Old Aberdeen, from Don-street to East-road 

Clunes'-court, 53, George-street 

Cluny's-lane, from High-street to East-road, Old Aberdeen 

College-bounds, Old Aberdeen, from Spital to Brewery-lane 

College-street, from Windmill-brae to Clayhill 

College-court, 82, Broad-street 

Collie's-court, 26, Shiprow 

Commerce-street, from Quay to Park-lane 

Commercial-court, 58, Castle-street 

Commercial-buildings, from 107 to H9> Union-street 

Commercial-road, from Wellington-street to York-street 

Concert-court, botween 10 and 12, Broad-street 

Constitution-street, from Park-street to Links 

Cooper's-court, 26, Netherkirkgate 

Cooperston-buildings, from Holburn-street to Toll-bar 

Copper Company's-court, 14, Gallowgate 

Correction-w*ynd, from Green to St. Nicholas-street 

Courage's-court, 3, Weigh-house-square 

Coutts'-court, Netherkirkgate 

Cowgate, from Justice-street to Park-lane 

Craibstone-st. (west), from Bon-Accord-terrace to Bon-Accord- 

Craibstone-st. (east), from Bon-Accord-st. to Bon-Accord-sq. 
Craigwell-place, from Skene-street to Denburn-terrace 
1839-40 a 2 

iv CRO— EXC 

Crombie's-court, 33, Park-street 

Crown-terrace, from Crown-street 

Crown-street, from Union-street to Marywell-street 

Crown-street (south), from Affleck-street to Dee-village 

Crown-court, between 41 and 43, Union-street 

Crown-court, 36, Upperkirkgate 

Cruden's-court, 22, Broad-street 

Cruickshank's (Leslie) Court, 91, Broad-street 

Cruickshank's (Thomas) Court, 8, Schoolhill 

Cruickshank's (C.) Court, 8, Shiprow 

Cruickshank's-court, 46,, Shiprow 

Daniei/s-court, 48, Castle-street 

Davidson's-court, 111, Gallowgate 

Dee-street, from Union-street to Marywell-street 

Dee-street, from Lower Trinity-street to Lower Denburn 

Denburn, from Poynernook to Spa-street 

Denburn-terrace, from Union-street-bridge to Skene-terrace 

Devanha-place, near Ferryhill-buildings 

Diamond-street, from Union-street to Silver-street 

Diamond-lane, from Diamond-street to Silver-street 

Donald's-court, 20, Schoolhill, and 12, Loch-street 

Donald's-close, 14, Schoolhill 

Downie's-court, 65, Broad-street 

Drum's-lane, from 26, Upperkirkgate to Loch-street 

Duncan's-court, 45, Castle-street 

Duncan's (D.) Court, 120, Gallowgate 

Duncan's-court, 74, Gallowgate 

Duthie's-court, 35, Guestrow 

East North-street, from King-street to Park-street 
Emslie's-court, 81, George-street 
Emslie's-court, 26, Gallowgate 
Ewen's-court, 42, Gallowgate 
Exchange-court, between 35 and 37, Union-street 
Exchequer-row, from Castle-street to Shiprow 
Exchequer-court, 9, Exchequer-row 


Farquhar's-court, 17, Upperkirkgate 
Farquharson's-court, 10, Schoolhill 
Ferguson's-court, 5> Putachieside 
Ferguson's- court, 30, Gallowgate 
Ferguson's (J.) Court, 108, Gallowgate 
Ferryhill Buildings, near Devanha Brewery 
Firhillwell-lane, Old Aberdeen, from Spital to Sunnybank 
Fish-street, from Summer-lane to Albion-street 
Fisher-row, from Maltmill-bridge to Green 
Flourmill-brae, from St. Nicholas-street to Barnett's close 
Flourmill-lane, from Netherkirkgate to Flourmill-brae 
Footdee, from Canal-basin to New Pier 
Forbes-street, from Skene-square to Stocket-road 
Forbes-court, 78, Green 
Fowler's-wynd, from Green to Fisher-row 
Frederick-street, from King-street to Park-street 
Froghall-lane, Old Aberdeen, from Spital to the Canal-side. 

Gaelic-lane, from Belmont-street to Back-wynd 

Galen's-court, 18, Guestrow 

Gallowgate, from Broad-street to Causewayend, Mounthooly 

Gardener's-lane, from Justice-street to East North-street 

Garrow's-court, 8, Trinity-street 

Garvock-street, from Canal-basin to Garvock's-wynd 

Garvock's-wynd, from Garvock-street to Links 

Gas-street, from Trinity-street to Poynernook 

Geddes-court, 12, Prince Regent-street 

George-street, from St. Nicholas-street to Broadford 

George-street Market, George-street and John-street 

Gerard-street, from Gallowgate to Broadford 

Gibb's-court, 91, Shiprow 

Gilcomston, from Woolmanhill and Spa-street to Short-loanings 

Gilcomston-steps, from Spa-street to Skene-Square 

Golden-square, from Union-street to Silver-street 

Gordon's-court, 10, Gordon-street 

|Gordon's-court, 4, Schoolhill 

Gordon's-court, 25, Virginia-street 

1839—40 a 3 

vi GOR— KIN 

Gordon's-court, 88, Broad-street 

Gordon's-court, 39, North-street 

Gordon-street, from Windmill-brae 

Green, from Windmill-brae to Putachieside-side and Fisher-row 

Guestrow, from Netherkirkgate to Upperkirkgate. 

Hanover-lane, from Albion-street to Fish-street 

Hanover-street, from Castle-hill to Albion-street 

Hardgate, from New-bridge to Mile-end 

Harper's-court, 63, North-street 

Harriot-street, from Schoolhill to Loch-street 

Harvey 's-court, 90, Gallowgate 

Henderson's (A.) Court, 123, Gallowgate 

Henderson's (W.) Court, 161, Gallowgate 

Henderson's-court, 129, Gallowgate 

Henderson's-court, 46, Broad-street 

High-street, Old Aberdeen, from College-bounds to Don-street 

Holburn-street, to Holburn-place 

Holburn-place, to South Mile-end 

Huntly-street, from Union-street to Summer-street 

Hutcheon-street, from Causewayend to Skene-Square 

Hutcheon's-court, 4, Shiprow 

Huxter-row, from Broad-street to Castle-street 

Innes'-street, from Gallowgate to Loch-street. 

James-street, from Quay to Virginia-street 

Jamieson's-court, 5, Upperkirkgate 

Jamieson's-court, 38, Shiprow 

John-street, from George-street to Woolmanhill 

Jopp's-court, 31, Gallowgate 

Jopp's-court, 40, Broad-street, and 11, Queen-street 

Jopp's-lane, from St. Andrew-street to John-street 

Justice-street, from Castle-street to Park-street 

Justice-lane, from Justice-street to East North-street. 

Kidd-lane, from Chapel-street to Summer-street 
King-street, from Castle-street to Love- lane 

KIN— MEA vii 

Kingsland-place, from Barkmill-burn to Hutcheon-street, west 
Knox's-court, 7, Wales-street Qside of Broadford 

Lamond's-court, 49, Upperkirkgate 
Langstane-place, head of Dee-street 
Ligertwood's-court, 77> George-street 
Lime-quay, from Commerce-street to Waterloo-quay 
Lindsay-street, from Diamond-street to Golden Square 
Links-street, from St. Clement-street to Links 
Littlejohn-street, from Gallowgate to North-street 
Lobban's-court, 30, Castle-street 
Loch-street, from Harriot-street to Vennel 
Loch-side, from Windy-wynd to Loch-street 
I Lodge- walk, from Castle-street to Queen- street 
Long-acre, from Broad-street to North-street 
Love-lane, from Spital to Links. 

Maberly-street, from Broadford-gate to Skene-square 
M'Combie's-court, 52, Union-street, and 51, Netherkirkgate 
M'Cook's-court, 116, Gallowgate 
M'Gregor's-court, 99, Gallowgate 
Machray's-court, 59, George-street 
Machray's-court, 13, Bon-Accord-street 
M'Kay's-court, 80, Gallowgate 
M'Kenzie's-court, 42, George-street 
M'Lean's-court, 50, Gallowgate 
Maitland's-court, 42, Netherkirkgate 
Maltmill-bridge, from Putachie-side to Fisher-row 
Marischal-street, from Castle-street to Quay 
Marine-terrace, near Ferryhill-buildings 
Market-lane, Old Aberdeen, from Town-house to East-road 
Martin's-lane, from Green to Renny's-wynd 
Marywell-street, from College-street to Dee-street 
Marywell-place, south from Crown-street 
Matheson's-court, 15 Castle-street 
Matheson's-court, 9, Constitution-street 
Mealmarket, Mealmarket-lane 

viii MEA—PEA 

Mealmarket-lane, from King-street to North-street 

Melville's-court, 106, Gallowgate 

Messon's-court, 31, Justice-street 

Mearns'-court, 53, Shiprow 

Meter 's-court, 11, Chapel-lane 

Middlethird, from Waterloo-quay to St. Clement-street 

Mill-street, from Summer-lane to the line of road leading to Ban- 

Milner's-court, 21, Guestrow [jiermill. 

Milner's-court, 38, Castle-street 

Milne's-court, 27, Gallowgate 

Milne's (Provost) Court, 65, Gallowgate 

Milne's (R.) Court, 143, Gallowgate 

Milne's (W.) Court, 60, Gallowgate p,j 

MitchelFs-court, 66, North-street p r ; 

Mitchell-place, from North-street to King-street 

Moir's-court, 103, Gallowgate 

Morrison's-court, 2, Fisher-row 

Mounthooly, from Gallowgate to Canal-side 

Mutton-brae, from Woolmanhill to Denburn 

National Bank Coukt, 42, Castle-street 
Nelson-street, from King-street to Gallowgate 
Netherkirkgate, from Broad-street to St. Nichalas-street 
New-street, Old Aberdeen, from Don-street to the line of road to 

North-street, from East North-street to Mounthooly 
North-lane, Old Aberdeen, from Seaton-gate to the line of road 

from King-street 

Ogston's-court, 84, Broad-street 

Oliver's-court, 12, Upperkirkgate Qroad from King-st. 

Orchard-lane, Old Aberdeen, from College-bounds to the line of 

Paintek's-court, 22 Upperkirkgate 
Park-street, from Justice-street to Canal 
Park-lane, from Park-street to Commerce-street 
Peacock's-close, 24, Castle-street 



Pensioner's-court, 18, Justice-street 

Pirie's-court, 50, Castle-street 

Pirie's-court, 30, Shiprow 

Pirie's-court, 1, Upperkirkgate 

Philip's-court, 147, Gallowgate 

Plasterer's-court, 70, Gallowgate 

Poor's Hospital-court, 56, Gallowgate 

Pork-lane, from Quay to Virginia-street 

jPorter's-court, 8, Weigh-house-square 

Porthill-close, 98, Gallowgate 

Porthill, from Gallowgate to North-street 

Poynernook, foot of Denburn 

Prince Regent-street, from Canal-terrace to Baltic-street 

Prince's-street, from King-street to Park-street 

Putachieside, from Carnegie's-brae to Maltmill-bridge. 

Quaker's-court, 41, Guestrow 

Quay, from Poynernook to Harbour entrance to Canal 

Queen-street, from Broad-street to North-street 

Ragg's-lane, from Broad-street to Guestrow 
Ramage's-court, from 83, Broad-street to Guestrow 
Ramsay's-court, 57, Guestrow 

Red Lion-court, from 77> Broad-street, to Guestrow 
Reform-street, from Park-street to Constitution-street 
Reid's-court, 34, Gallowgate 
Reid's-court, 6, Shiprow 
Relief Church-court, 10, St. Andrew-street 
Renny's-wynd, from Green to Trinity-street 
Rettie's-court, 26, Broad-street 
Rettie's-court, 51, North-street 
Riddle's-court, 40, Windmill-brae , 
Rhind's-court, 64, Gallowgate 
Robertson's-court, 46, Netherkirkgate 
Roper's-court, 107, Gallowgate, and 47, Loch-side 
Rose-street, from Union-place to Bridewell 
Ross's-court, 22, Schoolhill 


Ross's-court, 11, Trinity-corner 
Ross's-court, 6, Upperkirkgate 

St. Andrew-street, from Loch-street to Woolmanhill 
St. Catherine's-wynd, from Union-street to Netherkirkgate 
St. Catherine's-court, 14, Shiprow 

St. Clement-street, from Garvock-street to Wellington-street 
St. Mary's-place, from Crown-terrace to Crown-street 
St. Nicholas-street, from Union-street to George-street 
St. Nicholas-lane, from St. Nicholas- street to Correction-wynd 
Salter's-court, 39, Loch-side 
Schoolhill, from Upperkirkgate to Woolmanhill 
Scott 's-court, 25, Quay 

Seaton-gate, Old Aberdeen, from Don-street to Old Bridge of Dor 
Shewan's-court, 119, Gallowgate 
Shipmaster's-court, 97, Shiprow 
Shiprow, from Union-street to Trinity-corner 
Shoe-lane, from North-street to Queen-street 
Shore-brae, from Shiprow to Quay 
Shore-lane, from Quay to Virginia-street 
Shuttle-lane, from East North-street to Park-street 
Shuttle-street, from St. Andrew-street to John-street 
Silver-street, from Golden-square to Skene-terrace T 

Sim's-square, from Blackfriars-street to John-street 
Sim's-court, 88, Shiprow 

Simpson's-court, 139, Gallowgate, and 56, Loch-side 
Sinclair's-close, 20, Justice-street 
Skene-place, from Skene-street to Cherryvale 
Skene-street, from Denburn to Skene-place 
Skene-square, from steps of Gilcomston to Hutcheon-street 
Skene-terrace, from Skene-street to Summer-street 
Smith's-court, 16, Netherkirkgate 
Smith's (J.) Court, 113, Gallowgate 
Smith's-court, 49, Gallowgate 
Smith's-court, 21, Castle-street 

South Silver-street, from Union-street to Golden-square 
Spa-street, from Denburn to steps of Gilcomston 

SPE— VIC xi 

Spence's-court, 5, John-street 

Spital, from Mounthooly to Old Aberdeen 

Springbank-terrace, from South Crown-st. to foot of Bon-Accord-st. 

Spring-garden, from George-street to Windy-wynd 

[Still's-court, 88, Shiprow 

Stronach's-close, Exchequer-row 

Sugarhouse-lane, from Quay to Virginia-street 

Summer-street, from Union-place to Skene-street 

Summer-lane, from Garvock's-wynd to Fish-street 

Sutherland's-court, 17, James-street 

Sutherland's-court, 126, Gallowgate 

Sutherland's-court, 78, Shiprow 

Theatre-lane, from Quay to Virginia-street 
Thistle-street, from Rose-street to Rubislaw 
Thomson's-court, 55, North-street 
Thomson's-court, 61, Broad-street 
Thomson's-court, 21, Quay 

Thornton's-place, 29, Guestrow, and 4, Flourmill-lane 
Trinity-street, from Denburn to Trinity-lane 
Trinity-corner, from Shiprow to Putachieside 
Trinity-lane, from Trinity-corner to Trinity-street 
Tytler's-court, Green 

Union-street, from Castle-street to Union-place 
Union-buildings, from Castle-street to Shiprow 
Union-place, from Union-street to Alford-place 
Union-terrace, from Union-bridge to Skene-terrace 
Union-lane, from Union-street to Guestrow 
Union-row, from Union-street to Summer-street 
Union-wynd, from Union-row to Summer-street 
Upperkirkgate, from Broad-street to Schoolhill 

Vennel, from Gallowgate to Loch-street 
Virginia-street, from Commerce-street to Weigh-house-square 
Victoria-place, from Albion-street to the foot of Wales-street, 
thence to the Canal 

xii WAL— YOU 

Wales-street, from Park-street to Victoria-place 

Wales-street (Little), from Wales-street to Hanover-street 

Wales-street Market, Wales-street 

Walker's-court, 17, Virginia-street 

Walker's-court, Shiprow 

Wapping-street, from Trinity-street to Lower Denburn 

Water-lane, from Quay to Virginia-street 

Waterloo-quay, from Harbour entrance to Canal to Building-yards 

Watt's-court, 28, Virginia-street 

Watson's-court, 45, North-street i 

Webster's-court, 10, East North-street 

Webster's-court, 72, Shiprow 

Webster's-court, 23, Guestrow 

Weigh-house-square, Quay 

Well-court, 14, Broad-street 

Wellington-place, from Union-place to South-bridge 

Wellington-street, from Waterloo-quay to Links 

West-court, 32, Guestrow 

Whitehouse-street, from Chapel-street to Skene-street 

Windmill-brae, from Green to Hardgate 

Windy-wynd, from Gallowgate to Spring-garden 

Woolmanhill, from Schoolhill to steps of Gilcomston 

Yeats-lane, from Canal-terrace to Summer-lane 

Yeats'-court, 30, Netherkirkgate 

York-place, from Waterloo-quay to York-street 

York-street, from Wellington-street to north side of Building-yards 

Young-street, from Gallowgate to Loch-street 




>•>» »> T5 

>- ^- « 5 S; « 3. >H 
-3 -0 'C rt M °E rt 

H H C* co co |i< co 

rt % >>d eg 8 >, JS . . ^» 

£ 3 J »? 3J5J3t-a 3tJS Et 3 


'°' rt* i i° 

a 10 £*ri*v d 

^ ^- 3 T3 T3 T3 T3 "g 
b. Ja. -3 "C '£ '£ "E •>. 

rt -3 


■g J 5> 


— *T3 0> J 4i en r TD <u 

"8 U'S.'S'S II • H.B 5 

as a I a> "£ 


-32 = 2 


ra^ipq 5 S o 


3 dO 

33 10 3 

£ M..O bo 
• 3 bG.3 Ml 




' o ca « o c a } _j 

go |g(§ f i s 1 

*^r- 1-—^ o ° o> m -; 

- OHO 

S S.S 

.»§ to„- 

Qui -M m D 


3 2 S3 s(§-§| 

co a en co tf ps O Q 

-5 3 

eg a ^ l 

1 a "B 5 Q 

s'3 i.|jS<in3 m 

pi -3 a rt 53 a -3 

*; o 3,a s e a 

• S «.2 3.8.3 3 

gja *S 3-33 M 


■-3r?£« MB 

,5 rt L . ^ 3 « 

«3C0 SSJoa 

3 t,-OT3-C >-l 3 
■-" c c Q 

1 1 N 

3 <o ) ° 

Q'E «!S 

— S-2 £ * 

F a.2,2.2 3J3, 
P <()<<!5 <U 4 % ■ 

! « « 
i^J a 

.oiisissa 3 3 


fl*3-3 t - 3 w^j-J^^]^ 

2 ° 2 H °^3 3 a 3 a 3 c 


JO 2J33AS. 

IS ri 

l» £ k . S AS: £ £ . fc fe *; t 




& £ H W- 1 

•I! 5? &111 5- Sfl^-I 5-U Si-ISP | 

3,2'C -n J3 J3 « '£ 'C -a -a s'C ti t> '^ -^ 'S > 

J 43 >^ 

Hag g'H'S'D'o s'S^ qi s «^ 3 s-a & 




The London and Edinburgh Royal Mall Coach 

Sjcti off from Machray's Hoyiil Mnil Coach Office, 6ft, Union-street, every day, 

lit balf-put 3, p.m. and arrives ut Edinburgh, next morning, at 6 o'clock. 

The London and Edinburgh New Mall Coach 

Sets off from 65, Union-street, at 7 o'clock, a.m., and passing through Fife, 
arrives at Edinburgh the same evening, at 7 o'clock. 

Inverness Royal Mall Coach, by Huntly 

Starts every morning from 65, Union-street, at 7 o'clock, a.m., and arrives at In- 
verness, same day, at 7 o'clock, p.m. 

The Peterhead and Fraserburgh Mall Coach 

Sets off from 65, Union-street, every morning at 7 o'clock, a.m., and arrives at 
Peterhead same day at 11 o'clock, a.m., and Fraserburgh, at 12 o'clock. A 
Mail Coach goes from Peterhead to Banff, every day at 7 o'clock, a.m., and 
from Banff to Peterhead the same day. 

The Peterhead and Fraserburgh New Mall Coach 

Sets off from 65, Union-street, at 6 o'clock, p.m. arrives at Peterhead the same 
evening at 10 o'clock, and Fraserburgh at half-past 1 1 o'clock. 

Aberdeen and Ballater Royal Mall Coach 

Sets off from Machray's, 65, Union-street, every morning at 7 o'clock, a.m., and 
arrives at Ballater, at half-past 12 o'clock, r. M . Leaves Ross's Inn, Ballater 
at !) o'clock, a.m. and arrives at Aberdeen, at half-past 2 o'clock. 

Mall Gig, to Banff, 

Sets off from Cruickshank'e Inn, 8, Schoolhill, Aberdeen, at 6 o'clock, p.m. 

Mall Gig, to Alford, 

Sets off from Cruickshank's Inn, tf, Schoolhill, Aberdeen, at 7, o'clock, a.m 



Mall Grig, 

From Jaffray's, 18, North-street, Aberdeen, by Udny, Tarves, and Methlic, leaves 
Jaffray's, at 6 o'clock, every morning, and arrives at Methlic, at half-past 
9 o'clock, same morning, and returns to Jaffray's, at a quarter before 2 
o'clock, P.M. 


The Defiance, to Edinburgh, by Forfar, Perth, and Queensferry, 

Leaves 65, Union-street, every lawful morning, at 6 o'clock, and arrives at 
Edinburgh, same evening, at 8 o'clock ; leaves Edinburgh at 7, a.m. and ar- 
rives at Aberdeen at 8 o'clock, p.m. 

The Royal Union, to Edinburgh, 

Leaves the Coach Office, Cross, Castle-street, and 65, Union-street, every lawful 
day at 9 o'clock, p.m. — Route, by way of Stonehaven, Bervie, Montrose, 
Arbroath, Dundee, Newport, Cupar Fife, New Inn, Kirkaldy, and Edin- 
burgh ; making the journey in 12 hours. Leaves Edinburgh, for Aberdeen, 
every morning at 7 o'clock, a.m. and arrives at Aberdeen at 9, p.m. same 
evening, by the same route. 

The North Defiance Coach, to Inverness, by Huntly and Fochabers. 

Leaves Royal Mail Coach Office, 65, Union-street, every lawful morning at 6 
o'clock, and arrives at Inverness, same evening, at 7 o'clock. 

Earl of Fife, to Banff (with a Mall), ' -' 
Leaves the Coach Office, Cross, Castle-street, every lawful morning, at 7 o'clock, 
and arrives at Banff, same day, at half-past 12 o'clock, noon. Leaves Banff, 
same afternoon, at half-past 2 o'clock, and arrives at Aberdeen, same evening 
at 8 o'clock. 

The Earl of Aberdeen Coach 
Leaves Jaffray's, 18, North-street, Aberdeen, every Tuesday and Thursday, at 
2 o'clock, p.m. and arrives at Tarves, at 5 o'clock, p.m. Leaves Ironside's, 
Tarves, every Monday, Friday, and Saturday, at 8 o'clock, a.m. and arrives 
at Aberdeen, at half-past 10 o'clock, a.m. Leaves Tarves every Monday 
Friday, and Saturday, at 8 o'clock, a.m. and arrives at Aberdeen, at 10 
o'clock, a.m. Leaves Aberdeen every Tuesday, at 2 o'clock, p.m. and Fri- 
day and Saturday, at a quarter before 4 p.m. and arrives at Tarves, same even- 
ing, at half-past 6 o'clock. 



The Swift Coach, between Aberdeen and Stonehaven, 

Leaves Cruicksbank's Inn, Stonehaven, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Satur- 
day, at 8 o'clock, a.m. and arrives at Shirreffs' Inn, 42, St. Nicholas-street 
Aberdeen, at a quarter past 10 o'clock, a.m. ; leaving Shirreffs' Inn, Aber- 
deen, the same evening, at 5 o'clock, and arrives at Stonehaven at 7 o'clock. 

The Lord Forbes Coach, to Strathdon and Mulr of Rhynle, 

Leaves Aberdeen every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 11 o'clock, a.m. 
Leaves Watson's Inn, Strathdon, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 
at 6 o'clock, a.m. and Muir of Rhynie, at 7, arriving at Cruicksbank's Inn, 
8, Schoolhill, 12 o'clock, noon — Route, by Skene, Cluny, Afford, and 

marquis of Huntly Coach, to Banchory, 

Leaves the Royal Mail Coach Office, 65, Union-street, every lawful day, at 4 
o'clock, p.m. Leaves Banchory at 7 o'clock, a.m. and arrives in Aberdeen at 
10 o'clock, p.m. 

The Banks of Don, to Inverury, 

Leaves the Mail Coach Office, 65, Union-street, every lawful day, at 4 o'clock, 
p.m. Leaves Inverury, every morning, at half-past 7 o'clock, and arrives in 
Aberdeen at half-past 9 o'clock, a.m. 

The Duchess of Gordon Coach, to Huntly, 

Leaves the Coach Office, Cross, Castle-street, every lawful day at 3 o'clock p.m., 
and leaves Huntly at 6 a.m. 

Braes of Mormond Coach, 

Leaves WebsteSPlnn, Strichen, at 5 o'clock a.m. Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur- 
day, and, passing Brucklaw on her way to New Deer, arrives at Wood's Inn, 
New Deer, at 6 o'clock a.m. and at Mill of Auchnagat, at half-past 6 o'clock 
a.m. in time to join the Banks of Ythan Coach, from Old Deer, at Cowie's 
Inn, Ellon, at half-past 7 o'clock a.m. and arrives in Aberdeen at 10 o'clock, 
same morning. Departs from Leys' Inn, 65, North-street, at 3 o'clock p.m. ; 
by which arrangement passengers will have 5 hours to transact business in 
Aberdeen, and can return to Strichen and Old Deer again same evening. 

N.B — A Branch Coach leaves Reid's Inn, Peterhead, every lawful morning, at 
6 o'clock, to join the Banks of Ythan Coach on her way to Aberdeen. 



The Aberdeen, Leith, and Clyde Shipping Company. 

There are three Vessels on this Passage— one of which sails to and from Leith 
every Saturday. 

Cabin Passage, 12s Steerage, 6s. 


There are five Vessels on this Passage— one of which sails to and from Glasgow 
once a-week. 

Cabin Passage, 18s Steerage, 9s. 


The Rotterdam Packet sails once every six weeks to and from Rotterdam. 

Passage, £3 3s. 

Manager at Aberdeen, R. Mitchell— Office, 65, Quay. 

Agents — George Mathieson, Leith; John Davidson, Glasgow; 

D. Burger & Son, Rotterdam. 

The Aberdeen and Hull Shipping Company 

Has three Vessels — one of which sails to Hull every Saturday, and from Hull 
every Wednesday, and oftener when the Trade requires it. 

Cabin Passage, 15s Steerage, 10s. 

Andrew Johnston, Manager— Office, 56, Marischal-street. 
John Smith, Agent, Humber-street, Hull, 

Burghead, Cromarty, Balintraid, and Inverness. 

Two Vessels sail between Aberdeen and these places every eight or ten days, 

George Cruickshank, Manager — Office, 56, Marischal-street. 

Agents— P. Christal, Burghead; J. Wilkinson, Cromarty; J. Suterjun. 

Inverness ; and John Fraser, Balintraid. 

Dundee Traders 

Sail to and from Dundee every week. 

Guthries, 43 tons, James Chapman ~~~. Juno, 34 tons, William Harris. 

Dame, 55 tons, George Cramond. 
John Kennedy, Manager, Dundee; William R. Riddel, Quay, Aberdeen. 

Newcastle Traders 

Sail to and from Newcastle every ten days. 

Wellington, 67 tons, Thomas Gordon..~~ ^ ~~»»^»,FAME, 94 tons, John Stewart. 

George Cruickshank, Manager, 56, Marischal-street. 




The Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company's Packets. 

CITY of ABERDEEN, Captain Morison, 688 tons, 300 horse-power, 
DUKE of WELLINGTON, Captain Guthrie, S80 tons, 180 horse-power, 
DUCHESS of SUTHERLAND, Captain Pearson, 550 tons, 250 horse-power, 
Sail from Aberdeen and London every Saturday during the year, and during 

the Summer every Wednesday and Saturday, with Passengers, Goods, 

and Cattle. 

Cabin Passage, £3 10s. Steerage, £2 5s Deck, £1 Is. 

N.B Smacks, when required, for Cattle or Goods. 

QUEEN of SCOTLAND, Captain Cargill, 550 tons, 160 horse-power, 
Sails for Hull every Wednesday and from Hull every Saturday. 

Cabin Fare, £1 10s Steerage, £1 Is— Deck, 10s. 6d. 

William Just, Manager, Aberdeen — Office, Waterloo Quay. 
Robert Matthew, Agent, Aberdeen Steam Wharf, London ; and 
Thomas S. Pirn, Agent, St. George Steam Packet Office, 5, Minerva- 
terrace, Hull. 

The Aberdeen and Leith Steam Packets. 
v SOVEREIGN, Captain C. Phillips, 
Leaves Aberdeen Bay every Monday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, for Wick and Kirk- 
wall (going on to Lerwick once a-fortnight), and leaves Kirkwall and Wick 
every Thursday morning, for Aberdeen and Leith. 
The Lerwick Mail is made up at Aberdeen every Friday at 4> p.m. and returns 
again on Wednesday morning. 

VELOCITY, Captain A. Crane, 
BRILLIANT, Captain Wade, 
Sail from Aberdeen every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and from Leith 
every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, calling at the intermediate Ports 

Cabin Passage, 14s — Steerage, 7s. 

R. Mitchell, Manager, Aberdeen.— Office, 65, Quay. 
Geo. Mathieson, Agent, Leith. 


Leith and Inverness Passage. 
The BRILLIANT sails from Leith every Tuesday morning, for Cromarty and 
Inverness, calling at Aberdeen, Banff, and Burghead ; and leaves Inverness 
and Cromarty every Friday morning for Aberdeen and Leith, calling as above. 

Cabin Passage from Aberdeen to Inverness, 15s Steerage, 8s. 

Leith to do. 30s Do. 16s. 

DUKE of RICHMOND, Captain Wm. Campbell, 
Leaves Leith every Tuesday morning, and Aberdeen Bay same day, at 5 o'clock, 
p.m. for Invergordon and Inverness ; and leaves Inverness and Invergordon 
every Friday morning, for Aberdeen and Leith, calling (weather permitting) 
at all the intermediate Ports as formerly. 



The PRESBYTERY of ABERDEEN, while assigning districts to the se- 
veral Chapels of Ease within their bounds, and erecting these into Parishes 
quoad sacra, found it necessary to alter, to a certain extent, the Boundaries 
of all the Parishes in Aberdeen. They, therefore, for the information of the 
Public, direct the following description of these quoad sacra Parishes, and 
the quoad sacra Parishes within the quoad civilia Parish of Old Machar, to 
be published : — 




No. I.— To be called the EAST PARISH, and to consist of the district 
comprehended within the following line, with the exception of the Stance or 
Area whereon the West Church stands, and the West Church itself, viz. :— 
Beginning at the centre of Union -street, opposite the Back-wynd, keeping 
along the Back-wynd to Schoolhill, along the Schoolhill to George-street, along 
George-street to John-street, along John-street and Innes-street, eastward to 
Gallowgate, along Gallowgate and Broad-street southward to Long-acre, along 
Long-acre to West North-street, along West North-street, Queen-street, and 
Lodge- walk, southward to Castle-street, and along Castle-street and Union- 
street to the point of commencement opposite the Back-wynd. 

No. II.— To be called the WEST PARISH, and to consist of that por- 
tion of the quoad civilia West Parish comprehended within the following line, 
viz.: — Beginning at the centre of George-street, opposite the Schoolhill, 
along the Schoolhill westward to Harriot-street, along Harriot-street, Gor- 
don's Hospital Garden Wall, Charlotte-street, and in a straight line northward 
to the boundary of the Parish of Old Machar, along said boundary eastward to 
George-street, and along George-street southward to the point of commence- 
ment opposite the Schoolhill, which West Parish shall also comprehend the 
Stance or Area whereon the Church called West Church stands, and the 
Church itself, though not locally situated within the line before described. 

No. III.— To be called the NORTH PARISH, and to comprehend the 
district within the following line, viz. : — Beginning at the north boundary 
thereof, at or near Love-lane, along King-street to Queen-street, along Queen- 
street to Lodge-walk, along Lodge-walk to Castle-street, along Castle-street to 
Justice-street, along Justice-street to Park-lane, along Park-lane to the road 
leading to the Canal-bridge, along said road to the Canal, along the west bank 
of the Canal to Albion-street, from Albion-street, crossing the Links in a direct 
line, due east to the Sea Beach, and along the Sea Beach northward to the line 
of march between Old Machar and St. Nicholas Parishes, and along that march 
westward to the point of commencement in King-street aforesaid. 
1839—40 c 2 


No. IV.— To be called SOUTH PARISH, and to comprehend the district 
within the following line, with the exception of the Stances or Areas pi the 
Gaelic Church and Session-House, and the Gaelic Church and Session-House 
themselves, viz. : — Beginning at the North tnd of Spa-street, along the said 
street to Well of Spa, thence along the course of the Well of Spa Burn and 
the Denburn to Bow-bridge, from the Bow-bridge along the Green to Putachie- 
side-bridge, from Putachieside-bridge along Union-street to the Back-wynd, 
along Back-wynd to Harriot-street, along Harriot-street to the middle of 
Loch-street, along Loch-street by the Wall of Gordon's Hospital to the 
middle of St. Andrew-street, across St. Andrew-street to Charlotte-street, 
along Charlotte-street to John-street, across John-street, and thence in a 
straight line northward to the boundary of the Parish of Old Machar, and 
along this boundary westward to the point of commencement at Spa-street. 

No. V.— To be called GREYFRIARS' PARISH, and to comprehend 
the district within the following line, viz: — Beginning at the North boundary 
thereof in King-street, at or near Love-lane, and thence along King-street 
southward as far as North-street, along West North-street to Long-acre, 
along Long-acre to Broad-street, along Broad-street and Gallowgate to 
Gerard-street, along Gerard-street to George-street, and along George- 
street northward to the boundary of the Parish of Old Machar, and along the 
boundary of said Parish eastward to the Point of commencement in King- 
street, at or near Love-lane. 

No. VI.— To be called ST. CLEMENT'S PARISH, and to comprehend 
that portion of the quoad civilia Parish of St. Clement's within the following 
line, viz. : — Beginning at the Sea- beach at a point due East from the East end 
of Bowl-road or Albion-street, keeping across the Links in a straight line 
due westward to Albion-street, along Albion-street to the Canal-bridge, along 
the Canal westward to the Bridge at the South end of Fish-street, from said 
Bridge along Summer-lane westward to Commerce-street, along Commerce- 
street to the Quay, along the Floodmark west and southward to the Denburn, 
and then along the March between the Parishes of Old Machar and St. Nicholas 
to the extremity of the Parish of St. Nicholas on the North Bank of the River 
Dee, and then crossing that River and holding eastward along the boundary 
with the Parish of Nigg to the Mouth of said River, and after there crossing 
it, holding northward along the Sea-beach to the point of commencement op- 
posite Albion-street. 

No. VII.— To be called TRINITY PARISH, and to comprehend that 
part of the quoad civilia South Parish within the following line, viz. : — Begin- 
ning at the centre of Union-street opposite Putachieside-bridge, along Union- 
street eastward to Shiprow, along Shiprow to Shorebrae, along Shorebrae to 
the Quay, along the Quay westward to the Denburn, along said Burn to Bow- 
bridge, and from said Bridge by the Green to Putachieside-bridge and the point 
of commencement. 

No. VIIL— To be called UNION PARISH, and to comprehend the dis- 
trict within the following line, viz. : — Beginning at the Quay, opposite to Shore- 
brae, along the Quay to Commerce-street, along Commerce-street, Park- 
lane, Park-street, and Justice-street, to Castle-street, along Castle-street to 
Shiprow, and along Shiprow and Shorebrae to the Quay, at the point of 



No. IX.— To be called SPRING-GARDEN PARISH, and to comprehend 
.hat part of the quoad civilia West Parish within the following line, viz. : — 
Beginning at the centre of George-street opposite to Gerard-street, along 
(George-street southward to John-street, along John-street and Innes-street 
Eastward to Gallowgate, along Gallowgate northward to Gerard-street, and 
along Gerard-street westward to George-street, the point of commencement ; 
which Spring-Garden Parish shall also comprehend the Stances or Areas where- 
on the Church and Session-House, called the Gaelic Church and Session-House, 
stand, and also the Gaelic Church and Session-House themselves, though not 
locally situated within the line described. 

No. X.— To be called the PARISH of GILCOMSTON, and to consist of 
the district comprehended within the following line, viz. : — Beginning at the 
centre of Alford-place, opposite the new road from Alford-place to Westfield, 
along that road to the Channel of the Burn on the south side of the road from 
Westfield, along the Channels of the Burn eastward to the March between the 
Parish of Old Machar and the Parish of St. Nicholas, along that March to the 
Bridge over the Denburn at the east end of Skene-street, along Skene-street 
to Skene-terrace, along Skene-terrace to Silver-street, along Silver-street 
through the centre of Golden-square to Union-street, along Union-street, 
Union -place, and Alford-place, to the point of commencement opposite the 
new road from Alford-place to Westfield. 

No. XL— To be called BON-ACCORD PARISH, and to consist of the 
district comprehended within the following line, viz. : — Beginning at the Bridge 
over the Denburn at the east end of Skene-street, along Skene-street to Skene- 
terrace, along Skene-terrace to Silver-street, along Silver-street, and through 
the centre of Golden-square to Union-street, along Union-street to Bon- 
Accord Street, along Bon-Accord-street and from the termination thereof in a 
straight line to the Ferryhill-burn, along that Burn southward to Dee Village, 
along the road which bounds that Village on the west and south to the nearest 
point of the River Dee, along the Brink of the River eastward to the Denburn, 
and thence along the Denburn to the Bridge at the east end of Skene-street, 
the point of commencement. 

XII.— To be called WOODSIDE PARISH, and to consist of the district 
comprehended within the following line, viz. : — Beginning at Kittybrewster 
Toll, thence along the roads which separate Ashgrove and Cornhill from Hilton 
and Cairncry to the Woodhill-road, along the Woodhill-road northward and 
westward to the boundary of the Parish of Nevvhills, along that boundary north- 
ward to the River Don, crossing the Don, taking in the Lands of Persley and 
j that part of the Lands of Grandholm at present belonging to Mr Hadden, west- 
ward and eastward to the extremity thereof, crossing the River again at the 
southern termination of the boundary road between Mr Hadden's Grounds and 
the Property of the Cruive Proprietors, thence in a direct line southward to the 
Boat-house on the Canal, and along the Canal-bank to Kittybrewster Toll, the 
point of commencement. 

It is understood that the middles of the several Streets and Roads, along 
which the Lines are described as extending, are to be held and considered 
as the course of these Lines respectively, in so far as not otherwise set down 
or expressed. 




No. I. 
Duties on Windows. 

48th Geo. III. c. 55 ; 4th Geo. IV. c. 11 ; and 6th Geo. IV. c. 7. 

No. of 

Duty per 

No. of 

Duty per 

No. of 

Duty per 


per Year. 


per year. 


per Year. 

£ s. D. 

£ s. D. 

£ S. D. 


15 6 


8 19 

60 to 64 

19 16 9 




8 10 

65 69 

20 19 3 


1 7 


8 18 6 

70 74 

22 1 6 


1 15 3 


9 7 

75 79 

23 4 


2 3 9 


9 15 3 

80 84 

24 6 6 


2 12 3 


10 3 9 

85 89 

25 9 


3 9 


10 12 3 

90 94 

26 11 3 


3 9 


11 6 

95 — 99 

27 13 9 


3 17 6 


11 9 

100 — 109 

29 7 6 


4 6 


11 17 3 

110 — 119 

31 12 3 


4 14 3 


12 5 9 

120 „~ 129 

33 17 3 


5 2 9 


12 14 3 

130 — 139 

36 2 


5 11 3 


13 2 6 

140 149 

3S 7 


5 19 6 


13 11 

150 159 

40 11 9 


6 8 

40 to 44 

14 7 9 

160 — 169 

42 16 9 


6 16 6 

45 „ 49 

15 15 9 

170 179 

45 1 6 


7 4 9 

50 „ 54 

17 4 

180 and \ 
upwards J 

46 10 3 


7 13 3 

55 „, 59 

18 12 


every House hs 

iving more t 

han 180 Windc 

ws must be charged with 

One S 

hilling and Si 

xpence for e 

ach Window at 

ove that number 

in addi- 

tion to 

Forty-six Pou 

nds, Ten SI 

illings, and T 


No. II. 

Duties on Male Servants, and Male Persons employed as 

hereinafter stated. 

48th Geo. III., c. 55 ; 52d Geo. III., c. 93 ; and 4th Geo. IV., c. 11. 

Male Servants, Schedule ©., Bio. 1. 


At per Servant. 

Total per Year. 


At per Servant. 

Total per Year. 

£ S. D. 

£ S. D. 

£ S. D. 

£ S. D. 


*1 4 



3 10 

27 9 


1 11 

3 2 


3 6 6 

33 5 


1 18 

5 14 


3 16 6 

42 1 6 


2 3 6 

8 14 


45 18 


2 9 

12 5 


49 14 6 


2 11 6 

15 9 


53 11 


2 12 6 

18 7 6 


57 7 6 


2 16 

22 8 

* This Rate of Duty (£ 1, 4s.) is payable for every Male Person employed in any of the 
capacities, Schedule C, No. I., and not being a servant to his employer, if employer shall 




At per Servant. 

Total per Year. 


At per Servant. 

Total per Year. 

£ S. D. 

£ S. D. 

£ s. -d. 

£ s. D. 


2 4 

2 4 


4 10 

36 9 


2 11 

5 2 


4 6 

43 5 


2 18 

8 14 


4 16 6 

53 1 6 


3 3 6 

12 14 



57 18 


3 9 

17 5 



62 14 6 


3 11 6 

21 9 


1L1 „, 

67 11 


3 12 6 

25 7 6 



72 7 6 


3 15 

30 8 

No. III. 
Male Persons employed as 


L At per Total 
N0 Servant per Year. 

£ s. 
1 10 

£ s. 

10 10 


At per Total 
Servant per Year. 

£ s. 
1 10 


£ s. 
13 10 


16 10 


19 10 


22 10 

And so on at the same Rate for any 
Number of such Servants. 


At per 

£ s. 
1 5 

per Year. 


At per 







per Year. 

£ s. 

11 5 

12 10 

13 15 


16 5 

17 10 

18 15 

And so on at the same Rate for any 
Number of such Servants. 

This Duty, by the Act 52, Geo. III. is 
extended to Coachmen, kept for the pur- 
pose of driving any public Stage Coach 
or Carriage, and to Persons employed as 
Guards to such Stage Coach or Carriage. 

otherwise be chargeable to the above Duties on Servants, or for any Carriage, or for more 
than one Horse kept for riding or drawing any Carriage. And if the Employer shall not 
be chargeable to such other Duties, then the sum of 10s. is payable for every such Male 
Person employed. 



No. IV. 

Duties on Carriages with Four Wheels or more. 

48th Geo. III. c. 55; 52d Geo. III. e. 93; and 4th Geo. IV. c. 11. 


At per 


£ s 


6 10 

7 10 

7 17 6 

8 4 
8 10 

8 16 

9 1. 6 

Total per 

£ s. D. 





39 7 6 

49 4 

59 10 

70 8 

81 13 6 

And so on at the same Rate for 
any number of such Carriages. 

For every additional Body used 
on the same Carriage is to be 
charged the sum of £3, 3s. 


At per 

£ S. D. 

5 5 

Total per 

£ S. D. 

5 5 

10 10 

15 15 


26 5 

31 10 

36 15 


47 5 

And so on at the same rate for 
any number of such Carriages. 

Coachmakers keeping Carriages 
for the purpose of being let to hire, 
without Horses, to be charged £6 
for each such Carriage. 

On Carriages with Two Wheels. 

48th Geo. III., cap. 55 ; 52d Geo. III., cap. 3; and 4th Geo. IV., cap. 11. 

Carriages with Two Wheels „~~~~~~ „ ~„ „_»„.„,..,,„■,..*,.,.,.„„ £3 5 each 

Ditto drawn by Two or more Horses or Mules^-.,^.^^^..,^.,^,.,.^ 4 10 «~» 
For every additional Body used on the same Carriage.,,,.,.,.,.. „„ 111 6 ~»— 

Reduced Duties, by 1st Wm. IV. cap. 35. 

Four-wheel Carriages, drawn by one Horse on]y~,,~~,~~„~w„~,~~ £4 10 each 

Four-wheel Carriages, with each wheel of less diameter than 30 

inches, drawn by Ponies or Mules, exceeding 12 hands, 

and neither of them exceeding 13 hands in height™,^ — ^. 3 5 ~*~ 

Carriages used by common Carriers, and occasionally (with 4 Wheels 2 10 -~~ 

carrying Passengers„~».„^„>«„^»»„~ < „.~.»„„.*lwith 2 Wheels 15 „»« 



No. V. 
Duties on Horses for Hiding, &c. 

48th Geo. III., c. 35 ; 52d Geo. III. c. 93 ; and 4th Geo. IV. c. 11. 




At per Horse. Total per Year.! No. At per Horse. Total per Year, 

£ s. D 

1 8 9 

2 7 3 
2 12 3 
2 15 
2 15 9 
2 18 
2 19 9 

2 19 9 


£ s. 

D. J 

1 8 

9 I 


4 14 



7 16 





13 18 



17 8 


20 18 



23 18 


27 6 



31 15 


34 18 



38 2 


41 8 



44 12 



47 16 





54 8 


58 I 


61 15 




1 8 9 

£ s. D. 

1 8 9 

2 17 6 

4 6 3 

5 15 

7 3 9 

8 12 6 

10 1 3 

11 10 

12 18 9 

14 7 6 

15 16 3 

17 5 

18 13 9 

20 2 6 

21 11 3 


24 8 9 

25 17 6 

27 6 3 

28 15 

And so on at the respective Rates for any Number of such Horse. 

Horses rode by Butchers in their trade 

where Two only kept, the second at„. 
Horses not exceeding the height of 13 hands^ 

£18 9 each 

10 6 


No. VI. 
On other Morses aud Mules. 

48th Geo. III. c. 55; 52d Geo. III. c. 93; and 4th Geo. IV. c. 11. 



At per Horse 

Total per Year. 1 


At per Horse. 

Total per Year. 

£ s. D. 

£ S. D. 

£ S. D. 

£ s. D. 


10 6 

10 6 


10 6 

5 15 6 


1 1 


, . 

6 6 


; n 6 


.._ ~™. 

6 16 6 


2 2 


„ . 

7 7 


2 12 6 



7 17 6 


3 3 



8 8 


3 13 6 



8 18 6 


4 4 



9 9 


4 14 6 

5 5 

1 I 9 

9 19 6 


10 10 







Is established by the Town-Council, by their Act, dated the 12th oj 
April, 1799, and as altered and explained by Act of Council q) 
date the 12th of May, 1814, payable to the Tacksmen and Collectors 

!• — AH pork and beef sold in bulk, by butchers or others, is liable in the 
payment of one penny sterling per cwt. for weighing dues; and to be weighed 
nowhere but in the public Weighing-house, and strangers and unfreemen to pay> 
twopence per cwt. 

II- — All rough fat and tallow, butter and cheese, brought to the market 
or sale, is liable in payment, to the tacksman of the Weigh-house, of twopence 
sterling per stone of twenty-eight pounds Avoirdupois. 

III. — Feathers and Downs, weighed in the Weigh-house, pay twopence 
sterling per stone of Weigh-house dues, viz. :— the feathers at the rate of 
twenty-three pounds, English weight, per stone, and downs at sixteen pounds, 
English, per stone. 

IV. — Each sack of Meal, not exceeding six firlots, weighed in the Weigh- 
house, pays fourpence sterling per sack. 

V.— All coal vessels are appointed to prove their Coal Metts in the public 
Weigh-house, three times at unloading of each cargo, in order to prevent frauds, 
and to do justice to the buyer and seller; and there is payable, for proving each 
of the said metts, threepence sterling. 

VI. — All Wool brought to the town's market for sale is liable in payment, 
to the tacksman of the Weigh-house, of two shillings and eight pennies Scots, 
for each stone of twenty-eight pounds English. 



VII All stockings, plaiding, and other goods, packed in the said Pack- 
house, are to pay twopence sterling for each barrel-bulk belonging to freemen, 
and unfreemen to pay fourpence per barrel for package of such goods, and 
which are to be allowed to lie in the warehouse for twenty days after package, 
without being chargeable with any additional dues. 

VIII. — All iron belonging to burghers or freemen to be allowed to lie in the 
Weigh-house, free of any warehouse rent or lyage dues ; but is to be liable in 
payment of one penny sterling per cwt. for weighing dues, and unfreemen to 
pay twopence per cwt. for weighing of their iron. 

IX. — All goods whatsoever (not particularly specified in this Table) weigh- 
ed in the public Weigh-house, belonging to freemen or burgesses, pay one 
penny sterling per cwt. British, and strangers or unfreemen pay twopence per 
cwt. of such goods ; and each separate weighing under a cwt. pays likewise 
one penny for weighing dues by freemen, and unfreemen twopence. 

X. — All goods and merchandise (not particularly specified in this Table) 
lodged in the Weigh-house or Store-house to pay at the rate of one halfpenny 
sterling per barrel-bulk for each night during thirty nights, and thereafter to 
pay only one farthing per barrel-bulk for each night. 

XI. — All the inhabitants are prohibited from weighing, or allowing to be 
weighed, in their houses, or any where else, to the prejudice of the public 
Weigh-house, any pork, beef, tough fat, tallow, butter, cheese, wool, or any 
other article liable in Weigh-house dues, under the penalty of five shillings 
sterling for each transgression, to be paid to the tacksman or collector of 
Weigh-house dues; and the tacksman of the Weigh-house only, but no other 
person, shall be entitled to receive and lodge in the Weigh-house, for payment 
of the usual dues, all such goods and merchandise as are not claimed by the 
owners, or where they have not authorised any person in Aberdeen to take 
charge of them. 

XII. — All rough fat, tallow, butter, cheese, and other articles, brought to 
the market for sale, and liable to the payment of Weigh-house dues, having 
paid the said dues on coming into town, the owners thereof shall be entitled to 
have the same weighed gratis by the tacksman of the Weigh-house provided 
no less quantity than a stone be weighed at once. 

XIII. — The tacksman or collector of the Weigh-house dues is hereby order- 
ed to have always a copy of this Table at the Weigh-house for inspection of 
all concerned ; and, that the lieges may not be imposed upon, he shall be 
obliged, under the penalty of twenty shillings sterling, also to carry about with 
him a copy thereof, to be produced, if required, to any person from whom he 




William Brown, No. 2, Adelphi, Distributor of Stamps and Collector o 
Land and Assessed Taxes for the Counties of Aberdeen and Kincardine. 

Robert Brown, Inspector of Taxes and Stamps (No. 56, St. Nicholas- 
street, Aberdeen), for the Aberdeen Division, comprehending the Counties o: 
Aberdeen, Kincardine, Forfar, and the lower part of Banffshire. 

John Munro, First or Aberdeen District, Surveyor of the Burgh of Aber. 
deen and Suburbs — Office, No. 103, Union-street, Aberdeen. 

George F. Leith, Surveyor of Taxes for the Third or Peterhead District, 
comprehending also the Burgh and lower Parishes in Banffshire. 

George Brown, Surveyor of Taxes for the Second or Huntly District, 
comprehending also the northern Parishes in Kincardineshire. 

Henry & Clements Lumsden, Collectors of Bridewell and Rogue Money, 
and other Local Taxes, &c. — Office, Union-terrace. 

James Grant, Collector of Local Taxes and Poor's Assessment for the 
Burgh of Aberdeen — Office, 4, Huxter-row. 


Four ex officio. 

The Provost 
Dean of Guild 
(Treasurer of the 

City, and 
j Convener of the 


1st Ward. 
Andrew Oldman 
Alex. Smith 

2d Ward. 
Peter Taylor 
Ja3. Henderson 

3d Ward. 
John Bruce 
Geo. Walker 

4th Ward. 
John Hay 
William Ross 
5th Ward. 
Geo. Maitland 
Wm. Clyne, jun. 
6th Ward. 
j William Duthie 
I John Gibb 

| 7th Ward. 
I George Reid 
? W. Paterson 

8th Ward. 
5 John Smith 
I Alex. Torrie 
j 9th Ward. 
I Wm. Chalmers 
| Capt. Ellis 

William Elmslie, Treasurer and Collector. 

William Smith, Clerk. 
Dr. Ogston, Medical Attendant. 
Robert Alexander, Superintendent of ' 
Police. I 

William Walker, Serjeant of Police. 
James Kay, Keeper oj Engines, 
Bridge of Dee. 

Assessment for General Purposes. —Under £7 of Rent, 15d. per £1— at 
and above £7, 18d. per do. 

, For Water.— Dwelling-houses, 9d. per .£1 — all other Premises, 4d. per 
*£\ — water taken into Houses, 6d. per £\ extra. 

The Assessments are payable on the 1st day of November. 
Premises under £3 are exempted. 





By authority of the Provost and Magistrates of the City of Aberdeen. 

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, in terms of the Act of Parliament 4th 
and 5th William IV. cap. 49, the following REGULATIONS have been 
adopted by the Magistrates, and are decerned to be acted upon, within 
the City of Aberdeen and Liberties thereof, from and after the first day of 
January, 1835 : — 

I. — The Tron and Dutch Weights, and every other Local Weight, are to 
te abolished, and the English or Avoirdupois Weight is now to be the only 
iVeight in use. This is to apply to all kinds of Merchandise that is sold by 
height, except gold, silver, platina, diamonds, or other precious stones, and 
Irugs, when sold by retail, and that such excepted articles, and none others, 
nay be sold by Troy Weight. 

II. — The Stone is now to contain 14 lbs. English — 8 Stories make 1 Cwt. 
nd 20 Cwt. 1 Ton. 

III. — Weights made of Lead and Pewter are to be abolished. 

IV. — The Old Measures of Firlots and Bolls are to be abolished ; and oats, 
vheat, barley, bear, malt, pease, beans, rye, seed, &c, must be sold by the Im. 
>erial Bushel, containing 8 Gallons — 8 of which Bushels make a Quarter, 
small quantities, by the Half-bushel of 4 Gallons ; the Peck of 2 Gallons ; and 
o on in proportion. 

V. — Potatoes and Fruit, either by weight of 14 Imperial lbs. to the Stone, 
ir by the Imperial Bushel, Half-bushel, Peck, &c, Stricken Measure. 

VI. — Meal and Seeds by the Stone Weight of 14 lbs. Imperial, 10 of which 
Stones, or 140 lbs., are equal to the former Boll. 

VII. — All Heaped Measures are to be abolished. 

VIII. — English Coals to be sold by the Imperial Bushel — 10 of which 
Jushels are 6 Gallons, or about 7 per cent, less than the Boll which has been 
n use at Aberdeen, since the passing of the Act relative to Weights and Mea- 
ures, 5th Geo. IV. cap. 74. Lime to be sold by the Imperial Bushel — 5 of 
Ivhich Bushels are 3 Gallons less than the present Boll. A Barrel of Coals or 
Lime will now contain two and a half Imperial Bushels. Coals now sold by a 
Barrel of 1 1 Stone Weight. 

IX. — Scotch Coals by the Ton, and so on in proportion for greater and 
smaller quantities. 

X. — Butcher meat, butter, cheese, tallow, rough fat, wool, feathers, downs, 
;iay, straw, bark, pot barley, and other such articles, by the lb. of 16 oz. Im- 
)erial — 14 lbs. to the Stone, and 8 Stone to the Cwt. 

XI. — Spirits, porter, ale, beer, milk, and other liquids, by the Imperial Gal- 
on, Half-gallon, Quart, Pint, Half-pint, Gill, and Half-gill. All Measures 
lsed for the sale of these liquids must be Stamped. 

As it is the duty of the Magistrates, in pursuance of the Act, to enforce, 
vithin the city and liberties thereof, the exclusive use of the Imperial Stand- 
irds, they hereby give notice that, after the first day of February next, frequent 


visitations will be made throughout the said city and liberties, by the under- 
named Inspectors, or by Examiners to be appointed for that purpose ; whose 
duty it will be to inspect the Weights and Measures used, and seize all such as 
are not in conformity with the Standards, so as to secure, in the most effectual 
manner, the observance of the existing laws upon the subject. 

All merchants, farmers, shopkeepers, innkeepers, stablers, carriers, makers 01 
sellers of Weights and Measures, and all other persons concerned, are there, 
fore hereby warned, that they will require to get their old Weights and Mea- 
sures adjusted, or new ones provided, as heavy penalties will be incurred by 
their using erroneous Weights and Measures. 


Mr. John Blaikie, Plumber — who will give attendance at his office, No. 13 
Littlejohn-srreet, Aberdeen, every lawful day from 10 to 2 o'clock, on receiving 
one day's previous notice, to examine, compare, and, if found correct, to Stamj 
such Weights, and to enter the same in the Inspection Book, and give certifr 
cates thereof, if required. 


Mr. William Walker, Lodge- Walk — who will give attendance at th« 
Dean of Guild's Office, below the New Court-House (entry from Lodge- 
Walk), for comparing and stamping all Measures of Capacity, and also Yarc 
Measures, agreeably to the Imperial Standard, during the hours above men 
tioned, on receiving the same notice. 


In terms of the Act of Parliament, 4th and 5th William IV. c. 49. 








For Examining, Comparing, and Stamping all Brass Weights within their 
respective jurisdictions : — 

Each Half Cwt., .... 
Each Quarter of a Cwt., . . . 

Each Stone, .... 

Each Weight under a Stone to a Pound inclusive, 
Each Weight under a Pound, 
Each Set of Weights of a Pound and under, 

For Examining, Comparing, and Stamping all Iron Weights, or Weights 
of other descriptions, not made of Brass, within their respective juris- 
dictions : — 

S. D. 
Each Half Cwt., . . . . 3 

Each Quarter of a Cwt., . . . .02 

Each Stone, . . . . . 1 

Each Weight under a Stone, . . . . 0£ 



For Examining, Comparing, and Stamping, all Wooden Measures within 
their respective jurisdictions : — 

s. o. 

Each Bushel, . 3 

Each Half Bushel, 2 

Each Peck, and all under, I 

Each set of Weights of a Pound and under, 2 

For Examining, Comparing, and Stamping all Measures of Capacity of 
Liquids, made of Copper or other Metal, mithin their respective jurisdic- 
tions : — 

Each five Gallon,™ 
Each four Gallon,™ 
Each three Gallon,. 
Each two Gallon,™ 
Each Gallon, . 
Each half Gallon, ™ 

Each Quart and under, ^ 










Examining, Comparing, and Stamping Lineal Measures within their 
respective jurisdictions : — 

S. D. 

Each Yard, 0£ 


s. Deacon, Alex. Hardy, 6, Maris- 

.George Jamieson, 54, Shiprow 
Geo. Carnegie, Sutherland's-court, 

17, James-streer 
James Saint, St. Catherine's-court, 

14, Shiprow 
Joseph Jamieson, do. 
Robert Forbes, do. 
George Shireffs, 12, 

s. James Milne, St. Catherine's-court 

14-, Shiprow 
s. Alex. Skinner, 8, Exchequer-row 
Alex. Pirie, Exchequer-court, 9, 


do. do. 
do. do. 

s. George Pirie, do. do. do. 

RCbert Brown, 7, Weigh-house-sq. 

Joseph Hendry, 69, Shiprow 

William Caie, 10, Quay 

James Davidson, Commercial-ct. 
58, Castle-street 

Alex. Fenton, 13, Exchequer-row 

Geo. Milne, 34-, Shiprow 

Archd. Clark, do. do. 

George Wilson, do. do. 
s. Wm. Budian, do. do. 

George, do. do. 

John Sm :h, sen. 10, Quay 

s. John Smith, jun. 

Convener, 13, 

N.B, Those who have the letter s attached to their names are Keepers and 

Carriers of the Sedan Chairs* 






Parishes. Males. Females. Total. Increase since 1821. 

East Parish, 
West do. 
North do. 
South do. 






3846 » 



















Greyfriarsdo 2155 2551 4706 j 13223 

St. Clement's do. 

Old Machar do. 

25235 32784 58019 

Bridewell Assessment,/^ Year ending lkth April, 1837. 
Lands and Fishings, at Id. per £1 of Rent; Dwelling Houses, Shops, 
Cellars, and other Buildings, at 4d. per £\ of Rent. 

Rogue Money, for Year ending \4<th April, 1837. 
Lands and Fishings, at 2d. per £1 of Rent; Dwelling Houses, Shops, 
Cellars, and other Buildings, at 4d. per £1 of Rent. 

King's Subsidy, for Year ending 1 \tk November, 1836. 
Four Shillings Scots, for each £100 Scots of Rents of Lands, Fishings, and 1 
Houses, and Casual Profits; or 4d. Sterling on £8 6s. 8d. Sterling — Four 
Shillings Scots, or 4d. Sterling, for each £100 Sterling of Merchant Trade. 


Foreign corn, wheat-meal, or flour, and oatmeal, may always be imported, 
bonded, and (as well as British) exported, without payment of any duty, or 
may be entered for Home Consumption at any time, subject to the annexed 
duties, regulated by the aggregate average prices, which are to be published 
every Thursday, and forthwith sent to the various Custom-houses. They are 
formed from returns of Sales, by Imperial Measure, of British and Irish Corn, 
received from 150 towns in England and Wales, the six preceding weeks. 

The Import for Home Consumption, into Great Britain and Ireland, of malt 
and all ground corn, except wheat-meal, flour, and oatmeal, is prohibited. 

If any Foreign State shall subject British vessels, produce, or goods, to 
higher duties than are levied on their own national vessels, or the goods of 
other countries imported in their national vessels, an Order in Council may be 
issued, to prohibit the import of corn, &c. from such State. 

Corn, wheat-meal, flour, oatmeal, linseed, rapeseed, and cloverseed, may be 
brought from iny port in Europe, in British vessels, or in ships of the country 
of which tb are the produce, or in ships of the country from whence they 


are imported ; but from Holland in Dutch vessels, 20 per cent, additional duty 
must be paid. 

All shipments of grain and flour from British possessions out of Europe, after 
three months from the 15th July, 1828, must be accompanied by a Certificate 
from the chief officer of the customs of the port from whence shipped, stating 
that the owner or shipper thereof has made a declaration, in writing, that the 
corn so shipped, specifying the quantity and description thereof, was the pro- 
duce of the British possession out of Europe to be named therein ; and the 
captain must produce a copy of the owner's or shipper's declaration, certified 
by the collector or chief officer of the customs, at the port of shipment, to be 
a true copy of the owner's declaration before making entry at the place of im- 
portation ; and, further, that the cargo is the same referred to in the declara- 
tion and certificate, without any admixture or addition. Any false statement 
respecting the place or identity of corn, &c. subjects the party making it to a 
penalty of One Hundred Pounds, and the cargo to be forfeited. 




James Milne, Merchant, Provost. 

Thomas Blaikie, plumber. James Forbes, merchant. 

Patrick Simpson, manufacturer John Urquhart, druggist. 

Leslie Clark, merchant, Dean of Guild. 
Lewis Crombie, of Kirkhill, Treasurer. 

Alexander Gordon, advocate. Master of Shore Works. 

George Henry, Master of Kirk and Bridge Works. 

Lewis Smith, bookseller, Master of Mortifications. 

Andrew Oldman, merchant, Master of Guild Brethren's Hospital. 


William Ross, advocate. 
William Allen, merchant. 
Peter Williamson, druggist. 
James Sim druggist. 

Alexander Jopp, advocate. 
William Fraser, merchant. 
Alexander Hadden, manufacturer 
Alexander Webster, advocate. 

William Carnegie, Advocate, Town Clerk. 

James Hardie and John Angus, Advocates, Town Clerk's Depute. 

James Hardie and Alex. Fraser, Advocates, Joint Chamberlains. 

Alex, and John Cadenhead, Advocates, Procurators Fiscal. 

John Smith, Architect, Superintendent of Works. 

John Blaikie, Inspector of Weights for the Town and County. 


Rev. John Murray, Minister of North Parish, Patron. 

James Topp, Baker, Deacon Convener. 

Eric Finlason, Tailor, Master of Hospital. 



Bakers , 

Wrights and Coopers 



Weavers . 


William Smith. 
James Topp. 
James Riddel. 
John Thomson. 
Stephen Airth. 
Herod Laing. 
Alexander R. Dyer. 

i Boxmasters. 

\ John Farquhar. 
S William Webster. 
J Robert Williams. 
' John Fyfe. 
( Alexander Scott. 
< James Collie. 
I George Spark. 

John Fraser, shoemaker, Factor for the Widows' Fund. 

John Barron, watchmaker, Treasurer of the Supplementary Widows' Fund. 

Alexander Robb, tailor, Treasuier of the Trades' School.— Thomas Roger, Teacher . 

George Pittendrigh, Assistant. 
Adam Coutts and Alexander Allan, advocates, Conjunct Clerks and Assessors. 
Donaldson Riddel, Convener's Officer. 







£2 and not above 


5 5s.~~~«~-~~~ 


20 .j-.jj.j.uj.m.u.jjir.wir 


30 .j.jji.jjfjjjjjj.jjjjj»i 




100 ...^.^„.,,„.m, r r 




300 -~ 


500 ~ 


1000 u „.u...A»».r«i 


200 ft 


Not exceeding 
2 mos. date, or 
60 days' sight. 

£ S. D. 


1 6 


2 6 

3 6 

4 6 

8 6 
12 6 


1 5 


2 mos. date, or 

60 days' sight. 

£ S. D. 

1 6 


2 6 

3 6 

4 6 



8 6 

12 6 


1 5 

1 10 


For any sum not above.^. 

Above £100 and not above- 



f 100 Jn ,inr,»j 








Every Bill of each Set Pays. 

1 6 

2 O 


5 O 
7 6 



For £5 and under. 








1000 and upwards. 
In full of all demands. 




Receiver of Money Pays Stamps. 


















s oi 


3 a> t. 



■ M CO CO ^ <M <N CM ( 


S O fc- 


w— «OJC0iOCO00CS-^<NTf<tf3CDa0O5 

' © 05 00 I- CO lO "# 

<« a 

u, 3 

J5 H 

fl ft S 




'■*■*-* CO CO CO CO 



2 cr<»5fe 



•i-l<M®OCOCOOOO — <NCO-*iOtOt-aOOiO— iOJCOtI" 
rt ^-,F-(rt<NIMO(M(N<N(MC>)<NC>)C0C0C0C0C0 

3<Ni-<©ClG01>CDin»3>CO<Ni— lOCJOOi^CDjO^CO 


i-IO05aDt><S>n'*C0lN — OO50D»5Oii5ri<C0(M 















-a „- 


O <£> 


3 O